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Corgi Price In India (2023)

A dog with a fluffy butt and a meme face have a name; who would have thought? 

Meet the internet sensation hailing from the royal lands of Wale, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. This small adorable dog breed comes with a big-boy attitude. Often referred to as miniature German Shepards, these short-legged dogs are just that and much more. The dog’s ancestry is steeped in folklore, and they are famous for being the fairy’s ride. 

The dogs make excellent house pets, and their eagerness to please nature may be attributed to their being herding dogs. This breed comes in two varieties: the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Cardigans have long fox-like tails and are slightly larger than the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. 

This article deals with one-half of the Corgis, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Since this breed is exotic to India, many factors must be remembered before rushing to bring this adorable pup home. We have compiled a detailed guide to help you decide if you can financially, physically, and emotionally afford the Corgi. 

How Much Does The Corgi Cost in India?

Corgi is an internet sensation, and their popularity often misleads people into thinking they are readily available in India. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. The athletic Corgis’ demand is increasing steadily, but the breed has yet to catch the fancy of Indian breeders. This has contributed to their high-end purchase price. You can expect to pay INR 30,000-1,00,000 for a Corgi dog in India. 

corgi dog

Factors that Influence the Buying Price of Corgi in India

Corgi Age: Buying a Puppy vs. an Old Dog

Corgis’ essence is best captured by two words: athletic and enthusiastic. These agile dogs, when young, can be quite a handful. They are barkers, aggressive, and overly curious as pups. However, only a little patience and time are required for them to calm down. Training is an essential part of a Corgis’ development, without which the dog’s herding instincts take priority, and the ownership experience may be challenging. 

Pups aged 8-12 weeks are typically expensive due to puppyhood’s charm. At this age and for at least six months, the pups don’t take easy on you. In their growing phase, they are unafraid and would walk all over you if you let them. However, this can be managed with training. 

As the Corgis grow older, their price drops. Older pups have developed their temperament, and their hyperactivity is behind them. However, this doesn’t make the ownership of an old pup boring. Corgis retain their energy and affection, and playtime is all a Corgi looks forward to. 

Adopting a Corgi vs. Buying

Adopting is a noble way of bringing your pet home. When getting a pet from a reputable shelter or rescue group, you bring a dog with good health and a well-balanced temperament. However, a setback of adoption may be long waiting periods. Since Corgis are rare in India, they may not be readily available in the shelters. 

Buying is the easy and quick way of getting a Corgi home. However, despite the popularity, only a few Corgi breeders exist in India. If you manage to contact a good breeder, they may get the Corgi of your wishes imported from the UK or US. For this reason, buying your Corgi is expensive. 

Fun Fact: Pembroke Corgis are often born without a tail.

Breeder Factor

Buying a dog entails meeting with breeders. And this is a concern because, for every ethical breeder that exists, there is an immoral one. Moreover, distinguishing between them is not a piece of cake as much as dog owners would wish it were. 

In India, breeders are required to register with the State Welfare Animal Board of their respective state. Further, registering with the KCI is mandatory too. These measures were placed to check the unethical practices the boom in the pet industry has brought along. Unfortunately, these steps aren’t enough. Therefore, as responsible dog owners being thorough in research and verifying all claims a breeder makes is essential. 

Buying a Corgi from Puppy Mills

(Please don’t go with this option)

Someone said dog breeding is only profitable when the dogs are mass bred, kept in filthy conditions, without proper nutrition or medical care. And the puppy mill owners heard it as a pitch for a lucrative business. Unfortunately for the dogs, it all comes down to perspectives in the human world. 

Spotting mill merchants is relatively easy as they are in it for the profit and ever-ready to bargain. Remember selling dogs and negotiating should not go together. The cheapest way to invite an unhealthy Corgi with behavior problems is by buying from one of these mills. We hope and pray that this is not what you’re looking for in your Corgi.

Buying a Corgi from Pet Shops

Before we discuss this option, allow us to make you nostalgic for high school through the exercise below:

Assertion: Pet stores are running because they stay on top of demand. 

Reason: All high-demand dog breeds’ puppies are available at all times.


  1. There’s something shady going on.
  2. Option 1.

…and the correct answer is puppy mills. Don’t worry, we can explain!

