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Gaddi Dog Price in India

white furry dog

Gaddi dogs also called “Himalayan Sheepdogs”, are a huge breed of domesticated pets used to guard and herd livestock in the past. The name “Gaddi” is derived from the local term shepherd.

The Gaddi dog comes from northern India and is known for its quick feet and stamina. They can weigh anywhere around 80 kg. This is why they’re often called the “Indian Leopard Hound”. However, their rarity makes them hard to find as they were bred to be guard dogs. Their body is quite large and boasts high intelligence.

To give you an idea of what it’s like to own a Gaddi Dog and various other financial aspects that can come throughout the journey, we’ve made this guide for you to make an informed decision. So, let’s get started.

Gaddi Dog Price in India

The average cost of a Gaddi Dog in India ranges from Rs. 1,800 to 7,000. This large and powerful animal is commonly used for hunting and protection, however prices may vary depending on location.

To know about the price of Gaddi Dog in your city, follow the table below.

Gaddi Dog Breed Information

BreedGaddi Dog
Weight22 – 45 kg
Height20 – 30 inch
Coat TypeThick, double coat
ColorWhite, Brown, Black
PurposeHunting, Protection
TemperamentLoyal, Intelligent, Alert
Life Expectancy10 – 11 years

Factors that Influence the Buying Price of Gaddi Dog in India

When purchasing a new dog, many factors can influence the buying price. To get an Idea, have a look at the sections mentioned below:

Gaddi Dog Age: Buying A “Puppy” vs An “Old Dog”

The cuteness and innocence of a puppy are hard to resist, which is why they can be more expensive than an adult dog.

Another reason is that puppies are not trained as adult dogs are. As a result, they require regular vet checks, as they’re more prone to diseases and need to be fed more. However, training puppies from scratch can be an advantage if you want to train them according to your needs.

This becomes essential as most adult dogs who are already house-trained may come from a bad past. This can make them have behavioural issues which might require time to resolve. So, buying a puppy may seem expensive, but it can be good in the long run.

To Adopt or Buy?

Adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue organisation can be cheaper than buying one from a breeder, and you will save money on vet bills. In addition, dogs in shelters and rescues often have already had their vaccines and been fixed, so they’re ready to go immediately.

Adopting a dog allows the dog to have a loving home, which can make all the difference in the world. However, they may seem housebroken but can show behavioural issues, especially when they’ve gone through a rough patch.

Nonetheless, adopting a Gaddi dog through a licensed rescue organisation is likely to take more time due to high demand and requires more responsibilities, which might discourage potential customers.

Whereas buying from a reputable breeder might be quick compared to rescue shelters, it will be expensive.

Breeder Factor

The breeder plays a significant role in developing a healthy and energetic puppy. However, in India, the demand for dog ownership is increasing, making Gaddi Dog breeders use illegal methods to make a quick buck.

Gaddi dogs are prone to diseases like Elbow Dysplasia, Arthritis Canine, and Glaucoma. Therefore, it becomes your responsibility to ensure that you get a dog from the right source.

Here are some places where you can find Gaddi Dog

Puppy Mills (Avoid at all costs)

Puppy mills are businesses that breed dogs to produce puppies. These businesses typically use large, industrial-style confinement facilities to house the dogs and produce as many puppies as possible in a short period.

The conditions in which these animals are kept are often incredibly poor, and they often have little opportunity for exercise or socialisation. 

Dogs in puppy mills often end up being surrendered to shelters or euthanised because they have been mistreated or cannot find homes due to poor health problems, including obesity, heart disease, and serious behavioural issues.

Although, the price may seem to lure you into buying them as they’re notoriously kept very low. However, in the long term, this can be very expensive.

Pet Shops

The dogs in pet stores often come from puppy mills. These dogs may have been bred to be sold in pet shops and had little or no training. They may also be frightened and anxious because they have never been comfortable in new surroundings or with new people.

Many dogs in pet stores have been given drugs to make them hyperactive and more likely to sell well.

However, there are some good pet stores out there. So, it is important to research and find a reputable store. One good way to start is to look at online reviews or ask the local vet.

