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Chihuahua Price in India

The world’s smallest dog has a big personality; the sass of the Chihuahua precedes it. They are a bundle of energy wrapped in a compact size. They are considered big dogs in a small dog’s body and can hold their own against any other dog or stranger. But they derive energy from being around their family. 

There are different kinds of chihuahuas – from long-haired to short-haired to other coatings. But all of them have some common characteristics like their “apple-shaped” heads, short snout, huge eyes, and small size. The breed originates from Mexico and is one of the oldest in America. 

Their compact size is ideal for apartment living in metropolitan cities. Unfortunately, in India, few quality breeders exist for this breed as they are not that popular. Weaving through the various breeders and making the right decisions can be daunting. This article will explain the costs before and after getting a chihuahua, the best resources to begin your research, and factors to consider if the breed is the best for you. 

How Much Does The Chihuahua Cost in India?

Due to their unpopularity, the cost of purchasing a Chihuahua pup can be INR 10,000 – INR 50,000. The range is broad because it depends on numerous other factors, such as the breed quality, the breeder’s reputation, and your residence location. The following table lists the typical ranges in various states. This section will demystify all the factors affecting the cost and help you make an informed decision.

City/StatePrice Range (INR)
Mumbai20,000 - 28,000
Delhi20,000 - 26,000
Bangalore20,000 - 26,000
Hyderabad16,000 - 26,500
Ahmedabad18,000 - 22,500
Chennai20,500 - 24,000
Kolkata19,000 - 23,000
Surat18,500 - 22,000
Pune18,000 - 25,500
Jaipur15,000 - 26,000
Lucknow15,000 - 23,000
Kanpur15,000 - 18,000
Nagpur13,000 - 15,000
Himachal Pradesh22,000 - 25,000
Indore20,500 - 26,000
Thane20,500 - 26,000
Bhopal22,000 - 26,000
Vishakhapatnam18,500 - 22,000
Patna16,500 - 20,500
Vadodara15,500 - 20,000
Ludhiana22,500 - 26,000
Agra20,500 - 24,000
Nashik16,500 - 20,000
Srinagar16,000 - 20,000
Allahabad22,000 - 28,000
Ranchi16,500 - 22,500
Coimbatore18,000 - 22,500
Vijayawada18,000 - 22,500
Chandigarh18,000 - 22,000
Mysore18,500 - 22,500
Gurgaon18,000 - 22,000
Bhubaneshwar20,500 - 23,500
Noida18,500 - 22,500
Kochi18,500 - 22,500

Factors that influence the Buying Price of a Chihuahua in India

Chihuahua Age: Buying a Puppy vs. Adult Dog

You may want to get a puppy because early socialization is crucial in Chihuahuas. Chihuahua puppies are higher on the payscale than adults. As a breed, they are shy towards strangers and have a preferred person in the house. With a puppy, you can influence these behaviors from a younger age. However, if you choose an elder dog, they can still be wonderful companions.

Adopting vs. Buying a Chihuahua

Animal shelters may rescue puppies that are abandoned or have been rescued. Adopting saves the dog’s life, which is cheaper than buying. The only requirement is to let the dog decompress from the trauma and work at their pace. 

Considering the unpopularity of Chihuahuas in India, it might not be easy to find them in shelters. So your only option may be to buy one from a breeder.

Breeder Factor

A critical decision when buying a puppy is to find a respectable breeder. A careless breeder dramatically impacts the health and behavior of your dog. In addition, if breeding practices are not compassionate, it leads to awful socialization habits and temperament practices in Chihuahuas.

There aren’t a lot of breeders within the Chihuahua space, and that would be your biggest challenge. There will always be places that sell these dogs at an unbelievably cheap rate, but the dog’s quality is relatively poor. To help navigate this landscape, we will discuss the common places you can find and which would be the most ideal.   

Buying a Chihuahua from Puppy Mills

Breeders who try to sell you cheap puppies mainly belong to puppy mills. They are because of significant compromises on the dog’s health for profit. It could manifest as health or behavioral issues later in the dog’s life. A cheap dog now will cost you down the line.  

