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Dachshund Price in India (2023)

Dachshund dog

Beloved worldwide for its adorable long body and short legs, the small and energetic Dachshund will be a great addition to your family. However, Dachshunds were bred as fierce hunters, utilized to creep into badger and rabbit holes to pull out their prey. Currently, most Dachshunds have suited themselves to their fun lives with humans, playing and lazing around the home. Their size and low maintenance make them versatile for almost any living environment. 

You might have many questions regarding this cute breed’s price. Read on to clear all your doubts and become a proud Dachshund owner today!!

How Much Does the Dachshund Cost in India?

In India, a Dachshund pup costs about INR 15,000 to 20,000. In light of different variables, it can go up to INR 45,000/ – or as low as INR 7000. The show-quality Dachshunds are valued higher than pet-quality ones.

Factors that Influence the Buying Price of Dachshund in India

Dachshund Age: Buying A Puppy vs. An Old Dog

Dachshund puppy

Dachshunds can be difficult to train. On the off chance that you go ballistic each time your Dachshund commits an error — incidentally or intentionally — it might get tough for you to go through the training period. Training a Dachshund puppy is a lot like handling a kid. Dachshund puppies will take up a lot of your time and energy.

These dogs mature with age. So, if you are someone who won’t be able to spend a lot of time with your dog, an adult Dachshund would be a great addition to your family over a puppy. But, remember, they are cute attention-seekers who love to play a lot.

Adult Dachshunds are less costlier than puppies. 

Adopting a Dachshund vs. Buying

Numerous potential owners are confronted with whether to adopt or purchase a dog from a breeder. Which choice is the better decision? Adopting a Dachshund allows you to provide love and shelter to a neglected dog. Adoption shelters have dedicated staff who can give you loads of information about caring for your new furry companion, as they have learned a lot about them. Shelter dogs are also a lot less expensive than purchasing from a breeder or pet store.

The primary disadvantage of adopting a Dachshund is that many dogs have troublesome pasts and could be deeply scarred. It’s difficult to tell how your dog will respond to another living condition. Buying a Dachshund from an experienced breeder might be a great option, but an expensive one. Breeders have all the knowledge you need about your new puppy- their clinical history and parents- and help you buy a purebred dog. But, you must be cautious about choosing the breeder you buy your puppy from. Some do not genuinely care about the dogs and will often keep them in unhygienic conditions that may hamper their health. 

Breeder Factor

It is advisable to research a breeder before buying a Dachshund puppy thoroughly. There are some points you should keep in mind. Look at some listed below-

Buying a Dachshund from Puppy Mills

(Please don’t go with this option)

Puppy mills are a high-volume business of commercial dog breeding with the objective of monetary gain instead of taking care of the puppies and providing them with hygienic living conditions. As a result, the puppies who emerge from puppy mills frequently suffer from various illnesses and medical problems.

In some puppy mills, female Dachshund dogs are reared frequently, paying little heed to their health if they have any hereditary traits that might be passed down to the puppies. In addition, puppy Mills often have small enclosures that are, in many cases, stacked on top of one another to make more space, a grimy living environment that enables the spread of sicknesses, poor veterinary care to cut down expenses, and absence of fundamental necessities like proper grooming, training, or socialization.

Buying a Dachshund from a puppy mill will cost less, but you will have to cope with the several health and mental issues the dog might suffer from.

Buying a Dachshund from Pet Shops

Pet Shops frequently depend on puppy mills as a component of their business model since they need to keep their shops filled with the latest breed regularly. It’s not shocking that several pet stores have no critical data about where the puppies came from —particularly the circumstances to which the puppies and parent dogs are subjected. So, you are not rescuing a puppy from unfortunate situations when buying one from a pet shop; you are adding to the profit chain of an oppressive puppy mill. 

The puppies in the pet store are often separated from their mothers before 8 weeks and thus suffer from psychological and behavioral problems that can be tough to deal with. Moreover, as pet stores concentrate on profit-making, buying a Dachshund puppy from one can get expensive. 

Buying a Dachshund from Middleman or Brokers

Brokers or Middlemen are pet vendors that get pups from breeders, transport them, and afterward exchange them at pet stores. Brokers are a critical part of the puppy mill ecosystem as most pet stores get their puppies from brokers or middlemen and not directly from reputable breeders. 

