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Jack Russell Terrier Price in India

white and brown puppy petching wood

Jack Russell Terriers were developed 200 years ago to hunt foxes; today, they don’t track but can surely steal your heart with their cuteness and boundless energy. Their small size makes them look like plush toys come to life, but they are a handful with their upbeat and lively nature. But they are not the dog for everyone as they need plenty of exercise, training and socialisation to keep their aggressive tendencies in check.

Before you bring this endlessly adorable breed with V-shaped almond eyes into your home, we’ve created a comprehensive guide to help you understand the different aspects, expenses and traits of this breed. So read and decide if it is the perfect dog for your house, as it has already taken over your heart.

How Much Does the Jack Russell Terrier Dog Cost in India

On average, a Jack Russell Terrier costs between Rs. 24,000 and Rs. 80,500, with a median price of Rs. 59,760 in India. However, their price is affected by the location, demand, breeder, and availability in different parts of India.

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Is the Jack Russell Terrier dangerous?

Jack Russell Terriers have a high prey drive and hunting instinct, leading to aggression or attacks on other animals or small children. It is not advised to leave them around children without taking proper precautions for safety. We don’t recommend buying them if you have small children in the house. 

Can the Jack Russell Terrier survive in India?

Jack Russell Terriers have a high tolerance and can adapt to all living environments due to their short coat. They are active indoors, apartment friendly and don’t need extra space; they do well with sufficient daily exercise.

Factors that Influence the Buying Price of Jack Russell Terrier in India

Jack Russell Terrier Age: Buying a puppy vs an old dog 

  • Puppies can be shaped into well-behaved and obedient pets from their initial years to get a well-raised adult in future, which is also a reason they cost more. But raising a puppy can be time-consuming as they demand care, attention, training, socialisation and housebreak when they are small.
  • Adults aren’t very demanding as they are already well trained and need love and care for health problems they face with their growing age. They have well-ingrained habits that can be tough to change or handle, and their shorter lifespan makes their selling price lower.

We recommend weighing each option patiently and not getting swayed away in deciding which one is better than the other. Both will make excellent pets as long as they fit into your lifestyle and home.

Adopting a Jack Russell Terrier vs Buying

Adoption brings the excellent feeling of saving a pup’s life by bringing them into your lovely house. We’ve divided adoption into three steps-

Step1- Research reputable NGOs and organisations that give Jack Russell Terrier for adoption

Step2- Wait for your puppy to become available, and don’t lose hope if it gets adopted by someone else before you

Step 3: After you find your perfect pup, verify its health, like vaccinations, before buying them.

Adoption is cost friendly; the only downside is waiting for your puppy to become available, which can take weeks or months. 

Buying doesn’t involve waiting for your pup to become available. However, it doesn’t mean it’s an easy process, as mentioned in the steps below. 

Step 1- Researching breeders/pet shops having Jack Russell Terriers and get in touch with them to finalise one. 

Step 2: Arrange a meeting with the breeder/owner to meet the puppy’s parents and ask for the required documents.

Step 3: Verify the legitimacy of the documents before making a deal.

Buying from pet shops or breeders costs more than adoption due to warranties and certificates. 

Breeder Factor

Buying a Jack Russell Terrier from Puppy Mills (Please don’t go with this option)

Let’s imagine a place where dogs are bred in small, constricted cages and don’t have access to proper nutrition, veterinary care and sanitation; now, you can imagine the health and behaviour of these poor puppies. Puppy mill owners use lures of low prices, false documents, and warranty claims to make you think it’s a good deal. These shady places exist in reality and are called puppy mills.

We recommend being cautious and not falling for these attractive low-price deals. You can catch puppy mill owners in the act by asking for medical records, breeder’s license, registration certificates and a meeting with the whole litter and mother. They will not deny but make excuses; they will try to negotiate an even lower price to lure you in. 

white and brown short coated dog on green grass during daytime

Buying a Jack Russell Terrier from Pet Shops

Pet shops make buying a puppy look much easier than it is; they display pups in cages, making them look cute, and people instantly believe them. However, we recommend verifying the source from which the pup was bought because sometimes the originals can be puppy mill owners. You can see the dog’s age and its mother’s whereabouts. If puppies are separated from their mother before eight weeks of age, their health is affected. 

