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Chow Chow Dog Price in India

Brown Chow Chow on Brown Grass Field Under Blue Sky

The hallmark of a Chow Chow is the puffy lion face and the unmistakable blue-black tongue. Chow Chows are ancient dogs, and legend has it that they got this distinct shade after licking the sky’ blue hue.

Chow Chows are famous for their cat-like independence and aloofness. They have a dignified demeanor and a stubborn personality. All these factors make the ownership of this breed a unique experience. 

This breed is not suited for everyone, and only a few can put up with the challenges a Chow Chow presents. To help you determine the costs of owning a Chow Chow in India, we’ve prepared this comprehensive guide. 

Can Chow Chow Survive in India?

The thick insulating coat of the Chow Chow makes them unsuitable for living in the tropical climate of India. This breed is also prone to heat strokes and should not be left alone in the afternoon sun. That said, this breed may survive in India with proper care and maintenance. A potential owner should always keep the Chow Chow in a colder environment and be aware of the signs of overheating in dogs. Excessive panting is one of the many signs of overheating; a bath is usually enough to cool down the dog. 

How Much Does the Chow Chow Cost in India?

Brown Chow Chow on Brown Grass Field

Chow Chows are a rare breed all over the world. They have taken people’s fancy due to their stark resemblance to bears and lions. Their availability in India is further down due to the relative lack of popularity. All these factors make the purchasing price of the Chow Chow high-end. You can expect to pay INR 45,000-1,00,000 to get this adorable pup home. Moreover, this breed is often imported; in that case, the price may be even higher. 

Factors that Influence the Buying Price of Chow Chow in India

Chow Chow Age: Buying a Puppy Vs. an Old Dog

Chow Chows aged 8-12 weeks old interact with humans and form a deep bond with them. The bond formed at this stage of the puppy’s life will be long-lasting and eternal. At this stage, socializing becomes crucial. You want your Chow Chow to have plenty of positive interactions with other pets and humans. As they age further, they become more independent and active. At this stage, they will keep you on your toes. However, only gentle treatment is advised. 

Chow Chow puppies require immense patience and effort, just trying to learn and explore. This experience becomes rewarding when Chow Chow recognizes its owner. Once the bond has been formed, the Chow Chow will be loyal to their owners. 

Due to all the factors mentioned above, the Chow Chow puppy sells for more than an adult dog. However, considering the efforts, a puppy may not be for everyone. It is important to note that even an older Chow Chow, though less active and laid back, will test your patience. Chow Chows aren’t obedience dogs and won’t follow you from room to room.

Adopting a Chow Chow Vs. Buying

Chow Chows are an expensive breed, and adoption is the economical option. Adopting your Chow Chow from an established shelter or rescue group ensures the puppy’s good health. At these places, you may also find good mix-breed Chow Chow dogs. The shelter often screens their dogs for behavior problems and health. However, most dogs at these shelters will be old. This also means the first-year expenses of the dogs are likely to be taken care of. 

The only setback of adoption is the low availability of this breed in India. Finding a purebred Chow Chow in a shelter would be difficult. In contrast, buying a Chow Chow is a quick way to bring your pup home. This is also your best option to get a Chow Chow puppy. However, we advise thorough inspection before dealing with any breeder.

Fun Fact: Queen Elizabeth had a Chow Chow among her many pets. 

Breeder Factor

Due to the high breeding costs and low demand, only a few Indian breeders are breeding the Chow Chow dog. Therefore, the first challenge a potential Chow Chow owner has to face is ethically sourcing their Chow Chow. An internet search will likely make you believe this breed is rampant. However, despite the tempting adverts and sweet promises, we advise our readers to exercise caution. 

The way to differentiate between a good Chow Chow breeder and a bad one is to check the dog’s documents. In India, breeders must enroll with the State Animal Welfare board. Registration with the Kennel Club of India is also obligatory. Verifying these papers firsthand is essential to stress-free ownership of a Chow Chow. 

