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Great Dane Dog Price in India

Great Dane

‘Great’ is an appropriate title for this massive, elegant, gentle breed. Known as the ‘Apollo of Dogs,’ these chiseled canines are the world’s tallest breed, with distinct square faces and standard docile nature. Their gigantic size and thunderous barks make them ideal for serving as protectors in suburban houses. Juxtaposed with a caring and nurturing temperament, they make excellent pets, especially if you have children or other animals at home.

Indian households are particularly fond of this breed, making them very popular and in demand. The short hair allows them to thrive in India’s warm and humid weather conditions.

If you want to bring one home, you must research extensively and understand all the consequences. This article will help you understand the various costs involved.

How Much Does The Great Dane Cost in India?

Purchasing a Great Dane pup generally costs between INR 20,000 and INR 50,000. While many factors affect the cost of a Great Dane pup, like the breeder’s reputation to breed quality to the city you live in, some ballpark figures have been mentioned in the table below. This article will further explore the various dependent factors that affect prices in India.

City/StatePrice Range (INR)
Mumbai25,000 - 50,000
Delhi24,500 - 49,500
Bangalore24,000 - 48,500
Hyderabad23,500 - 48,000
Ahmedabad23,500 - 47,500
Chennai23,500 - 47,000
Kolkata23,000 - 47,000
Surat21,000 - 42,000
Pune21,000 - 41,500
Jaipur21,000 - 41,500
Lucknow21,000 - 41,500
Kanpur21,000 - 41,500
Nagpur21,000 - 41,000
Indore20,500 - 41,000
Thane20,500 - 41,000
Bhopal20,500 - 41,000
Vishakhapatnam22,500 - 46,000
Patna20,500 - 41,000
Vadodara20,500 - 41,000
Ghaziabad20,500 - 41,000
Ludhiana20,500 - 41,000
Agra20,500 - 41,000
Nashik20,500 - 41,000
Srinagar20,500 - 41,000
Allahabad20,500 - 40,500
Howrah20,500 - 40,500
Ranchi20,500 - 40,500
Coimbatore22,500 - 45,500
Vijayawada20,500 - 40,500
Chandigarh20,500 - 40,500
Mysore22,500 - 45,500
Gurgaon20,500 - 40,500
Bhubaneshwar20,500 - 40,500
Noida22,500 - 45,500
Kochi22,500 - 45,500

Factors that influence the Buying Price of a Great Dane in India

Great Dane Age: Buying a Puppy vs. Adult Dog

Puppies are usually more expensive than adult dogs. Nevertheless, most people lean towards buying a puppy because they believe it helps them hold a better connection and is easier to train them from an impressionable age. To an extent, it is true. However, an old dog can learn new tricks with the proper love and care. 

Adopting vs. Buying a Great Dane

A dog in animal shelters is likely to have been abandoned and rescued. Puppy mills could leave their dogs due to minor deviations from the kennel standards of the breed. If you adopt a dog, you save a life, and it’s cheaper. The only thing to be aware of is to pay maximum attention to the behavior and health of the pup so you can be mindful of any future concerns. 

Breeder Factor

Choosing the right breeder is the most significant decision when bringing a dog into your home. Poor breeding practices can lead to the passing of genes responsible for common genetic diseases in Great Danes – the Wobbler’s syndrome or dilated cardiomyopathy. The difference between a good and a lousy breeder determines the quality of life for your dog. 

There are many channels to find Great Dane pups, and you might not know which is the best. The following can act as a guideline to help you find your furbaby.

Buying a Great Dane from Puppy Mills

Puppy mills are establishments looking to breed dogs for the sole purpose of making a profit. These breeders will compromise on the health and well-being of the dog for their monetary gains. This approach generally leads to health or temperament complications during the dog’s lifetime. If you are enticed by their attractive rates now, know that you will eventually pay the price. 

