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Bullmastiff Price in India (2023)

Bullmastiff Dog

Loyal, Trusting, and Gentle giants, the Bullmastiff dogs, are a great companion for you. Neither a Bulldog nor a mastiff, it’s the best of both breeds. The Bullmastiff was created during the mid-nineteenth century by British gamekeepers to shield the estates of the country lands from poachers. By crossing the massive mastiff with the Bulldog, breeders had the option to foster a solid and robust, dynamic breed of dog that could rapidly cover brief distances, push a poacher to the ground, and hold him there until the gamekeeper showed up to secure the intruder.

If you are looking for a thoroughly well-trained, considerable watchdog who likewise loves you and your kids — and invites all belly rubs and ear scritches; this breed is the ideal dog for you. Bullmastiffs can’t hide their love for you; get ready for 130 pounds of love traveling your way daily! Under the massive physique of a Bullmastiff is a serene hug-crazy dog who needs your attention 24*7. 

Are you plagued with questions about owning a Bullmastiff? Read on to find answers to all your questions.

How much does the Bullmastiff cost in India?

The average cost of a Bullmastiff is INR 62,500 in India, yet the cost ranges between INR 40,000 to 80,000.  

Check the table below to find out what’s the price of a Bullmastiff in your city:

MumbaiINR 35,500-56,000
DelhiINR 35,000- 55,000
BangaloreINR 33,500-54,000
HyderabadINR 33,000-53,500
AhmedabadINR 32,500-52,500
ChennaiINR 32,500-52,500
KolkataINR 32,500-52,500
SuratINR 30,500-47,500
PuneINR 30,000-46,500
JaipurINR 30,000-46,500
LucknowINR 30,000-46,500
KanpurINR 30,000-46,500
NagpurINR 30,000-46,500
IndoreINR 29,500-46,000
ThaneINR 29,500-46,000
BhopalINR 29,500-46,000
VishakapatnamINR 31,500-51,000
PatnaINR 29,500-46,000
VadodaraINR 29,500-46,000
GhaziabadINR 29,500-46,000
LudhianaINR 29,500-46,000
AgraINR 29,500-46,000
NashikINR 29,500-46,000
SrinagarINR 29,500-46,000
AllahabadINR 29,500-45,000
HowrahINR 29,500-45,500
RanchiINR 29,500-45,500
CoimbatoreINR 31,500-50,500
VijaywadaINR 31,500-50,500
ChandigarhINR 29,500-45,500
MysoreINR 29,500-45,500
GurgaonINR 29,500-45,500
BhubhaneshwarINR 29,500-45,500
NoidaINR 31,500-50,500
KochiINR 31,500-50,500

Factors that Influence the Buying Price of Bullmastiff in India

Bullmastiff Age: Buying A Puppy vs. An Old Dog

Adult Bullmastiffs are delicate and tender with their owner and their family. Mostly, they are quiet and friendly, making them great dogs for families with respectful kids. The adult Bullmastiff’s easygoing demeanor with the family will probably change when an unknown person is in the house. These dogs will generally be very suspicious of strangers and might get a little aggressive if they weren’t trained well when they were young. Older Bullmastiffs might not be fond of your other pets at home.

Training a Bullmastiff puppy is critical to living stress-free with this breed. If you adopt a puppy, you can train it to be more friendly with new people, places, animals, and situations so that they get over the trait of being suspicious about the new people who visit your home.

Older Bullmastiff dogs will be cheaper in comparison to puppies. 

Adopting a Bullmastiff vs. Buying

If you can find a responsible breeder and they can lead you to find the right Bullmastiff puppy, you might have the opportunity to purchase a purebred Bullmastiff that can adapt quickly to your lifestyle. Two healthy Bullmastiff dogs with strong personalities, owned by the breeder, have a decent possibility of delivering a healthy litter with calm temperaments. Breeders also help you take care of your Bullmastiff and understand their medical condition if any.

Adopting is more straightforward and less expensive if you consider adopting a Bullmastiff dog. There are many, many puppies and dogs that are waiting for their forever homes. The gamble, particularly with shelter pups, is that you know even less about their demeanor or medical problems than a purebred.

