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French Bulldog Price in India

adult French bulldog on ground

The French Bulldog has a robust, muscular body and is petite in size but hefty in structure. These canines are well-known for their adorable appearances, diminutive size, and energetic personalities. French Bulldogs are among the most amiable and laid-back dogs and are very well-liked all around the world. 

French Bulldogs are popular as pets for a variety of reasons. It might be a family dog, play dog, companion dog, or pet dog. The French Bulldog is a popular companion dog among Indians due to their sociable, trainable, attractive, devoted, and well-behaved disposition.

So, let’s get right to it! We understand that getting a pet can be an overwhelming experience. Thus, to help you make an informed choice, we made a guide that covers everything right from the purchase to the maintenance of your pup.

Price Of A French Bulldog In India

The French Bulldog has a long history of being a beloved companion. They were bred in England to be tiny Bulldogs and traveled to France with English lacemakers, where they picked up the nickname “Frenchie.” French Bulldogs have recently become more well-known in India due to appearing in a few commercials.

On average, the price of a French Bulldog in India ranges from INR 29,750 to 166,000, with a median price of INR 50,150.

Factors that Influence the Buying Price of French Bulldogs in India

A range of factors can influence the French Bulldog price in India. For example, the cost varies widely depending on the breed, gender, age, and seller. Let’s explore these elements in more detail.

French Bulldog Age: Buying A Puppy vs. An Old Dog

Between the ages of 8 and 12 weeks, puppies are the most sought-after because, in addition to being cute, they are also the simplest to train. They will therefore be the most expensive at that time. After this time, their demand declines, substantially making older puppies less expensive. 

We strongly advocate against buying puppies before they turn two months old as this is the most important period for their immunity, which they can only receive through their mother’s milk.

Adopting A French Bulldog vs. Buying

As previously mentioned, French Bulldogs are quite pricey. Adopting a puppy who needs a home can be one of the best things you can do for it. Additionally, it could lower the cost of getting a French Bulldog, But because they are uncommon in India, you might have to wait a long time for one to be available.

On the other hand, buying your pup allows you to get in touch with the breeder, who can provide you with the dog’s health certificates and guide you through dog parenthood.

Breeder Factor

These canines are, unfortunately, prone to some very serious health issues. The most frequent are respiratory issues like Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome (BAS) and hip dysplasia, but spinal and other issues can also arise. Thus, it is crucial to carefully investigate the breeder’s credentials from whom you intend to buy your French Bulldog.

Good breeders ensure that the pups they sell have healthy parents, which greatly increases the likelihood of your French Bulldog living a long and healthy life.

Buying a French Bulldog from Puppy Mills (Please don’t go with this option)

Puppy mills lure their customers with low prices and dupe them with fake breeds. However, it is best to avoid them as they are a hotbed of brutality and abuse. Dogs bred from puppy mills are raised in poor and unhygienic conditions and are subjected to sickness and a compromised immune system. They are confined to a limited food supply and are exploited for financial gain. 

As French Bulldogs are innately an aggressive breed, pups bred in puppy mills turn into rogue pets due to the unpleasant environment they were born into.

Buying a French Bulldog from Pet Shops

The most frequent sites to purchase a French Bulldog are pet stores. However, one cannot ensure the purity of the breed; hence it is wise to consult with the breeder before buying it. 

Moreover, most puppies found in pet stores come from puppy mills. Thus, buying from a pet store could indirectly support puppy mills. Therefore, it is advised to meet with the pup’s parents to ensure that the dogs are healthy and not subjected to abuse and mistreatment.

Buying A French Bulldog from A Middleman or A Broker

Brokers are crucial for selling French Bulldogs as they link the customer and the breeder. Genuine brokers are explicit in their dealings and tend to guide the customers to a certified breeder. However, the overall price of the puppy will increase by 10 to 15% because of a commission charged by brokers. 

When dealing with a broker, checking in with the breeder before finalizing the deal is recommended.

