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How can you help?  While there are no active programs at this time, you can still support our life-saving mission!

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Do you love dogs and want to give back to your community? Volunteer at your local animal shelter, dog rescue, or prison dog program!



Every dog adopted from an animal shelter or rescue organization is a life saved. Plus, by adopting, you open up a space at the shelter for another dog to be rescued. That’s two lives saved with one adoption!

Roscoe 4Foster:

Many dog rescues rely on fosters to save dogs’ lives. Fosters provide a safe, loving home for a dog until s/he is adopted by their forever family. Fostering is incredibly rewarding – you help a pup on their journey to a forever home and you save a life!

Josie, Cycle 6 GradSpay/Neuter your pet:

3-4 million pets are euthanized in America every year because there aren’t enough homes for them.  Spaying or neutering your pet stops the cycle of unwanted litters and prevents those pets from ending up in a shelter.  Spay or neuter your pet today!

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