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Fox Terrier Price in India

Fox Terrier dog price in India

Only some people know the majestic Fox Terriers, but once you bring them home, you are bound to fall in love with the gentleman of the terrier world. They make amusing companions, upbeat natural comedians, and charming housemates, which means there is never a dull moment with them around. They have a working heritage and are famous in the United States, where they are still used for hunting.

They have recently started gaining popularity in India but are still considered a rare breed choosing between getting them a little more confusing and tedious. But we’ve got all the information and links in this article that a future dog owner will need to bring this lovely pup home.

Availability of Fox Terrier in India

Fox Terriers are a popular breed in the United States and the United Kingdom, but they are rare in India, which is also one of the reasons why many people need to be made aware of them. Due to low popularity, their availability is less in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, etc., which makes it closer to negligible in other towns or districts, making buying a healthy well, bred Fox Terrier pup difficult and tedious. 

We recommend being patient as good breeders and organizations are selling healthy Terriers, but that can be time-consuming as rare breeds sell out immediately. Suppose you belong to a region with no good breeders selling Fox Terriers. In that case, you might have to get them shipped from major cities, which will increase the initial cost price of the pup.

Fox Terrier Price in India

Fox Terriers are available in India, but since it’s a rare breed, their price is higher than other readily available breeds. The other factor that affects their price is location, it is easier to find breeders of popular breeds like Boxers or Labradors, but rare breeds have fewer breeders that increase their price even more.

A Fox Terrier’s price is also affected by the type: standard, premium, or show quality, in which premium and show quality pups cost more as they conform to the breed standards and come from a family of champion dogs that have won several dog competitions. 

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The average price of a standard Fox Terrier can be between INR 30,000 to INR 50,000.

Fox Terrier Breed Overview

Brief history and origin

Fox Terriers came into being in the late 1700s for fox hunting and not to confuse the foxes with the breed; they have primarily white coats, not red. Since there are few records, there is no exact answer to how the breed was developed. They are believed to have originated from rough-coated black and tan terriers of Wales, Durham, and Derbyshire. In 1876, England’s Fox Terriers club was formed that establishes the difference between Smooth and Wire Terriers, which were earlier considered one breed. 

Fox Terrier dog breed

They were popular back then to such an extent that one show in the 1870s had an entry of 276 Fox Terriers. The American Fox Terrier Club was formed in 1885 in the United States, and it wasn’t until 1985 that different breed standards for both breeds were set. AKC also established the differentiation. Both species are successful show dogs with various “Best in Show” Westminster Kennel Club Show awards. 

There are historical records of both Terriers being introduced or imported into India, which is why we can only claim something with supporting documents. But the breed has established its mark in India though it’s still considered rare.

Physical characteristics

Wire and Smooth Fox Terriers do not exceed 15.5 inches and weigh between 7-8 kgs. Wire’s have V-shaped ears that are neatly folded forward, whereas Smooth’s have smaller ears. The head is a differentiating factor as Wire’s have a more V-shaped head. Both breeds have a predominantly white color coat. However, as the name suggests, Wire Terriers have wiry textures and rough skins that look broken, but Smooth Terriers have smooth flat coats.

Both breeds can have black, tan, or black and tan markings on their faces, such as half, split face, blaze, or color only on the eyes or ears, according to the breed standard. In the show ring, markings like brindle, crimson, liver, or (in Wires) slate-blue are undesirable. Although those markings don’t make a good mate any less valuable, you shouldn’t pay more for them because they’re “unique.”

Temperament and personality traits

Wire Fox Terriers have prominent personalities and can make you laugh with their funny antics, which makes them the perfect companion for all kinds of households. They are always ready for adventure and will take no time to become your favorite companion for indoor and outdoor activities. They tend to get vocal, stubborn, and have a high prey instinct that needs to be managed with socialization and training in the early years.

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Smooth Fox Terriers are cheeky, affectionate, and playful. Due to their hunting heritage, they get along with children but have a tough time with other small animals. They are active dogs that prefer outdoor activities over chilling on the couch but don’t worry; they love cuddly loving time with their owners. They are known to be vocal and have a love for digging that needs to be kept in mind.

Suitability for families and individuals

Fox Terriers need a lot of stimulation and exercise that can be noticed, which makes them less preferable for individuals that live alone. However, they do well in small apartments as long as they get plenty of exercise. They are friendly with children and love to play games and other activities, making them the ideal family dog. They might wander off due to their curiosity to explore, so keeping them on a leash or in huge fenced backyards is recommended. 