Breeder Factor

If you have decided to buy a Bullmastiff puppy, you should begin the process by thoroughly researching the breeder. Here are some things you should keep in mind-

Buying a Bullmastiff from Puppy Mills

(Please don’t go with this option)

Puppy Mills are the land of the mystery of the pet-trade industry. They supply dogs to pet stores and owners looking for purebred dogs without worrying about the large numbers of dogs who will die in these puppy mills during the process. It’s standard practice for puppy mills to keep dogs confined under unhygienic circumstances without legitimate veterinary help or socialization. Female dogs are made to reproduce again and again until they can never again deliver pups — so they are killed or sold off. Mother dogs and their litters frequently experience the ill effects of hunger and an absence of adequate veterinary care.

Bullmastiff puppies from puppy mills are the consequence of thoughtless reproduction and consequently suffer from medical problems, for example, neurological and eye issues, joint dysplasia, and Canine Parvovirus.

Buying a Bullmastiff puppy from a Puppy Mill might be inexpensive but taking care of the health conditions of your new furry friend can get taxing.

Buying a Bullmastiff from Pet Shops

For several reasons, pet store Bullmastiff puppies can be more costly than those from pet shelters and responsible breeders. Most importantly, pet stores work as a business and will sell a Bullmastiff puppy for as high of a cost as possible. 

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Second, your puppy will probably require more veterinary help than a standard puppy. This is because many young dogs are kept in unsanitary conditions where sicknesses and parasites are spread easily. They might also suffer from hereditary medical issues. Some pet shops are run by people who genuinely care for the dogs. It is advisable to conduct thorough research and check online reviews before deciding.

Buying a Bullmastiff from Middleman or Brokers

A puppy broker is a pet seller involved in exchanging Bullmastiff puppies born elsewhere. Unlike pet stores, brokers are middlemen vendors who acquire puppies from breeders and puppy mills and afterward transport and exchange them. 

Most Middlemen and Brokers couldn’t care less about the health and happiness of the Bullmastiff puppies. However, you might just come across a responsible broker who truly focuses on the well-being of the Bullmastiff puppy. Sadly, brokers frequently charge a commission of 10% to 20%.

Buying a Bullmastiff from Reputable breeders

Ever wondered how you can identify a Reputable Breeder? Here’s your quick cheat sheet.

Responsible breeders will permit you to visit the areas where the Bullmastiff puppies and their parents spend most of their life. The area should be clean, hygienic, and big enough for the dogs to exercise and socialize.

They are not a puppy mill producing high volumes of puppies but instead believe their older dogs are like family members and treat them with love and care. The breeder ought to urge you to invest time in visiting the parents. 

A trustworthy breeder should be highly proficient in the breeds they raise and have the option to respond to your inquiries concerning the Bullmastiff puppy’s size, personality, hereditary medical problems, exercise and socialization requirements, etc.

Questions you should ask a Breeder

It is advisable to interact with the breeder before you decide to buy a Bullmastiff puppy. Here are some of the questions you should be asking them-

  • Will you be able to see and handle the full litter?
  • What social experiences have the puppies had so far?
  • Do you have a diet sheet to take away?
  • Do you have any copies of health certificates for the parents?
  • Which vaccinations have the puppy had, and when is the next dose due?


The Male Bullmastiff is a typically cheerful dog. Since he will generally mature somewhat later than the females, you’ll get to have a massive dog with the mentality of a puppy. He’s excessively lively so that he might become imprudent and cumbersome.

He can undoubtedly fall head over heels for kids and wouldn’t say no. Observing how he bonds with your kids is vital as he could wind up displaying mouthy conduct, which can be a little concerning for parents.

The female Bullmastiff is more sincere and intellectually developed than the male Bullmastiff. She’s susceptible to her owner’s feelings and sentiments. They are usually clean freaks, calm and careful, so the female Bullmastiff is the ideal choice for people looking for a puppy with a calm and collected demeanor. She’s more delicate while managing your children. Most female Bullmastiffs see young children as their puppies. Female Bullmastiffs are more expensive than their male counterparts, as they can also give birth to cute Bullmastiff puppies.


Although female Bullmastiffs are shorter and weigh less than male Bullmastiffs, they are still pretty huge. Female Bullmastiffs are supposed to be 24 to 26 inches from foot to shoulder and are 100 to 120 pounds in mass. The male Bullmastiff ought to be 25 to 27 inches tall. This must be supplemented by a weight that could be between 110 to 130 pounds.

The prices don’t vary with their size.