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Most Middlemen and Brokers do not care about the general well-being of the dogs or puppies they are handling, but you might get lucky and find a good broker who genuinely cares for dogs. Unfortunately, brokers often charge a commission of 10% to 20%. 


Buying a Dachshund from Reputable breeders

Finding a reputable breeder you trust is challenging – and crucial — an essential step towards finding your new furry best friend. Reputable Breeders are priceless assets: Not just are they a scaffold among you and your ideal Dachshund, but you can depend on them all through your dog’s lifetime. Consider a reputable breeder your confidential manual for everything about your dog, from picking the right dog to how to care for them. 

There could be no better method for perceiving how your puppy will grow up than by seeing their parents. It will help you understand your Dachshund puppy’s disposition, size, and appearance. Reputable Breeders will love to let you know about it. They will likewise inform you about any medical issue that might crop up in your dog’s lifetime, so you know what to watch in the long haul. It might cost you more to buy a Dachshund puppy from a Reputable Breeder. 

Questions you should ask a Breeder

Here are some questions you can ask your breeder-

  • Is the Dachshund puppy’s mother healthy and energetic?
  • Is the puppy young and playful?
  • How old is the mother Dachshund dog?
  • How many litters has the mother Dachshund had?
  • Have the Dachshund puppies been wormed?
  • Have the Dachshund puppies had any immunizations?


You’re probably pondering which one you ought to get – a male or a female Dachshund. While you could think everything boils down to the name you’ll give them and a few clinical procedures, the distinctions are a lot more noteworthy.

When deciding whether to buy a male or a female Dachshund, it’s vital to realize a few critical contrasts between the two. This incorporates the size and different characters, and you might have to train them differently.

To put it plainly, male Dachshunds are more energetic, loving, and flexible, while females generally are more temperamental, shy, and independent. Female Dachshunds are confident and territorial and are excellent guard dogs. They are a bit more expensive than their male counterparts. The fact that they can give birth to cute Dachshund puppies also plays a role in their pricing. 


There are no considerable contrasts in appearance between a male and female Dachshund. Both grow up to 9 inches in height and weigh 16-32 lbs. However, female Dachshunds have shorter fur than males, so they probably won’t be as delicate to the touch. Likewise, they have a deeper chest than male Dachshunds, and their legs, albeit more slender, appear shorter.

Their prices don’t depend on their size.

Mixed Breed or Purebred

Dachshunds are incredibly adaptive and friendly, and most mixed breeds keep the friendly and energetic demeanor that has made the Dachshund so famous. If you are searching for a mixed variety for your home, we suggest the Doxle because it’s amicable and appreciates being around people 24*7. 

Purebred varieties of the Dachshund will be more expensive than mixed breed varieties with the same advantages and temperament. 


Dachshunds have descended from the German schweisshund, of which they are a more stout-legged variant. The Dachshund was also crossed with terrier and spaniel breeds to acquire specific hunting characteristics and the wirehaired and longhaired coat types. 

Dachshund puppies cost around INR 7500 and can go up to INR 30,000 if you are searching for one with a champion bloodline or a show-quality puppy.

Coat Colours and Markings 

There are 15 official Dachshund colors and six official patterns, as indicated by the American Kennel Club (AKC) breed standard. Be that as it may, it doesn’t stop there. There are a few informal varieties that you could find. The most famous coat color is red, trailed by dark and tan, and you’ve presumably seen a delightful doxie in one of these varieties. 

The most striking color of a Dachshund is black; however, all-white or all-chocolate coat colors are likewise intriguing. It’s unquestionably okay to buy an intriguing-hued Dachshund, given that they come from a responsible breeder. In any case, you shouldn’t buy a double-dapple Dachshund due to related health issues. Dilute colors like blue and isabella may have medical problems like alopecia and skin disease. White Dachshunds might have medical issues, including visual impairment and deafness. Therefore, it is advisable to stick to self tones or standard multi-shaded Dachshunds like black and tan. Thus, they are priced higher than the sickly varieties. 


Dachshunds are a lesser famous breed in India. So the breeders might ask for a more exorbitant cost. So it is advisable to conduct thorough research on the cost around your area and look for a reasonable price. 

