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Australian Shepherd Price in India

Australian Shepherd price in India

Watching an Australian Shepherd on the job is an awe-inspiring sight. The breed’s gaze, gait, and insects all embody the spirit of a masterful herder. However, that’s not all the breed is famous for. Besides being one of the best herding dogs in the canine world, the breed is also renowned for its eye-catching looks and charming demeanor. The Australian Shepherd, or the Aussie, as they’re affectionately called, are friendly, loving, and lively pets. They became famous all over America after they were spotted working alongside the cowboys in the west. The breed’s popularity in India is moderate; however, the demand for dogs is steadily increasing. So, if you want to bring home an Australian Shepherd, here is all the price-related information about the breed!

Australian Shepherd Price in India

Australian Shepherds are admired for their eye-catching looks and impressive athletic traits. The breed is rare in India; however, their demand is slowly increasing. You can purchase the Australian Shepherd for INR 30,000 to INR 40,000 in India. However, this is a general estimation, and the actual price varies based on location and breeder reputation. 

Australian Shepherd Breed Info

Breed NameAustralian Shepherd
OriginUnited States
Other NamesAussie or Little Blue Dog
Lifespan13 -15 years
Breed groupHerding dog breeds (AKC)
HeightMale: 20–23 inches (51–58 cm); Female: 18–21 inches (46–54 cm)
WeightMale: 25–31.8 kg Female: 15.9–25 kg
TemperamentAffectionate, Active, Intelligent, Energetic, Protective
Litter size2-5 puppies
Compatibility with other petsYes
Children FriendlyYes
Coat TypeMedium-length double layered coat
Coat ColorsBlack, Blue, Gray, Red, Silver
Health ConcernThey can acquire back and hip problems, vision problems, and pancreatic problems. Furthermore, they can develop bladder problems and urinary infections over time. In many aussies thyroid problems are also appearing.
Hypoallergenic BreedNo
Space RequirementsHouse with Yard
Energy LevelHigh Energy
GroomingBrushing once a week
Average PriceINR 30,000 to INR 40,000

Brief history and origin of Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd’s name is a misnomer as this breed is one of the few breeds that originated in the United States. They were developed to have a skillful herding dog breed that would help the farmers with sheep and other livestock. 

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It’s believed that the breed came into existence around the 1840s in the western part of America. The Aussie’s ancestor is supposed to be the ancient Pyrenean Shepherd dog. This dog traveled with its masters to Australia and was bred with Border Collies and Collies along the way. This breeding resulted in the new breed, later refined for herding traits over the years. 

Australian Shepherd Puppy

The “Australian” Shepherd’s athletic ability and impressive looks left a mark on the local ranchers in western America. Soon this dog becomes popular in the community. They were spotted alongside cowboys. It was at this time the breed became quite a sensation in America. It has been featured in TV, movies, and horse shows all around the country. However, it wasn’t until 1993 that the American Kennel Club finally recognized the breed. 

Today, this breed is a loving and affectionate family dog. Even so, many can still be spotted working on ranches rounding up a flock of sheep with their piercing gaze. Besides this, the dog is often employed in search and rescue work as a therapy and drug service dog.

Physical characteristics of Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherds belong to the medium-sized group of canines. They tend to weigh 18 to 30 kgs in adulthood with a height between 18 and 23 inches. As is the convention, the males of the breed tend to be slightly larger and leaner than their female counterparts. Besides their behavioral traits, their athletic body makes this breed appropriate for hard work on the farm. 

Aussies feature a medium lengthed coat double layered coat. It is water-resistant and needs regular grooming. The outer layer is long and thick, while the inner layer is fine and dense. The fur is usually soft to the touch and can be either straight or wavy. Blue, black, merle, red, or red merle are the officially recognized colors of the Australian Shepherd. The accepted markings are white or tan, or a combination of both. 

dog australian shepherd

Besides the color variations in the coat, the Aussies are also particularly admired for their eye colors. Typically, an Australian Shepherd has almond eyes that are wide set, which gives them curious, inquisitive eyes that can be blue, amber, or brown, and they can be marbled or freckled in the pattern. The Australian Shepherd is also one of the few breeds with multi-colored eyes.

Temperament and personality traits of Australian Shepherd

A dog’s temperament is the best way to determine whether a dog is suitable for you. The Australian Shepherd’s high energy levels and zest for adventure are a perfect mix for a family that loves hiking and other outdoor activities. If your weekend doesn’t feature an outing or your daily life is spent staying inside in a warm cozy corner, the Australian Shepherd is not the right breed for you. 

This breed is a natural herder, so they’ll try to constantly find ways to herd something or someone unless they’re engaged in other activities. Without enough stimulation, your children or the neighbors aren’t safe from nipping or the pierce gazing of an Australian Shepherd. Hence it’s crucial to give your Aussie enough mental and physical stimulation. 