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Buying French Bulldogs from Reputable Breeders

Seeking a reliable breeder is a pivotal and challenging task along the way. Even so, it narrows down as one of the safest sources to purchase French Bulldogs. Even while these breeders typically charge higher than other options, doing so helps to ensure the dog’s overall health and the breed’s integrity. Make sure the breeder you choose is a licensed breeder before hiring them. 

A good breeder tends to hesitate to sell French Bulldog pups to the customer if they are skeptical about the potential pet parent’s competence and preparedness to raise a French Bulldog. This shows that the breeder genuinely cares about the dog’s safety and not just about financial gains. It is safer to purchase French Bulldogs directly from credible breeders to avoid scamming. It negates the possibility of raising a diseased or unmanageable pup and making a moral choice.

adult French bulldog sleeping on white textile

Questions to Ask a Breeder

Reputable breeders will happily answer your questions. Some relevant questions are-

1. In what environment have the bulldog pups been living?

It’s crucial to learn the puppy’s previous residence. The preferable response is in the breeder’s home. If the puppy had been raised in a garage or a basement, it would have had little contact with humans. The puppy may then become timid or hostile toward people. 

2. How frequently do you handle the puppies?

You should look for a breeder who ensures that the puppies are handled frequently if you wish to adopt a dog. The puppy won’t become attached to people if he receives a pat on the head at mealtime and is left alone for the rest of the day.

It is better to acquire a puppy that has been handled frequently from birth till he moves in with you. 

3. May I Meet The Parents?

Meeting both parents might now always be possible. However, you should at least ask to meet the pup’s mother. The puppy will likely behave nicely and be sociable if the parents do so. You can sense the puppy’s future behavior by meeting the mother. 

4. The number of litter you raise annually.

The breeders that raise just one or two letters annually are the best. You can be certain that the puppies are receiving the attention and handling they require to be happy and healthy in this way. 

The dog should never be bred more than once a year if the breeder has just one female. After giving birth and being separated from her litter, she needs time to recover.

5. Is it Possible to Get Copies of the Health Clearance?

French Bulldogs are likely to experience particular health issues, including laryngeal collapse, stenotic nares, respiratory issues, deafness, and hip dysplasia. Thus, Obtaining copies of the health clearances for the parents is a good idea. A reliable breeder would test the parents for the most prevalent diseases. 

You may well be sure that the breeder is one you can trust if they underwent these tests and are willing to offer you copies of the results.

6. How old are the parents?

It’s critical to learn the parents’ ages before purchasing a dog. 

French Bulldogs typically don’t exhibit most hereditary disorders until they are two or three years old. You won’t understand what you are getting into if the parents are under three.

7. May I Speak With A Former Customer?

Ask to speak to someone who previously purchased a puppy from the breeder if this wasn’t their first litter. There is a good possibility that you will be satisfied with the breeder and the puppy if their previous clients were.


Female puppies will typically cost more because they are harder to care for and more in demand than male puppies. 


Although French Bulldogs are already petite dogs, you could find some breeders offering Miniature French Bulldogs. These animals are simply smaller Frenchie breeds, not separate breeds. 

Due to the tremendous difficulties in breeding them, these teacup French Bulldogs are typically more expensive than standard French Bulldogs.

Mixed or Purebred French Bulldog 

A purebred French Bulldog typically costs more than a mixed breed since there are fewer chances for a purebred puppy to have inherited health issues.

However, Frenchies are frequently crossed with other breeds, such as Chihuahuas, to produce smaller puppies or have coats of various colors, making them more expensive.


The ancestry and bloodline of a pup can have a significant impact on the pup’s pricing. Since show dogs are no healthier than pet dogs, the normal owner shouldn’t consider this.

A show dog with a bloodline of show champions will run from INR 70,000 to 90,000. Watch out for fraud when searching for one of these show-quality canines. Verify all documentation, and remember that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is!

Coat Colours and Markings

French Bulldogs come in a range of hues, such as cream, fawn, black, white, and brindle (a coat pattern with flecks and streaks of light and dark patterns), including the eye-catching tiger brindle. All colors save the solid black, liver, mouse, and black with tan or white are acceptable for French Bulldogs.