Due to the bad rap puppy mills have gained over time, people are becoming more cautious of these merchants. The next best thing to direct selling is through pet shops. Dog owners can hardly resist the undeniable cuteness of pet stores. But more often than not, pet stores source their pets from puppy mills. We should mention that not all pet stores are shady; reputable breeders own some. However, you can seldom be sure which one you are dealing with. 

Buying a Corgi from Middleman or Brokers

Getting your Corgi through brokers is your best bet owing to the low availability of the breed in India. A knowledgeable broker can educate you on the ins and outs of the dog breeding business and connect you to a reputable breeder who breeds Corgis or can import one from the UK or US. This option is relatively expensive, as for all the services a dog broker provides, they charge a 20%-30% commission on the sale. 

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Buying a Corgi from Reputable breeders

An internet search is unlikely to land you in the kennel of a good and ethical breeder. Finding these breeders requires more research in the case of the Corgi. However, it’s not all hopeless. After meticulous exploration, a reputable breeder may just pop up. 

Getting a dog through a reputable breeder allows you to visit the breeding facility, meet the pup’s mother and littermates, and verify all documents firsthand. Sourcing your Corgi from a reputable breeder ensures good health and gentle temperament of the Corgi you take home. For this reason, it is often the most expensive way of getting your dog, but the guarantee of a breeder is difficult to beat. 

Questions to ask from a Breeder

Now that you have understood the importance of a good breeder, let’s help you ask the right questions when you finally meet one:

  • May I look at your breeding permit?
  • Will Corgi be the right dog for me?
  • What vaccines and treatments have been given to the puppy?
  • Can I meet the pup’s parents?
  • What and how much does a Corgi pup eat in a day?
  • What are some things I should be aware of before taking the dog home?
  • Is Corgi easy to housebreak?
  • What does a perfect day with a Corgi look like?
  • What if I decide the dog isn’t right for me? Will you take the pup back?
  • Can I approach you in case of any concerns? 

Fun Fact: Under Welsh law, there were hefty penalties for stealing Corgis.


Most people make gender decisions based on stereotypes and human biases. For example, they choose the male dog for the dominant personality and conservative nature, while a female dog for her caring attitude and loving presence. However, doing so with Corgis may be a slip-up. A female Corgi is more dominant and independent and likes to establish herself as the alpha dog. For this reason, training a female Corgi may be tricky. On the other hand, males are attention-seeking, and though suspicious of strangers, they quickly warm up to people. 

Deciding on which dog to choose should be based on the environment of your home. Both the Corgis tend to be aggressive yet prove to be excellent family dogs if appropriately trained. Typically, male Corgis sell for more than females. However, this isn’t always the case, as some breeders charge more for females due to their breeding potential.


The adorable fluffy Corgis are small dogs, longer than they are tall. There’s an immeasurable difference between females and males of the breed regarding height, and both stand at 10-12 inches tall in adulthood. A male Corgi is heavier than a female, weighing 12-13 kg, though they appear leaner due to more muscle mass. In contrast, a female is lighter and weighs 11-12 kg. The size of a Corgi doesn’t affect the price significantly. 

corgi breed india

Mix Breed or Purebred

Possessive dog owners can educate you on enough facts and fiction to sell you on their chosen breed, and it really comes down to your personal preferences. The facts are that an ethically sourced mixed-breed dog is healthier than a purebred one due to the broader gene pool. There’s also an increasing fancy for designer dogs; because of this, a mixed-breed Corgi may be more expensive. However, since Corgis are rare in India, a purebred Corgi may sell for equally competitive prices. 


A stud Corgi (best for excellent breeding generations) and a dog show winner Corgi or their descendants may be more expensive than an average Corgi. The price varies drastically for the two as show-quality dogs are closer to the breed standards and generally sell for a lot more. However, most pet parents require a pet-quality dog, which sells for less. Remember, pet-quality dogs are not unhealthy and make fine pets. 

Coat Colours and Markings

Once upon a time, on the farms of Welsh counties, Corgis were used to herd sheep. What made them so efficient at their job, among other factors, was the thick double layered coat that acted as an insulator in the harsh winters and kept them cool in the summers. The undercoat of these fluffy rolls is dense and soft, and the outer layer is thicker and straighter. 

The AKC recognized colors of the Corgis are black & tan, fawn, red, and sable. White markings are considered the breed standard. Among these shades, the sable is more of a pattern than color, and so is merle. Both these are rare, and you can expect the asking price to be on the high end of the spectrum. 