You can identify such a breeder quickly. When you ask them for a visit or enquire about their breeding practices, they will shy away from directly providing you with an answer. They might not ask questions about your history with pets or your plan of action, showing indifference to the pup’s overall life. 

Buying a Great Dane from Pet Stores

Pet shops may not be the ideal place to purchase a Great Dane. You want to know how these pups were bred and understand their parents’ temperament and health conditions. In pet stores, the Dane pups are usually confined, which does not bode well for their general health. That being said, some pet stores have ties to reputable breeders. You can always ask to be introduced to the breeder. Again, these are red flags if they seem to hesitate or aren’t transparent in their processes. 

Buying a Great Dane from Middlemen or Brokers

A good broker can help you reach a reputed breeder, but they will also take some commission. A broker can be convenient when you need help with background research, paperwork, and overall logistics. Using an intermediary usually increases the price by 10-20%, which you can avoid by researching and finding a breeder by yourself.

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Buying a Great Dane from Reputable Breeders

If you want to find a reputable breeder, some good places to start are the registered kennel clubs, like The Kennel Club of India (KCI). A KCI-certified dog not only means that your pup is of the highest quality but the breeding practices are also vetted to be ethical. Kennel clubs maintain registries of purebred dogs all over the country. Alternatively, groups of canine enthusiasts maintain lists of reputed breeders. 

Questions to ask a breeder

Once you have found a breeder, you might want to ask him a few questions to seal the deal. 

  • May I meet the parents?
  • Where do you raise the puppies?
  • Can I see the puppy’s health records?
  • Can I return the puppy if I change my mind?
  • Do you have a license?
  • Are there any health-related issues in the sire or the dam?
  • How do you socialize the dogs?
  • How long are you a breeder, and what made you choose this profession?
  • Is the breed right for me?
  • Do you have the pedigree and registration form?
  • How can I contact you after picking up the puppy?


Males are typically slightly more expensive than females because the females need extra care during their heat cycles. Full disclosure, each individual is unique, and we don’t play favorites. However, male Danes are known to be more active and alert, while their female counterparts are more patient and caring. You can choose your best friend based on what you want.


If you buy an adult dog, males usually stand at 30-34 inches and weigh between 50 and 90kg. Females are 28-32 inches tall and weigh between 45 kg and 60 kg. Any dog smaller than this might not be purebred, well-fed, or have health complications. If you are buying a puppy, notice the parents’ size to ensure healthy individuals. If you buy a dog that is built smaller than this, prices are likely to be lower, don’t fall into this trap!

Mixed Breed or Purebred

Purebred dogs are more expensive than mixed breeds. The costs can go up to even a lakh with a well-known breeder. Purebreds might also be less prone to health complications. Within purebreds, you can even buy show-quality dogs. These dogs strictly adhere to the characteristics laid down for the breed historically. 


A dog from a Champion bloodline, i.e., any of its forefathers being awarded a champion in a dog show, may be pricier. Always validate the win; for example, Madras Canine Club maintains a list of its winners through the years. 

Coat Colours and Markings

Great Danes come in various colors – fawn, blue, merle, brindle, mantle, harlequin, and black. The rarest color is harlequin; hence, it will be the most pricey. If there are deviations from the norm, the prices might come down. A dog with albinism (purely white) Dane might have health consequences in the future.


Some areas are not well suited for Great Danes – like colder temperatures or a metropolitan area with more apartments. Ironically, it is those places where the prices are higher. The pup is likely to thrive in warmer, suburban areas, and it should be cheaper. 

Certification and Warranties

One of the most salient selling points for any breeder is their KCI certification. The value of the certificate is obvious – proof of the pedigree of a dog up to a few generations. But, beware that breeders may also try to increase the rate by making false claims. 

Yearly Keeping or Maintenance Cost of owning a Great Dane

Buying/adopting a dog is only the beginning. Owning a dog involves feeding, vet visits, and inevitably pampering your dog with toys and beds. We’ll look into some potential costs, giving you an average range to help you decide if you can financially support your Dane throughout its lifetime. 