Buying a Chow Chow from Puppy Mills

 (Please don’t go with this option)

Puppy mills have boomed along with the pet industry. These heroes without capes managed to supply throughout the consistently high demands. However, when scrutinized, the mill owners couldn’t stand their ground. The practice of breeding dogs with the bare minimum resources to produce large amounts of litter is the forte of mill owners. 

We recommend against bargain shopping to avoid getting a dog with a damaged psyche and poor health. Usually, negotiating the asking price and being reluctant to answer direct questions is the hallmark of a mill merchant. We advise our readers to be thorough in their dealings. 

Buying a Chow Chow from Pet Shops

Pet shops are the definition of cute, lovable, and all things sweet. The temptation of merely browsing through the pet store is hard to resist. However, as humans, the odds are often against us when browsing at any store, and our subscription bills can attest to that. Purchasing your Chow Chow from a pet store could be a grave mistake, as most pet stores source their dogs from puppy mills. 

Buying a Chow Chow from Middleman or Brokers

Brokers drive the most sales in the pet industry. These men usually get the dogs of everyone’s wishes home delivered. If you land a good broker, this option may be the easiest way to get your Chow Chow, especially if you have a particular color in mind. A dog broker provides various options to choose from; they can verify all necessary documents and educate you on several aspects of dog ownership. The charges for these brokers are a 10-20% cut on each sale that goes through. 

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Buying a Chow Chow from Reputable Breeders

In India, Chow Chow breeders are just as rare as the breed. So even though this is the best way to source your Chow Chow dog, it may be laborious. Several breeders are only in for the money, and you must be adept at determining this. 

The markers of a good breeder are that he knows their breed’s ins and outs. He shares your love for dogs and this breed specifically. The kennel of a good breeder would be clean, and he would allow you to meet the littermates of the pup and the mother. Due to the high upfront costs of breeding Chow Chows, this option is relatively expensive. However, a good breeder guarantees good behavior and health for your dog, which makes this option a hard pass. 

Questions to ask from a Breeder

We have prepared a list of questions you should ask the breeder before purchasing the dog. Check these out below:

  • How long have you been breeding Chow Chows?
  • Do you practice with a license/permit?
  • Is the breed right for me?
  • May I have a look at the breeding facility?
  • Where are the pup’s parents and littermates?
  • What do the Chow Chow pups feed?
  • Can I see the pedigree?
  • Where are the health records of the puppy?
  • Will you take the dog back in case it doesn’t work out?
  • In case of any concerns, how can I approach you? 
Fun Fact: Sigmund Freud owned a Chow Chow that he used in therapy sessions.
A Close-Up Shot of a Chow Chow


Choosing a male or female Chow Chow is relatively easy if you don’t already have one at home. The same-sex aggression rate in this breed is exceptionally high. However, if you are a brand new Chow Chow owner, gender doesn’t have much of an impact. 

Chow Chows are quiet and calm. They are loyal only to their owners and make good one-person dogs. Both females and males are predisposed to aggressiveness. However, males are slightly more aggressive. When properly trained, both genders make loving pets cuddly friends. Assessing your needs and expectations is the best to decide which Chow Chow dog to bring home. Typically, male Chow Chows sell for more than their female counterparts. 


A male Chow Chow grows to be 19 inches in height and weighs close to 25-32 kg. A female Chow Chow has a slightly smaller frame standing 18 inches tall in adulthood. They weigh anywhere between 20-27 kg. The size of a Chow Chow dog doesn’t significantly affect its purchase price. 

Mix Breed or Purebred

Chow Chow is a rare breed, and the breed’s demand in India is, at best sub-par. This makes finding a purebred Chow Chow dog a challenge. However, if you manage to sniff out a purebred Chow Chow with its distinct blue-black tongue, it will cost a fortune to get him to come home. 

Some famous mix-breed Chow Chow include Chabrador (Chow Chow + Labrador), Chucky (Chow Chow + Husky), Chowpei (Chow Chow + Shar-pei). Often these popular mixes sell for equally competitive prices.


