Thank You!

After over eight years of saving human and canine lives through its prison dog program, Don’t Throw Us Away, Inc. has dissolved and is no longer continuing operations.

We would like to thank all of the compassionate, dedicated inmates, rescue partners, adopters, prison staff, volunteers, and rescue dogs that made this work possible. We are incredibly proud of all the lives we saved together.

If you are interested in supporting similar causes or seeking volunteer opportunities, please consider contacting your local animal shelter or correctional institution.


The Board of Directors of Don’t Throw Us Away, Inc.

Boston International Film Festival

…You love dogs.  You love helping people.  You volunteer your time.  You donate resources. You rescue, foster or adopt dogs.  You advocate for those who are viewed as disposable.  You believe one person can make a difference in the world.  You believe that humans and animals can save each other. You believe in second chances… This film is for you.

Dogs on the Inside is getting its world premiere at the Boston International Film Festival on Monday, April 14th at 5:30 pm!  We are so excited to share the power of DTUA with the world!

Where:  AMC/Loews Theater Boston Common, 175 Tremont Street, Boston, MA
When: Monday, April 14th at 5:30 pm
For more information on the film, and to see the trailer, visit the film’s website:
I hope to see you at the premiere!
All the best,
Michelle D. Riccio
Executive Director & Founder
Don’t Throw Us Away, Inc.

Dogs On The Inside

Dogs On The Inside is a documentary that follows the journey of the inmates who care for the abandoned dogs in Don’t Throw Us Away and the rescuers battling the front lines everyday to save dogs from euthanasia, neglect and abandonment.  Grab your tissues and get ready to experience Don’t Throw Us Away for yourself.

Want to see more? Watch the full film on Netflix today!

A message from the Founder and Executive Director

Today marks the two year anniversary of Don’t Throw Us Away.  It’s hard to believe that two years ago today, the first six prison pups walked on to the prison grounds and got a second chance at life.  Five years ago, what started as a dream, a hope and a seed of an idea when I was a senior in college has transformed into an amazing program that I couldn’t be prouder of founding.  DTUA thrives because of the hard work of so many people across the country: the southern shelters, fosters and rescuers, our dedicated rescue partner Great Dog Rescue New England and all their amazing volunteers, our selfless prison staff and inmate handlers at NCCI, our volunteers, transporters, our trainers, our adopters and everyone else who has given their time, talent and heart to make this program possible.  Thank you for everyone who believed in this program when I was just a college student with a big heart and a big dream.  Together 40+ dogs’ lives have been saved and countless inmate handlers have a brighter future.  We are looking forward to another great year of saving lives, together.

Michelle Riccio

Adoption Spotlight: Bubba

Bubba is a goofy 1 year old lab/plott hound mix who loves life and having adventures.  Bubba was surrendered to a shelter because he wouldn’t hunt bears for his owner.  Our goofball is a lover; not a fighter!  Bubba is an energetic, intelligent puppy who loves to give kisses and go for car rides.  Bubba loves all people and other dogs.  Bubba graduated from DTUA and is ready for adoption.  Will you be Bubba’s best friend for life?
Apply to adopt Bubba at

Adoption spotlight: Sandy

Sandy, Cycle 5 Grad

Meet Sandy!  This goofball is a 3 year old Tree Walker Coonhound mix who has the personality of a lab.  Sandy craves a family who will give her the love and attention she deserves.  Sandy likes other dogs, cats, kids, men and women.  Sandy even likes the vet!  Sandy loves pets and snuggle time!  Can you find it in your heart to give Sandy a loving home?  Sandy knows all her basic obedience commands and is ready to be part of your family!  Apply to adopt Sandy today: