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Golden Retriever: All You Need to Know

golden retriever on gray rock during daytime

Have you also fallen in love with the majestic beauty, friendliness, and just loads of cuteness of a golden retriever and can’t wait to bring one home? Golden retrievers are intelligent and loyal and make ideal family companions with their gentle nature, shiny coats, and charming smiles. Golden Retrievers are more than their majestic appearance; they are serious hard workers, obedient, and eager to please their owner.

We’ve created an extensive guide that will help you know more about Goldens, from breaking myths to understanding its needs; this guide has it all. After all, who doesn’t want a Golden filling their lives and houses with joy and happiness?

Breed at Glance

Lifespan10-12 years
HeightMale- 23-24 inches
Female- 21.5-22.5 inches
WeightMale- 29-34 kg
Female- 24-29 kg
Temperamentgentle, outgoing, friendly, playful, willful
Coat ColorsDark golden, cream, light golden, golden
Litter Size4 to 12 puppies
Puppy PriceAverage- INR 40,000
Yearly Maintenance CostINR 50,000-60,000


Who Is the Best Human for Golden Retriever?

  • Golden retrievers shed a lot; they need an owner ready to find and deal with an enormous amount of dog hair everywhere in the house.
  • Their owner should be ready for daily exercises to fulfill their enormous energy levels.
  • Golden retrievers need companionship and don’t do well with owners who leave them alone for several hours.
  • Golden retrievers are prone to cancer and many other diseases; they will need frequent vet checkups and a healthy diet. 
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Breed Characteristics

                   Adaptability                     3 Out of 5
Apartments & Small Homes Friendly                      2/5
Good for first-time Pet Parents                      3/5
Can leave alone                    1/5
Suitable for Indian Weather                      3/5
                  Friendliness                   5 Out of 5
Good with Kids                    5/5
Good with Cats                    4/5
Good with Other Dogs                    5/5
Good with Strangers                    5/5
              Grooming Needs                    3 Out of 5
Easyness to Groom                      2/5
Drooling Potential                      2/5
Amount of Shedding                      4/5
      Health and Physical Needs                      4 Out of 5
General Health                      2/5
Potential to Weight Gain                      5/5
Energy Level                      5/5
Exercise Needs                      5/5
              Training Needs                      4 Out of 5
Easy to Train                      5/5
Intelligence                      5/5
Prey Drive                      3/5
Barking Tendencies                      3/5
Biting Tendencies                    5/5


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Types of Golden Retrievers

two adult golden and light golden retrievers on rock during day

While you might think there is only one type of Golden Retriever, there are three different types with minimal differences, as listed below.

Canadian Golden Retrievers 

They have a darker, shorter, and thinner coat with less feathering on the back of the forelegs, neck, and tail. They are also taller than the other two types by at least 2 inches, and their coat comes in all shades of gold. 

British Golden Retrievers 

Their main characteristic is feathery, creamy coats and prominent ruff around their necks. They are more muscular and heavier, and cream is their standard coat color. 

American Golden Retrievers 

They are less muscular and lankier than the other two. However, they have a variety of rich golden coats and almond-shaped eyes. They are larger than British retrievers and have more feathery coats.

Myths vs. Facts About Golden Retrievers

Adult Golden Retriever with a small puppy

Myth- Black golden retrievers exist.

There are no purebred black Golden Retrievers. Black Golden Retrievers are either mixed breeds or flat-coated retrievers.

Fact- Golden Retrievers have made world records.

They hold two world records for the loudest bark at 113.1 decibels and holding the most tennis balls(5) in their mouth.

Myth: Golden Retrievers have black spots on their tongue because they are mixed with Chow Chows.

The black marks are pigmented skin cells and have nothing to do with mixing with Chow Chows.

Fact- They are called Retrievers for a reason.

They were used as gun dogs to retrieve shot waterfowl during shooting, partying, and hunting, leading to the naming of golden retrievers.

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golden retriever puppy on grey wooden fence during daytime

These popular and lovely pups originate from the Scottish highlands dating back to the 19th century. They were primarily bred as hunting dogs which is the opposite of the fantastic human companions they make today. Dudley Majoribanks developed the ideal retriever, the baron of Tweedmouth, by crossing a tweed water spaniel with a yellow-colored retriever. The Merican Kennel Club (AKC) officially recognized the golden retriever in 1925. When AKC debuted the Obedience Champion title in 1977, a golden retriever earned the first designation.

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