Mixed Breed or Purebred

Most breeds of dogs mixed with the Bullmastiff retain the latter’s liveliness and friendly nature. The most popular among them is the Staffy Bull Bullmastiff. Quiet, committed, and friendly, these puppies probably acquired the most desirable characteristics from both parents. But, mixed-breed Bullmastiffs can suffer from medical issues, whereas purebred ones have less chance of suffering from one.

Mixed breed Bullmastiff puppies cost lesser than the Purebred ones.


The Bullmastiff is a cross between two local British varieties, and the “equation” used to make it was supposed to be 60% Mastiff and 40%Bulldog. No matter what the exact proportion, what came about was a compact canine that could tear across brief distances instantly. Their extraordinary substance permits them to bring down any human danger in a few seconds, and their strong jaw enables a tight clamp-like hold from which no aggressor could run free.

The Bullmastiff varieties are ordinarily accessible in India – the Basic, the KCI Registered, and the Champion Bloodline/ Show quality. The cost range from Basic to the Champion bloodline Bullmastiff puppy keeps rising. The champion bloodline variety could be around INR 62,500.

Coat Colours and Markings

The Bullmastiff coat is short and thick, offering excellent protection from sudden rain, snow, and cold temperatures. It comes in three tones:

  • Red
  • Brindle (spots and dashes of light and dark markings)
  • Fawn with a dark muzzle and ears

A Bullmastiff will have a little white blemish on its chest. 

Like most varieties, there’s a decent opportunity that your Bullmastiff puppy will have an alternate coat color when it grows up. In this way, a deep reddish-brown Bullmastiff puppy might grow up to be one with a lighter tone. Markings could turn out to be more unmistakable, or they might blur altogether. To this end, it’s not the most innovative plan to pick your Bullmastiff puppy, depending on its tone! It would be best if you always looked for the puppy’s overall well-being and temperament.

Bullmastiff puppies without unique markings are priced lower than those with standard colors. Your Bullmastiff is permitted to have these markings, yet it’s not considered remarkable. It will lead to losing points if you put your Bullmastiff dog in a show. If a Bullmastiff has a white spot on the chest that is believed to be too enormous, this would be a significant shortcoming, and your dog can end up losing in the show!

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The Bullmastiff is becoming more popular in India because of its size and majestic appearance. Their enormous size, incredible guarding senses, and resistance to the Indian environment make these dogs exceptionally attractive. Their price varies with their popularity in various cities of the country. You should thoroughly research costs in your area and make an informed decision. 

Certification and Warranties

Enrolling your Bullmastiff with the Kennel Club of India is exceptionally straightforward. First, you should ask your breeder if they have already registered your new furry friend. If that’s the case, the registered Bullmastiff dog will be costlier than the others. 

Yearly Maintenance Cost of Owning a Bullmastiff

Assuming you are captivated by this magnificent Bullmastiff dog and need to comprehend the complete expense of ownership and Bullmastiff cost in India, you are at the perfect place. Read on to know more:

Dog Food Factor

Food and nourishment for your Bullmastiff will be a recurring cost. The Bullmastiff, being an exotic breed, needs excellent dog food of high quality. Bullmastiff on bad quality dog food never reaches their maximum potential regardless of from whom you purchase the Bullmastiff puppy. 

Home Food vs. Purchased food

Bullmastiffs can eat 3-6 cups of dry kibble daily, depending on how much they weigh. The Bullmastiff develops quickly and is an enormous dog. It would help to keep them from becoming overweight or increasing weight excessively fast to avoid joint and stomach-related issues. It is suggested that Bullmastiffs get added probiotics and proteins in their day-to-day diet. Dry food for Bullmastiffs will cost you between INR 1000 to 8000.

As you probably are aware, the dog food you purchase in stores is not generally safe, and if you want your Bullmastiff to carry on with long and blissful life, you should take care of your new furry friend by feeding them the best homemade food, which will also be light on your pocket. A combination of ground meat, rice, and carrot as your dog’s meal is a truly delectable feast that will give your Bullmastiff a lot of strength and endurance. We likewise recommend you to make a combination of ground meat, brown rice, and carrots. Your dog will love it!!

Portion Size and Daily Frequency

Bullmastiffs need more food than normal dogs throughout their lives. The best nourishment for them will rely upon the dog’s appetite, but dog food with high-quality ingredients is the best choice! Bullmastiffs require sufficient nourishment equilibrium to flourish. For Bullmastiff puppies, 25-27% protein and 12-15% fat should form their day-to-day calorie intake. Grown-up Bullmastiffs can flourish with 18-25% protein and 10% fat as their daily calorie intake.

