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Boo/Pomeranian Dog Price in India (2023)

brown Toy pomeranian dog

Boo is not a dog breed; it was the name of a teacup pomeranian owned by a Facebook employee, Irene Ahn. Its unique cute toy-like features made him go viral on Facebook in 2010. The lovely dog passed away on January 18th, 2019, in his sleep at 12 years of age. The breed shot to fame because of its charming appearance. The tiny, cute, and fluffy Boo Pomeranian dog has been the first choice of several illustrious individuals since time immemorial. 

Boo is a teacup pomeranian that is groomed roundly. A teacup is a type of dog that is genetically modified to stay small forever. This breed is known for being healthy and robust, unlike its fragile physique. The Pomeranian breed is fundamentally a canine of the spitz breed type. However, it is named Pomeranian since it was initially found in the Pomerania locale in North West Poland and East Germany in Central Europe.

Looking forward to owning this amicable cute dog? Read on to find out all the costs you will incur as the parent of a Boo Pomeranian dog annually in India.

How much does the Boo (Pomeranian) dog cost in India?

Boo Pomeranian dogs usually cost between INR 40,000 to 80,000. It varies from city to city in India. 

Factors that Influence the Buying Price of Boo Dog in India

Boo Dog Age: Buying A Puppy vs. An Old Dog

Since Boo Pomeranians are pretty intelligent, they, by and large, are not difficult to train. They will also be great show dogs since they are enthusiastic about playing out the activities their owners need. Boo Pomeranians ordinarily tackle tasks assigned to them with a lot of enthusiasm. Thus, Boo Pomeranian puppies are a great addition to your family if you are looking for a dog that likes a lot of fun and frolic. Boo Pom puppies need a lot of amicable socialization opportunities from the beginning to forestall behavioral issues and hostility. They are more expensive than old Boo Pomeranians. 

Boo Poms don’t lose their energy and spunk with age. They are still the same intelligent dogs who love to play, but they might face the threat of several health problems like Luxating Patella, Tracheal collapse, or skin diseases like Alopecia X. 

Adopting a Boo dog vs. Buying

While purchasing a Boo Pomeranian puppy is ideally suited for some, adopting one might be a superior fit for other people. Quit worrying that adoption includes numerous unknowns and a lot of difficult work. You are saving a life!

Explicit details about your puppy’s background and medical conditions will not be available if you adopt one from a shelter. You will have to spend time with your new furry friend to determine their temperament. Hidden medical issues can lead to a high maintenance cost. But adopting a Boo Pomeranian will be lighter on your pocket than purchasing a purebred one. 

Buying a Boo Pom puppy from puppy stores or reputable breeders assures you that you will buy a healthy purebred puppy. But, it will be more expensive.

Breeder Factor

An essential part of buying a dog is researching the breeder. Read on to know what to keep in mind-

Buying a Boo dog from Puppy Mills (Please don’t go with this option)

Puppy mills are characterized by the following:

  • No love and care are provided to the dogs. They’re kept in stuffed areas with no healthcare options in case they get sick.
  • They rest and hang out at the same spot where they do their toilet.
  • They lack proper nourishment and water supply.
  • Sickly dogs are left to die.
  • Older dogs are bred as long as possible and then, when they cannot, are discarded or killed. 

Most puppies from puppy mills have serious medical problems or behavioral issues that may make them aggressive later in life. Buying a dog might be inexpensive, but the costs you have to bear later can be tiresome.

Buying a Boo dog from Pet Shops

Before you think about purchasing a Boo Pomeranian puppy from a pet store, do all the necessary investigation. Look into reviews about the store online. You will likewise need to hang out with the puppy yourself to check whether they have any indications of being sick. If you notice a puppy’s coat is less shiny than it should be or its eyes don’t appear to sparkle with youthful vigor, try to look at puppies in other stores. You should keep away from pet stores that can’t give you much information about the health and medical conditions of the puppy.

Unethical pet shops often buy puppies from puppy mills which may adversely affect the puppies’ health. Most puppies from these mills may exhibit aggressive behavior down the lane. Buying a puppy from a pet shop will be cheaper because of various financing options. 

