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Boerboel Price In India (2023)

Boerboel puppy sitting on the floor

The Boerboel is a fiercely loyal dog bred to guard a farm and prey on big animals like leopards. The name of this breed comes from ‘Boer,’ meaning farm, and ‘boar hound,’ translating to bulldog. These dogs are among the strongest breeds, with a whopping bite force of 450 PSI. For reference, a lion’s bite force is 600 PSI. It is enough to chew through bones and even metal. 

Boerboels are muscular and intimidating in size, but they are also gentle, loving, and even-tempered when no threats are perceived. This South African breed has a short coat making it an excellent choice for India’s hot and humid weather. But does that mean they would make good pets for you? This article can find the answer to this question through the financial and compatibility lens. A detailed cost plan is provided to help you assess if this breed is the right one for you.

How Much Does The Boerboel Cost in India?

Typical rates at which a Boerboel is available in between INR 1.5 lakh and INR 2 lakhs. The variability is due to gender, color, breeder quality, etc. We will discuss each of these in the next section. 

Factors that influence the Buying Price of a Boerboel in India

Boerboel Age: Buying a Puppy vs. Adult Dog

Most prospective owners wish to buy a puppy because they think they will establish a better connection and the training can begin much sooner. Breeders and vets agree that the most optimal time to bring a pup home is around 8-10 weeks. In the case of Boerboels, it becomes all the more important to get them early on. 

Boerboels are loyal to their family, and it might be challenging to train them later in life. Elder dogs come with routine behaviors that may be challenging to change. For this reason, adults are sold at a lower price than puppies. 

Adopting vs. Buying a Boerboel

With this breed, adoption will not be an option. Such a rare breed will be tough to find at an animal shelter. If you find one, it could be an abandoned rescue with health or behavioral issues. The time and effort to be put into this dog will be more, even if you get it for a lower price. 

You might even have trouble finding a good breeder. There is a good chance that even they import the dog from other countries. It is one of the reasons the dog costs are pretty high. 

Breeder Factor

The breeder usually sets the price of the dog, and there are different kinds of breeders that you will find. You want to buy from a good breeder who knows the breed thoroughly and has long experience with them. Boerboels are prone to hip dysplasia and heart disease, and your breeder must take preventive actions

Many claim similar breeding practices, but it only takes a conversation to weed out the bad breeders. We will now see the possible channels through which you can get your pup and how to distinguish between a lousy and a great breeder

Buying a Boerboel from Puppy Mills

As you can imagine from the name, these establishments aim to churn puppies out as fast as they can, showing no regard for their health. They don’t care for the protection or improvement of the breed; they are in it for the money. While as a consumer, you get low prices for a puppy, you will also face many health issues in the future. For example, unchecked genetic disorders could get passed down. 

Buying a Boerboel from Pet Stores

Boerboel is a breed that is meant to be guarding large fields. If this pup has grown up in a cage surrounded by other caged animals, there are bound to be several behavioral issues in the future. This breed needs early socialization and training. It is completely neglected in a pet store setting. We would highly recommend purchasing through a different source. 

Buying a Boerboel from Middlemen or Brokers

For those of us who are unable to do the legwork of finding a reputable breeder, an intermediary will come in handy. They will scout for good breeders and organize the logistics for you. It usually comes with an additional cost of 10-12% as their commission. 

Despite what they will tell you, you must always have a chat with the breeder. It serves multiple reasons, the first being that you can initiate your relationship with the breeder. Secondly, it helps validate the breeder; brokers might associate with puppy mills and try to dupe you. 

Buying a Boerboel from Reputable Breeders

For particular breeds like a Boerboel, a reputable breeder is that much more important. A Boerboel is loyal to the point where it could be overprotective, showing aggression to others. A good breeder will account for these traits and incorporate practices that allow it to settle quickly into its forever homes. To find these breeders, you can contact your local kennel club to get some leads on ethical breeders. Once you have found one, you can ask them the questions below to determine if they genuinely care for the breed. 

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Boerboel dog sitting in the woods

Questions to ask a breeder

  • What got you interested in Boerboels, and how long have you been working with them?
  • Are you willing to take back the dog if we change our minds?
  • How do you intellectually stimulate your dogs?
  • Do you perform regular health checks on your dogs?
  • Can we meet the sire and dam?
  • Can we see your breeder license? 
  • Do you have the proof of pedigree for this pup?
  • Can I call a vet to give me a clean bill of health? 