We are not saying all pet shops are wrong or buying from illegitimate sources. Buying from pet shops is reasonable and costs more than puppy mills. However, you shouldn’t buy your puppy before being satisfied with the information and certificates provided by the owner.

Buying a Jack Russell Terrier from Middleman or Brokers

Assuming you don’t want to bother with extensive research to find a good breeder, you can hire intermediaries such as brokers to put you in touch with breeders of Jack Russell Terriers. This does help to lighten the load of research. However, you must confirm the breeder’s credibility and the health of your puppy before proceeding with the transaction.

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Buying from breeders is already more expensive, and adding intermediaries who charge a 10% to 20% fee raises the initial cost of purchasing your puppy.

Buying a Jack Russell Terrier from Reputable breeders

Purchasing from reputable breeders is more expensive. However, they provide a healthy puppy, certificates, and a warranty to return or exchange your dog after you take it home. If you save money by purchasing from puppy mills or pet stores, you will incur additional costs in treating your pet’s health, which will become more expensive.

Reputable breeders prioritise the welfare of their puppies over profits. They stay in touch after the transaction is completed to check on the puppy’s health, assist with any problems, and even provide feeding charts. They can even return the puppy if they believe you are unfit to raise it.

Questions to Ask A Breeder

You can ask your dealer a few questions before making the deal. 

  • Are the puppy and its parents registered with KCI?
  • Do the parents have any major hereditary health problems?
  • How long have you been a breeder? Do you practice with a license?
  • Has the puppy been immunised?
  • What can you tell me about this breed? Is it right for me?
  • Can I contact you after the sale?


Both genders will make excellent pets but have different personalities, which might or might not settle with your lifestyle; we’ve mentioned some key differences below. 

  • Male Jack Russell Terriers are more affectionate, hyper, and protective and love to seek their owner’s approval. But they are more aggressive compared to females.
  • Female Jack Russell Terriers are more reserved, calm, independent, intelligent and loyal to their owners. 

We suggest you choose the pet that suits your home’s environment but keep in mind that males are bigger in size and more protective, which makes them cost more than females.


The Jack Russell Terrier is roughly the size of a fox. It generally stands at 12 to 14 inches ( 30 to 35 cm) and weighs between 13 to 17 pounds (6 to 8 kg), with longer legs than other terriers. A 3 month Jack Russell terrier puppy weighs between 2.8 to 3.6 kg. They reach their total growth by 12 months. 

Knowing the ideal size of your puppy/adult is essential to prevent buying undernourished pets. A puppy/adult that confirms its breed’s perfect size costs more than malnourished puppies falling behind their ideal size.

Mix Breed or Purebred

Jack Russell Terriers were bred in Britain as fox-hunting dogs, but other mixed breeds of this dog are now available. We’ve listed some distinguishing characteristics to assist you in identifying a purebred Jack Russell terrier.

  • Their coat should be white with black or tan patches on the face and tail.
  • Their ears should be V-shaped and spaced evenly apart, with almond-shaped dark eyes.
  • They should have round feet with firm padding that are not turned in or out.

Mixed breeds, like jack fox terriers, are easily distinguished and exhibit characteristics of both parents. On the other hand, Purebreds command higher prices because they are less susceptible to hereditary health diseases than mixed breeds.


It is essential to ensure your puppy comes from a healthy and good-bred ancestry, as it will inherit the characteristics of its ancestors. That’s why a more powerful and beneficial bloodline costs more, as it gives fewer hereditary problems, a longer lifespan and good traits such as obedience. There are other bloodlines like the champion bloodline, where the parents or ancestors have won the champion title in several dog competitions, which makes its cost much higher. 

jack russel terrier

Coat Colours and Markings

The Jack Russell Terrier comes in unique coat colours and marking. It comes in black and white, white and tan, white and chestnut, Tricolour, lemon white, and red and white coat. The unique markings include patches over the eyes and ears, a full face mask and saddle markings. 

