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Borador: Is the Border Collie Lab Mix the Friendliest Canine Ever?

Borador dog

The Borador was likely created for the purpose of making the grumpiest person in the room smile wide. And if you ask Borador owners, they’d likely say that it worked as this breed can warm up to anyone with its friendly, curious, and attention-seeking traits. So if you want to find this out for yourself, here’s everything you need to know about the Borador! 

Border Collie Lab Mix Breed Characteristics

NamesBorador or Border Lab
PurposeCompanion dog
SizeMedium to large
Height18–25 inches tall at the shoulder
WEIGHT35 to 65 pounds (16 to 29 kg)
CoatShort to medium lengthed straight coat
Coloursblack, gold, yellow, brown, chocolate, liver
white and merle
Lifespan10–15 years
Health IssuesDeafness, epilepsy, heart defects, Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA), and cataracts
TemperamentFriendly, outgoing, affectionate, charming
Family FriendlyYes
Exercise NeedsHigh; needs at least an hour of daily activity
Energy LevelHigh
Tendency to BarkLow
Best Suited ForBoth first-time and experienced owners
Average Price$200 to $500 ( INR 20,000 to INR 30,000)

*Since the breed is rare in India, we couldn’t gather an accurate price range for the breed. 

Parent Breeds Overview

Border Collie

Border Collie

Border Collies originate on the borders of Scotland and England. They are voted to be the most intelligent dogs in the canine kingdom. This breed was bred to be a working dog that would herd a considerable lot of animals in the countryside of Scotland. These dogs are so proficient at their herding job that they retain their herding instincts even when the pups aren’t raised to be working. 

Being extremely intelligent and highly energetic, these dogs need a job to do at all times. Failure to meet these demands of a Border Collie results in a notoriously destructive dog. However, due to the breed’s intelligence, Border Collies are known to find a way to keep themselves engaged. Although, these activities may not always align well with their owners. Hence owners of the breed are usually people who have active lifestyles and are fond of traveling and trekking. These dogs make excellent companions for travelers as they can travel for miles before tiring. 

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers consistently rank number one on the list of the most popular dog in the United States. This is primarily because of their friendly demeanor. We have reasons to believe that Labradors reached the top by making friends in high-ranking places. But who’s going to catch them? 

The only thing a Labrador Retriever has on its to-do list is to please its humans and seek their attention in the goofiest ways. For this reason, this breed is an ideal companion for kids and adults alike. Their high trainability makes them an attractive choice for dog lovers from all walks of life. 

Borador: Border Collie Lab Mix

The Labrador’s friendliness, goofy nature, and Border Collie’s intelligence and trainability make a dog that’s a social butterfly and always the center of attention wherever they go. Dog lovers who wish to own a dog that is big enough to give them an appearance of a well-muscled canine yet have all the mellowed and attractive traits of a lap dog can own this small version of Labrador. 

Besides their goofy demeanor and cute looks, the Borador is popular due to their highly trainable and eager-to-please nature. Due to this reason, Boradors make great pets for first-time owners.


Due to the compatibility and proximity of both the parental breeds, it’s believed that the hybrid Borador might have existed naturally long before breeders intentionally designed the breed. When the trend of crossbred dogs was climbing, it was then that breeders decided to cross the Labrador and Border Collie somewhere in the United States. The aim of the Borador breed seems to be an affectionate and outgoing dog. 

However, due to Border Collies being rare in India, it’s unlikely that the hybrid would have come to existence naturally in the Indian setting. Additionally, since the designer dog industry in India is still in its infancy, the resulting hybrid– Borador– is not particularly popular among Indian dog lovers. Therefore, sourcing accurate information about the crossbred variant is difficult.

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Physical Traits

As a mixed breed, Boradors would greatly resemble one parent more than the other. However, the hybrid rarely grows past the size of a standard Labrador. A typical Borador litter is highly variable, with one or two pups strongly resembling either one of the parents and others lying anywhere between the Lab Border Collie spectrum. The colours and markings of a Border Collie coat dominate the gene for solid colouration. Therefore, usually, an adult Borador appears to be a sturdy and muscular Border Collie. 


You can expect your Border Collie Lab mix to weigh anywhere between 35 to 65 pounds (16 to 29 kg) at maturity. They usually stand at 15 to 20 inches at the shoulder. Hence, an adult Boarador tends to be a medium to large dog. Females of the breed are slightly smaller than their male counterparts. With that said, it’s best to consider these rough estimates as both tiny and very giant Borador are not unheard of in the community. 


Boradors are widely considered the perfect family dog by many dog owners and breeders. This is because the friendly and gentle demeanor of a Labrador mixed with the intelligent and eager-to-please disposition of a Border Collie amplifies the companionship traits in the resulting hybrid. For Boradors lounging on the sofa with their beloved humans comes just as naturally to them as taking part in agility contests. The breed tends to be super versatile and outgoing. In fact, Boradors have often been reported to greet strangers with wagging tails. Therefore, despite that muscular frame, Boradors best serve as companion dogs instead of watchdogs. 

