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Dog Price in India: A Paw-rents Guide

A survey about pets presented dogs as the most popular pet choice in India. Their number is likely to reach 31 million towards the end of 2023. Based on the data, we can safely deduce that India is all set to beat San Franciso in having more pets than kids. The days of well-groomed Chihuahuas looking better than you on a good day, roaming around the desi streets, are upon us!

But, hey! We aren’t complaining! As enthusiasts of this unconditionally loving animal, we’re all too pleased to bring in the most accurately sourced information to present to paw rents. In this guide, we’re listing all popular dog prices in India and their related information to familiarise you with each breed.

Further, we also touch upon some crucial aspects of buying and owning a dog in India. So, get comfy and explore each aspect of this much-loved creature. 

Dog Breeds In India With Price (Sorted Based On Dog Popularity)

Breed PhotoBreed NamePrice Range (in INR)Median Price (in INR)
Golden retrieverGolden Retriever12,000 to 58,50030,900
German Shepherd 20,000 to 72,80025,150
Black and tan Rottweiler on a leashRottweiler8,400 to 61,80024,000
adult white and black Shih TzuShih Tzu18,000 to 56,00033,200
white labrador on green grass fieldLabrador Retriever7,000 to 52,75018,720
short-coated gray dog near green leafed plantsPitbull8,400 to 45,15020,600
white and brown BeagleBeagle17,040 to 61,80027,725
white and brown siberian husky puppy on green grass during daytimeSiberian Husky29,750 to 90,40057,675
adult tan chow chow on pavementChow Chow40,100 to 98,10070,050
shallow focus photography of fawn pugPug9,600 to 35,50018,100
Brown Tibetan Mastiff sitting on the floorTibetan Mastiff140,000 to 150,000150,000
Brindle Great DaneGreat Dane60,000 to 139,750115,000
White American Bully Close upAmerican Bully16,800 to 120,00034,000
short-coated black and white pointer dog on orange leather armchairPointer52,750 to 52,75052,750
white and black short coated small dog on white and black textileChihuahua30,095 to 160,00052,000
black Cane Corso short coat large dog running on water during daytimeCane Corso60,700 to 130,00076,100
white pomeranian on roadPomeranian3,600 to 18,00010,720
Saint Bernard sitting on the floorSaint Bernard25,500 to 48,00044,000
brown poodle on white bedPoodle69,500 to 208,000120,000
white Lhasa Apso long coat small dog sitting on grey concrete floor during daytimeLhasa Apso16,800 to 34,92528,600
black and tan DachshundDachshund9,000 to 20,40018,800
Dogo Argentino sitting on a grass fieldDogo Argentino41,250 to 75,00063,600
black and brown French Bulldog short coated puppy on brown grass field during daytimeFrench Bulldog29,750 to 166,00050,150
Samoyed sitting on a pavement during daytimeSamoyed90,000 to 130,000119,375
Indian Spitz in a field during day timeIndian Spitz3,600 to 15,0007,900
white Bichon Frise on green grass field during daytimeBichon Frise128,000 to 168,650151,000
white and brown Cocker Spaniel on a grass fieldCocker Spaniel14,400 to 41,00030,500
black Alaskan Malamute on a snow fieldAlaskan Malamute175,000 to 290,500222,500
Brindle American Pit Bull TerrierPitbull22,438 to 40,00034,000
Rajapalayam dogRajapalayam10,800 to 76,10020,800
brown Toy pomeranian dogToy Pom/Teacup Pomeranian61,800 to 166,000106,250
white Maltese long coat small dog on green grass field during daytimeMaltese32,050 to 125,00095,000
black and tan Belgian Malinois standing on a grass field during day timeBelgian Malinois53,050 to 120,00075,000
brown and black short coated dog sitting on gray concrete floorBullmastiff33,200 to 95,00085,000
black and brown Jack Russell Terrier long coated dogJack Russell Terrier24,000 to 80,50059,760
white and black Bull TerrierBull Terrier55,000 to 60,00059,000
short-coated brown boxer dog on green grass fieldBoxer 24,000 to 61,74526,300
white maltipoo long coat small dog on green grass field during daytimeMaltipoo76,100 to 125,00090,750
gray and fawn yorkshire Terrier with red and black leashYorkshire Terrier35,000 to 145,00055,000
Brown American Bulldog dog near doormatBulldog45,000 to 93,00082,700
brown short coated French Mastiff dog on green grass field during daytimeFrench Mastiff35,442 to 94,80061,800
short-coated brown labradoodle dog facing sidewaysLabradoodle140,000 to 280,000170,000
White and brown English Cocker Spaniel puppyEnglish Cocker Spaniel18,000 to 60,60031,000
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog on a pavementCavalier King Charles Spaniel160,000 to 300,000175,000
brown Belgian Shepherd in day lightBelgian Shepherd70,380 to 88,00088,000
Newfoundland dog breed in an outdoor. Spectacular newfoundland dog, black, standing in profile in a nice garden.Newfoundland172,300 to 260,000214,000
Brown Havanese puppy sitting on the green grass fieldHavanese60,000 to 75,00070,000
Miniature pinscher dog with leashMiniature Pinscher14,400 to 35,00024,700
close up photo brown American staffordshire terrierAmerican Staffordshire Terrier15,600 to 18,00016,800
brown Pembroke welsh corgi standing on a pavement Pembroke Welsh Corgi75,000 to 170,000110,000
Brown Akita standing under the stairsAkita45,100 to 75,00062,575
adult English bulldog sleeping on white textileEnglish Bulldog/British Bulldog89,000 to 113,500108,000
black and white short coat Boston Terrier dog on beach shore during daytimeBoston Terrier108,000 to 108,000108,000
Brown American Staffordshire Bull terrier DogStaffordshire Bull Terrier38,000 to 40,00040,000
cream afghan hound sitting on grass during day timeAfghan Hound281,500 to 281,500281,500
adult grey Weimaraner on forest during daytimeWeimaraner155,000 to 171,250160,250
black and brown European Doberman dog sitting on shoreEuropean Doberman80,000 to 80,00080,000
brown Cockapoo on green grass field during daytimeCockapoo90,000 to 148,070102,500
Brown medium-coated tan Cavapoo dog near grassCavapoo75,000 to 102,50090,000
Brown Indian Mastiff sitting on the floorIndian Mastiff29,750 to 58,50044,125
brown pomeranian puppy on white leather tote bagCulture Pomeranian12,000 to 45,85033,000
Brown American Cocker Spaniel sitting on a grass field during day timeAmerican Cocker Spaniel21,600 to 37,80029,700
Rough Collie lying on roadRough Collie147,000 to 240,000166,000
black and tan short coat medium American Doberman dog lying on floorAmerican Doberman26,000 to 26,00026,000
long-coated white American Eskimo dog standing on grassAmerican Eskimo34,000 to 34,00034,000
Goberian dog lying on rug near stairGoberian20,800 to 73,90047,350