Buying a Gaddi Dog from Middleman or Brokers in India

A broker knows the ins and outs of the pet market and can help you find the perfect dog for your lifestyle. They can help you find a reputable breeder, which is important if you want a purebred Gaddi dog. In addition, they would also look after the paperwork that comes along with it.

However, they may charge about 15-20% of the commission of the service they’re providing to you. It is also important to find the right broker, as many in India carry out illegal practices. So, consult only after doing proper research. You can ask a local friend or look for online reviews.

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adult dog reclining on ground

Buying a Gaddi Dog from Reputable breeders in India

Dogs from reputable breeders have been bred for specific purposes and will have more genetic diversity than dogs from pet shops or backyard breeders. It means they are likely healthier and have better temperament traits, making them better suited for families.

When you buy a dog from a reputable breeder, you know that the animal has been bred by specific guidelines set by the kennel club or another recognised organisation. The dog has been screened for health and temperament issues and is unlikely to have any hereditary conditions that could be passed down to your new pet.

Moreover, reputable breeders will ensure that the pet goes to a loving family and won’t sell only to profit. In addition, they would also offer to accept the dog back if you cannot raise them.

This option may seem more expensive than adopting, but this can turn out to be good in the long run as you’re getting a healthier dog.

It is always important to check the breeder’s background, as many in India follow illegal practices to make quick money. So always ask for their certification and buy only if they’re licensed.

Questions to ask from a reputable breeder

  • What is your breeding philosophy? 
  • Are you a member of any breed clubs or organisations? 
  • Do you have any references from happy customers? 
  • What health guarantee do you offer buyers of your puppies? 
  • How many litters have you bred in the past, and what was the average number of puppies per litter? 
  • How much experience do you have with raising puppies to be successful family dogs? 
  • Are your puppies guaranteed to be registered with one of the major dog registries (KCI, etc.)? 
  • Can I visit your facility to look at the dog’s mother?
  • Can you show me the place where your puppies have been raised?
  • What vaccinations have you provided to the dog?
  • Will you accept the dogs back if we’re unable to raise them?
  • What are the nutritional needs of this dog?
  • What food do you give them?


Male puppies are seen as potential breeding partners, meaning they can fetch a higher price than female puppies. Additionally, males tend to be more muscular and bigger than females, which can lead to them being seen as desirable by consumers.


The size of the gaddi dog can considerably affect the buying price. The bigger the dog, the more expensive it will likely be. On average, a gaddi dog will stand between 20-31 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh between 35 and 44 Kilograms.

Mix Breed or Purebred

Purebred dogs are registered with a specific breed club and are generally more expensive to buy than mixed-breed dogs. The purebred dog is likely to have been selectively bred over many years and may have some unique characteristics that make it desirable to buyers.

Mixed breed dogs, on the other hand, have been created by mixing two different breeds. Because these dogs don’t have as strict a pedigree, they usually cost less than a purebred dog.


Bloodline is a measure of a dog’s genetic history. The more prestigious the bloodline, the higher the price tag will be for that animal. Pedigree dogs are typically healthier and have fewer health problems than those from lower-quality pedigrees. Furthermore, they usually have a larger frame and are physically stronger than pet dogs from lower-quality pedigrees.

Coat Colours and Markings

Gaddi Kutta can be found in beige, black, and light brown colours, but black and tan are the standards. The price of dogs will depend upon the factor of how rare the colour is. For example, standard colours and markings will cost less than rare ones.


Breeders located in major metropolitan areas can command a higher price for their dogs than those in rural areas. There is a greater demand for dogs in urban areas, which leads to higher breeding fees. In addition, if you had to travel a long distance to find your preferred dog, that can also add expenses such as shipping and travelling to the final price of the dog.

white and brown short coated dog

Certification and Warranties

You should only buy dogs from a certified breeder who is licensed to offer and sell Gaddi Dogs. It demands certification and guarantees. The accredited dog goes through various health checkups and vaccination before any animal welfare organisation certifies them. Hence, this can cost breeders an extra cost that reflects in the final selling price.

However, before choosing any breeder, it is very important to have some background checks. As these breeders sometimes offer fake certificates to dupe extra money from you.

