Why create a prison dog program?
Over two million inmates are currently incarcerated, with thousands at minimum security facilities. Every year, between six to eight million dogs and cats enter animal shelters across the country. With extreme animal overpopulation, lack of shelters and resources, an estimated four million dogs and cats are euthanized annually in the United States. Instead of throwing these lives away, the creation of a partnership between prisons and shelters gives both inmates and shelter dogs a new lease on life.

The benefits
Don’t Throw Us Away is a mutually beneficial program.  In this partnership, homeless dogs gain the love, training and rehabilitation that will make them adoptable and inmates become empathetic and gain a sense of responsibility and purpose, allowing them to re-enter society as productive citizens. Dogs with a good training foundation have a better chance at successful, permanent adoptions. Gaining hands on training in the animal care profession increases the inmates’ chances of gainful employment after release and reduces the risk of recidivism.


At this time, Don’t Throw Us Away is pursuing opportunities at other prisons and seeking expansion into new institutions. We invite you to check in with us for updates. More good things to come!