Buying a Boo dog from Middleman or Brokers

Dog brokers or middlemen are distributors who obtain boo pomeranian puppies in mass from breeders and sell them to retailers. They might also sell the puppies directly to customers. They can help customers find their ideal puppy.

It is advisable to research the broker before finalizing the purchase. They charge about 10-20% of the commission fees.

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Buying a Boo dog from Reputable breeders

Trustworthy breeders have one objective as their main priority: To breed healthy and mentally stable dogs that live up to the standard description of a particular breed. The longer a breeder is in the business, the more experience he has, and the simpler it will be to search his credentials. Skimming his business page will provide excellent insight into how good and ethical he is at his job. 

Breeders will help you understand your new furry friend’s dietary, vaccination, and medical needs. Buying a puppy from a breeder would be slightly expensive, but you will have fewer things to worry about.

Questions you should ask a Breeder

Here are some questions you can ask the breeder before finalizing the purchase:

  • How Many Dogs Do You Own?
  • What Health Testing Do You Do?
  • Can I Visit You and Meet the Puppy’s Parents?
  • What Is This Breed’s Temperament and Energy Level Like?
short-coat beige puppy behind green leaves


Male Boo Pomeranians usually are more loving, enthusiastic, mindful, and more needful of love and consideration from their human family. Male Pomeranians become extremely appended to their human family. They are roused by praise and food, hence making training more straightforward. Male Pomeranians can get distracted from training as they retain their puppy nature throughout life.

Puppy customers accept that a female Boo Pomeranian pup will be an ideal decision. Most inquiries for pet Boo Pomeranian Puppies are for a sweet young female puppy. Female Boo Pomeranians can be highly independent, reserved, complex, and exceptionally territorial. Female Pomeranians like to practice their predominance over human family members. They are highly focused during training sessions. They are more expensive as they are in high demand and can also give birth to puppies.


The size of your boo dog generally won’t affect its cost. However, you can check their standard height and weight details in the below table.

Male Boo DogFemale Boo Dog
Height: 7 – 12 inches (18 – 31 cm)Height: 7 – 12 inches (18 – 31 cm)
Weight: 3 – 7 lbs (1.4 – 3.2 kg)Weight: 3 – 7 lbs (1.4 – 3.2 kg)
Build: Slightly larger built with more muscle mass.Build: Slightly smaller built with less muscle mass.

Mixed Breed or Purebred

Purebreed Boo dogs generally have specific physical qualities passed down from generation to generation. Therefore, they are at low risk of suffering from hereditary medical conditions. It is the reason they’re generally viewed as more costly than Mix Breed dogs.

Mixed-breed Boo Pomeranian dogs are highly susceptible to suffering from several medical conditions. Thus, they are less expensive.


The Pomeranian comes from the German Spitz, the most miniature assortment of the variety. Having an incredible genealogy implies that your boo dog is cheerful and calm, which makes your dog more significant and pricey. When you have more information about your dog’s parents, you can fathom your puppy’s temperament and life expectancy.

Coat Colours and Markings

One reason the Boo Pomeranian breed is so unique is its coat colors. The coat and hair color of the Boo Pomeranian makes it one of the most desirable breeds. 

The colors of Pomeranian are divided into:

Solids: Orange, red, white, black, black and tan, chocolate, cream, Wolf sable, merle

Particolores: They are a mantle that predominates white and other solid colors such as orange, black, parti black and tan, and more.

White Boo Pomeranians are the most expensive breed. 


The cost of a Boo Pomeranian will be higher in cities with high demand, like large urban communities. Since more people live in urban communities, more expected purchasers for dogs are likewise accessible. This implies dealers can charge exorbitant rates for their dogs since people will pay more.

Certification and Warranties

If you’re purchasing from a breeder, it’s crucial to demand their license and registration with The State Animal Welfare Board. Furthermore, looking at the puppy’s and its parent’s medical papers would be best. If the breeder can provide all these documents that prove the purebred quality of your new furry friend, then it will increase the price of the Boo Pomeranian puppy.