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australian shepherd dog

Since the Australian Shepherd was developed to herd livestock, this breed is highly trainable and can pick up tricks easily. However, the breed’s dominant nature is also refined to serve in order to make the dog a skilled herder. For this reason, this breed is not ideal for first-time owners. A seasoned owner may be better suited to manage the dog as, despite adequate training, the dog may turn out to be more dominant and unruly. 

Once the house training is underway, living with the Aussie is pretty straightforward. They are a happy and lively dog that loves children and humans. Although, an Australian Shepherd would need a bit of time to warm up to strangers. This trait also aids in making them good watchdogs. Additionally, their loyalty and protective instincts jump in whenever their people are in danger. 

An assertive owner will make the best parent for the Australian Shepherd, as these dogs require firm boundaries to keep them sharp and well-behaved. Plenty of attention is required in well-keeping this dog, including exercise, playtime, and generous amounts of belly rubs.

Suitability as a pet for families and individuals

The Australian Shepherd’s intelligent, affectionate, and trainable nature makes them an excellent choice for a family. They can even fare well in houses with small children. However, they may try to nip at their heels to herd kids. This trait can be resolved during the training of the breed. Once trained, the dogs serve as a pretty great companions for kids. However, as always, it’s best not to leave the dog alone with children. Additionally, an Aussie can get comfortable in a family with other pets. 

Although Aussies have made a reputation for themselves as loving family pets, they’re just as great for individuals with an active lifestyle. This dog is the perfect canine companion for people with a zeal for traveling. Reportedly, Aussies make no fuss about traveling miles for a gorgeous sunset. 

The non-negotiablbes about living with an Australian Shepherd are access to a yard, plenty of toys, a good and engaging exercise routine, and enough bellyrubs. Once you check these boxes, an Aussie will befriend you and mold itself to your living environment in no time!

Pros and Cons of Owning Australian Shepherd in India

What to consider when purchasing an Australian Shepherd? 

Purchasing an Australian Shepherd is a life-altering decision; hence it’s best not to rush this. Here are some things a prospective buyer must keep in mind before bringing the Australian Shepherd home.

  • Pedigree: There are several local markets as well as websites that sell mixed-breed Australian Shepherds under the label of purebred dogs. Therefore, it’s crucial to ask for pedigree information from the breeder. 
  • Health screenings: Reputable kennel clubs and shelters both maintain the puppy’s health records. These include vaccination information and any genetic disorder the puppy is susceptible to. It’s vital that prospective owners verify the medical records presented. 
  • Breeder reputation: Buying your Australian Shepherd from a breeder is more reliable as they’re genuine dog lovers. They can usually provide a verifiable medical and behavioral record for the pup’s parents. 
  • On-going costs: An Australian Shepherd’s maintenance cost must be factored in before purchasing the breed. Typically, these include the feeding, health, and other recurring and non-recurring costs of owning a dog. 
  • Lifestyle: Australian Shepherds are highly energetic dogs. They need a big space to live in and hence won’t survive in an apartment. Before purchasing this breed, make sure you meet this criterion. 
  • Time and effort: Besides the financial aspects of owning the Australian Shepherd, the dog requires plenty of care. This could include anything from grooming to belly rubs and daily walks.
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Is an Australian Shepherd a good family dog?

Australian Shepherds are affectionate, trainable, and smart canines, making great family dogs. The Aussies love to play with children and get along well with other pets too!

Can Australian Shepherds be left alone?

Australian Shepherds are prone to separation anxiety; hence it’s best not to leave them alone for long hours. If you’re away from home often, you can train your dog to be on its best behavior while away.

Are Australian Shepherds born without tails?

Australian Shepherds are among the few canines that have a naturally bobbed tail. However, not all Australian Shepherds are born without a tail.

Do Australian Shepherds bark a lot?

Australian Shepherds are very vocal dogs, hence barking and howling may be a problem with this breed.

Are Australian Shepherd good indoor dogs?

Unless your Aussie is a miniature dog, the Australian Shepherd won’t do well in a confined space. These dogs have a lot of energy and require a big yard to spend it.


Australian Shepherds are lively, boisterous dogs that love their people as much as they love playing. These dogs are a hit all over the world as they make excellent family dogs, travel companions, and service dogs. They’re highly sought after because of their unique multi-colored eyes and charming looks. But before you get swayed by this breed’s lovely characteristics, make sure the breed’s demands align with your lifestyle. It’s always a good idea to talk to other Australian Shpherderd owners and breeders to understand whether you’re cut out for the breed. Once you meet the breed’s demands, the Aussie is a joy to live with! 

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