S. No.Cost HeaderTypeCost Range (INR)
1Dog FoodMonthly8,500 - 10,500
2Vet Visits
2.1VaccinationYearly750 - 1,000
2.2DewormingRecurring350 - 500
2.3Neutering or SpayingOne Time5,000 - 10,000
2.4Preventive MedicinesYearly
2.5Antiseptic SprayAs Required200 - 300
2.6Ticks and Flea PowderAs Required700
2.7Ear dropsAs Required150
3Housing and Confinement Cost
3.1Crates for puppyOne Time3,500 - 9,000
3.2Bed for DogsOne Time1,000 - 3,000
4.1CollarOne Time200 - 600
4.2LeashOne Time600 - 1,500
4.3Training HarnessOne Time600 - 1,000
5ToysOne Time200 - 400
6.1Top-quality BrushOne Time300 - 600
6.2Nail clippersOne Time300 - 500
6.3Shampoo and ConditionerMonthly400
6.4TowelsOne Time300 - 700
6.5Professional GroomingPer visit500 - 2,000
7Dog WalkerMonthly3,000 - 6,000
8Training and Socialising ClassPer session1,000 - 2,000
9TreatsBi-Weekly200 - 300
10InsuranceAnnual5,000 - 15,000
11.1DomesticAs required60,000 - 80,000
11.2InternationalAs required2.5L - 4L
12DaycareAs required250 - 500
13RegistrationOne Time50 - 500
14MiscellaneousAs required2,500 - 4,000

Dog Food Factor

To support its size, an adult Great Dane consumes about 2,500-3,000 calories daily. It has to be well-balanced with moderate fats and high protein. Do not overfeed, as bloating is prevalent in larger breeds.

Home Food vs. Purchased food

While it is not a proven fact that dogs are healthier on homemade diets, it is proven that the purchased foods are well-balanced and nutritious. Whether you choose manufactured food or make it home, it has to contain all the essential nutrients your dog needs. 

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If you are making your meal for your dog, do extra research to cover all bases. Check with your vet if feeding your dog a specific food is okay. It will involve extra effort at the onset but will be easier on your pockets. 

Going for a purchased diet will ensure that your Dane, already prone to several health issues, is not missing any essential nutrients. Your monthly expense should be between INR 8,500 and 10,500, depending on the brand you choose, and much cheaper if you go homemade.

Portion Size and Daily Frequency

The enormous size of the Great Danes is only achieved by having a good intake of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Feeding puppies the right amount is essential to support the rate at which their bodies change. Overfeeding them can lead to orthopedic issues and pressure on the joints. We’ve charted the ideal feeding plan by age in the table below. 

AgeNo. of cups of Dry KibbleNo. of Meals in a Day
Two months2-43
Three months3-53
Four months4-63
Five months5-72
Six months6-82
Seven months6-92
Eight months6-92
Nine months7-102
Ten to Twelve months7-102
Twelve months and above (females)6-92
Twelve months and above (males)7-102

Vet Factor

During a pet’s lifetime, there are some basic healthcare requirements. In this section, we will touch upon those and gauge their costs.  

Vaccination Cost

By the age of 6 weeks, the immunity received from the mother’s milk starts to wane out. At this time, vaccinations step in to protect your pup from common infectious diseases. You may want to confirm with your breeder or adoption agency how many are completed and how many you need to take up. More than trusting their word, any vaccination is recorded on a vaccination card, demand for that. 

We have outlined the general vaccination schedule followed in India. 

Six weeks: 

  • DP vaccine that helps in protection against canine distemper and Parvovirus. 
  • Rabies vaccines with a booster after 21 days. 
  • This vaccination is a one-time cost of INR 750 – 1,500.