Yearly Maintenance Cost of Owning a Boo Dog

Your Boo Pomeranian will require the best quality food, veterinary services, prompt medical help, accessories, and impeccable grooming to live a happy and comfortable life. You might be overwhelmed with many supplies and costs, but remember that your furry friend loves you implicitly, and you should do everything under the sun to keep them safe and sound.

Read on to understand how much costs you might incur-

Dog Food Factor

Lack of proper nourishment of the Boo Pomeranian will result in severe medical issues. They might experience the ill effects of obesity and sicknesses like strained ligaments and joints on the off chance of being fed too much. Boo Pomeranian puppies can consume calories all the more rapidly in contrast to grown-up ones. In this way, it is vital to comprehend the food prerequisite of your Boo Pomeranian, depending upon its age. Dog food of the highest quality should be served to your new furry friend, as low-quality dog food is filled with harmful fillers with almost zero nutrition. Feeding your Boo dog all the nutrients they need will cost you around INR 3,000 to 4,000 per month. 

Home Food vs. Purchased food

Homemade food is the way to a Boo Pomeranian’s heart. If you offer him homemade food, dealing with nutrients is vital. Offering table scarp to the canine isn’t sound in any way. You can include these ingredients in your Boo Pomeranian’s homemade food-

  • Organs such as brains, kidneys, and liver
  • Lean meats including fish, white breast chicken 
  • Sweet or regular potatoes, spinach, baby carrots
  • White or Brown rice
  • Pasta
  • Meat

There ought to be an optimal balance of proteins, sugars, fats, and nutrients in the eating regimen of your Boo Pomeranian. More specifically, 40 % meat, 30 % starch, and 30 % vegetables are ideal.

You might also feed your Boo Pomeranian puppy the best quality commercial puppy food available in stores, as sometimes too many homemade meals can imbalance calcium to phosphorus. Some of the best commercial puppy food is-

  • A high-quality wet puppy food.
  • High-quality dry puppy food (puppy kibble). 
  • Dairy products: puppy milk, yogurt, and cheese.
  • Minced raw chicken carcass.
pomeranian dog lying on chair

Portion Size and Daily Frequency

The food you will have to feed your Boo Pomeranian depends on the dog’s age, size, activity level, and metabolism rate. Nonetheless, the suggested everyday amount of food for a normal Boo Pomeranian adult is 1/4 to 1/2 cup of high-quality dry food daily, which should be given in two meals. For puppies, you can follow the diet mentioned below-

  • 1/2 cup of food for 1 pound puppy.
  • 1 cup of food for 3 pounds puppy.
  • 2.5 cups of food for 5 pounds puppy.
  • 2 cups of food for 6 pounds puppy.

Boo Pomeranians consume calories at a quicker rate when contrasted with other dog breeds. They have high energy levels and require food at regular spans. A developing Boo Pomeranian puppy should be fed three to four times a day, and a grown-up Boo needs to eat two times a day.

Vet Factor

Boo Pomeranian puppies need vaccination and regular checkups with a trusted vet to ensure they are in good health. Read on to find out the vet bills you will be paying-

Common Health issues faced by Boo Pomeranian dogs in India

  1. Tracheal Collapse: It can cause the blockage of airway routes in the dog. The windpipe is a cylindrical structure through which air goes to and from the lungs. A Pomeranian’s neck is very fragile, and pulling on its neck collar over an extensive period can result in a collapsed tracheal.
  1. Patellar Luxation: This is an extremely normal issue with Boo Pomeranians. Their kneecap (patella) is dislocated from its position. Their thigh bone is impacted and is extremely painful.
  1. Eye Issues: Boo Pomeranian breed normally suffers the most because of eye issues. Their long eyelashes cause uneasiness and strain their eyes while attempting to see. This condition is called Distichiasis. One more typical illness in the Boo Pomeranian breed is cataracts! This problem is very apparent as you can see cloudy eyes or redness or swelling around their eyes. This issue undermines their vision and can lead to visual impairment if not taken care of medically.
  1. Skin and coat issues: Boo Pomeranians normally have dry skin. You could see redness, peeling, or chipping of the skin. They are inclined to suffer from skin allergies also. This can cause balding in your dog. A few dogs can scratch their skin, causing wounds on the skin. It can forever harm their hair follicles, and hair probably won’t grow back.