The low availability of Corgis in India manifests in two ways. First, they are unavailable in rural or suburban areas. Secondly, you may find them in large cities, but the purchase price tends to be sky-high due to their increasing popularity. 

Certification and Warranties

KCI paper and vaccination certificates are a must for any dog. When meeting the breeder, you must ask for these documents and verify all papers in your own time. Document falsification is not uncommon. Therefore, caution is advised when purchasing from a breeder.

Fun Fact: Queen Elizabeth II had more than 30 Corgis in her lifetime!

Yearly Maintenance Cost of Owning a Corgi

The purchase price of a Corgi is just the first expense of the many you are likely to incur throughout the dog’s life. This section deals with the financial aspects of owning the widely famous royal Pembroke Welsh Corgi. To give you a general estimate, you can expect to spend INR 1,14,000 yearly on the maintenance of your Corgi.

Dog Food Factor

The chunkiness of Corgis adds to their cuteness. However, this shouldn’t come at the cost of their health. These porky creatures are known for pilling on the weights quickly, which is why monitoring their food intake is essential. 

Home Food vs. Purchased food

The diet you choose for your Corgi puppy will determine his health, happiness, and the number of tantrums you face. Putting your dog on a homemade diet may seem enticing and safer, but getting the proper nutrients becomes tricky. Vets do not recommend an entirely homemade food diet, despite it being cheaper. 

Dog food brands produce specific breed foods and different formulas to best suit the needs of your Corgi. We advise keeping your Corgis’ world happening by providing them with a mix of homemade food recipes and tailored market dog food. Keep a good balance of proteins and fiber when feeding homemade food. Since Corgis are a small breed, the monthly feeding cost is relatively low, up to INR 3,000-4,000 monthly

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Portion Size and Daily Frequency

Pembrokes are high-energy dogs and need enough nutrition to sustain themselves throughout the day. The amount and frequency should be based on your dog’s age, weight, and activity level. Only a vet can provide you with a customized diet plan for your Corgi. However, the table below should give a general sense of portion size and frequency of meals.

Vet Factor

This Pembrokeshire native enjoys a life span of 11-13 years and is generally healthy. The common diseases found in this breed are intervertebral disc disease and canine hip dysplasia (CHD), as well as issues like epilepsy and degenerative myelopathy, lens luxation, von Willebrand’s Disease (vWD), progressive retinal atrophy (PRA). That said, your dog doesn’t need to suffer from these. We recommend visiting the vet regularly to ensure your dog’s wellbeing. The yearly medical expenses of your Pembroke Welsh Corgi may be INR 20,000-30,000

Vaccination Cost

In India, there are 3-4 essential vaccines that are required by the law. These include canine parvovirus, canine distemper, hepatitis, rabies, and leptospirosis. The vaccination for dogs depends on age and can start as early as six months. Typically, a veterinarian issues a vaccination card with the names and dates. It is advised to keep your Corgi up-to-date on his vaccination appointments, as due to the non-native nature of the breed, your furry friend is vulnerable to contracting several diseases. The vaccination cost for core vaccines may add up to INR 1,700-2,000.

Neutering or Spaying Surgery Cost

Corgis are not for inexperienced dog owners. Their aggressiveness and bossy nature make them troublemakers for new owners. On top of that, if your Corgi hasn’t been neutered or spayed, this may lead to enhanced trouble-making behaviors. When unaltered, male and female Corgis become hard to handle even for experienced owners. Accordingly, spaying/neutering your pup is encouraged by vets and breeders alike. 

The spaying/neutering is a surgical procedure and should only be performed under the care of expert vets. In rural areas, this surgery can cost anywhere between INR 4,000-6,000. While in the metros, you can expect the cost to be upwards of INR 12,000

Deworming Cost

Deworming is an essential practice that proves vital in keeping your Corgi healthy. It’s common for dogs to contract worms while playing. These worms are dangerous and prove to be life-threatening for a dog. Veterinarians issue schedules based on the age and weight of the puppy. Following the schedule and being aware of any signs of an infestation should the dog contract it is advised. Deworming is an inexpensive procedure and costs INR 100 per dose.

Preventive medications cost

Pembroke Welsh Corgi is an active breed, and they love playing outside. The small size renders them vulnerable to injuries. Medications like antiseptic spray, band-aids, and cotton in your dog’s first-aid kit are advised. 