Certification and Warranties

The Kennel Club of India keeps up with the Dog Breed Standards in India. Enlisting your Dachshund with the KCI is very simple and basic. With your enlistment papers, you can breathe a sigh of relief that your Dachshund puppy is a purebred dog and is worth all your understanding and energy. Generally, KCI registered dogs would be costlier than others.

When you meet the breeder, it is advisable to enquire whether your Dachshund puppy has been registered or not.

Yearly Maintenance Cost of Owning a Dachshund

Dachshunds are a low-maintenance breed. Read on to know more about the added costs of owning a Dachshund puppy:

Dog Food Factor

Wondering about how you can provide your Dachshund with the healthiest food?

Dachshunds will eat dry, wet, raw, or homecooked food. Grown-up Dachshund dogs, by and large, have two meals every day, and Dachshund puppies have no less than three meals per day. 

Home Food vs. Purchased food

Dry food is excellent for your Dachshunds. It comes in kibbles or pellets. Dry food is great since it’s pretty affordable, you can get it in bulk, and it’s very healthy for your Dachshund’s teeth. Wet food is a great option too!! Dachshunds love wet food since it ordinarily comes dripping in sauce with enormous pieces of succulent meat. Monthly costs for feeding your Dachshund may range between INR 2000 to 3000 for a high-quality meal.

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The price of dry and wet dog food varies based on the brand and size of the packet you buy for your Dachshund. However, it can be between INR 300-3500 and INR 35-8000, respectively. 

You can home-make the meals for your Dachshund. Ensure you understand what dietary value you should be giving your Dachshund and that every meal meets that standard. As a rule, attempt to pick standard food varieties with no synthetic compounds or fake additives; furthermore, avoid any food varieties with a high level of grains like soy or wheat, as Dachshunds can be allergic to those ingredients. Homemade food will also cost less for you. 

Portion Size and Daily Frequency

When Dachshunds are 2 to 5 months old, their food intake volume increases. Then, it’ll gradually decrease when they are around 6 to 9 years old. This is because they need more food as they grow and develop, and when their grown-up metabolism kicks in, they need to return to the typical size of a Dachshund.

When your Dachshund gets older, you might observe that it slows down on the food intake. Therefore, it’s advisable to reduce the amount of food you give them as per their daily activity level. If your Dachshund needs to lose or put on weight, You should increase or decrease the calories and macros by 10% and help them with regular exercise. 

Vet Factor

Your Dachshund puppy must visit the vet for regular checkups and vaccinations. 

Common Health issues faced by Dachshunds in India

  1. Intervertebral Disc Disease: Dachshunds are hereditarily inclined to a few external muscle conditions. The most serious of these is intervertebral circle sickness, which debilitates the vertebrae and perhaps just into the spinal channel.
  1. Patella Luxation: Patella Luxation (free knees) happens when your Dachshund’s knee cap pops out from its furrow. Dachshunds experiencing this condition might give indications of weakness like limping or inclining towards one leg. 
  1. Hip Dysplasia: This condition is brought about by disfigurement of the hip joint, where the thigh bone doesn’t fit into the socket and may prompt rear leg weakness. You can assist with lessening the probability of hip dysplasia by taking care of your Dachshund with a nutritious, good eating regimen, etc. 
  1. Obesity: An even, entire food-based diet combined with routine exercise are the most effective ways to keep your Dachshund from acquiring excess weight. 
  2. Seizures: If your dog is sick with epilepsy, medicine can assist them with carrying on with an ordinary existence. Seizures can likewise have side effects like liver illness or kidney failure, so visiting your vet for an exhaustive investigation is significant.

Vaccination Cost 

Decide on a proper vaccination program with your veterinarian. It will include a course of injections followed by some boosters throughout your Dachshund’s life.