Vaccination Cost

We encourage owners to follow the vaccination plan suggested by their veterinarian. Immunization against normal canine sicknesses is a must for Boo Pomeranians.

Ask your veterinarian for a vaccination card to follow your pup’s vaccination schedule. Adhere to the timetable, come what may. They will cost you in the range of INR 1700 to 2000, depending on the antibody and the age of the puppy.

Neutering or Spaying Surgery Cost

We recommend neutering or spaying a Boo Pomeranian if you don’t plan on breeding your Boo. Neutering is a surgical procedure in which a male dog’s testicles are removed. While Spaying is a surgical procedure in which a female dog’s ovaries and uterus are removed. In male Boo Pomeranians, neutering eliminates the risk of testicular cancer, prostate cancer, and hernias. For female dogs, Spaying eliminates the risk of ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, and pyometra (uterus infection).

Depending on location, these surgeries can cost around INR 4,000-12,000.

Deworming Cost

Boo Pomeranians ought to be dewormed regularly. Worming your Boo will support the appropriate retention of nourishment from its meals. The worming medication and dose should be discussed with your veterinarian. The medicines are readily available and cost around INR 100-200.

Preventative Medicine

Disinfectant Spray, Cotton, and Bandages: These provisions are fundamental for treating your puppy’s wounds at home. They, by and high, cost between INR 300 to 500 depending on how frequently you get them.

Ticks and Flea Powder: Boo Dogs are defenseless to different well-being concerns due to ticks and bugs, bringing about various medical conditions and skin illnesses. Tick and insect powder costs between INR 200-500.

Ear drops: They can assist your Boo dogs with easing ear irritation, furnishing them with a decrease in redness and inflammation. Moreover, they assist with decreasing the possibility of an ear infection; they cost roughly between INR 150-250 for every ear drop.

Housing and confinement Cost

When a Boo Pom rests, it wants the bedding to curve to his body to appropriately uphold his skeletal frame and ease tension from his joints. Human beds are excessively thick to offer this to toy breeds like the Boo Pomeranian. It is additionally vital for Boo Poms to have proper padding for their elbows. Beds for this cute breed will cost around INR 1000 to 4000. 

Crates can be a great place to train your Boo Pomeranian, so they do not become aggressive down the lane. Crates can cost you between INR 1000 to 6000 for a high-quality crate.

Accessories Cost

Collar and leash

Using a collar and leash for a Boo Pomeranian is not an ideal decision. The utilization of a collar and leash for a Boo Pomeranian will harm the full, thick coat. Collars are likewise a security peril; they are known to cause Tracheal collapse and skin issues in the breed.

Training Harness

There are heaps of choices for canine harnesses out there; however, there are two primary styles to look over:

  • Back clip harnesses clip at the top, over your Boo Dog’s back.
  • Front clip harnesses clip at the chest.
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Depending on your Boo dog’s size, training, and disposition, one of the styles might be a preferred choice. They usually cost around INR 1000 to 3000. 

Toys Cost 

Due to their high intelligence, Boo Poms might get bored and irritated quickly. Toys help them as an outlet for all their pent-up energy and frustration; otherwise, they might destroy your furniture, chew, dig and bark consistently. A good quality toy can cost about INR 500 to 1200.

white pomeranian sitting on lavender mattress

Grooming Cost

Boo Pomeranians have a thick double coat that should be groomed consistently. Boo likewise has a ton of hair and sheds a lot too. Grooming their fur daily is the best technique to keep everything looking great. To groom your Boo dog, you’ll require the items mentioned below-

  • Brush for grooming
  • Conditioner and shampoo
  • Nail clippers for dogs
  • Towels

Grooming your Boo Dog can cost less and only include the cost of supplies, which can range between INR 500 to 2000. 

Professional grooming requires a lot of attention and care. Thus, they are more expensive and cost between INR 500 to 2000 depending on pet size, breed, and age. The spa costs around INR 500 to 1000.

Walker Cost

Pomeranians truly do best with two walks each day, at a speed that is lively for the Pom, and 20 minutes. The walk time depends on your Boo dog’s mood and can extend to 30 or even 40 minutes. Professional walkers should be carefully selected as they should know the dog’s needs and temperament. They charge between INR 3,000 to 5,000 per month based on which city in India you live in.