Be cautious when buying rare colors because the KCI does not recognize them. Some coat colors, such as the piebald or the blue French Bulldog, are far more uncommon. Breeders will therefore charge more for these puppies. 


French Bulldog prices may change based on where you live. As this breed is well recognized among city dwellers, their price will probably be higher in locations that serve this market.

Additionally, because breeding laws and regulations vary from state to state, certain states will be more expensive because the cost of the pup will be higher to make up for the stricter laws.

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Certification and Warranties

The Kennel Club of India maintains the breed specifications for dogs in India and provides each breeder with a straightforward registration procedure for puppies and canines. 

Purchasing a foreign dog breed increases the need for KCI registration of the puppy because there is a greater risk of not receiving a purebred dog.

You can request the breeder’s credentials and the KCI certificate for the dog. 

Although KCI-registered dogs are more expensive, you can rest assured knowing that the dog you are getting is healthy.

Yearly Maintenance Cost of Owning a French Bulldog in India

Sr. No.Cost HeaderTypeCost Range (INR)
1Dog Food CostMonthly3,000 to 5,000
2Vet Visit Costs
2.1VaccinationsYearly750 to 1,500
2.2DewormingRecurring100 to 500
2.3Neutering or Spaying SurgeryOne Time7,000 to 10,000
2.4Preventive MedicationsYearly2,000 to 12,000
2.5Antiseptic Spray, Cotton, and Band-aidsAs required200 to 500
2.6Ticks and Flea powderAs required500
2.7Ear dropsAs required150
3Housing and confinement Cost
3.1Crates for puppyOne Time1,500 to 2,000
3.2Bed for adult dogsOne Time1.500 to 5,000
4Accessories Cost
4.1CollarOne Time200 to 1,000
4.2LeashOne Time600 to 1,000
4.3HarnessOne Time1,000 to 3,500
5Toys CostAs required250 to 1,000
6Grooming Cost
6.1Top-quality brushOne Time200 to 500
6.2Nail clippersOne Time200 to 500
6.3Shampoo and ConditionerMonthly400
6.4TowelsOne Time200 to 700
6.5Professional Grooming ServicePer Visit4,500 to 6,000
6.6At Home groomingAs required500
7Walker CostMonthly3,000 to 5,000
8Training and Socializing Class CostPer session500 to 1,000
9Treat CostRecurring500 to 700
10Insurance CostMonthly200 to 10,000
11Travel Cost
11.1Domestic TravelPer Visit5,000 to 20,000
11.2International TravelPer Visit2,00,000 to 3,00.000
12Daycare CostPer Day250 to 500
13Registration CostOne Time400 to 800
14MiscellaneousOne Time2,500 to 4000

Most of us don’t factor in recurrent costs when purchasing a French Bulldog. 

Keep in mind that French Bulldogs are dogs and require particular attention. As a result, purchasing a puppy will be easier if you know the overall cost of ownership for a French Bulldog.

Dog Food Factor

Your French Bulldog’s food will be your biggest recurring expense. 

A French Bulldog is an uncommon dog breed, so premium dog food is essential. No matter where you purchase the puppy, French Bulldogs fed low-quality dog food never reach their full potential. 

Your monthly dog food expenses should range from INR 3,000 to 5,000. The cost of the food will depend on the below-mentioned parameters:

Home Food vs. Purchased Food

French Bulldogs are infamous for having severe food allergies, frequently reacting to several substances in conventional dog food, which can be dangerous for their health if left untreated. Cooking at home for your Frenchie will maintain most of the nutrients in the foods, unlike commercial dog food, which is extensively processed and has minimal nutritional value. It encourages a better digestive system and can aid in the prevention of many diseases linked to a poor diet, including pancreatitis, diabetes, obesity, bad skin and coat conditions, and lowered immunity.

Strong immunity, enhanced vitality, affordability, portion control, fresh ingredients, customizability, and the absence of harmful preservatives or additives are other advantages of home-cooked dog meals. 

Consult your veterinarian for a homemade food guide tailored to your French Bulldog.