If you go for rare, complex colours, they will cost more than commonly found standard colours. 


The city or area you belong to can easily affect the price of your pup. Suppose you belong to remote locations or villages where demand and availability are low. In that case, finding a Jack Russell Terrier can be challenging, but it will cost less. If you live in metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi, where both demand and availability are high, it will cost higher. It will cost more if you ship your pup from another state, as it will include travel or shipping fares. 

Certification and Warranties

Buying a healthy Jack Russell Terrier from a certified breeder with a warranty of return or exchange after the sale costs higher than buying from other unreliable sources. We recommend not looking at the price but your pup’s health because if you save money and buy a malnourished dog, the cost of treating it will be much higher. 

Yearly Maintenance Cost of owning a Jack Russell Terrier in India

Dog Food Factor

Jack Russell Terriers are hyper and highly energetic; they need a well-balanced diet filled with high-quality ingredients that keeps up their limitless energy level. It is essential to decide how much food they need as they are also prone to obesity and food allergies which can severely affect their health. It is essential to understand the type of food and how much quantity they need to establish a healthy diet and eating habits; we’ve discussed the type and frequency of food in detail below.

Home Food vs Purchased Food

Jack Russell Terriers do not have to only thrive on high-protein commercial dog food. You can feed them a rich homemade diet filled with the required proteins, vitamins and minerals to keep them healthy. Homemade food takes effort but is cost-friendly and doesn’t contain any chemicals. You can feed them paneer, chapati, yoghurt, fruits, meat, lamb and much more. 

You can opt for a commercial diet by researching the brand, types and varieties of various dog foods according to your dog’s nutritional needs. We recommend consulting the veterinarian before feeding your pup anything to prevent future problems like allergic reactions or obesity. Your total food cost per month will range between INR 4,000 to 6,000.

Portion Size and Frequency

The most common mistake made by dog wonders is overfeeding. Your dog is most likely to eat the food you put in front of him, which is why deciding on food portions is essential. We’ve mentioned a rough feeding chart below.

AgeCups of food per MealFrequency
8 weeks0.25-0.38 cups4 meals
10 weeks0.25-0.38 cups4 meals
13 weeks0.33-0.50 cups3 meals
26 weeks0.50-0.75 cups2 meals
52 weeks1.25-1.75 cups1 meal
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We recommend contacting your vet before relying on the feeding chart. Your dog is unique, and its portions and needs can differ from average.

Fun Facts of Owning a Jack Russell Terrier

  • They are named after Reverend John Russell, who developed them into perfect fox-hunting dogs in 1819.
  • In the US, they have been known as Parson Russell Terriers since the 1980s.
  • They originally had a brown fur coat strategically bred to turn nearly white to differentiate them from the foxes. 
  • Jack Russells are present members of British royalty by being extended members of the family of the Prince of Wales. 
  • They have starred in films and series like Frazier, My Dog Skip, and Ernest goes to Jail.

Vet Factor

Jack Russell terrier needs constant vet checkups like medications, vaccinations, surgeries, and more to keep them healthy. They are prone to several diseases like Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease, deafness, patellar luxation, glaucoma and lens luxation, which can affect their health severely if not prevented or cured. We’ve discussed vet expenses in detail below.

Vaccination Cost

Vaccinations are critical for your pet’s health. After six weeks, their mother’s nutrition begins to deplete, and their immune system weakens, making them vulnerable to severe diseases that can harm their health. We’ve included a vaccination schedule below.

6 to 8 weeksCanine Distemper
Parainfluenza (CPI)
8 to 12 weeksDHLPP

Hepatitis ( CAV-2)




Corna (optional)
Rabies (12 weeks)
16 weeksDHLPP with or without Corona
12 monthsRabies
Annual BoosterDHLPP with or without Corona
Rabies (1 or 3 years after vet’s consultation)

Vaccines should be administered after consulting with your vet; you can also keep a vaccine schedule card to follow them on time. Vaccines in India can cost between INR 500 to 2,500, but prices can vary depending on the frequency.