A Chow Chow with a champion in his ancestry fetches more prices than an ordinary dog. The famous bloodlines often produce award-winning dogs, and dog showers are ready to own these notable potential winners for several thousand to lakhs. On the other hand, a dog with an average ancestry sells for much less. It is important to remember that pet quality dogs make amazing pet dogs, and that show quality only sells for more due to their strict adherence to the breed standards and dog show rules. 

Coat Colors and Markings

Chow Chow has a double-layered coat. The inner coat helps the dog keep warm during the winters. The outer comes in two varieties- smooth and rough. The rough coat is straighter, thicker, and coarse to touch. In contrast, the smooth coat is denser but softer and pillowy. Some breeders may charge different prices for the smooth and rough coated Chow Chow.

The standard colors of the breed are cinnamon, red, cream, black, and blue. A purebred Chow does not come in any other color. Unethical breeders often advertise their rare Chows as white, champagne, and lilac. However, these colors are only a variation of the standard colors. Do not fall for such market gimmicks. 


Chows are a rare breed, so their availability is low in all areas of India. However, in large cities like Mumbai and Bangalore, a Chow Chow dog may be available and will sell for more. 

Certification and Warranties

Falsification of documents is not unheard of. When dealing with a breeder, checking the dog’s KCI documents and vaccination certificates is essential. A good breeder should be able to provide you with all the pedigree papers, and as responsible dog lovers, it is best to verify all claims a breeder makes before purchasing the dogs from them. A KCI-registered dog with valid health certificates is usually more expensive. 

Yearly Maintenance Cost of Owning a Chow Chow

Brown Chow Chow sitting on green grass

Owning a Chow Chow is a one-of-a-kind experience and comes at a hefty price. The financial costs begin at purchasing a Chow Chow; following that; you are likely to incur multiple charges for proper maintenance of your Chow Chow. An average estimate for the upkeep of your Chow Chow dog is INR 4,50,000 annually. In this section, we have discussed all factors related to the ownership of a Chow Chow.

Dog Food Factor

Finding good dog food is essential but not as easy as it seems. There are different diets to go for, and a novice or seasoned owner may be confused when selecting the best diet for their Chow Chow. Below we discuss some aspects of feeding your stocky giant. 

Home Food Vs. Purchased Food

Homemade food gives the owners more control over what their dogs ingest. However, with this comes the responsibility of monitoring essential nutrients like protein, calcium, fiber, and vitamins supplied with the diet. Often, the large size of the breed and a lack of knowledge on the owners’ part leads to a diminished growth of the Chow Chow. To avoid this and help reach your teddy bear its highest potential, a combination of tailored breed food and homemade for best serves the needs of your Chow Chow. 

Remember, free feeding your Chow is not ideal; these teddy bears go through food quickly and may gain weight. Monitoring their intake is essential to your Chow’s good health and happiness. While an entirely homemade diet may be more economical, a mix of both is a monthly expenditure of INR 4,000-5,000

Portion Size and Daily Frequency

An adult Chow Chow should have a low protein and high calcium diet. Their daily intake may be 2 to 2 ¾ cups of high-quality food. However, your dog’s food intake depends on many factors, such as size, age, and activity level. We advise talking to a vet to get a customized diet plan for your Chow Chow. When feeding the commercial dog, it is best to follow the instructions in the pack. 

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Vet Factor

Chow Chow belongs to ancient China, one of the healthiest countries in the world. Naturally, this reflects in the breed’s lifespan. The Chow Chow live a good 9-15 years and are typically a healthy dog breed. An array of diseases commonly found in them include eyelid entropion, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, allergies, and hypothyroidism. 

In the initial days of welcoming your Chow Chow home, vet visits are likely to be recurrent, and this is as essential for you as for your teddy bear. This is desirable to understand the needs of your dog better. As your dog settles down, the vet visits are likely to reduce. The average annual vet cost of your Chow Chow could add up to INR 6,000-12,000. There are several dog medical expenses; let’s look at them in detail. 