Eight weeks:

  • At this point in age, a cluster of vaccines is provided; they are usually called 5-in-1 or 7-in-1, or 9-in-1 with a booster after 21 days.
  • These vaccines safeguard your pup from deadly diseases like Adenovirus, Parvovirus, Distemper, and Leptospira.
  • These vaccinations are one-time and could cost between INR 1,000 and INR 2,000.


  • DHPP booster is to be done every year for continued protection.
  • This vaccination could cost INR 750 – 1,000 annually.

Neutering or Spaying Surgery Cost

Many people might be against neutering or spaying. It is a must for your dog’s health – to prevent ovarian cancer in females and prostate cancer in males. Neutering your dog eliminates the possibility of them marking (spraying urine to spread their scent) your house and being tempted to leave the house to find a mate. Avoiding her heat cycles can put your female dog out of misery. 

Neutering/spaying charges may range from INR 5,000 – 10,000.

Deworming Cost

Deworming is a process done to remove the worms inside your pup’s system. It is recommended that puppies be dewormed every two weeks until three months, then monthly until six months. As an adult, deworming every three months is required. 

It may be expensive to visit a vet every time, and thankfully, deworming can also be done at home. Stock the medicine cabinet with the deworming medicine (which comes in various forms – tablets, syrups) and establish the deworming routine. Each tablet might cost INR 350 – 500.

Preventive Medications cost

These medicines will not be used regularly, but better to have them for emergencies. 

Antiseptic spray, band-aids, and cotton balls: The basic first-aid for your playful puppy who is bound to do something that is not supposed to be done. 

Tick and flea powder: Because your dog is going to go outside and play regularly, this is a must. Regularly monitor their scratching patterns and observe their skin for any red patches. If missed, it could lead to serious issues like anemia. These powders/sprays can cost around INR 700.

Ear drops: This will be helpful at the time of ear infections – to help relieve pain and reduce inflammation. It could cost around INR 150.

Housing and confinement Cost

Although this idea might seem cruel at first glance, crate training has benefits. It eases the puppy into a domestic life by training their bladders and bowel movement. Moreover, it provides an area of comfort that is undoubtedly theirs. It will be helpful through the dog’s lifetime – from training as a pup to a haven for the elderly dog. It is a one-time cost of INR 3,500 – 9,000. 

To make it cozy, you might embellish the crate with a dog bed, which adds INR 1,000 – 3,000.

Accessories Cost

Collar and leash

Dogs need walks. How can you make the walk safe for the dog? A collar and a leash. There are all kinds of leashes these days. Any good pet store should help you find what works for you and your pup. You can find good quality ones between INR 300 – 1,500. 

Training Harness

Training harnesses serve the same purpose as collars – they act as an anchor for the leash. There is a lot of debate around which one is better. The comfort and safety of your dog are the utmost priorities at the end of the day. You can find good harnesses at INR 600 – 1,000.

Toys Cost

While you will undoubtedly pamper your furbaby with numerous toys, a basic toy box consisting of balls, chewable, and squeaky toys should cost you INR 200 – 400. 

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Grooming Cost

Grooming your dog includes bathing them, trimming their nails, giving them a haircut, brushing their teeth, and so on. Many of these tasks demand considerable time from the parent and can be intimidating to a first-timer. 

Professional grooming services exist, where each session, depending on the breed and size of your dog, costs between INR 500 – 2,000.

Alternatively, if you wish to groom your dog, consider buying clippers, towels, shampoo, conditioner, and a brush. All of these items should be available in the market under INR 700. 

Walker Cost

Walking is essential for the physical well-being of dogs, just as for you. If you can include walking your dog as part of your morning or evening routine, it would build a great bond between the two of you. Dog walkers are also an option on your exceptionally busy days; they could charge by the hour (INR 100 – 500) or have monthly packages (INR 3,000 – 6,000).  