VaccinePrimary dose (PUPPY)Primary Dose (ADULT)Booster
Distemper3 doses, 2-3-4 months2 dose, 3-4 wk apartAnnual
Adenovirus – 23 doses, 2-3-4 months2 dose, 3-4 wk apartAnnual
Parainfluenza3 doses, 2-3-4 months2 dose, 3-4 wk apartAnnual
Bordetella bronchiseptica3 doses, 6-9-12 weeks2 - 3 doses, 3 wk apartAnnual
Parvovirus3 doses, 2-3-4 months1 doseAnnual
Lyme Disease : Borrelia burgdorferiTwo doses : may be at 12 and 15 wks2-3 doses 3 wks apartAnnual
Corona VirusBegin at 6 weeks & every 3 wks until 12 wks of age2-3 doses, 3 wks apartAnnual
Giardia8th and 11th wk2 doses, 3-4 wk apart6 months
Leptospirosis8th and 11th wk2 doses, 3-4 wk apartAnnual
Rabies3 months of age1 doseAnnual

The costs will vary according to your city’s cost of the vaccines mentioned above. These vaccines may cost around INR 700-1,500.

Neutering or Spaying Surgery Cost

Neutering is the careful removal of a male Dachshund’s testicles. Eliminating the testicles eliminates the essential wellspring of testosterone in the body, bringing about changes in sex drive and hormone-related well-being concerns.

Neutering a Dachshund in India fluctuates depending upon the location. It falls between INR 7,000 to 10,000, in addition to the aftercare charges of INR 1500.

Deworming Cost

Your Dachshund will require deworming at regular intervals. Worming your Dachshund guarantees appropriate well-being and prosperity. Consult your vet on the worming drug and dosage and how frequently your puppy would require the process, as it mainly varies depending on age, size, and weight.

In |India, worming tablets are not costly; each will cost you approx ₹100. You can purchase worming tablets on the web.

Preventative Medicine

Your Dachshund may require the following medicines to support their overall well-being-

  • Ear drops: Around ₹150
  • Ticks and flea powder: Around ₹500
  • Antiseptic spray, cotton, and band-aids: Around ₹500

Housing and Confinement Cost

The best beds for Dachshunds will give them the appropriate spine support and relieve skeletal wounds. Your Dachshund’s mattress ought to be perfect; if not, you would expose your dog to skin sicknesses like Malassezia dermatitis. To forestall this, consider purchasing an easy-to-wash bed, ideally one that is machine launderable and air dryable. High-quality beds for your Dachshunds may cost you around INR 1000 to 8500. 

Dachshunds are a miniature breed, so they don’t require colossal crates. They feel more secure in a crate that has very little space. The ideal size of a crate for a grown-up Dachshund is a 24-inch to 30-inch crate. It will cost around INR 1000-3000 based on its quality.

Accessories Cost

Your Dachshund will need the following accessories:

Collar and leash

Collars and Leashes will help you train your Dachshund well, keep them from being aggressive, and obey your commands. They cost around INR 500-3000. 

Training Harness

Harnesses have varied sizes and patterns, and finding the right fit is especially critical since only one out of every odd harness will be a decent counterpart for a Dachshund’s long back and broad chest. So before looking for a harness, try to measure your Dachshund to get the coziest fit. 

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They will cost you around INR 300-2000.

Toys Cost 

Dachshunds are eccentric, vigorous, and energetic. It’s not difficult to keep these dogs engaged; they’ll adore pretty much any toy, like Treat maze, Invincible Snake Toys, and much more. They may cost around INR 300-900.

Grooming Cost 

Brushing regularly is an excellent opportunity to check for things like coat sheen in Dachshunds (dull hair can mean an absence of supplements in your puppy’s eating regimen), nail length, and ear and dental well-being. For example, dachshunds require additional care for their ears, as their floppy shape can forestall appropriate air circulation and lead to diseases.

Professional groomers will charge around INR 1,500 to 2,000 per session. Grooming your Dachshund at home can reduce it to INR 500 monthly. Dachshunds are allergic to certain things, so pick a gentle cleanser and try not to wash your puppy more than once a month.

Walker Cost

Your Dachshund will require at least an hour of workout each day. This ought to be segregated into two or three strolls, one somewhat longer to permit heaps of time for sniffing. They will likewise require a lot of chance to run and play off-lead in a safe area.

Walkers in India cost around INR 2,000 to 5,000 per month.

Training and Socialising Class Cost

Dachshunds are an astute breed of dog and are the 59th most intelligent dog on earth. Training a Dachshund is exciting however requires a lot of patience. Dachshunds are highly energetic learners and are incredibly savvy but keep getting distracted.