Vaccination Cost

Certain dog viruses and diseases create a lot of havoc in the dog’s world. They prove to be damaging and even fatal in some cases. Fortunately, several vaccinations have been developed to combat these and are administered to dogs regularly. Among these, some are also required by the law. These include parvovirus, canine distemper, hepatitis, rabies, and leptospirosis. 

Usually, a vet chalks up the schedule and name of vaccines to be administered to the dog according to his weight and age. Since these vaccines are to be provided regularly and start as early as 4-8 weeks, we recommend keeping your dog up to date on his vaccine appointments. Each vaccine shot may cost you anywhere between INR 1,700-2,000.

Puppy AgeCore VaccinesNon-Core VaccinesWorms
6-8 WeeksDistemperBordetella, Parainfluenza, Measles
10-12 WeeksDistemper, Hepatitis,
Coronavirus, Parainfluenza,
Leptospirosis, Bordetella, Lyme disease
Begin Heartworm prevention medication monthly or bi-monthly
14-16 WeeksDistemper, Hepatitis,
Rabies (required by law)
Parainfluenza, Coronavirus, Lyme disease, LeptospirosisBegin/continue Heartworm prevention medication monthly or bi-monthly
Adult (renewed every 1-3 years)Distemper, Hepatitis,
Parvovirus, Rabies
Parainfluenza, Coronavirus, Leptotspirosis, Bordetella, Lyme diseaseContinue Heartworm prevention medication monthly or bi-monthly

Neutering or Spaying Surgery Cost

Chow Chows are famous for their scowling look, and most people are deterred by their reputation for aggression. While the claims may be valid to an extent, the aggression and trouble-inviting behaviors may be managed by spaying/neutering your pup. 

Neutering/spaying is a surgical procedure and is best performed under the care of expert veterinarians. This surgery often yields several health benefits to the dogs. Despite the ethical debates surrounding the subject, vets and breeders recommend the procedure. Getting your pup neutered/spayed is a one-time expense, and the prices vary based on location. The average price usually falls under the range of INR 4,000-12,000.

Deworming Cost

Worms are harmful to humans and dogs alike. While we can choose to avoid ways to come in contact with them, our canines generally can’t, and Chow Chows are no different. They are vulnerable to contracting worms while playing in the mud or on long walks with you. Therefore, deworming becomes essential for your Chow’s persistent cheeriness. This procedure is relatively inexpensive and usually administered in the form of tablets. We advise talking to your vet about the dosage and treatment, as the dog’s weight and age are crucial determining factors. The general cost of deworming tablets tends to be INR 100. 

Preventive Medications Cost

Ticks and fleas may often infest Chow Chow’s gorgeous fur. These parasites stand to harm the dog dramatically, proving detrimental to its overall health. We recommend keeping ticks and flea powder handy to keep your dog’s fur safe and healthy. 

We also recommend stocking Chow Chow’s first aid kit with antiseptic spray, band-aids, and cotton. An ear drop is a non-negotiable medication too. All these essential items may cost you INR 500-1,000.

Fun Fact: Martha Stewart is a Chow Chow fan. 

Housing and Confinement Cost

Chow Chows are independent and enjoy their company just as much as their owners. These pups like to spend some time of the day unbothered and seemingly meditating. For this reason, a crate that makes your Chow Chow comfortable enough to focus on his daily meditation routine is crucial. Experts recommend the 42-inch crate for your Chow Chow. Such a crate should also accommodate a snuggly bed for your teddy bear. This crate is a one-time expenditure of INR 1,000-1,500.