A possibility that might be alarming to Borador owners is the strong and persistent herding traits of the Border Collie in their hybrid dog. Truthfully the breed may be prone to herding younger members of the family by nipping at their heels. However, this instinct can easily be curbed with proper training and positive reinforcement. Early socialization and exposure to many strangers and pets as possible is a great way to help your dog grow into a well-behaved pet. 

Aside from these traits, the Boradors also pack in a lot of energy, making these dogs best for people with active lifestyles and huge backyards. Additionally, Boradors must be engaged physically and mentally to keep them from being destructive. A bored Borador is prone to chewing and digging– both highly undesirable traits in a house dog. 

Coat and Colours

Most often, the coat length of a Borador range from short to medium length, which makes the hybrid greatly resemble its Labrador parent. Even so, a longer coat of the Border Collie Labrador mix is possible and is often sighted in the hybrid. The coat length and colour your hybrid Borador carries depends on the genetic dominance of the parental breeds. Therefore, a safe bet is that your dog will likely sport a medium lengthed coat. Regardless of the length, the coat tends to be smooth to the touch, glossy, and straight. 

puppy, black puppy, dog

Standard colours of the breed include brown, black, yellow, and merle. Eye colour variations are also observed in the hybrid, with the most common eye shades being amber or brown eyes. Blue-coloured eyes are also possible for this crossbred puppy, but they are a genetic anomaly. Another caution regarding the colour of the Border Collie Lab mix is when they appear in the merle shade. This colour is often associated with congenital deafness in the hybrids. 

Common Health Problems

Boradors tend to be healthy hybrids and enjoy 10 to 15 years of life. They aren’t predisposed to many health conditions. However, the hybrid can inherit quite a few from their parent breeds. Since both the Labradors and Border Collies are predisposed to hip and elbow dysplasia, it could become a problem for your hybrid later in life.

It’s essential to research the breeder and ask for the parents’ medical records before purchasing your pet, as breeding practices play a significant role in aggravating the condition. Further, your dog may also be prone to deafness, epilepsy, heart defects, Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA), and cataracts, as the parental breeds show a higher inclination towards these. With that said, predisposition is not a final verdict that your dog will suffer from these diseases. Proper nutrition and regular vet visits play a vital role in keeping your hybrid healthy. Therefore, as responsible dog parents, it’s best to follow up with the vet for checkups.

How To Take Care of Border Collie Lab Mix Breed?

Caring for your Borador entails all the same responsibilities as caring for any other dog. However, since each dog has a different mixture of temperament and preferences, you may need to spend some time figuring out the best and most effective strategy for healthy dog maintenance. However, to give you a better idea, we discuss some of the basics of caring for a dog below. 

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Border Collies are the most intelligent dog breeds in the world, and Labradors are natural at pleasing their humans. A mix between the two yields a hybrid that’s easily trainable due to its intelligence and eagerness to please. For this reason, any Borador owner can’t go wrong with training, provided they are consistent in their commands and use positive reinforcement methods to train their pup. 

Further, having this hybrid from a young age also allows the owners to spend more time with the dog at an age when the dog is most receptive. Anything taught to dogs at this age is permanent. Therefore, owners must be careful and gentle in their training. 

Socialization should also begin as soon as the pup is in the house. In its essence, socialization is the practice of allowing your dog to have maximum exposure to strangers, pets, street noises, etc., so your hybrid builds confidence and grows up to be well-behaved. Moreover, Boradoers are also known to be pretty protective of their owners. Therefore, it’s essential that your dog learns to differentiate between threatening people from strangers. Socialization also aids in this behavior. 


Border Collies and Labradors both are highly energetic breeds meant to work all day, so the hybrid is expected to match the same energy levels. For this reason, Boradors are only recommended for families with an active lifestyle that can take care of the dog’s high energy levels. A minimum of 1 hour of activity is required for the breed to be healthy and have a good night’s sleep. Without this daily routine, your Borador may quickly gain weight leading to unwanted health complications. 

Owners-to-be must commit to meeting this dog’s energy requirements, as this could decide whether you have a good ownership experience with the breed. A bored Borador is destructive, and when those sneakers get chewed, the dogs climb down the cuteness ladder. Hence, physical and mental stimulation is crucial to avoid chewing, chasing, and digging. A Borador would typically be down for any number of activities, including walks or a game of fetch. However, to keep things exciting and your dog occupied in your absence, be sure to equip them with plenty of mentally stimulating puzzles and toys. 


The dog’s incredibly high energy levels and exercise requirements are fairly compensated by their being a low-maintenance breed in all other areas. Grooming for the Borador is quick and breezy as they have medium lengthed coats. Brushing their fur every few weeks is enough to remove dead hair and maintain a healthy and glossy coat. 

