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Dalmatian Dog Price in India (2023)

Dalmatian Dog

The 101 Dalmatians and Firehouse Dog, two Hollywood blockbusters, played a huge role in the Dalmatian dog breed’s popularity in India. Dalmatians are known to have the ideal balance of intelligence, cuteness, and vitality. They are highly sought-after dogs because of their regal appearance, black and white markings, and exceptional adaptability to the Indian environment.

Dalmatians are popular as pets for a variety of reasons. It can serve as a family dog, a playmate, a guard dog, and a friend. The Dalmatian is the guard dog of choice for most Indians who also want a companion dog.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re intrigued by this magnificent spotted dog and want to learn how much it would cost to purchase and maintain one in India. 

How Much Does a Dalmatian Dog Cost in India?

Dalmatians are a reasonably expensive breed of dog in India. 

You should expect to pay between INR 20,000 and 40,000 for a Dalmatian puppy, depending on its quality and location.

Factors that Influence the Buying Price of Dalmatian Dogs in India

The initial cost of a Dalmatian puppy varies on a range of factors, including the dog’s pedigree, certificates, breed purity, age, gender, and where and from whom you get it. So let’s go into more detail about these elements.

Dalmatian Age: Buying A Puppy vs. An Old Dog

Dalmatian adult dog

When they are between two and three months old, the demand for Dalmatian puppies is at its highest, and so is their price. After this time, both their price and demand gradually decline.

It is of utmost importance that the puppy spends the first two months of its life with its mother. Thus we highly advise against bringing one home before it is two months old. This will significantly improve the pup’s physical and mental health and immunity.

When it comes to adult dogs, the amount of work you have to put in is reduced because the majority of them have at least received basic training. However, the downside is that you won’t be able to spend as much time with it.

Adopting a Dalmatian vs. Buying

The best thing you can ever do for a dog is to adopt or rescue it. 

While adopting a pet may ease your mind and give the animal a second opportunity, this may not be the best choice for you if you are not prepared for the challenges that a shelter dog may present. 

Having the chance to watch a puppy grow up is a huge benefit of getting one instead of an adult dog. You might be able to consult the breeder for assistance if you purchase your puppy from them. 

However, compared to adoptions, this alternative is more expensive.

Breeder Factor

The cost of purchasing a Dalmatian from reputable breeders as opposed to a pet store differs significantly. This dog breed is predisposed to health conditions like elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, and intervertebral disc disease. A Dalmatian’s eyes and spinal cord require particular attention.

The likelihood of your Dalmatian living a long and healthy life is significantly increased when you get a puppy from a reputable breeder who ensures that the parents of the puppies they sell are healthy. Let’s discuss the places you can find your Dalmatian in detail.

Buying a Dalmatian from Puppy Mills

(Please don’t go with this option)

People who run puppy mills aren’t up to any good because their sole purpose is to make money. Their dogs are abused and starving. They are kept alive only so they can be sold or bred.  

Puppy mill vendors are easy to identify because they often offer low prices and don’t let you see the puppies with their mothers. Buying a dog from these places could be a huge mistake as your puppy may grow up to be an aggressive dog or have a genetic problem. Don’t get a puppy just because the price is attractive. 

Buying a Dalmatian from Pet Shops

Most pet stores source their puppies from puppy mills. You may unknowingly support puppy mills by purchasing from a pet store. Do not buy dogs from pet stores because they are cute. Find out about the history of the store and dogs. 

Reputable breeders run some pet stores, but pet stores are generally not the best place to buy a puppy. To ensure that a shop is a legitimate breeder for Maltipoo puppies, insist on meeting the breeder and the dog’s mother. Research the dog’s background and check the KCI and health certificates of the puppy’s parents.

Buying A Dalmatian from A Middleman or A Broker

Brokers are necessary for Papillon sales as they act as a liaison between buyers and breeders. Honest brokers are open about their commercial practices and typically refer clients to licensed breeders. However, brokers charge a commission, which increases the overall cost of puppies by 10% to 15%. If you are working with a broker, we recommend that you consult with the breeder before completing a sale. 

Buying Dalmatian from Reputable Breeders

The best place to get a Maltipoo pup in India is from reputable breeders. Getting puppies from reputable breeders who ensure that the puppies they sell have healthy parents greatly increases the chances of a Maltipoo living a long and healthy life. Buying from a reputable breeder can be more expensive, but Maltipoo ensures the best quality and health. Plus, they are happy to answer any questions about Maltipoo and help you through the entire process of becoming a pet parent.

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Questions to Ask a Breeder

Before making judgments, you should interview the Dalmatian breeders you choose to buy your pup from. The following information will prepare you for the right questions to ask.