There are easy ways to weed them out. Any evasion from direct questions about their practices should throw you off. They will not care if you’ve had pets or how you plan to take care of the dog, overall being indifferent to the pup’s life after they make a sale.

Buying a Chihuahua from Pet Stores

It’s not the best option to purchase any dog from a pet store. There is little way to know more about their initial days. Suppose they were kept in captivity; this will severely impact the dogs, leading to aggressiveness and unnecessary trauma. It could not always be accurate, so better to enquire about the breeder. They are not good signs if they dodge questions or don’t have transparent methods. 

Buying a Chihuahua from Middlemen or Brokers

Brokers are a decent choice to reach a reputable source; however, this will likely cost you a little extra for their commission. With an intermediary, breeder research, legal paperwork, and logistics will become easier. You can avoid the extra 10-20% by researching a breeder.

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Buying a Chihuahua from Reputable Breeders

Many countries have registries of purebred dogs; in India, we have The Kennel Club of India (KCI). The pedigree of the pups registered is thoroughly vetted, and the breeders are also ethical. Alternatively, a famous group of dog lovers maintains a list of reputable breeders. We would highly recommend that you use this channel to find your pup. 

Questions to ask a breeder

Before you confirm a purchase, these are some questions to ask. 

  • May I meet the sire and dam?
  • Where are the puppies raised?
  • How do you socialize the dogs?
  • Is either of the parents aggressive?
  • Are the puppy’s health records available?
  • What if I want to return?
  • Do you practice with a license?
  • Do the sire and dam have any health issues?
  • Since when have you been a breeder, and what motivates you?
  • Will this breed suit my lifestyle?
  • Do you have the registration form and pedigree?
  • How may I reach you after bringing the pup home?


There is no major distinction in the prices of male and female Chihuahuas. Let me make it clear that no gender is superior to the other. It merely depends on what you expect from a pet. Male Chihuahuas are easier to socialize with and less wary of strangers, whereas females are more protective and cautious. You must make a choice based on your expectation of having a pet.


Suppose you buy a puppy; it is vital to ensure that the parents are healthy. These dogs are tiny, weighing between 1.5 kg and 3 kg. A dog lighter than the standard might be malnourished or overbred.

Mixed Breed or Purebred

Pups with the same breeds as their parents are purebred and costlier than mixed breeds, going up to INR 50,000. Show-quality dogs are the top tier of the breed, strictly adhering to the traits mentioned in the kennel club standards. 

There is quite a debate on whether purebreds are better than mixed breeds. For most of us, the criteria for a dog is a loving pet; it does not matter, as long as the pup’s health is a-ok. 


A line of dogs in which any of the ancestors have been awarded in any dog show is the champion bloodline. Hence, they may be costlier. However, most of us don’t need a champion dog; we need a loving companion. Therefore, it might be valuable to consider if you are planning to enter your dog into shows.  

Coat Colours and Markings

Chihuahuas come in different colors. The market shows no preference for a specific color; hence the prices for all of them remain the same. Some colors – merle and pure white- might cost less than others because they are rejected from the standardization. If you find a merle, ensure that their parents are not both merle; this could lead to significant health consequences for the pup. 


Metropolitan cities have a higher cost of living, and the price of pups is also higher here. It is also appropriate with the demand, as the metro cities with smaller apartments are great for Chihuahuas. However, they cannot be let outside and are pretty fragile. 

Certification and Warranties

The KCI certificate validates the lineage of a pup going up two-three generations. A certified puppy costs a lot more than those that are not. However, it might be valuable for breeders or owners who intend to raise show dogs.

Yearly Maintenance Cost of owning a Chihuahua

Dog ownership involves vet visits, feeding, and buying beds and an unbelievable number of toys. Assessing if you have the financial stability to support a dog through its lifetime is an essential aspect of the initial research. We’ll look at potential costs to give you an idea of the financials.