Dog Breed Price Influencing Factors in India

English bulldog beside ball on grass

The purchase price of a dog varies based on several factors, including location, the reputation of a breeder, breed popularity, breed demand, age, pedigree, and much more. Therefore, despite the above range, prospective owners should expect a slight variation in the actual prices. Below we discuss some of the significant factors that can significantly affect the buying price of a dog. 


Naturally, due to popularity and demand, breed prices keep rising and falling based on seasonal trends. Currently, sourcing a pedigree Husky is more expensive than getting an Indian-origin dog breed. Sometimes, foreign dog breeds are imported to be sold in the Indian market; such breeds are priced on the higher end of the spectrum. 

Breeder Factor

There are several places you can buy a dog from. These include puppy mills, pet stores, backyard breeders, brokers, and purchasing directly from licensed breeders. You’re likely to pay less for your dog when buying from anywhere besides a licensed, reputable breeder. However, these options also have high risk, as unethical breeders produce unhealthy dogs. Thus, buying from these places will likely incur healthcare costs down the line. 


Due to the charm of puppyhood, buying an 8-12 week old dog is several times more expensive than getting an older dog. 

Dog Quality

Dogs intended for show rings are priced higher than pet-quality dogs. The significant difference between the two categories is the strict adherence to the breed standard of the former. However, both dogs are fine house pets. 


Due to the demand trends of a particular breed, buying a dog may be more expensive in one location and slightly cheaper in other. 