A great trainer can help your Dachshund with its exercises and temperament. Having a dog that behaves well, obeys your command, and plays energetically is enjoyable. In India, Trainers charge between INR 5,000 to 7,000 every month.

Treat Cost

While treats are not costly, these are crucial for training your Dachshund puppy. Commercial canine treats can be expensive, around 500 to 2000 monthly. However, you can always make less expensive homemade treats for your Dachshunds, such as cheese, cooked meat, and boiled eggs.

Insurance Cost

We suggest insuring your Dachshund puppy. Insurance payment for a Dachshund puppy covering clinical expenses and liability will cost you INR 500 to 1,000 per month from Bajaj Alliance.

Travel Cost

International travel expenses can run between INR 2 lakh to 3 lakh for medium-sized dogs like Dachshunds. Traveling domestically is by and large around INR 20,000. Some flight companies charge Rs 94 for each kg on domestic travels, and rates fluctuate depending on a dog crate’s course and size.

Daycare Cost

Daycares should be your first choice if you are looking for a place to leave your Dachshund while going on a trip. They charge around INR 500-2000 per day, inclusive of treats and all other amenities your Dachshund requires. 

Registration Cost

The breeder can’t give you the papers if you have a Dachshund whose parents were not registered with KCI. The KCI registers the Dachshund as a “Registration with Unknown Pedigree” expense for INR 337. 


Your new furry companion may need a water bowl, additional treats, and much more to facilitate their comfortable life, which may cost around INR 500-1000. 

Your Dachshund puppy will require your love, consideration, and much time with their humans. If you bring one home, set aside a few minutes for strolls and rigorous play. It very well may be helpful to perceive indications of stress. If the Dachshund is yawning or licking its lips, those are signs that they are feeling uncomfortable. They are low maintenance but need a lot of your time and attention. 

Important Things to Consider Before Buying A Dachshund

  • Understand the breed thoroughly before you commit.
  • Prepare a plan to handle your puppy’s health issues, mainly back problems.
  • The average lifespan of a Dachshund is 14-16 years old.
  • Dachshunds bark a lot.
  • Dachshunds hate the rain (a lot). 
  • They can be stubborn.
  • They have a big appetite. 

Benefits Of Bringing A Dachshund Puppy At Home

  • Dachshunds are inconceivably faithful.
  • Their mental courage and dedication make them impressive guard dogs.
  • Their short hair, for the most part, remains pretty spotless, regardless of whether they tracked down something fun, dirty, and stinky outside.
  • On the off chance you live in the city, a Dachshund is the ideal canine ally.
  • They are suitable for apartment space.
  • Dachshunds are friendly with other dogs.
  • They are available in numerous varieties in India.


How many types of Dachshunds exist?

The Dachshund is considered part of the unique varieties perceived by the American Kennel Club. Dachshunds not just come in two brilliant sizes (i.e., Standard and Miniature), an imaginative exhibit of 15 unique tones, and six patterns and blends of markings yet additionally three unmistakable coat assortments — Smooth, Longhair, and Wirehaired.

Is it easy to train a Dachshund?

Although Dachshunds are known for their stubborn determination, they are likewise profoundly wise, learn quickly, and are anxious to satisfy you. Dachshunds are additionally famously inquisitive and not always savvy in their curious pursuits. Hence, fundamental training is vital for their security and happiness.

Is Daschunds puppy friendly with children?

Dachshunds are friendly; be that as it may, their initial experiences with youngsters will influence their comfort level with outsiders. Assuming you have young kids, it is suggested that you look after your Dachshund puppy and child when they are together. Kids may not necessarily comprehend how to treat a doggy and may end up hurting him.

What is the difference between a Standard and a Miniature Dachshund?

The size characterization of a Dachshund does not depend on its height or length; it depends exclusively upon the weight of the Dachshund at one year of age.

As per the AKC’s Dachshund breed norms, a grown-up Standard Dachshund ought to weigh somewhere between 16 and 32 pounds; and a grown-up Miniature Dachshund ought to weigh less than 11 pounds.

Summing it Up

The low-maintenance and cute Dachshund are lovely to hang out with. Dachshunds are brimming with playfulness, boldness, and hardheadedness, yet they spill over with love for you. Ask any person who has had the honor of being with a Dachshund, and they’ll let you know that the adoration, love, and respect they have for you is beyond comparison.

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