1. Ask to see the pup’s parents.

You must meet the parents of the puppy you are thinking about purchasing. The sire and dam will give you a fair indication of their puppies’ adult appearance and information about their temperament. If not both, meeting either one of the parents is fine too.  

2. Find out about the living conditions of the dogs 

Find out where the breeders keep their dogs. What amount of time does the breeder spend with the dogs? How are the puppies socialized? Are the dogs accustomed to the sounds of the home? (IE. vacuum, etc.) 

Demand to view the surroundings in which the dog is maintained. A trustworthy breeder won’t have issues letting you tour their breeding facilities. If a breeder declines to let you see the animal, walk away and don’t look back.

3. Ask about hereditary illnesses.  

Inquire with Dalmatian breeders whether there are any hereditary conditions that the breed is susceptible to and that you should be aware of. Find out what the breeder has done to reduce the likelihood of this inherited problem appearing in the litters they produce.

A trustworthy breeder will test their dog for inherited diseases common to the breed. As a result, if they breed Dalmatians, they ought to check the hearing of their puppies. They should also check their eyes and have hip dysplasia and other health checks.

4. Ask if they offer a guarantee 

A contract is necessary to safeguard you, the breeder, and the dog. Legitimate breeders will give you a formal guarantee in addition to the agreement. Before signing any contract, make sure to read it. 

The breeder should promise that the puppy will be in good health and will refund or compensate the buyer if it becomes very ill within a year of the purchase. Although different breeders offer varying guarantees, all respectable Dalmatian breeders will have a return policy.

5. Ask for references 

Ask for references from Dalmatian breeders, even if you believe them trustworthy. The veterinarian they utilize and former customers make the finest references. Please spend some time getting in touch with the references provided to you and asking them about their interactions with the breeder. Follow up with these references once you’ve got them. 

If they refuse to provide references or have none, find another breeder.

6. Ask if they are willing to help you select a puppy that will be most optimal for you.

All responsible breeders of Dalmatians want their dogs to live in happy, caring homes. They will therefore want to guarantee that the breed fits your lifestyle. A breeder should inquire in-depth about your living situation, your family (i.e., do you have any other pets or children), and your prior interactions with dogs in general and Dalmatians in particular.


Male Dalmatian puppies are more popular in India and thus tend to cost slightly more than female puppies. Moreover, their maintenance cost is also higher as they need more food and tend to be more challenging to train.


Dalmatians are typically used as guard dogs. Since larger dogs make better guard dogs, their demand is slightly higher and as a result, so is their price.

Mixed or Purebred Dalmatian 

Because they are often less likely to inherit diseases than mixed-breed puppies, purebred Dalmatian puppies are more expensive than mixed-breed puppies.


Some breeders breed dogs who have previously won competitions. 

These lineages usually produce pricey puppies. This is so that the owner can purchase the possibility that their puppy might also succeed as a champion. 

Choosing a show-quality Dalmatian for individuals looking for a family or companion dog is not advised because their health standards are no better.

Coat Colours and Markings

Dalmatians can be liver, brindle, blue, “lemon,” black, or black and tan in addition to their traditional black spots. However, no matter your Dal color, its dotted pattern is always unique.

The uncommon and slightly more expensive liver-colored Dalmatian variety will cost more than the standard black.


Generally speaking, buying a dog in an area with easy access is cheaper than one in which access is more difficult. Hence, if a Dalmatian is unavailable for purchase in your city and you choose to get it from elsewhere, it will cost you higher due to shipping charges.

Certification and Warranties

You must request the dog’s KCI certificate as well as the credentials of the breeder. A KCI certificate certifies the dog’s good health and purity.

Although KCI-registered pups are more expensive, you may be sure that the dog you bought is healthy.

Yearly Maintenance Cost of Owning a Dalmatian

It costs a lot to maintain a non-native dog like a Dalmatian. It’s important to be aware of all the ongoing expenses associated with owning a Dalmatian puppy after the initial investment. When making financial plans, you must take the following aspects into account.

Dog Food Factor

Depending on the type and quantity of food you purchase, feeding your Dalmatian will cost varying amounts of money. Your most consistent monthly expense will be dog food. Dogs need proper nutrition for their age and weight to be in top shape. 

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The average monthly feeding expense ranges from INR 3,000 to 6,000. You can make your dog food for less money, but the nutritional value may suffer.

Let’s go into more detail about these elements.

Home Food vs. Purchased Food

Prices for dog food brands vary vastly. It is preferable to pick a dog food brand that sells food tailored to specific breeds. Dog chow made with premium ingredients is crucial for rare canines like Dalmatians. However, premium food also means that it will be more expensive. 

To budget your dog food expenses, you can feed your adult dog dry kibble once daily to cover all the nutritional requirements and then supplement the rest of its diet with homemade food. This will significantly reduce your dog’s food expenses. 

Ask your veterinarian for a suitable homemade food diet for your Dalmatian.