Accessories Cost

Pet parents do not miss the chance to accentuate their dog’s personalities through lavish accessories. While most of them are fashionable and only ramp up the looks of their dogs. Some prove to be indispensable for the easy handling of the pups. We discuss those below:

Harness and Leash 

Chow Chow have short noses and flat faces, making them Brachycephalic animals. These animals risk various respiratory diseases due to their structure and build. Therefore, accessories, especially ones used while walking, should be chosen carefully. We recommend purchasing a sturdy harness that supports the neck and chest of these fluff balls. Such a harness may cost up to INR 600-1,000. Additionally, to make walking with your Chow Chow a piece of cake, we recommend leash training your pup from an early age. These dogs need constant reminders of who the leader is, a failure that often invites trouble. 

Toys Cost

Chow Chow was an all-purpose dog breed used for hunting, herding, and guarding. This makes almost every toy that is durable a good choice for them. These dogs are not a fan of outdoor activities and playtime involving a lot of exertion. Therefore, playing fetch with them is not ideal. A snuggly soft toy or a dental chew toy will generally be enough for a Chow Chow. After determining what your pup enjoys best, you can expect your monthly toy cost to be INR 250-500.

Grooming Cost

Chow Chows are shedders; their coats require regular brushing at least twice weekly. Shaving the fur of your teddy bear may disrupt their temperature regulating mechanisms leading to overheating, and should be avoided at all costs. 

Nail trimming and bathing should be done once a month. While brushing their teeth is required twice weekly. A grooming kit with nail trimmers, coat, and toothbrush is available for INR 500. 

Although Chow Chows do not require excessive fur trimming, some common haircuts are famous for this breed. This includes the panda, bear, and lion cut. Professional groomers fashion these haircuts and charge INR 500-1,000 per session. 

Walker Cost

This breed is relatively lazy and does not require extensive exercise. However, daily walks are essential to keep your Chow Chow healthy physically and mentally. If you are someone who can’t spare time for these daily walks, a dog walker service becomes essential. Hiring a dog walker for your Chow Chow is a monthly expense of INR 2,500-5,000.

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Training and Socializing Class Cost

Chow Chow resemble lions in their appearance and could be one regarding training. These dogs are strong-willed and independent, making training a strenuous task. If a Chow Chow doesn’t want to train, he won’t. Therefore, early positive interactions and valuable learning sessions are essential for your pup to be a well-rounded adult dog. 

This breed also tends to be aloof and doesn’t warm up to strangers quickly. They are ideal to be only pets; however, early interactions may help build their confidence. That said, due to their bold and unfettered nature training a Chow Chow is a life’s work. Professional training is indispensable for this dog and may cost INR 5,000-7,000 monthly. 

Treat Cost

Continuing in a similar vein, the training regime for a Chow Chow involves positive reinforcements. Treats are an excellent way to teach good habits to your dog. Pet parents must feed their dogs between meals; treats should be top-quality and nutritious. They can be homemade and market-bought. The monthly cost of a treat adds up to INR 500-1,000.

Insurance Cost

Insurance is necessary to deal with any unforeseen casualties that the future may hold. For this breed, we recommend getting insurance that covers common health ailments Chow Chows suffer. Additionally, the insurance should also cover third-party injuries. Considering these factors, pet insurance may cost you INR 3,000-4,000 per month. 

Travel Cost

Traveling with your Chow Chow through the Indian railways and airlines is possible. A railway ticket is usually inexpensive. Contrastingly, flying with your Chow Chow is high-end. The cost varies based on the airline, the dog’s weight, and the final destination. Typically, you can expect domestic travel costs to be within INR 20,000. In contrast, international travel may add up to INR 2-3 lakhs.

Daycare Cost

Leaving your Chow Chow alone is unsuitable; they may suffer separation anxiety and develop chewing habits. This is a concern for people who travel a lot. Daycare facilities provide food and boarding services and are best suited for people with tight and inflexible schedules. These services also provide for any special needs listed by the owner. The charges for daycare facilities vary based on location. However, a general estimate could be INR 500-2,000 per day. 

Registration Cost

Microchipping and registering your dog is essential as a responsible pet parent. In India, the INKC keeps up the dog’s pedigree. The charges of registration can be different for non-members and members. It also varies on the information available about the pup’s parents. However, you can expect the registration cost to be within the range of INR 400-1,000. The microchip is a tiny device containing a dog’s identification credentials. Getting your dog microchipped is common; it usually costs INR 1,000. 