The prescribed amount to feed a Bullmastiff is-

  • 1-2 months old is 3 to 4 cups every day. 
  • 2-3 months old is 4 to 6 cups every day. As your Bullmastiff puppy quickly develops, it will require more food. 
  • 3-4 months old is 5 to 7 cups per day. We unequivocally propose not to utilize feeders during the puppy stage; taking care of your Bullmastiff puppy yourself facilitates a social encounter that puppies need to flourish. 
  • 4-6 months old is 6 to 8 cups per day. You’ll begin to see the food pack vanish significantly quicker! 
  • 6 and a half a year is 8 to 12 cups per day. Right now, your pup is an entirely developed Bullmastiff. It currently needs significantly more food than before.

Vet Factor

Be prepared to contact the veterinarian to keep up with your dog’s vaccinations and other medical checkups. 

Common Health issues faced by Bullmastiffs in India

  • Dental Diseases: Dental Diseases is the most persistent issue in pets, influencing 80% of all dogs by age two. Furthermore, your Bullmastiff is tragically more susceptible to it than other dogs. If we don’t treat dental sickness, your Bullmastiff will lose its teeth and be at risk of damaging its kidneys, liver, heart, and joints.
  • Infections: Bullmastiffs can suffer from bacterial and viral diseases — the very ones that all dogs can get — like parvo, rabies, and distemper.
  • Obesity: Obesity can be a substantial medical issue in Bullmastiffs. A severe sickness might aggregate joint issues, metabolic and stomach-related issues, back pain, and coronary illness.
  • Parasites: A wide range of worms and bugs can attack your puppy’s body. Everything from insects and ticks to ear vermin can swarm its skin and ears. Hookworms, roundworms, heartworms, and whipworms can get into its body in various ways: drinking contaminated water, strolling on tainted soil, or being nibbled by a contaminated mosquito. 

Vaccination Cost

One of the primary things you should do after you finally bring your Bullmastiff pup home is to get them vaccinated. Bullmastiff dogs need vaccination to keep parvovirus and rabies at bay. Consult a trusted breeder to understand which vaccines are due, and make sure to obtain a vaccination cart from the vet. The vaccines may cost between INR 750 to 1,500.

Neutering or Spaying Surgery Cost

On the off chance that you don’t plan to breed your Bullmastiff dog, timely Neutering dodges medical problems in them. The process involves surgically removing the dog’s testicles under hygienic medical conditions. During spaying in female dogs, the vet eliminates her ovaries and uterus. Neutering renders a female dog unable to reproduce, and her heat cycle disappears. Spaying and Neutering can cost you between INR 7,000 to 10,000

Deworming Cost

Your Bullmastiff will undergo the deworming process at a regular interval. Worming your canine guarantees superior quality of life. It is advisable to consult a trusted vet about the worming medicine, dosage, and frequency. In |India, worming tablets will only cost you approx INR 100 per medicine and are readily available online. It is advisable to consult a trusted vet to understand the frequency of vaccination.

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Preventative Medicine

Here is a list of preventative medicines you will need to keep your Bullmastiff happy and healthy-

  • Antiseptic spray, cotton, and band-aids- INR 500
  • Ticks and flea powder- INR 500
  • Ear drops to prevent ear infection- INR 150

Housing and Confinement Cost

Dog beds can be your Bullmastiff’s comfort place. Being dogs with colossal stature, the Bullmastiffs need more extensive (XXL) beds to fit in comfortably. They cost between INR 1000-8000. The higher range is for orthopedic beds, which help grown-up Bullmastiffs relax peacefully and avoid muscle pain.

Crate Training can help you mold your Bullmastiff into a gentle and kind dog who obeys your instructions. The typical crate size expected for a grown-up Bullmastiff should be 48L x 30W x 33H inches. However, Bullmastiffs vary in size, so you can measure your dog and tally that with the sizing chart before buying a random crate. These crates would cost between INR 3000 to 10,000 based on their quality.