Breeders In India

Indian legislation is thorough and strict when it comes to the breeding of dogs for commercial purposes. Therefore, ethical breeders must meet the guidelines laid out by the law to become licensed and trustworthy breeders. However, this hasn’t stopped the growth of unethical breeders with no licenses. As a prospective dog owner, one must be thorough when selecting the breeder. To help you with this, we’re listing some steps and strategies you can employ to select the right breeder before buying your dog.

How To Select the Dog Breeder?

Which Dog Breed Is Right for Me?

white and brown long coat large dog

Unfortunately, in most cases, people buy dogs based on seasonal trends. Due to this approach towards buying and owning dogs, many dogs end up in shelters or on the streets due to the lack of commitment from the owner’s side. Therefore, as responsible dog lovers, it’s extremely crucial to understand that getting a dog is a lifelong commitment. It requires immense monetary and otherwise efforts to keep the dog in a healthy and loving environment. Therefore, through in-depth research, we’ve come up with a few pointers you should consider before deciding upon a breed. 

  • Preference: It’s crucial that you bring home the dog you love; therefore, having a preference is a good way to narrow your choices.
  • Compatibility: Once your preference is set, make sure you can meet the monetary, emotional, and physical demands of the breed. For people with less time on their hands, going for a high-energy breed that needs 60 minutes of daily exercise is not an option. 
  • Lifestyle: If you are an apartment dweller, large and vocal dog breeds are not ideal, as these dogs need a spacious backyard to expend their energy. Confining them in a small apartment may make them destructive.
  • Owner Experience: First-time dog owners need to gain experience in handling a dog like a Husky or Rottweiler. Therefore, these buyers are discouraged from owning dogs that need firm leadership and tend to be stubborn. 

Following these few steps can help you decide on the right breed for you. Below we’ve also listed some of the best dog breeds for common categories. Don’t forget to go through our comprehensive list once you’ve found out the kind of breed you want! 

Best Dog Breeds For Apartment/Home

Apartment dwellers have several restrictions on owning a dog. From the dog being a particular size to them being basically mute, the journey to getting a dog’s love is difficult for apartment dwellers. However, a true enthusiast knows that dogs don’t disappoint. Therefore, look for a dog that fits the criteria like size, energy levels, exercise, requirements, and temperament of the dog.

Best Dog Breeds For First-Time Pet Owners/Beginners

Dogs come in all colors and flavors, from being the angry red Rottweiler to the spicy little Chihuahua. For this reason, some dogs are better suited for beginners than others. Typically, this is decided based on the temperament of the dog. Friendly, easygoing, and sociable dogs tend to be great first-time dogs. In contrast, dogs with a stubborn streak and an aggressive reputation may be difficult to handle. So, first-time owners are advised to select manageable and easygoing breeds. 

Budget Friendly Dogs

Buying a dog can be costly; however, not all canine love comes at a high monetary cost. Some dogs are much cheaper than others due to several factors mentioned above; therefore, if you’re looking for a cheap dog to buy and to maintain its native origin dogs.  

Things To Know Before Buying Your First Puppy in India

short-coated beige puppy

Getting a dog home is a big decision that will impact your life in many ways. So, what are some things you should know before taking the plunge? 

  • Besides, the factors mentioned above suggest our readers avoid following seasonal trends regarding getting a dog in the house.
  • Many people tend to buy dogs without considering their environment and adaptability. Non-native breeds are often ill-suited for the tropical climate of India. Getting such a dog can severely impact their health and psyche, leading to fatal accidents. 
  • Thorough research is advised to make an informed decision. Sourcing your pet from an ethical and verified breeder is the best way to experience life with a dog. 
  • Lastly, the financial aspects of owning a dog can be colossal. Food costs, pet supplies, and medical expenses can quickly pile up. Therefore, it’s important to manage and sort out the budget before finalizing the decision. 


The price of a dog in India varies due to factors like breed, demand, availability, state or city, breeder reputation, etc. The journey of falling for a pooch to getting them home can be tricky. But armed with the knowledge of this guide, you can select a breed of your choice based on your preferences and compatibility. 

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Note to our readers:

The data presented in the article is based on research conducted by the DTUA team and our partners and information gathered from various online portals in India. This research was thorough, allowing us to provide a detailed and accurate portrayal of the current market for dogs in India. We have carefully analyzed and evaluated the data to ensure that it is reliable and precise. We hope that this article will be helpful for those interested in learning more about the dog market in India, and we encourage readers to use the information presented as a starting point for further research and analysis.