Males and females primarily vary in their personalities and size, not the price. While both share the protector role, the females are more seriously involved. They are generally the pack’s alpha, owing to their territorial and independent nature. Males are interested in their human companions and are affectionate towards them. Choose the gender according to your expectations with what you thought having a Boerboel around would entail.  


When you get handed the pup, you can verify that they have met the growth goals until then. The table below should help you determine the ideal growth patterns for that age. Any significant deviation might mean lower costs but underdeveloped pups. 

AgeHeight of Males (cm)Height of Females (cm)
8 weeks36 - 4330 - 38
10 weeks41 - 4836 - 43
12 weeks48 - 5643 - 50
4 months51 - 5846 - 53
5 months53 - 6048 - 56
6 months56 - 6451 - 58
7 months58 - 6653 - 60
8 months58 - 6653 - 60
9 months58 - 6653 - 60
10 months61 - 6956 - 64
12 months and above61 - 6956 - 64

Mixed Breed or Purebred

There is an ongoing debate on whether purebred or mixed-breed is healthier, leading nowhere. We know that both kinds will love you back the same. Purebreds will display the characteristics expected from a Boerboel, whereas a mixed breed might be slightly less predictable. From the pricepoint perspective, the purebreds will be more expensive.  


Within purebreds, the bloodline also matters, especially to those who want to exhibit their dogs at a competition. A Champion bloodline is considered the best because it has the genetics of an ancestor who has won a dog contest. Therefore, it could be a reason why your breeder could drive the rate up. Always ask for proof, though, and do not blindly accept claims. 

Coat Colours and Markings

The standard colors for this breed are brindle, brown, cream, red, reddish brown, and tawny. Irish and piebald markings are accepted for this breed. These are white markings on the coat, not exceeding 33% of the body. 

However, these markings and coats do not affect the breed’s characteristics; you should only be concerned about the disqualifying colors or markings if you want to participate in dog shows. You can find that the ones with unaccepted colors might be cheaper. 


Typically the cost of a breed is higher in a metropolitan city and lower in lower-tier cities. However, a Boerboel has to be imported; this levels the market throughout the country. The price of this dog is likely to be the same across the country.

Certification and Warranties

KCI certification is to prove the purebred lineage of the ancestors across generations. Purebreds are not always healthier. The certification is a factor that could increase your price by a significant margin. You need to make the call whether you want that proof or not. If you are not interested in purebreds, it will make sense to invite a vet to provide you with a health report before purchasing.

Yearly Keeping or Maintenance Cost of owning a Boerboel

Purchasing a dog is only the start; the costs begin to grow. You will now be required to feed them the appropriate amount of quality nutrition, regularly visit the vet to ensure everything is a-okay, and pamper them with accessories. Food will be the most significant chunk of your expenses every month. We will now explore all the various costs that will come your way once you own a dog. 

South African Boerboel on the grass

Dog Food Factor

A Boerboel is a large working breed, so they need more nutrition to meet their bodily requirements. A pup will have different nutritional needs than an adult because it requires extra energy to support its growing body. In contrast, an adult only needs to maintain their body. Below, we will discuss whether you should buy food or feed them on your own and how much you should provide them.

Home Food vs. Purchased food

Both adults and pups need a high-quality and balanced diet. Pups need more vitamins, minerals, and proteins to build their muscles. Adults just need enough to meet their needs. Accordingly, commercial foods have different ranges for different ages of a dog. Some good brands found in India are Royal Canin, Arden Grange, and Pedigree. However, these might become particularly expensive for a Boerboel since they have a large appetite. 

Homemade meals can save a lot of money and are relatively easy to prepare. The catch here is that plenty of research has to go into this. You would need to learn about dog nutrition, the kind of foods you can feed your dog, and how much to feed them. You must consult a vet during this process. However, once this initial research is completed, it is smooth sailing for a lifetime. 

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The gulf between an entirely homemade meal and commercial food is vast. Completely commercial food for a Boerboel could be between INR 12,000 and INR 15,000 per month, but it could drop to a few thousand on a homemade diet. We recommend a mix of homemade and commercial to keep it varied. 

Portion Size and Daily Frequency

You must balance feeding them enough to build and maintain their muscles and not overfeeding them, pushing them to hip dysplasia or joint problems. A Boerboel is a giant breed, and overfeeding them can be costly as it adds extra pressure on their bones. The feeding chart below mentions the appropriate amounts of daily commercial food to feed. Each dog is unique, so consult your vet about the right quantities. 