Yearly Maintenance Cost of owning Gaddi Dog in India

Owning a Gaddi dog is a great way to have a furry friend around the house, but keeping them maintained annually is important to ensure their health and happiness.

Here are some basic costs that you may come through being a Gaddi dog parent:

Dog Food Factor

Large dogs are vulnerable to hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, luxating patella, and obesity. So their diet must focus on supporting the bone structure that doesn’t make them overweight.

In the past, Himalayan Mastiffs were used for hunting; on each successful hunt, they received a bit of it. On other occasions, the Gaddi tribe used to feed them little meat and leftovers. It made them suitable to survive on any locally available food.

“Home Food” vs “Purchased Food”

As an indigenous breed, Gaddi dogs can easily survive on homemade food. However, due to their massive size, Gaddi Dogs will require lots of protein and carbs such as lean meat, fish, eggs, fruits, and some green vegetables are all they will need.

But, If you don’t have the experience or time to feed a dog, then premium dog food with balanced nutrients, proteins and carbs will do the trick. If you want to save on the costs, you can also try mixing purchased and home food together. However, we suggest consulting your dog’s vet before planning your diet.

Good quality dog food will cost you anywhere around INR 6000-9000 a month, whereas you can bring this amount down to INR 4000-6000 if you provide them with a mixture of home and store-bought food.

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Portion Size and Frequency

Gaddi Dogs consume less than other dogs its size, but you can expect them to consume approximately 500 to 700 g of food each meal.

To have an Idea about their feeding schedule, look at the table below.

Dog AgeDog WeightFood TypeAmountFrequency
2 Months5 KgDry (Puppy formula)0.4 cups3 times per day
3 Months12 KgDry0.6 cups3 times per day
6 Months21 KgDry0.8 cups3 times per day
9 Months30 KgDry* (Puppy/Adult)1.5 cups2 times per day
12 Months37 KgDry (Adult formula)2 cups2 times per day
14 Months+41 KgDry2.25 cups2 times per day

However, this schedule is to give you a general idea. Your dog may demand different nutritional needs. So, it is advisable to consult your vet before deciding on your dog’s diet.

Vet Factor

Your pet will need regular veterinary visits throughout its life to be healthy. On average, puppies need more veterinarian visits than older dogs since they are more susceptible to illnesses.

Here is a list of vet-related costs that you may come across being a Gaddi Dog Parent:

Vaccination Cost

Dogs are highly susceptible to various diseases, which can be fatal if not treated. By vaccinating your dog against these diseases, you are protecting them from potentially life-threatening illnesses. 

It is generally recommended that puppies be vaccinated between 6 and 16 weeks old and adult dogs between 2 and 6 months old. A full vaccination series can effectively eradicate certain diseases (such as rabies), so starting as early as possible is important to ensure your dog’s long-term health and well-being.

To have a general idea, follow the table guide below. However, your puppy may demand different vaccination needs, so it will be good to consult your dog’s vet before giving them any vaccines.

6-7 WeeksDHPP, Bordetella,
9-10 WeeksDHPP, Bordetella, Leptospirosis
12-13 WeeksDHPP, Leptospirosis, Canine Influenza, Lyme Disease
15-17 WeeksDHPP, Rabies, Canine Influenza, Lyme Disease
12 - 16 monthsRabies, DHPP
Every 1 - 2 yearsDHPP
Every 1 - 3 yearsRabies (as required by law)

Neutering or Spaying Surgery Cost

Neutering and spaying are two common animal sterilisation procedures that remove the reproductive organs of male and female dogs. Neutering a male dog reduces its risk of developing testicular cancer and also reduces behavioural issues such as marking territories by urinating while spaying a female dog eliminates the possibility of her getting pregnant and giving birth to unwanted puppies.

The surgery cost generally depends upon the location, though the average cost for these surgeries ranges from INR 6,000 to 15,000.

Deworming Cost

Deworming is the process of removing intestinal parasites such as tapeworms and roundworms from a dog. These parasites can cause health problems for your pet, including diarrhoea, vomiting, and anaemia. Your vet will prescribe tablets or syrups, seeing your dog’s condition, weight and age. Generally, you can expect these tablets and syrups to cost around INR 100-200.

furry dog

Preventive Medications Cost

Preventive medication for dogs is typically aimed at preventing illnesses before they occur. Some common preventive medications include flea and tick treatments, first aid kits, and ear infection treatments.