Neutering or Spaying Surgery Cost

Breeding your puppy is a time-consuming, tedious process that should only be attempted if you are qualified or a professional breeder. Males spray urine to mark territory during their mating season, which can be exhausting; we recommend neutering/spaying surgeries to solve all these problems and remove the prostate and ovarian cancer. Professionals should perform neutering/spaying surgery which can cost anywhere between INR 7,000 and 10,000.

Deworming Cost

Deworming is essential to remove worms like tapeworms and hookworms from your pet’s body. Some worms, like roundworms, live in the dog’s digestive tract and live off the food your pup eats. These worms cause malnutrition, vomiting, diarrhoea and, in some cases, pneumonia. To prevent such issues, you can either deworm your pet at home or take them to the vet. 

We recommend deworming your pet every six months with the vet’s prescribed medicine which costs up to INR 300. You can also take them to the vet for deworming sessions, which can be expensive and time-consuming. 

Preventive Medications Cost

Your puppy may sustain minor injuries while playing or running around the house; taking them to the vet for minor injuries is not recommended. These injuries or infections can be treated at home with the appropriate medications.

  • Ticks and flea powder, which cost between INR 300 and INR 500, are required to keep your pet’s coat healthy and clean.
  • To prevent ear infections, it is recommended to use ear drops when you see inflammation or redness in your ears, which will cost up to INR 150.
  • You will need to keep a first aid kit for your pup, including antiseptic spray, bandages and cotton, which will cost up to INR 500.

Housing and Confinement Cost

Your dog will need a comfortable and spacious personal space to spend their night and leisure time. You can opt for either a crate or a big dog bed. However, Jack Russels are small so you will need a small crate or bed. Apart from providing sleeping space, crates help regulate bowel movements and can be used as a travel carrier; dog beds are spacious, and their material helps reduce pressure on your pet’s pressure points, like the back and neck.

We recommend you choose the comfy, cosy and cost-friendly bed, keeping the foam material in mind while buying dog beds and the size of the crates. Crates can cost between INR 1,000 to INR 3,000 compared to dog beds, which cost between INR 1,000 to INR 2,000.

jack russel terrier

Accessories Cost

Collar and Leash vs Training Harness

A collar, leash sets, and training harness are both used to access better control over your pup during walks or training sessions to prevent sudden movements or attacks on strangers. Both are good options; the question is to decide which works better for your pup in terms of comfort and exercise and the control you get over your dog. 

Besides helping to control or train your dog, a collar and leash can exert pressure on your pet’s neck whenever you pull the leash, leading to severe neck injuries. In contrast, a training harness doesn’t exert any pressure on your dog’s neck. We recommend you check the product’s size, material and durability before buying it and make sure your pup feels comfortable. A collar and leash set costs up to INR 2,000, and a training harness can cost up to INR 2,500.

Toys Cost

Do you not like seeing your pet idle and lazying around? Toys are the best physical and mental stimulators for your pup, which can modify behaviours, keep them busy and provide comfort when they are anxious or alone. Chew, dental, and squeeze toys are just some examples of the vast collection available in the market. We recommend buying toys that suit your pup. Prices of toys differ according to types and varieties; generally, a toy costs between INR 400 to 1,500.

Grooming Cost

Jack Russel Terrier comes in two coats: smooth, broken or rough. Both are double coats. However, the broken coat is a little longer than the smooth coat, which has more hair around the eyebrows and beard. Despite their short coat, the terriers shed a lot and need frequent grooming sessions to keep their coat healthy and clean.

The smooth coat should be brushed with a soft brush or hound glove once a week, and the rough coat should be brushed with a brush or dog comb occasionally as they need less grooming. Trim their nails once a month and brush their teeth at least 2 to 3 times a week to prevent tartar buildup. You will need equipment like a nail clipper, dog shampoo and conditioner, bristle brush, or hound glove; this will cost you between INR 1,000 to INR 2,000.