AgeNumber of cupsNumber of times per day
2 months2 - 43
3 months3 - 52
4 months4 - 62
5 months5 - 72
6 months6 - 82
7 months6 - 92
8 months6 - 92
9 months7 - 102
10 - 12 months7 - 102
12 months and above (male)8 - 102
12 months and above (female)6 - 92

Vet Factor

As your pups grow in the initial few months, you will need to go to the vet more often – to get the vaccines and boosters, perform the neutering or spaying, or even deworming. After the pup reaches around 8 – 10 months, there will be fewer visits to the vet. We have detailed the reasons you would visit a vet and provided you with more details. 

Vaccination Cost

A good breeder would likely have carried out most of the vaccinations by the time the pup comes home to you. At the most, you might have to get some boosters in the early stages. If you get a pup earlier than eight weeks, you will need to vaccinate your pup. An ideal vaccination schedule is as follows: having a safe and healthy pup is mandatory. Once the mother’s immunity wanes, vaccines must boost their natural immunity to build a good quality of life

Neutering or Spaying Surgery Cost

Removing the male genitalia is called neutering, and the counterpart for females is spaying. It is a crucial action in building the health and temperament of the dog. An unneutered dog may wander in search of a partner or mark all over the house with its urine. Many people are hesitant, but the risk of prostate cancer in males and mammary tumors in females is eliminated. The process for males is less expensive than for females, ranging from INR 5,000 to INR 8,000. 

Deworming Cost

Another part of the immunity story in dogs is deworming. Parasites in the gut must be regularly removed, just as in humans. Pups are more vulnerable to them and usually have more of these. Hence, a more frequent deworming schedule is mandated. It is recommended that until the age of 6 months, the pup is dewormed every month. Post that, an adult requires deworming every three months. These are general guidelines. However, a vet can give you more specific guidelines for your dog.

It may be tedious to visit the vet every two weeks. But the good news is that you don’t have to. Deworming can be done at home by yourself. It would also reduce vet costs. The dosage of these medicines depends on the dog’s weight, and for a big dog like a Boerboel, the price of the medicines can be between INR 500 – 700.

Preventive Medications cost

For all dogs, ear infections are common and can quickly become ugly. It is better to monitor their ears routinely and have some ear drops handy to treat inflammation and redness when you notice them. Regular tick checks are also recommended; if left untreated, it could grow into deeper problems. You can purchase a tick and flea spray at any pet store. An antiseptic spray and gauze can also go a long way for playful dogs who are bound to get hurt while playing. These items may cost around INR 800, which is a one-time cost. 

Housing and Confinement Cost

Most dog owners have a dog bed and a crate. It serves the purpose of providing a dedicated space for your dog, which makes them feel secure. It is also helpful in bowel training for the pups. It might serve as a peaceful space in the house for senior canines. A crate with a bed is a one-time investment of about INR 10,000 – INR 15,000. If not for the crate, purchase a dog bed for INR 5,000 and allocate a dedicated area for your pup within the house. 

Two beautiful Boerboel puppies relaxing on the grass at the park, both are looking off camera.

Accessories Cost

Collar and leash

There are various leashes in the market, retractable or non-retractable. Neither is better than the other; it’s just a matter of comfort. You can browse any good pet store, and you will be able to find the best fit for you. The price of a leash ranges from INR 800 – INR 2,000. A part of the leash must be attached to the dog; that is where you need a collar. You can find a secure and comfortable collar at around INR 500

Training Harness

Instead of a collar, you could also use a training harness. While a collar is just around the neck, a training harness covers the dog’s body more, applying less pressure on the neck while walking. Any dog would resist it more at the onset, but they will get around to it. A good training harness in the market should not exceed INR 1,500.

Toys Cost

For a Boerboel, mental stimulation is essential, and toys can play an essential role. Most dog parents choose balls and chewable and squeaky toys. The more you play with your dog, their preferences will become apparent, and you can select the toys accordingly. Most dog toys range between INR 500 and INR 1,000. 

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Grooming Cost

Boerboels have a short and thick coat, which sheds quite a bit. You can minimize the effect of shedding by brushing their coats weekly. It will help collect all the loose fur and make it easier to clean the house. It also distributes hair oils throughout the body, paving the way for a shiny coat. You can find a decent soft-bristled brush at INR 700 – 800. 