Smooth Fox Terriers are also comfortable living in apartments with required exercise routines; however, they have strong hunting dog instincts, making them unsuitable for families with other pets. They have independent personalities, which means they can be left alone at home for a few hours but not for long, as they can develop separation anxiety like Wire Terriers. 

Difference between Wire Fox Terrier and Smooth Fox Terrier

Now we finally discuss and clear the main confusion: are there two types of Fox Terriers?

What’s the difference? Yes, there are two breeds of Fox Terriers: Wire Fox Terriers and Smooth Fox Terriers. Both breeds share similar characteristics in terms of appearance, size, and traits.

The main difference arises in various aspects as they both have different coats, which appear identical but vary slightly. Smooth Terriers have smooth and short coats, whereas Wire Terriers have short but fluffy coats that feel wiry upon touch. Another important distinguishing characteristic is the head: Smooth’s head is more V-shaped than Wire’s. Smooth Terriers stand at no more than 15.5 inches at the shoulder, and Wire Terriers stand between 16 to 18 inches. 

Both breeds have been recognized as separate breeds, with different registries and breed standards, since the late 19th century. The AKC did not recognize Wire and Smooth Fox Terriers as distinct breeds until 1985. But now, they are registered as two different breeds. 

Fox Terrier and other breeds

Since we’ve already discussed that the availability of Fox Terriers in India is rare, it might make you consider other readily available breeds or cost less since finding the right breeder and pup for rare species can be exhausting. You can also consider other breeds from the terrier group. 

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To help you with making the right choice, we’ve created a table that lists the prices of other dog breeds in India.

Dog BreedsPrice Range
Japanese SpitzINR 18,000- 40,000
GreyhoundINR 30,000- 50,000
Jack Russell Terrier Price in IndiaINR 24,000- 80,500
Yorkshire TerrierINR 20,000- 45,000
Neapolitan MastiffINR 45,000- 65,000
Golden Retriever Price in IndiaINR 12,000- 58,500
German Shepherd Price in IndiaINR 20,000- 72,800
Pug Dog Price in IndiaINR 8000-40,000
Siberian Husky Price in IndiaINR 40,000- 90,000
Pitbull Price in IndiaINR 8,400- 45,150

Pros and Cons of Owning a Fox Terrier in India

Fox terriers are playful, friendly, and fun-loving companions.They can be headstrong and independent, making training challenging.
They require less grooming.These high-energy pups require a lot of exercises to keep them healthy.
They are keen watchdogs and working partners.They tend to have separation anxiety, so they can’t be left alone for long hours.
They are highly adaptable to new environments.They can get aggressive with other animals due to their chasing instincts.

Things to consider before buying Fox Terrier 

It must be remembered that Fox Terriers are one of the rarer breeds, which makes their availability in India lesser, and tracking down a good breeder is time-consuming and tedious. We recommend buying from a breeder with health clearances for the puppy and its parents and a guarantee that you can return the pup if you face any issues after taking him home.

The responsibility starts the moment you bring your pup home; it will need a healthy diet, regular exercise, vaccination and health checkups, health insurance, and much more that will be a new expense, along with love, patience, and care since it will take time to train and behave according to your household. 


Are Fox Terriers stranger friendly?

They require proper training and socialization to get comfortable around strangers, as they protect their owners. If they are not well trained and socialized, they might act out and attack anyone they consider a threat.

Is the Fox Terrier easy to train?

Fox Terriers are independent dogs that can be stubborn at times. However, they are also eager to learn and owner-pleasers making training a manageable process. They learn new tricks and commands quickly due to their high retention power. An experienced dog owner will have no problem with training Fox Terriers.

What are the Fox Terriers’ heat and cold tolerance levels?

Fox Terriers are adaptable to both hot and cold climates and do not need extra care and attention like other breeds. They are a good option for owners living in different regions all over India.

Can Fox Terriers be left alone for more extended periods?

Fox Terriers can be left alone for a few hours. However, we do not advise leaving them alone for extended periods as they might become frustrated, bored, or restless, leading to aggressive tendencies, barking, destructive chewing, and throwing tantrums. 

How are Fox Terriers around children?

Fox Terriers are friendly, gentle, and careful among kids making them the ideal family pet. They love to indulge in games, walks, and other activities with children of all ages.


If you’ve come this far, we can assume you are already charmed by Fox Terriers. However, we recommend considering all the other factors to decide if this pup fits your family and lifestyle. They are a versatile breed that can adapt to all kinds of dog owners with their easy-to-train, intelligent, and loyal attitude. We have looked upon all the aspects that will help you decide on responsibility keeping in mind your future pup’s lifestyle environment and needs.


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