S. No.Cost HeaderTypeCost Range (INR)
1Dog FoodMonthly3,500 - 5,500
2Vet Visits
2.1VaccinationYearly750 - 1,000
2.2DewormingRecurring350 - 500
2.3Neutering or SpayingOne Time5,000 - 10,000
2.4Preventive Medicines
2.5Antiseptic SprayAs Required200 - 300
2.6Ticks and Flea PowderAs Required700
2.7Ear dropsAs Required150
3Housing and Confinement Cost
3.1Crates for puppyOne Time3,500 - 9,000
3.2Bed for DogsOne Time1,000 - 3,000
4.1CollarOne Time200 - 600
4.2LeashOne Time600 - 1,500
4.3Training HarnessOne Time600 - 1,000
5ToysOne Time200 - 400
6.1Top-quality BrushOne Time300 - 600
6.2ToothpasteMonthly200 - 300
6.3Nail clippersOne Time300 - 500
6.4Shampoo and ConditionerMonthly400
6.5TowelsOne Time300 - 700
6.6Professional GroomingPer visit500 - 2,000
7Dog WalkerMonthly3,000 - 6,000
8Training and Socialising ClassPer session1,000 - 2,000
9TreatsBi-Weekly200 - 300
10InsuranceAnnual5,000 - 15,000
11.1DomesticAs required1,600 - 2,500
11.2InternationalAs required3,500 - 7,800
12DaycareAs required250 - 500
13RegistrationOne Time50 - 500
14MiscellaneousAs required2,500 - 4,000

Dog Food Factor

An adult Chihuahua consumes about 200-300 calories per day. Therefore, the meal must be high quality with high protein to support its turbo metabolism. The key is to feed their energy levels constant throughout the day. 

Home Food vs. Purchased food

The meal must contain the key nutrients your Chi needs, whether or not it was bought or made. For puppies, 30-35% of their diet must be protein-rich, and the proportion can come down to 25-30% in adults. They are notoriously active, and it becomes critical to support their metabolism. 

Additional research to ensure that you meet all the nutritional requirements is required if you make the food. Always confirm with a vet if a particular food is suitable to feed. The inconvenience of thorough research will pay off once the routine is established and it burns through lesser of your wallet. 

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A bought diet will not miss any essential nutrients. Depending on the brand, your monthly expenses will be INR 3,500 and 5,500, much less if you choose to cook.

Portion Size and Daily Frequency

An important fact to understand is that Chis have exorbitant energy needs and have a lightning-fast metabolism. Their reputation for shaking doesn’t come lightly. Their metabolism allows them to burn through the food, leaving you responsible for managing their energy levels throughout the day. You must feed the correct nutrients to support a pup’s fast-growing body. On the other hand, overfeeding will manifest in diabetes, orthopedic problems, and joint pressure. The age-wise feeding plan mentioned in the following table should help avoid overfeeding or underfeeding. 

AgeNo. of cups of Dry KibbleNo. of Meals in a DayTotal Calories per Day per pound of body weight
Under three months½ - 1 ½4-650 g
Three to Six months½ - 13-535 - 40 g
Above six months½ - 1330 g

Vet Factor

Vet visits will become a regular part of your life after you get a dog. This section will discuss the costs of various health requirements for your dog.

Vaccination Cost

A good age to start vaccination for most breeds is around six weeks. By this age, most pups are building their immune system, independent from their mothers. Most reputed breeders will respect the timeline and begin the doses. You will be tasked with going to the vet for booster doses and follow-ups when you get the puppy. Instead of trusting the breeder’s word, a vaccination report will contain all necessary information. Make sure you demand that and stick to the schedule. 

The most followed vaccination schedule in India is as follows. 

6 weeksDP vaccine for canine distemper and ParvovirusINR 750 - 1,500
6 weeksRabies with a booster after 21 daysINR 750 - 1,500
8 weeks5-in-1, or 7-in-1 or 9-in-1 for Adenovirus, Parvovirus, distemper, and Leptospira.
Needs a booster after 21 days.
INR 1,000 - 2,000
AnnualDHPP boosterINR 750 - 1,000

Neutering or Spaying Surgery Cost

Neutering and spaying may be a topic that sparks debate. However, preventing ovarian cancer in females and prostate cancer in males makes it a no-brainer. Unneutered males are more likely to leave to search for a female or mark all over the house. Leaving the house is particularly dangerous for Chihuahuas, given their size. It is an effective way to avoid the heat cycles of females. 