Fleas, ticks powder, and ear drops are other essentials you must stock before bringing the pup home. These combined will cost you INR 500-1,000.

Many other preventative medications are also available on the market. One such medicine includes heartworm treatment. These medications should not be administered without your vet’s knowledge. 

Fun Fact: Rufus was a Corgi who inspired Amazon’s first unofficial mascot.

Housing and Confinement Cost

A crate is an essential housebreaking tool for you and your dog. Corgis view their crates as their safe place, and it is necessary to harbor that attitude in them from the get-go. 36-inch crate size is the best fit for your Corgi puppy. In addition, your furry friend also needs a comfortable bed to sleep in. These essentials are typically a one-time expenditure of INR 1,500-2,000. 

Accessories Cost

Accessories are fashionable and, when appropriately used, an asset to any dog owner. Not only do the accessories give your Corgi a distinct personality, but they can also help you manage this strong dog while walking and playing with him. Below we discuss the accessories that help make your task easier. 

Collar Vs. Harness

Don’t we all know someone who is walked by their large dog instead of the other way around? Well, it could just as well be you one morning in the park. If this image is unsettling, we suggest getting a sturdy harness for your Corgi. This dog breed has a deep sunk chest, and a harness bests support them. Since these dogs are prone to pulling efficiently, a collar may cause neck injuries. Getting a harness that fits your pup, is durable, and is cute is a must. This harness may cost you up to INR 1,000. 

Toys Cost

The Corgis are famous for playing hard and rough. This is your hint to getting durable toys that can withstand the pressure Corgis put on them while also mentally engaging them. Of all the toys available, you may have to invest in a variety for a young pup, as this lets your dog explore and learn about himself. To keep winning your pup’s heart, overseeing which toys they like to play with growing up is essential. Once you’ve determined the favorite kind of toy, you can expect your monthly toy expense to be around INR 250-500

Grooming Cost

The fluffy furs are a delight but the grooming? Not so much; our Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a year-round shedder. They have double coats and will lather you in them whenever you go near them. So brushing a Corgi’s coat thrice a week is the bare minimum, without which their cutesy looks will suffer. However, the good news is the grooming efforts stop at brushing. Everything else like bathing and brushing their teeth is required in minimal amounts.

We recommend investing in a top-quality grooming kit that includes nail clippers, shampoo, conditioner, and a brush to keep your Corgi healthy. Such a kit may cost anywhere between INR 500-1,000. In case of time constraints, a professional grooming service can doll up your Corgi for you. These grooming sessions may cost INR 500 per session. 

Walker Cost

Pems require a minimum of 40 minutes of activity every day to stay healthy. These are athletic dogs and have an enormous amount of energy to expend. The two activities Corgi loves include outdoor playtime and long walks. A Pem should not be underestimated due to his size, as these dogs can walk for impressive miles. Recruiting a dog walker becomes essential if you are someone who can’t spare enough time. The monthly charges of a dog walker are INR 2,500-5,000.

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Training and Socialising Class Cost

Corgi’s gentle and affectionate nature may quickly turn aggressive and dominating due to their ancestral instincts. To prevent this from happening, training and early socialization are essential. Professional trainers help the dog develop good habits and suppress the bad ones. Socialization makes the dog adapt to living with other pets if you own them. This class is a monthly expense of INR 5,000-7,000.

Treat Cost

Some of the best ways of training your Corgi pup is to reward him with treats for good behavior. Treats can be both homemade and commercial. We recommend choosing the highest quality treat as treats make 20%-30% of Corgi’s daily food intake. That said, we advise not to go overboard with the treats. Getting your Corgi to earn his treats through a puzzle treat dispenser is a joy for the dog and owner. Depending on how much you want to spoil your dog, the monthly treat expense comes down to INR 500-1,000.

Insurance Cost

Corgis tend to be aggressive, and they are barking dogs. This makes third-party liability insurance a must for owners. We advise choosing the plan that covers health concerns, theft liability, and third-party injuries. Insurance like this would be an annual expense of INR 5,000-7,000.

Travel Cost

Traveling with your Corgi can be a dream if you take them along in a car or a train. However, air travel is high-end. Depending on height, weight, and travel distance, domestic travel may cost up to INR 20,000. International travel tickets vary on the same factors mentioned above, but they tend to be more expensive, coming down to 2-3 lakh. Your dog needs rabies and a health certificate also. 

