Doberman Price in India (2022)

Short-coated Black and Brown Dog on Brown Grass Field

The Doberman pinscher is a very well-liked dog breed in India because of its disposition to guard and protect families. This dog breed is known for its energy, obedience, intelligence, loyalty, alertness, and self-assurance, among other qualities. However, any intruder would be terrified by its ferocious appearance and lightning-quick speed. If you want to buy … Read more

Beagle Price in India (2022)

Beagle standing on the road

Beagles have become extremely popular in the last few years, considering the size, length of their hair, etc. However, bringing any breed into your home is a huge decision, which is why it’s essential to be sure to do thorough research. A species like Beagle came from the family of hounds and was initially bred … Read more

Pug Dog Price in India (2022)

Pug sitting on green grass during daytime

Known as the ‘Hutch Dog’, this breed is iconic and needs no introduction. Pugs are most commonly described by the Latin phrase ‘multum in parvo’, translating to a lot in a little.’ Their small build cannot justify the amount of love they can share with the family. Pugs are a breed that would be perfect … Read more

Rajapalayam Dog Price in India (2022)

Rajapalayam dog

Believed to be one of the oldest Indian dog breeds, the history of a Rajapalayam is all things royal and much more. In the Nayakar Dynasty, these royal hounds were companions for the kings and accompanied aristocrats and noblemen.  The Rajapalayam belong to the sighthound group and are renowned for their excellent hunting ability. Moreover, … Read more

American Eskimo Dog Price in India (2022)

American Eskimo dog sitting on a bridge

The origin of American Eskimos is clouded in mystery. Despite the name, the American Eskimo does not belong to America. This breed is believed to have developed in Germany and brought to the States later. With its ancestry in the spitz-type dogs, the Eskimo is known for its fox-like face and erect triangular ears. Their … Read more

Samoyed Dog Price in India (2022)

Samoyed Wearing Kimono Costume on Park

A native of Siberia, Sammys are revered for their upturned faces, which give them the appearance of a perpetually smiling dog. This is an accurate representation of their friendly and personable temperament. Many people refer to this breed as the “Smiling Sammy.”  By the looks of them, they seem to be related to Huskies and … Read more

Chow Chow Dog Price in India (2022)

Brown Chow Chow on Brown Grass Field Under Blue Sky

The hallmark of a Chow Chow is the puffy lion face and the unmistakable blue-black tongue. Chow Chows are ancient dogs, and legend has it that they got this distinct shade after licking the sky’ blue hue. Chow Chows are famous for their cat-like independence and aloofness. They have a dignified demeanor and a stubborn … Read more

Dogo Argentino Price in India (2022)

Dogo Argentino standing on white grass

In the 1920s, Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez from Argentina fancied a large hunting dog that could hunt big game, guard his property and be a loyal companion. Unlike many others, the determined Dr. Martinez turned his wish into reality. Starting with the now-extinct Fighting Dog of Cordoba, Martinez bred the dog with a Boxer, a … Read more

Bernese Mountain Dog Price in India (2022)


Bernese Mountain Dogs are a beautiful breed of dog that is native to the Swiss Alps. They are known for their loyalty, intelligence, and strength. Bred to be versatile farm dogs, they were used for tasks such as pulling carts, herding livestock, and guarding property. Today, they are more likely to be found in homes … Read more

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