Portion Size and Daily Frequency

Your French Bulldog needs food depending on several variables, including activity level, health, age, and weight. Your French Bulldog puppy should consume more calories as they age as per their weight. Your puppy should consume 25 to 30 calories per pound of body weight. The table below lists the daily recommended serving size of dry kibble for French Bulldogs.

See your veterinarian if you’re unsure how much to feed your French Bulldog.

AgeNumber of cups of foodNumber of Meals a day
8 to 12 weeks1 and ½ 3 to 4
12+ weeks1 and ½ 2 to 3

Vet Factor

It is a good idea to consult a local vet before purchasing a French Bulldog puppy to get a decent understanding of all potential medical bills you can incur.

Vaccination Cost

After bringing it home, vaccinating your French Bulldog puppy should be one of your priorities. French Bulldog puppies must receive rabies and parvovirus immunizations. Get a vaccination card from your veterinarian and discuss the immunization schedule with your breeder. 

In its first year, a French Bulldog puppy’s vaccinations will cost about INR 6,000. Post the first year, annual vaccinations for your Frenchie can range from INR 750 to 1,500.

Neutering or Spaying Surgery Cost

Neutering your pet dog can help prevent health complications. It is recommended if you don’t intend to breed it. It’s difficult to breed a French Bulldog or any dog, so we don’t advise it.

It can cost you anything from INR 7,000 to 10,000. Always keep in mind that spaying involves surgery. Thus, we discourage it if there isn’t quality veterinary care available in your city.

Deworming Cost

Every three months, your French Bulldog will require deworming. 

Deworming ensures their overall health and welfare. Consult your veterinarian for information on the drug and dose, as the dosage is based on the dog’s body weight.

Worming medicines are reasonably priced in India; one would run you about INR 100 to 500. Tablets for deworming are also available online.

AgeFrequency of Deworming
Under 8 weeksEvery 2 weeks
8 weeks to 6 monthsMonthly
More than 6 months4 times a year

Preventive Medications Cost

Preventative medications are essential to protect your dog’s health and stop the spread of parasites like heartworms, ticks, tapeworms, and ear mites. A year’s supply of these preventative medications in India will cost between INR 2,000 and 12,000.

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Due to their small stature, French Bulldogs are fragile and prone to injuries. Band-aids and an antiseptic spray are the essential tools for the same. You could pay between INR 300 and 500 for them.

You may need to spend approximately INR 150 on topical ear medicines to effectively treat inflammatory or viral ear disorders.

Housing and Confinement Cost 

Minimal space is required for little dogs like French Bulldogs, making small crates feasible. Crates of high quality could cost between INR 1,500 and 5,000.

Similar to that, they do well with little dog beds and don’t take up much room in your home. A good bed will cost you between INR 1,500 and 5,000.

Accessories Cost

Accessories for French Bulldogs include a leash, a collar, a harness, and an ID tag. Let’s dive into greater detail about the same.

Collar and Leash

Collars are handy and can be worn constantly with an ID tag. You can also attach a leash before taking your dog on a walk. A simple collar can cost anywhere from INR 200 to INR 1,000, and a collar and leash set might cost anywhere from INR 600 to INR 1,000. 

We strongly suggest using a harness rather than a collar when taking your French Bulldog for walks.

Training Harness 

French Bulldogs are brachycephalic, so purchasing a harness is necessary. A harness will save them from putting extra strain on their necks as they walk. A front-clip harness is the best type of harness for walking dogs. The price range for them is between INR 1,000 and 3,500.

Toys Cost 

Dog toys are a crucial component of every dog’s life, and Frenchies require them to satisfy their lively natures and develop their intellect. These may cost you INR 250 and INR 1,000 yearly.

white and brown short coated dog on green grass field during daytime

Grooming Cost

 French Bulldogs are fairly simple to groom, and with the right training, grooming can be a great time for you and your Frenchie to share. Take your dog to a professional groomer who is familiar with the requirements of French Bulldogs if you feel uncomfortable doing any part of grooming, such as clipping nails. The average cost of grooming a French Bulldog dog is between INR 4,500 and 6,000 monthly. However, the monthly cost of at-home grooming is about INR 500.