Portion Size and Daily Frequency

Unfortunately, the Dalmatian is a breed of dog prone to obesity. Plan your dog’s meals well to avoid this.  

The amount of dog food you will need for your puppy is roughly estimated in the table below. Contact your veterinarian for a food schedule tailored to your Dalmatian’s age, weight, gender, and health needs.

AgeNumber of cups of food per dayNumber of Meals per day
2-4 months2.84
4-8 months3.43
9-11 months3.62
1-7 years3.82

Vet Factor

Before purchasing a Dalmatian puppy, you should consult a veterinarian to understand all potential medical costs.

Vaccination Cost

Shortly after bringing your Dalmatian puppy home, you should have it immunized. Dalmatian puppies need to be vaccinated against rabies and parvovirus. A vaccination card from your veterinarian should be issued so you may learn when each dose is due.

In the first year, a Dalmatian puppy’s vaccinations will cost roughly INR 6,000. Post the first year, the expense of your Dalmatian’s annual vaccinations would run you between INR 750 and 1,500.

Neutering or Spaying Surgery Cost

Spaying or neutering your Dalmatian is one of the best things you can do for them. Having your pet spayed or neutered can reduce the risk of certain cancers and the probability of your pet having undesired offspring. This procedure can cost you roughly INR 7,000 to 10,000. 

Deworming Cost

It is crucial to deworm your Dalmatian regularly. It can help your dog take in more nutrients from its meal. Your dog’s weight and size determine the dosage. For a dose plan specifically for your dog, talk to your veterinarian.

The price of a round of deworming treatment in India ranges from 100 to 500 INR.

AgeFrequency of Deworming
Under 8 weeksEvery 2 weeks
8 weeks to 6 monthsMonthly
More than 6 months4 times a year

Preventive Medications Cost

Inside and outside, your Dalmatian’s body may become infested with various worms and insects. Their skin and ears could become infested by everything from ear mites to fleas and ticks. They can contract hookworms, heartworms, roundworms, and whipworms in several ways, including drinking polluted water and dirt or getting bitten by an infected mosquito. 

We advise preventative drugs and ear medication to protect your Dalmatian from this discomfort. These parasites should be taken seriously since some can spread to you or a family member. You can expect to spend anything from INR 2,000 to 12,000 on them annually on vet visits because of these issues.

All pups are energetic and can hurt themselves while playing. For such situations, be prepared with bandages and an antibacterial spray. You might pay anywhere from INR 300 to 500 for them.

Housing and Confinement Cost 

The dog might be kept in the crate when no one is there to watch him. It serves as both the dog’s bed and haven. Costs for high-quality crates might range from INR 1,500 to 5,000.

Thanks to a good dog bed, your dog will have a soft, supportive, and comfy environment to rest in. A quality bed should cost between INR 500 to 2,000.

Accessories Cost

The basic and must-have accessories for your Dalmatian are a collar, a leash, and a harness. Let’s look into each of these in detail. 

Collar and Leash

A collar is something your dog can always wear. You can also use it to fasten your dog’s identification tag. Leashes, meanwhile, are helpful while walking your dog. Between INR 200 and 1,000 may be spent on collars, while INR 600 to 1,000 may be spent on a collar and leash set.

Training Harness 

Dogs have fragile necks and do not enjoy being pulled around aggressively. Thus, a harness would be a better choice when taking your dog out on walks. In addition to the comfort of your dog, it also offers you greater control over your dog.

Toys Cost 

Toys are a must-have for every dog. You could spend anywhere from INR 250 to 1,000 annually on these.

Grooming Cost

Grooming is crucial for all pets. In India, grooming a Dalmatian at home typically costs between INR 300 and 1,000. If you choose to have your dog groomed by a professional, the expense will be about INR 2,000 to 2,500. 

Coat brushing, bathing, nail clipping, teeth brushing, and regular health examinations are all part of proper canine grooming.

You can choose to groom your Dalmatian at home once you learn the ideal technique. It is less expensive and can help you and your Dalmatian strengthen your relationship. The essential items you’ll need for at-home grooming are listed below.

  • Top-quality de-shedding brush – INR 200-500 
  • Nail clippers – INR 200-500 
  • Shampoo and Conditioner – INR 400 
  • Towels – INR 300-700 

Walker Cost

Since they are working dogs, Dalmatians enjoy a daily walk. These dogs are incapable of living in confinement. Depending on your city, dog walking services will run you between INR 3,000 and 5,000 per month.

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Training and Socializing Class Cost

Although you can train your pet on your own for some tasks, such as house and crate training, we advise hiring a pet trainer for the best results. 

Each training session can cost you between INR 200 and 500, covering advanced dog exercises, leash training, clicker training, commands, and socialization.

