How it works

Don’t Throw Us Away partners inmates with dogs rescued from southern kill shelters.  The inmate handlers train and rehabilitate the dogs for eight weeks to give the dogs a good training foundation in basic obedience.  The dogs live with their inmate handlers who are responsible for every aspect of their dogs’ care, including exercising, feeding, housebreaking, training and socialization.  The human and canine pair work together every day with the goal of passing the C.L.A.S.S. Test; a basic obedience skills test, at the end of the training cycle.  The cycle culminates with a Graduation and C.L.A.S.S. Test at the prison, with the dogs’ adoptive families in attendance.

Since its founding in April 2011, Don’t Throw Us Away has saved the lives of 47 homeless dogs and placed them in loving forever homes, and has rehabilitated countless inmate handlers.

Draco, Cycle 6 Graduate

Don’t Throw Us Away would like to thank The North Central Correctional Institution at Gardner (NCCI) for our wonderful partnership of three years. It’s incredible to think of all the human and canine lives that we saved together. While at this time Don’t Throw Us Away is pursuing opportunities at other prisons and seeking expansion into new institutions, we invite you to check in with us for updates. More good things to come!