Flea and tick treatment powders can range in price from around INR 300 to 500, depending on the chosen product and the pet’s size. This treatment aims to kill fleas and ticks stuck to your dog’s body and cause many health concerns.

During your lifetime, your dog may come across minor injuries from being hyperactive. You may need some bandages, antiseptic spray and cotton to treat them. Depending upon how often you use them, it can cost you around INR 400-500.

Ear infection can cause inflammation in your dog’s ears; if left untreated, they may lose their hearing ability. To treat these, ear drops generally cost around INR 150 to 300.

Housing and Confinement Cost

Dogs are social animals that thrive when they have access to various stimuli. That’s why keeping your dog confined is so important when they are not supervised. Dogs who run free in neighbourhoods or parks can be destructive and engage in risky behaviour, such as chasing cars or other animals.

Confining your dog can also teach them to be well-behaved. In addition, it may lead to a reduction of behavioural problems such as aggression and constant barking. There are various ways to confine your dog. Some consist of using a crate, while others use a dog bed. The cost of confinement will vary depending on the type of enclosure you choose.

For example, a good quality crate costs around INR 1500-2500. In contrast, a dog bed can range from INR 1000-1500.

Accessories Cost

Training Harness

Training harnesses are necessary for any dog parent who wants to train their dog safely. They provide a way to restrain your dog while you provide commands safely and help ensure that your dog doesn’t pull against the restraint and injure itself.

In addition, Harnesses distribute the force of a correction more evenly across the dog’s body, preventing unnecessary harm. Depending upon the brand and size, the training harness typically ranges from INR 1000-2000.

Toys Costs

Dogs are pack animals and need their owners’ stimulation to remain healthy. Toys are important for dogs to get this stimulation since dogs can use them to play with or chase.

Toys can help keep a dog mentally and physically active, preventing them from becoming bored or destructive. Some toys provide mental stimulation by rewarding the dog when it gets in the correct position or when they make a certain sound.

Others are designed to provide physical exercise by engaging the dog’s chase or chew instinct. Good quality generally comes within the price range of INR 500-1200.

Grooming Cost

Due to the double coat, the Gaddi dog shed noticeably. So grooming needs become high and important. Shedding often occurs during the autumn season. Therefore, you need to trim their coat and cut their hair to prevent losing it. In addition, you ought to brush them daily.

If you have the experience and skills, grooming a Gaddi dog home is easy. In addition, by doing these activities at home, you’ll save a lot of money. All you need to invest in is a good grooming kit that includes nail clippers, towels, shampoos, brushes, etc. It would cost you around INR 2000-3000.

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However, professional services offer to groom if you don’t have the required skill or time. This service’s cost can range from INR 500-2000 a session.

Walker Cost

Walking your dog can be enjoyable; that’s where dog walkers come in.

A dog walker is professional, experienced, and equipped with the necessary gear to take care of your pup while you’re away. They’ll keep your pet entertained and help them stay healthy and fit. Depending upon the location, the average price a dog walker could charge a session is around INR 100-500. However, there are monthly rentals that cost around INR 2000-5000.

Training and Socialising Costs

Training helps to teach your dog basic obedience commands, such as sitting, staying, and coming when called. Socialising your dog helps them become comfortable around other people and animals, making their life easier. Well-trained and socialised dogs are less likely to be aggressive or troublesome towards others.

However, if you have the time and required skills, you can opt for training your dog at home, but if you don’t, hiring a trainer is a wise decision. A trainer, depending upon your location, can charge anywhere between INR 6000-8000.

Treats Cost

Treats give dogs a sense of satisfaction and reward, which can help keep them obedient and motivated. Many types of dog treats are available on the market, so choosing ones that suit your dog’s individual diet and preferences is important.

Some popular treats include wet food rewards, canned rewards, rawhide chews, biscuits, and meaty snacks. Generally, these costs can range between INR 200-500 monthly.

Insurance Cost

Dog insurance covers your pet if they are injured or loses its life. Many insurances also cover theft and third-party liabilities.