Training and Socialising Class Cost

Boo is a renowned breed, on the off chance you didn’t have the idea. Huge dog breeds can’t learn and do stunts that this breed can. Employing an expert trainer can make training easier and less tedious. If you experience issues training your Boo Pomeranian, expert trainers will deal with it. They usually charge between INR 6000-8000 a month.

Treat Cost

Boiled kidney or liver, cut into little pieces and put in the cooler with zip lock packs, is a Boo Pomeranian’s most special treat. These treats will survive in your cooler for a very long time. Another ideal treat is little bits of cheese. You can always buy your Boo dogs expensive treats like meat jerky and dental chews that cost between INR 200 to 1000 a month.

Insurance Cost

It is an unquestionable necessity to insure your furry companion. Insurance for toy dogs like Boo Dogs, including clinical expenses and liability, will cost you between INR 1000 to 1,500 every month from Bajaj Alliance.

Travel Cost

Traveling internationally can cost between INR 2 lakh to 3 lakh for a Boo Dog. Local travel is, for the most part, within INR 20,000. Some airline companies charge Rs 94 for each kg, and rates change according to the dog’s crate’s distance, weight, and size.

Daycare Cost

Daycares can be great for your Boo dog puppy bond with other breeds. You can leave your dog at trustworthy daycares while going about your errands of the day. They offer a variety of activities, such as playtime and training sessions, that will keep your Boo Dog entertained. You can expect it to cost anywhere between INR 250-500.

Registration Cost

Registering your Boo dog with the KCI is mandatory. The registration of a dog whose parentage is unknown in case your breeder cannot give any information is INR 1000, while the simple registration of an imported dog is INR 1180.

Ask the breeder whether or not your puppy has already been registered. 

Hidden and Related Costs of Boo Pomeranian Puppy Ownership

Regarding all toy breed canines like Boo Dogs, you should be careful about young children. They may not understand how harsh they are and can hurt a Boo Pom. There is additionally the gamble that the dog can suddenly lash back, assuming they feel compromised. It could be ideal for you to buy a Boo dog assuming your child is mature enough to handle the dog’s temperament.

Important Things to Consider Before Buying A Boo Pomeranian

  • They have serious watchdog syndrome. You will find them attentive and triggered by every little sound.
  • They are exceptionally stubborn.
  • You might face potty training problems with this breed.
  • You’ll need extra time and money to care for their fur and coat.

Benefits of Bringing A Boo Pomeranian Puppy To Home

  • They are the prettiest breed in town.
  • They are intelligent and sociable.
  • They are of a convenient size.
  • They are happy-go-lucky dogs who love playing with their human family. 
  • They have a long lifespan.


Q1. Do Boo Pomeranians bark a lot?

Pomeranians often are suspicious of strangers and can bark a lot. They are known to be cautious watchdogs, so barking is characteristic of their breed.

Q2. Can Boo Pomeranians be left alone?

Grown-up Boo Poms (1-year-old+) can be left alone for 6-8 hours. Assuming your Pomeranian experiences anxiety problems, especially fear of abandonment, they should not be left alone for longer than 5 hours.

Q3. How frequently should you take your Boo dog to a professional groomer?

Boo dogs should be groomed professionally every one-two months after style to maintain their lustrous coat.

Q4. How long does a Boo Pomeranian live?

Boo Pomeranians have a lifespan of 10-16 years.

Q5. Are Boo Pomeranians good with kids?

Boo Pomeranians usually love playing with kids, but the latter should be cautioned against the breed’s size so they do not hurt their furry friend while playing.

Q6. How can you know if your Pomeranian is happy?

Here are the telltale signs that your Boo dog is happy around you-

  • A high and waggy tail
  • Floppy ears
  • A playful nature whenever they are around you
  • Relaxed body

Summing It Up

Boo Pomeranian dogs are a breed with a lot of energy and enthusiasm and, thus, are a great addition to your family. The costs you will have to bear for this breed are nominal. Read the article thoroughly to know the costs you will have to look out for if you become an owner of a Boo Dog.

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