Neutering/spaying charges may vary from INR 5,000 to INR 10,000.

Deworming Cost

The standard process to eliminate the worms in your pup’s body is deworming. Puppies need deworming until three months in two-week intervals. Post that, a monthly dosage till six months of age should suffice. An adult requires deworming every three months. 

Deworming doesn’t require a vet visit; You can easily do it with the necessary meds at home. The deworming tablet is available in any pet store. For their size, the number of tablets required might be less. Each tablet costs INR 350 – 500.

Preventive Medications cost

As the name suggests, these are not daily meds but can be required on a need basis.   

Antiseptic spray, band-aids, and cotton balls: It acts as first aid for the very active puppy in the event of any small physical injuries. 

Tick and flea powder: Every time your dog comes in contact with other dogs, monitoring for excessive scratching and red patches is essential. If overlooked, it could lead to severe problems like anemia. These powders/sprays cost around INR 700.

Ear drops: Ear infections are relatively common, and these drops help to relieve pain and to reduce inflammation. It typically costs INR 150 and can be purchased from any pet store.

Housing and Confinement Cost

Inhumane at first sight, crate training is helpful for dogs and has its benefits. It can help pups develop control over their bladder and bowels. In addition, it provides a space that they can call their own within the house. It will come in handy throughout the dog’s life – from potty training as a puppy to a safe space for an elderly dog. It is a single purchase of INR 3,500 – 9,000. 

A dog bed is an addition to the crate, making it more comfortable, incrementing the cost by INR 1,000 – 3,000.

Accessories Cost

Collar and leash

Walks are a necessary part of a dog’s life, especially Chihuahuas. They need regular exercise lest it shows in unintended ways. The safest way to walk dogs is using a leash attached to a collar. Various types of leashes are available in the market. You can find decent ones between INR 300 – 1,500. 

Training Harness

Collars and training harness functionally work the same – they anchor the leash; however, the fit and comfort for your dog can vary. Comfort and safety are the ultimate priorities when making decisions. Good harnesses cost INR 600 – 1,000. 

Toys Cost

A simple toy collection must contain balls, chewable, and squeaky toys, costing between INR 200 – 400. However, every pet parent knows they will pamper their baby with many toys.

Grooming Cost

Bathing your dog, trimming the nails, shaping the fur, and brushing the teeth constitute grooming. While the grooming needs of Chihuahuas aren’t many, there are two major ones to be highlighted. 

Chihuahuas use their paws to get your attention and need a lot of attention. Then, regularly trimming their nails becomes a must. Secondly, brushing their teeth 3-4 times a week is necessary; they are prone to dental issues.

A professional grooming session costs around INR 500 – 2,000, depending on your dog’s breed and size. Alternatively, to reduce cost, definitely have some towels, clippers, shampoo, conditioner, and a brush at home. All items available should not cost more than INR 700. 

Walker Cost

Walking and exercise are crucial to the physical health of the energy balls that are Chihuahuas. A daily walk around your block is an excellent bond-building exercise between your dog and you. A minimum of 20 – 30 minutes per day is required for your Chi.

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There is an option – dog walkers on days when you are unavailable; charges could be at an hourly rate of INR 100 – 500 or have packages worth INR 3,000 – 6,000 per month.   

Training and Socialising Cost

Socialization and having good human experiences are vital to any dog’s development journey. The training follows at the age of three months, and classic tricks such as ‘sit’ or ‘stand’ are great for starters. Training should be easy with Chis as they are pretty obedient. Specifically for Chis, they are cautious towards strangers and shy around them. Early socialization is integral to building trust and coming out of their shell.

Chis can be stubborn, and training may not come easy to everyone. However, certified dog trainers specialize in helping you nurture this relationship. Charges apply to each session, priced around INR 1,000- 2,000. 