Accessories Cost

Your new furry member of the family will require some accessories to go about their day-to-day life:

Collar and leash

Collars and Leashes are essential for training your Bullmastiff and protecting them from getting into trouble with other dogs. Comfortable collars and leashes cost between INR 500-3000

Training Harness

Harnesses are the best restriction for Bullmastiffs because their weight ought to be equitably distributed over the entire chest and shoulder region. Harnesses for big dogs like the Bullmastiff cost between INR 300-2000

Toys Cost 

Bullmastiffs are an active breed that loves to play. Listed below are a wide range of toys that would work for a Bullmastiff, and they all have their motivations. Some of them are-

  • Treat dispensing toy
  • Wishbone dog toy
  • Dental toy
  • Chew toy
  • Tog toy

These toys will cost you between INR 300 to 1000, depending on the brand and quality of the toy. 

Grooming Cost

The Bullmastiff requires standard washing and grooming. They can be bathed weekly. With this short and thickly covered breed, regular washing is fundamental to limit shedding and to keep up with healthy skin and coat. 

Professional groomers often charge around INR 500 to 2000 to keep your Bullmastiff spick and span. Grooming isn’t a big hassle, and we can do so on our own. which will cost you INR 500 per month. You will need a Grooming kit containing dog shampoos, conditioners, and nail clippers. You can provide your Bullmastiff with a dental chew to take care of their teeth.

Walker Cost

As a high-energy dog, a Bullmastiff needs their everyday walk. These dogs can’t reside in small places. Dog walkers can charge between INR 3,000 to 5,000 per month based on which city in India you live in.

Training and Socialising Class Cost

Cute, but Stubborn Bullmastiffs can get challenging to train. Hiring a dog trainer can help your dog learn appropriate behavior and pay attention to what you ask them to do. In India, a good dog trainer will charge you between INR 5,000 to 7,000 per month.

Treat Cost

While treats are not costly, they will cost you between INR 200 to 1000 a month; they are essential while training your Bullmastiff puppy. Homemade treats can lower the cost significantly. Your Bullmastiff will love boiled eggs, cooked meat, and cheese.

Insurance Cost

Insuring your furry friend is a must. Insurance payment for a huge dog like a Bullmastiff covering clinical costs and liability will cost you between INR 1000 to 1,500 per month from Bajaj Alliance.

Travel Cost

The passage for global travel can cost between INR 2 lakh to 3 lakh for a medium-sized canine. Homegrown travel is generally inside INR 20,000. Numerous airlines charge Rs 94 for every kg on homegrown courses, and rates fluctuate based on the crate’s distance, weight, and size.

Daycare Cost

Daycares are the best places your adorable Bullmastiffs can be when you plan to travel overseas alone. These places are very comfortable and charge between INR 500 to 2000, including treats, toys, and everything required to make the dog’s stay comfortable in the daycare. 

Registration Cost

Registering your Bullmastiff with the KCI should be a part of your Bullmastiff’s itinerary. The registration of a dog whose parentage is unknown in case your breeder cannot give any information is INR 1000, while the simple registration of an imported dog is INR 1180.

A Bullmastiff must train extensively to keep aggressive behavior at bay. Pet owners should take the training for their Bullmastiff very seriously, particularly with a puppy. The latter must be taken care of consistently during the first 3 years of development. Thus, an owner has to put a lot of time and effort behind them.

Important Things to Consider Before Buying A Bullmastiff

  • They might suffer from separation anxiety when their owners aren’t around.
  • They’re stubborn. 
  • They’re prone to obesity.
  • They are destructive when bored or left alone too much.
  • They might not get along with other dogs and cats.

Benefits Of Bringing A Bullmastiff Puppy At Home

  • They’re quiet and calm. 
  • They’re great family dogs. 
  • They don’t need much exercise. 
  • They’re easy to groom.  
  • They are excellent watchdogs.
  • They are by and large calm and friendly.
  • As a result of their understanding nature, they’re cherished by children and make an extraordinary addition to the family.


Are Bullmastiffs easy to train?

Early socialization and training are essential given the breed’s sense of independence and unbeatable strength. Bullmastiffs are gatekeepers of their kin and property.

Are Bullmastiffs friendly with strangers?

You should take them in and out of town and on strolls while they are still in their puppy stage. They will learn to be friendly once they get to socialize with people.

Do Bullmastiffs like to cuddle?

Bullmastiffs usually love to be around their owners and their family. They are colossal cuddle bugs and don’t care how enormous they can grow when it comes to snuggling into your bed with you. 

Summing it Up

Bullmastiffs are a darling to be around!! They are one of the most loyal dogs with their undivided love and attention to their owners. This article has listed all the costs you will incur to be a proud owner of this breed. Have fun with your new furry friend!!

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