Training and Socialising Cost

From the beginning, having positive experiences with not just you but as many people as possible is key to the pup’s growth. Once you have established this, at around three months, you can begin with simple tricks like ‘sit.’ Especially with bigger breeds like Great Danes, these basics must be reinforced quite well. The reason is that they can easily overpower you once you are older. In situations like those, basic commands like these will come in handy. 

Suppose you are having trouble doing this by yourself. In that case, there are certified dog behaviorists who can help you build this relationship. Each session with these experts might cost you between INR 1,000- 2,000. 

Treats Cost

Treats come in handy to reward good behavior when trying to train your dog. There are commercial treats that cost you INR 200 – 300. However, you can also prepare your homemade treats; just remember to run them by your vet.  

Insurance Cost

Just as you insure yourself and your family against sudden health complications, you want to do the same for your dog. A good plan will cover hospitalizations and emergency care. The annual premium can be anywhere between INR 5,000 and 15,000.

Travel Cost

Many Indian airlines allow pets to be transported, while some only allow service animals. They have regulations regarding vaccination records and the carriage they are flown in. They are charged as additional baggage and cost per the weight of your carrier and your pet. Transporting Great Danes, given their size, are more expensive, ranging from INR 60,000 – 80,000 domestically and INR 2.5 lakh to 4 lakh internationally. 

Daycare Cost

While you’re away at work, if you need someone to look after your pup, there are daycare facilities. Food and play for the entire day are cared for during their stay. These services are provided at daily rates of INR 250-500.

Registration Cost

Currently, it is mandatory to get your pet licensed under local municipalities. You can get it done online sometimes, while you might have to visit the local offices in others. This registration only requires a vaccination slip as evidence and takes about INR 50 – 500, depending on the registration mode. 


A food and water bowl, poop bags, and pee cleaner are some things you would occasionally have to purchase. The last is the most recurring. The overall cost for these items is INR 2,500 – 4,000. 

According to a long-time Great Dane owner, you get stopped almost every time you take a Great Dane for a walk. So be ready to answer questions about the size and the care, as the curiosity for this gigantic breed never ceases. 

Essential Things to Consider Before Buying A Great Dane

If you have made it so far in the article, we can safely assume that you are ready to invest in this dog. As a final check, let’s look at some of the characteristics of the Great Danes that might not make them the right fit for everyone.

  • We’ve spoken about how gigantic this breed is, but they are also very needy. As a breed, they have a predisposition to separation anxiety. What this means for you as an owner is that you cannot leave them alone a lot and must prepare to set up a dog bed in every room of the house.
  • Physically, the faces are structured in such a way that makes them drool a significant amount. Some tips are to wipe their mouths after meals and water. 
  • This breed is nicknamed “heartbreaker” due to its short life span of 7-10 years. You and your family should discuss this and consider if you can handle it. 

Benefits of Bringing A Great Dane Puppy Home

Although the above facts remain true, we cannot deny that the Great Danes are lovely with children. The benefits to having children grow up with dogs are enormous – they grow up to be compassionate, have higher self-esteem, and are more responsible. With Great Danes, you get this accompanied by a posterior for intimidating all strangers. 


Which one is better – American or European Great Dane? 

Both are great dogs and only differ in their overall physical structure. The American one is leaner than the European. 

How much do Great Danes drool?

A significant amount, and it’s not their fault! There are tips and tricks that you can use to reduce the slobber getting everywhere.

Are Great Danes aggressive?

They are working dogs that were historically used for hunting boars. Still, they are not aggressive towards people, despite their intimidating size.

Are Great Danes lazy?

Yes, it’s not uncommon for them to sleep 16-18h a day.

How can I reduce the cost of owning a Great Danes dog?

Grooming them at home instead of a professional.
Administering deworming meds at home.
Walking and training your dog without services.

Summing it Up

Great Danes are gigantic human babies and deserve all the love and care in the world. This article should help you evaluate if this breed best suits you. If not, there are always other dogs that also need love and care. 

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