Treat Cost

It’s crucial to use inexpensive treats to train your Dalmatian puppy. Making dog treats at home is always preferable because they are healthier and more affordable. To treat your dog with homemade delights, prepare meat, cheese, and eggs. These can run you between INR 500 and 700 each month.

Insurance Cost

Your Dalmatian insurance will run you anywhere from INR 200 to 1,000 monthly. The cost of insurance varies depending on the policy you choose. Of course, the benefits increase with the cost of the insurance coverage. Dog theft, medical costs, travel mishaps on land, sea, or air, accidental death, and third-party liability are all covered by dog insurance.

Travel Cost

People adore taking their dogs on road trips and vehicle rides because they treat them like family. However, if you plan to fly far distances with your Dalmatian, you will have to pay a fee.

These charges can go up to INR 20,000 for a domestic one-way flight. However, the cost of an overseas flight for a medium-sized dog ranges between INR 2 lakh and 3 lakh. These costs vary depending on your chosen company, destination, and route.

Day Care Cost

You might choose doggie daycare centers rather than leaving your Dalmatian home alone for extended periods. They are also a fantastic opportunity for your dog to interact with other furry friends!

The daily price of dog daycare could be between INR 250 and 500.

Registration Cost

Pet registration is essential in India. So, before making a purchase, consider the puppy’s registration fee. The registration fee for a dog ranges from INR 500 to 2,000 and is subject to change based on inflation. To obtain the document, you may apply online or offline under the rules of Special Authorities.

The Kennel Club of India (KCI) sets the standard for dog purity in India. It is the best place to register your dog with. Typically, KCI-registered dogs are more expensive.


Apart from the above costs, your pet will need extra items like poop bags, pee cleaners, and bowls for food and water. These will cost you about INR 2,500 to 4,000.

In addition to needing a lot of exercises, Dalmatian dogs may become anxious when left alone for an extended period. Training and playing with your pet regularly must create an enduring bond. You might therefore need to pay in the form of your time. We assure you that it will be worth every second of your time.

Important Things to Consider Before Buying A Dalmatian  

  • The boundless energy of a Dalmatian is a drawback of ownership. Only those with the time and space to give a Dalmatian daily long walk and plenty of room to run should consider getting one. 
  • Dalmatians require access to exercise areas so that the dog may burn off some energy during the day. If the dog doesn’t get enough exercise, behavioral problems can arise. 
  • The Dalmatian breed can be very stubborn during the first year or two as the dog learns the fundamentals of good conduct, which is another drawback. 
  • Another drawback is that compared to many other dog breeds, a large proportion of Dalmatians are born deaf.

Benefits of Bringing a Dalmatian Puppy Home

  • The Dalmatian is an intelligent breed that is enjoyable to teach. 
  • A Dalmatian is a lovely pet, whether you are an experienced pet parent or a novice. This breed may be simple to manage and train if you’ve never owned a dog. 
  • This canine breed is energetic and ready to learn.
  • They are easy to clean and groom and have very little doggy odor.
  • Dalmatians are sharp canines who make good guard dogs for the household.


Is Dalmatian a dangerous dog?

Dalmatians are friendly and protective dogs. In addition, they are quite strong and enjoy running.

Is Dalmatian a guard dog?

Dalmatians are very devoted to their families and were developed to defend them. They’ll guard their region as long as there’s a necessity. Unless provoked, they don’t often bite.

Are Dalmatians aggressive?

If a Dalmatian feels threatened by someone they don’t know, they will bark or growl.

Are Dalmatians hypoallergic?

No! Due to their high shedding, Dalmatians are not hypoallergenic dogs.

Are Dalmatians friendly with Kids?

Yes, Dalmatians can be ideal playmates for playful and lively kids since they are devoted and caring companions. Although, you should monitor how Dal interacts with young children because, at times, they can be too intense for kids and babies.

Are Dalmatians friendly with other dogs?

Yes, Dalmatians are quite kind and friendly regarding other dogs. They are renowned for getting along with other dogs and for being content to share their food, toys, and living space with other dogs.

What are Dalmatian’s grooming needs?

Dalmatians have minimal grooming requirements. Their coat must be brushed only once every week to remove any extra loose hair from their body. These puppies only need occasional baths to remain neat, clean, and fresh-looking. But their ears must be cleaned regularly so that there are no risks of any ear infections. Their nails must be trimmed whenever necessary, and their teeth can be brushed once or twice weekly.

Summing it Up 

Dalmatians are an excellent choice for an Indian home and family. They make loving, devoted, affectionate, and intelligent dogs. Also, Dalmatians are not too aggressive and fairly easy to groom. So, if you are looking for a friendly and highly energetic dog, a Dalmatian can be the perfect dog for you. However, consider all the costs you may incur and the responsibilities of owning a Dalmatian before making a purchase. 

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