Your Chow Chow needs a food and water dish, a pee cleaner, a poop bag, and a food container. All these items are at an additional cost of INR 2,500-4,000.

From the purchase price to the maintenance costs, Chow Chows have proved to be expensive financially. But what about the emotional and physical costs of owning a Chow Chow puppy? 

Chow Chows aren’t physically demanding; they’re more laid back and not eager to please. Though disposed to aggression, they are not confrontational. However, this is not to say they are easy. Even for experienced owners, these dogs are a challenge through and through. They need an assertive owner and consistent leadership. It is vital to maintain firm boundaries with a Chow Chow. If you let them have a run at you, it is likely they will never unlearn it. Therefore, an owner actively engaged in developing a well-behaved dog is best suited for these adorable pups. These costs must not be neglected when deciding to get a Chow Chow.  

Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Chow Chow

We hope to have painted a reliable picture of the ownership of a Chow Chow. This section presents some hard-to-digest facts to help you further decide if the breed is the one for you. 

  • Chow Chows do not do obedience well. They are strong-willed and will strike back if pushed too far. Gentle approaches with firm rules are the way to train these dogs. 
  • Chow Chow is a shedder and requires a lot of brushing. This breed is not recommended for someone in a time crunch. 
  • This breed is aggressive towards other animals and often does best in homes where they are the only pets. Early socialization is essential in either case. 
  • Despite their uncanny resemblance, these dogs are not excessively cuddly and won’t be treated like teddy bears.  
  • Chow Chows suffer from separation anxiety and should not be left alone for long. They are prone to developing destructive habits owing to stress. 

Benefits of Bringing a Chow Chow Puppy at Home

So far, owning a Chow Chow didn’t exactly feel like a walk in the park, so what makes Chow Chow lovers swoon over these dogs? Let’s take on their glasses and discover what’s so good about these fluffy dogs. 

  • Chows are cat-like dogs. They’re clean, meticulous, suspicious of strangers, and loyal to their owners.
  • Chow Chows are lazy and can get away with it! They do not require extensive physical exercise to stay healthy; daily walks are enough for this breed.
  • These dogs are refined and dignified in their manners and gait. When you walk with them, they generally become the topic of discussion. 
  • They’re easily adaptable and can survive in the tropical climate of India, unlike most fluffed exotic dogs. 
  • Chow Chows do well in families with older children. 
Brown Chow Chow covered in snow


Is Chow Chow good for a first-time owner?

No, training Chow Chows could be tricky and requires patience. Novice dog owners are not suitable for this dog breed. 

Are Chow Chow good family dogs?

Chow Chows are loyal and protective of their family. However, this is a dignified dog breed and won’t tolerate being teased. Families with young children are not suited for this breed.

Do Chow Chow bark a lot?

No. Chow Chows are calm and quiet. However, they may bark at strangers. 

Are Chow Chows cuddly?

Generally, no, they aren’t. Chow Chows are aloof and cat-like in their behavior. They are clean and keep to themselves mostly. 

Are Chow Chow one-person dogs?

Chow Chows tend to bond with their owner. Though loyal to the family, their affection only extends to their owners. 

Summing It Up

The teddy bear dogs have a personality that is not suited for everyone. Chow Chows are unique in their temperament and inclined toward feline behaviors. Forming a good relationship with Chow Chows is a two-way street. They demand respect and return the courtesy once you have earned it. 

An ideal owner brings out affection in these usually aloof dogs. Being gentle but firm is key with a Chow Chow. The intelligence of these dogs doesn’t let them forget a betrayal, and the owner should always treat these dogs with love and respect. That said, a Chow Chow’s love doesn’t go unnoticed. If they love you, they will make sure you know it. Often by sitting at your feet and giving you foot baths with their famous blue-black tongues. Remember to keep your feet clean!

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