This breed only needs occasional baths, so the dog shampoo of INR 700 – 1,500 should last you longer. A nail cutter of about INR 750 will also come in handy, as long nails can be troublesome for dogs. You also have the option to have a professional do the work, which could be INR 700 – 1,000 per session. 

Walker Cost

If you do not have the time to take your Boerboel on walks, you can hire a walker. They walk your dog for a particular duration on most days of the week. You can hire them for a day per session, but a monthly package is more economical. It will cost you between INR 2,000 and INR 5,000.

Training and Socializing Cost

Training a Boerboel is critical, and they require a firm hand. We recommend getting a trainer for this breed, especially with behaviors around other people. With any big dog, the basic commands have to be deeply instilled so that it is easier in times of emergency where you need to control them. A session with a professional can cost you around INR 1,000 – INR 2,000 per session or INR 6,000 – 8,000 per month.  

Treats Cost

A practical method of teaching a dog tricks is rewarding them with treats. Dogs are food-motivated, and you can reward any good behavior with a treat for them to keep repeating it. Looking into those puppy-dog eyes, you might be tempted to give them treats frequently, but do apply to restrain. You cannot spend more than INR 500 – INR 750 on treats per month.

Insurance Cost

Boerboels are considered a healthy breed, so you may think you don’t need insurance. But it is always better to subscribe to one because these dogs are prone to diseases like elbow dysplasia or heart problems. When you have some emergencies, it will always come in handy. Yearly insurance may cost you between INR 6,000 and INR 16,000.

Travel Cost

If you want to transport a Boerboel, it will most likely be in cargo, and you will need to be updated on all vaccinations. Costs depend on the dog’s weight, but domestic travel can go up to INR 40,000 and even INR 2-3 lakhs for international travel. 

Daycare Cost

On the days when you find yourself away for long hours or when you leave out of town for a few days, daycare is the best solution. These facilities will assume entire responsibility for your dog, from feeding to walking to grooming them. Ensure that you find a daycare that knows the characteristics of a Boerboel. You can expect them to be around INR 700 – 1,000 daily. 

Registration Cost

The local municipality must license all pets. Each municipality has its registration method, so contact them for further details. Some even offer digital registration portals. The registration fee should not be more than INR 500. 


Initially, you should also purchase the essentials like food and water bowls, poop bags, towels, and storage containers. It has an estimated cost of about INR 2,500. 

Hidden and Related Costs of Boerboel Puppy Ownership

A true bond can only be formed when you invest in a relationship. The final cost we will discuss is the time and effort dog ownership requires. A Boerboel is an intelligent dog explicitly bred to help in farm activities. To be stimulated and for the dog to feel like it’s part of the family, it is vital to involve them in your daily activities and allocate play time of at least two hours per day. 

10 months young boerboel or South African Mastiff pup seen from the front sitting facing left in a forrest setting

Important Things to Consider Before Buying A Boerboel

Most of the information above applies to most dogs, but there are specific needs that a Boerboel has. We will highlight them so you can have the entire picture of getting a Boerboel.

  • They need space. Traditionally, these dogs did work on farms and were used to running around. Ensure that you at least have a yard for it to run and play. 
  • Boerboels are a protective breed; you can only take them to parks if they are socialized well with other animals and people. They could turn aggressive, and it might become difficult to control them. 
  • They need an experienced hand for training and are not for novice dog owners. 
  • They can be wary of strangers, and early socialization can resolve it with socialization. 

Benefits of Bringing A Boerboel Puppy Home

Boerboels’ intelligence and loyalty to their family are unparalleled by any other breed. They make for excellent guard dogs; you can sleep safely at night knowing that one of the most powerful dog breeds is watching over you. 


Are Boerboels good with children?

If they are introduced to humans early on, they can be great with children. However, with any giant breed, they can knock a toddler over with ease, so supervision is necessary.

Will Boerboels snuggle?

Yes, these are one of the few affectionate guard dogs. They can adapt to the family pet role. 

Do Boerboels bark a lot?

No, they are a quiet breed. When a Boerboel spots a stranger, it will bark to alert the rest of the family.

Summing it Up

Boerboels can make for a great protector of your house and a wonderful pet too. This breed can be intimidating to novice dog owners and should only be handled by more experienced owners. 

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