Daycare Cost

Corgis don’t do well alone. They love humans, and having all eyes on them keeps these pups cheerful. This may pose a problem for someone who’s away for work often. This is where the daycare facilities come in. Daycare services include food, boarding, and a play area. These services make the dog comfortable in the space and tend to them while you are away. The charges of daycare facilities vary based on location, and a general estimate may be INR 500-2,000 per day.

Registration Cost

INKC advises all dog owners to get their dogs registered and microchipped. This is done to maintain the breed’s ancestry. The registration charges vary based on two factors. First, whether the owner is a member of the INKC. Second the information available about the dog’s parents. One can expect to pay INR 400-1,000 for registration. Microchipping your dog is another INR 1,000.


Some essential items that pet parents often fail to account for include food and water dishes, pee cleaners, poop bags, food storage containers, etc. These are a one-time cost of INR 2,500-4,000.

The financial cost of owning a Corgi is just half the story. The costs most often forgotten about include the emotional and physical price a pet parent pays to have an excellent canine companion by their side. Under no circumstances should this be taken lightly. When the initial fancy passes, most exotic breeds find themselves in rescue homes because their owners didn’t know what they were in for. 

To make an informed decision, we advise you to research the Corgi behavior thoroughly. Puppies are just like toddlers bent on exploring the world on their own, and this may prove to be a tricky thing. Patience is key to having a Corgi puppy at home. They’re herding dogs, and their aggression still lingers. Early training and socializing are advised. The ideal owner needs to be assertive but not harsh. Love and patience will go a long way for your Corgi. 

Fun Fact: Corgi is featured in the animated movie Little Dog Lost in the 1960s.

Important Things to Consider Before Buying A Corgi 

A Corgi presents several challenges to its owners. To determine if you are up to facing those challenges, we have composed a list of considerations below. If your response to them is a “No Biggie,” you may make an excellent Corgi parent. 

  • Corgis are talkative and vocal. They love to bark, which makes them ill-suited for apartments despite their small size. 
  • Corgis are active dogs; daily mental and physical stimulation is necessary. This breed is not for owners whose schedules don’t allow them to spare time for their dogs. 
  • Corgis are heavy shedders. You can expect your furniture and upholstery laced in Corgi fur. 
  • This breed is greedy when it comes to food. If the diet isn’t monitored, they will rapidly gain weight, which may pave the way to various health issues. 
  • Corgis are smart, which makes training a delight. However, this also allows them to have a mind of their own. A Corgi will not train if he doesn’t want to. 

Benefits Of Bringing Corgi Puppy At Home

The fluffy Corgi butt has become an internet sensation, and for a good reason, but this dog is a whole package. The perks of owning a Pembroke Welsh Corgi are endless. Let’s discover some of them:

  • Corgis make great family pets but generally choose one person as their favorite. They’re remarkable for someone looking to cultivate close companionship with their dogs. 
  • Corgis have all eyes on them everywhere they go. 
  • Corgis are big balls of fur, their coat is soft to touch, and one can’t resist the charm of their looks.
  • These dogs are intelligent, and training them is relatively easy. 
  •  Corgis are said to be miniature German Shepards. They pack the best qualities of a German Shepherd in their tiny body. 


Do Corgis bark a lot?

Yes, Corgis are a vocal breed. Barking is how they communicate.

Does a Corgi like to cuddle?

Typically, yes. Corgis are affectionate dogs, and a little cuddling hurts no one.

Are Corgis hypoallergenic?

No. Corgis are heavy shedders; they shed all year round.

Are Corgis suitable for first-time owners?

No. Even though Corgis are a small breed, they have significant personalities and may be hard to handle for inexperienced owners.

Are Corgis lazy?

No. Corgis are a herding breed requiring at least 40 minutes of daily activity.

Summing it Up

Owning a Corgi is not a child’s play. They require effort, and in return, they give an invaluable companionship. It’s a give and take, and Corgi owners usually gain more. That said, the decision to get a Corgi home shouldn’t be rushed. A deep analysis of your limits and lifestyle is recommended. 

An assertive, loving Corgi owner will bring out the best in them. And who knows, maybe the Corgi chose you to be his favorite companion in your family. Now, that is a flex! 

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