  • Top-quality de-shedding brush – INR 200-500 
  • Nail clippers- INR 200-500 
  • Shampoo and Conditioner- INR 400 
  • Towels- INR 300-700 

Walker Cost

Although French Bulldogs don’t have much energy, they need to be walked frequently because they are prone to obesity. 

In India, you may expect to pay a good dog walker anywhere from INR 3,000 to 5,000 per month.

Training and Socializing Class Cost

Although the French Bulldog is quite simple to teach, you should start training and obedience classes as soon as possible because they can have a stubborn nature.

Every group session may cost between INR 500 and 1000. The price varies greatly based on the instructor and the course.

Treat Cost

You’ll need treats to train your French Bulldog tricks. It will cost between INR 500 and 700 monthly.

Insurance Cost

French Bulldog dog insurance premiums typically range from INR 200 to 10,000 monthly in India. The dog owner’s insurance policy determines this cost—the more expensive the insurance policy, the higher the premium for that coverage.

Travel Cost

Small dogs can travel internationally for roughly INR 2 lakhs, while domestic flights typically cost INR 20,000 or less. 

On domestic travel, most airlines charge INR 94 per kg, depending on the route, destination, and size of the crate.

Daycare Cost

Depending on your residence, dog daycare fees could range from INR 250 to 500 per day.

Registration Cost

KCI makes sure the breed fulfills all standards. Members pay INR 800, while non-members must pay INR 1000 to register a dog whose parents are unknown. Similarly, if the dog’s parents are known and at least one is already KCI registered, it costs INR 400 for members and INR 500 for non-members.

Dogs with KCI registration typically are more expensive.


Other important items include non-slip bowls for feeding, pee cleaner, and poo bags, among other things. These will cost about INR 2,500 to 4,000.

Hidden and Related Costs of French Bulldog Puppy Ownership 

French Bulldogs, like all other toy breeds, must be paid attention to meticulously to keep them from injuries and other diseases. Additionally, it can develop separation anxiety if left alone for long hours. Thus, you might have to pay in the form of your time.

Important Things to Consider Before Buying A French Bulldog in India

French Bulldogs have a below-average tolerance for both high and low temperatures. As a result, they shouldn’t be kept under extreme heat or cold. 

They prefer a comfortable temperature; therefore, their parents need to care more for them.

They are not thought to be particularly kid-friendly dogs. Additionally, they don’t get along well with other dogs. Due to the high level of their social demands, early socialization is crucial for them.

Benefits of bringing a French Bulldog Puppy Home

French Bulldogs are incredibly loving and friendly with the people they care about and trust. They are quite adaptive and good with apartments. They easily adapt to new surroundings and situations, enjoy meeting new people, and get along well with outsiders. They don’t need much grooming or physical activity.


Can French Bulldogs live in India?

Yes, but they require more care because they are not native to India and have difficulty adjusting to the environment.

How long do French Bulldogs live?

They have a 10–12 year lifespan.

How tall and heavy is a French Bulldog?

French Bulldogs are 11 to 13 inches tall and 10 to 13 kg in weight.

Is it okay to leave French Bulldogs alone at home?

As it is prone to separation anxiety, it cannot stay at home by itself for extended periods.

Are French Bulldogs easy to train?

Yes, they are relatively easy to train.

Are French Bulldogs a suitable family pet?

No, this dog is not very good with children.

Do French Bulldogs Bite?

Although it is a non-aggressive breed, it can bite when playing and can bite strangers.

Do French Bulldogs bark a lot?

Like other mastiff-type dogs, French Bulldogs don’t bark a lot.

How many calories should a French Bulldog consume each day?

They need food with a caloric intake of 25 to 30 calories per pound of body weight.

Summing It Up 

French Bulldogs are among the best dog breeds for an Indian home. However, buying one costs a lot of money. Before bringing one home, we advise you to fully comprehend a French Bulldog’s ownership costs.

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