Treats Cost

Chihuahuas are very picky eaters and quite stubborn at that! If you use treats too often, they would rather wait for treats and skip their regular meals. The commercial treats cost around INR 200 – 300. However, You can prepare homemade treats as well. 

Insurance Cost

Your dog is just as capable as humans of having sudden medical emergencies. Therefore, it would be a good idea to purchase an insurance plan. A plan that covers emergency visits and hospitalizations should be sufficient. The yearly premium can be in the range of INR 5,000 and 15,000.

Travel Cost

Pet travel is allowed on most Indian airlines, while only service animals are allowed on some. They are particular about up-to-date vaccinations and only allow standardized carriers. They are treated as additional baggage; the cost is proportional to the weight. Chihuahuas can be transported in the cabin due to their small size. Domestic travel should cost between INR 1,600 and INR 2,500, and international travel should be INR 3,500 and 7,800. 

Daycare Cost

Small meals throughout the day are essential for Chihuahuas, which automatic feeders can take over. Chis are usually independent and won’t require human presence all the time. However, if you still want human intervention, these daycare centers can step in. The services are available at INR 250-500 per day.

Registration Cost

Local municipalities mandate that pets must be licensed, which applies all over the country. There are many online registration platforms, but you might need to visit offices in some municipalities. Vaccinations are the only requirement, and it costs around INR 50 – 500, varying by registration mode. 


You also need bowls for food and water, bags to pick up poop, and pee cleaner. The total cost for all items is around INR 2,500 – 4,000. You would buy poop bags more often than the rest on this list. 

Raising a puppy is more than the monetary costs involved; there must also be time and emotional investments. Chis are very energetic and require your efforts to play and socialize throughout their lifetime. Moreover, as a puppy learns its way around the world, you must be present to train and guide them. So, before you buy a dog, make sure that these investments have also been considered.      

Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Chihuahua

Having gone through the various costs, we’re almost there if you are still interested. Now, let’s go over some traits and behaviors specific to Chihuahuas that are important to consider.

  • They are pretty noisy and bark a lot. If you are in an area where this is not appropriate, it might not be suitable for you.
  • Chihuahuas do better in warmer conditions. If you reside in a cold place, you will need dog sweaters.
  • Although they are good with the family, Chis tend to bond with one member. They become attached to this person and demand attention from them more than others. 
  • Their slight, fragile build can invite several health concerns if not cared for properly.
  • Early socialization with other dogs and people is highly recommended to avoid your Chi perceiving others as a threat. 
  • They love attention, so they might get jealous of other animals you may have in the house.  
  • There are various kinds of Chihuahuas – short-haired vs. long-haired or apple-head vs. pear-head. You are most likely to find smooth apple heads in India, although there is no difference between them except for appearances. 

Benefits of Bringing a Chihuahua Puppy Home

Chihuahuas are brilliant, playful dogs bred to be compassionate to humans. They are loyal to their family and will protect them at all costs. It is playfully said that the Chis don’t realize that they are a small breed; they think they are big dogs. However, they never fail to make their owners laugh. Overall, they make for excellent pets. 


Are Chihuahuas high maintenance?

No, but they require considerable attention and care. Chis cannot be left outside as bigger animals or people will easily trample over them. They require attention and a lot of exercise throughout the day. 

Are Chihuahuas good with children?

Children and their rough movements are quite intimidating to the Chihuahuas. As a defense mechanism, they can become aggressive. They are better with more mature children over the age of 10.

Are Chihuahuas aggressive?

They get nervous and aggressively defend themselves in the face of strangers and unfamiliar situations. They also have a lot of pent-up energy. The traits can be helped by good exercise, training, and socialization.

Are Chihuahuas intelligent?

They are one of the most intelligent breeds out there. Their scores on obedience and working intelligence are above average.

Summing it Up

Chihuahuas are huge personalities in small bodies and make for great pets. Hopefully, this article helped you understand the costs of owning a dog, especially a Chihuahua. If the Chi isn’t right for you, we’re sure you’ll find your dog soon. 

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