It’s important to understand what coverage you need before deciding on a policy, as some policies will only cover specific incidents. In contrast, others will provide comprehensive coverage for your pet throughout their lifetime. Good dog insurance can range from INR 5000-15000 yearly.

Please read all the important policy documents thoroughly before investing in them.

Travel Cost

Bringing a dog for flights abroad can cost anywhere from INR 2,00,000 to INR 3,00,000 and up to INR 20,000 for domestic flights. The fee depends upon the airline, distance, and animal weight.

Make sure you have a comfortable carrier for your dog before you head out to travel with them. Always adhere to airline rules and search for a hotel with a pet-friendly policy, and consider your pet’s comfort while travelling.

Daycare Cost

Dog daycare services are a great way to have your dog stay entertained and healthy while you’re away. These services typically include playing fetch, training, providing meals and getting enough exercise. Many also offer overnight stays so that your pet can rest comfortably.

Depending on your region, a good daycare service costs INR 500-2000 daily.

Registration Cost

A dog’s registration cost is necessary to maintain accurate records of the dog’s lineage. This information can help prevent disease and find a lost pet. Some municipalities also require registration to conduct rabies vaccinations.

In India, many dog welfare organisations provide this certification. Kennel Club of India is known to be prominent amongst them. Registration fees at KCI can range from INR 400-1000 depending on whether the dog is purebred or mixed.

Miscellaneous Cost

After going through the cost of all the essential needs of the Gaddi dog, it is also to consider some basic needs such as food and water bowls, pee cleaner, poop bags, food storage containers etc. All these items would cost anywhere around INR 2,000-3000.

brown furry dog

Hidden and Related Costs of the Gaddi Dog Puppy Ownership

Loving your dog unconditionally is not enough. Being a dog parent involves the unavoidable cost of the time, love and attention that your dog needs from you throughout their lifetime.

Puppies need time to play, train, and adapt to their environment. On the other hand, adult dogs will consistently desire physical activity, love, and medical care as they get older and get weak. We hope you understand the responsibility of owning a dog and a desire to fulfil it.

Essential Things to Consider Before Buying Gaddi Dog

  • Unlike their appearance, the Gaddi dog is comparatively friendlier and easier to live with. Socialisation at a young age will help them grow into more pleasant dogs in society. Persistent exposure to various sights, sounds, and experiences will teach them to be better socialised.
  • They are very fit and active and used to strenuous Himalayas activities. An appropriate and expert fitness routine featuring enough mental and physical activity is highly recommended. A day of missing exercise can trigger major behavioural issues. It is recommended to at least train them for two hours daily.
  • Gaddi dogs are massive, and their enormous structure resembles their pack mentality. It means you have to make them understand who the boss is while training them. You can take advantage of many positive techniques that make them respect and listen to you.
  • If you’re a first-time owner, you may require professional training.
  • Gaddi Dogs, a herding breed, may not get along with the small pets at home. As they would chase them, considering them as a threat.
  • They require a great deal of space due to their massive size. Enclosed spaces can cause them to become dissatisfied and aggressive.

Benefits of Gaddi Dog

  • Gaddi dogs are smart and capable.
  • Due to their massive size, they’re best suitable for people who want a guard dog.
  • They possess excellent herding capabilities
  • Loyal to their owners
  • Has great strength, agility, speed and stamina
  • Will survive in cold climates

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Gaddi Dogs Dangerous?

A gaddi dog is very affectionate and friendly. But they like to create territories, and this has caused them to develop fighting-prone tendencies. It can protect its pack and bite attack or potential nip threats. Unless you’re the threat, you don’t need to worry.

Is Gaddi Dog easy to train?

For a first-time owner, No! But you can hire a professional to train them.

Can Gaddi Dogs survive in hotter climates?

Being raised in the cold climates of the Himalayas, Gaddi dogs may not respond well to hot temperatures.

Summing It Up

In conclusion, the Gaddi dog is the perfect breed if you’re looking for an ideal dog that will keep you entertained and make your life easier. With its playful nature, easy-to-train habits, and low maintenance requirements, this dog will surely give you years of enjoyment. If you’re ready to adopt one today, read up on all the essential costs mentioned in this article before deciding.

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