Bathing is only needed when your Borador’s coat gets visibly dirty, which could take a month. Ear cleanings and nail clipping can be done weekly. To avoid having a grown-up dog throwing tantrums about their clipping and brushing routine, exposing your dog to a fixed routine as early as possible is essential. You can lock the obedience during the grooming session by treating your dog with their favorite food or toy. 


Boradors are medium-sized dog breeds that go through 1 to 1 ½ cups of high-quality dry kibble daily. This amount should be fed into two small meals per day. In contrast, younger pups need small but frequent meals. It’s advised that owners pick the food that is tailored to the breed or size. The best choice for a Borador is dry dog food cut out for medium-sized dogs. Make sure to check the ingredients before you purchase a formula. Essentially, the ideal food should have high protein content with no preservatives. 

For the best guidance on feeding your Borador, visit your veterinarian, who can base the dog’s nutritional requirements on age, size, and activity levels. A vet can also guide you on the best homemade treats for your dog and the market formula you should go for. 

How Much Does It Cost To Own Border Collie Lab Mix Breed?

Labradors and Border Collies are some of the most popular and in-demand breeds across the globe, which only means that the crossbreed has an ardent fan following too! Considering that the purchase price of a Borador is relatively low. However, in India, the popularity and demand of the breed is quite low. Hence it can cost you anywhere between INR 20,000 to INR 30,000. Typically, the breeder’s reputation and location are two of the most significant factors affecting your Borador pup’s purchase price. Therefore, these price estimations may vary based on the breeder you purchase your pup from and your location. Now that you know the purchase price of a Boarador pup, the next question is…

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Where Can You Get Border Collie Lab Mix?

The designer dog industry may be flourishing across the globe, but purebred exotic dogs primarily rule India. For this reason, finding a Labrador Border Collie mix can be quite challenging for potential owners. 

The best way to bring your Borador pup home is by looking for them in high-end pet stores in metropolitan cities of India like Mumbai, Delhi, and Banglore. However, since the breed is extremely rare in India, it’s highly likely that even the high-end stores don’t have the dog. Although it’s not entirely hopeless, rare exotic breeds can be imported from countries like the US. Naturally, the cost of importing is on the higher end of the spectrum. Additionally, many of the pet stores can import the dog for you for an added commission.

Annual Maintenance Cost of a Borador Collie Lab Mix

After making arrangements to bring your Borador home, prospective owners should promptly get to prepping their home for the new pup. Some of the indispensable accessories for a Borador include a leash, crate, food and water bowl, toys, and grooming kit. Besides these, you’ll also require an adequate supply of high-quality dry kibble. This also constitutes your highest recurring cost of owning a Borador. Further, health care and vaccination costs also make up a large portion of the annual maintenance cost of a Borador. You can expect to spend anywhere between INR 5000 to 10,000 annually on the health care costs of the breed. As Boradors are rare in India, it’s tricky to estimate an accurate range of the annual maintenance cost of this breed. That said, a good ballpark would be INR 3000 to INR 4000 monthly based on the monthly expenses of owning a Labrador– one of the parent breeds. This range covers the food and grooming costs of the breed. 

Are You the One for Border Collie Lab Mix?

Boradors are one of the easiest breeds to own and look after. Once you have their energy and exercise requirements taken care of, everything else falls into place pretty quickly. Boradors are an affectionate dog breed that loves human company as much as they love playtime.

Early socialization can make this breed a social butterfly that greets strangers with the warmest demeanor possible. This trait can also make your hybrid the talk of the town and a favorite of anyone who meets them. So if you decide you get a Borador, be prepared for all the love and fame that they’ll be showered with soon after becoming your companion. Not to mention the breed returns the favor with oodles of love and wit! 


Are Boradors kid and pet friendly?

Boradors are a mix between two of the most widely known companion dogs that tend to form a deep bond with the people they grow up with. Hence, the Borador tends to be a kid-friendly breed. However, since Border Collies are masterful herders, the herding instincts are preserved in the hybrid. This may lead to a few incidents where your Borador tries to herd younger family members by nipping at their feet. You can easily curb this habit during training. 

In addition, although this breed is not known for territorialism and usually goes along well with other animals, socialization can decide whether your dog behaves well around other pets. Early socialization and maximum exposure to different environments can make your Borador a wonderful house companion for your and your other pets.

How big will my Borador get?

Discerning the size of a crossbreed dog early on in puppyhood is tricky. Due to the lack of breed standards that the breeders can aim for and relatively few generations to base the predictions on, saying how big a Borador puppy would get is difficult to pin down. However, in most cases, the crossbreed dogs tend to be within the size range of their parental breeds. Considering this, we can assert that a Borador tends to be a medium to large dog at maturity. They can reach up to 65 pounds in adulthood. However, this is not to say that small and unexpectedly large Boradors are not possible, as there have been plenty of examples.

Are Boradors aggressive dogs?

Boradors aren’t on the list of canines for whom aggression is a frequent response. In fact, Boradors are some of the friendliest bunch of canines— a trait that wins many a heart. Their inherent traits include a friendly, outgoing, gentle, and loving demeanor. 

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