You can also take your pup to grooming professionals, it costs up to INR 2,500 per session, but prices can differ.

Walker Cost

Walking is the perfect way to keep the pup and owner healthy, forming a better bond due to the quality time spent together. Jack Russells are full of energy and need proper walks to keep their energy levels in check, which can be challenging for some owners because of their hectic schedules. In such cases, you can hire walker services for your pet which costs between INR 3,000 to 5,000 a month.

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Training and Socialising Class Cost

Training and socialisation should be essential aspects of your pet’s daily regimen, as they are hyper and energetic, have hunting instincts and can be aggressive towards other pets or children. To train your Jack Russell Terrier better at home, you will need to devote a regular amount of time from the early years and be patient with your pup; we don’t recommend using negative reinforcements as they can harm your pup’s physical and mental health.

If training can be time-consuming and troublesome, you can hire professionals to train your pup. Monthly training costs will depend on the number of sessions and the duration of each session. Generally, it costs INR 1,000 to INR 2,500 per session, but charges vary accordingly.

Treat Cost 

Treats are the ideal way to pamper your dog. Aside from that, treats can be used as favourable reinforcement for training, behaviour modification, and teaching new tricks to your dog. Because Jack Russells are prone to food allergies, we recommend speaking with your veterinarian about which treats are appropriate and safe. Your monthly treat cost could reach INR 2,000, but you can choose how many treats you want your pup to have.

Insurance Cost

Your dog is always at risk of suffering an unexpected injury or threat, which could result in significant medical bills. We recommend purchasing pet insurance from reputable insurance companies to avoid such situations. You must thoroughly research and read the policy’s terms and conditions. In India, pet insurance can range from INR 500 to INR 2,000. Insurance also covers third-party liabilities and other situations, such as the loss or death of your dog.

Travel Cost

To travel with your pet, you will need to handle extra responsibilities like finding dog-friendly hotels, devoting time to feeding and walking your dog and using a carrier/collar and leash to keep them in control in public. Airlines allow pet travel if you follow their terms and conditions and submit essential documents asked of them. Domestic flights can cost up to INR 20,000 and it costs INR 2,00,000 to INR 3,00,000 for international flights. Indigo and Spicejet are some major airlines that allow pet travel in India.

Daycare Cost

It can be challenging to leave your dog alone at home when you cannot care for them. In such cases, we recommend leaving them at daycares. In your absence, your furry friend will be groomed, fed, engaged, and trained by professionals, so you won’t have to worry about them. Daycares promote socialisation by involving dogs in group activities or games. Prices may vary depending on the services provided by each daycare. However, it can cost anywhere between INR 500 and 2,000 per day.

Registration Cost

Getting your pets registered by the official bodies in India is mandatory. You can register your pet online or by taking the required document when visiting local bodies. To help you understand the variations in the registration fee, we’ve mentioned them below.

Single Dog RegistrationMembers FeeNon-Members Fee
Both parents having INKC registrationINR 500INR 400
One or both parents KCI registered or imported
from another club
INR 500INR 400
Parents UnknownINR 1,000INR 800


Apart from the accessories and equipment mentioned above, your pet needs other things like poop cleaner, measuring cup, name tag, puppy pee pads, food bowls and food storage containers to make raising them much easier and more convenient. This can cost up to INR 1,000 to 2,000.

We hope you understand that Jack Russell Terriers will be like a new family member to you. They can be stubborn and difficult to deal with sometimes, but we recommend you be patient. They will shower you with love if you are consistently patient and affectionate with them. We advise you not to buy a dog just because you think it’s cute. However, carefully consider the costs and responsibilities involved, and only buy them if you are prepared to devote nonstop effort and care to this breed.

short-coated brown and white puppy

Essential Things to Consider Before Buying a Jack Russell Terrier

  • High Exercise- They are small but need a high exercise routine to keep their energy levels in check. They are a hyper breed which can be time-consuming and demanding for some owners.
  • Not a Family Dog- Jack Russells are not suitable to be left alone with children or another animal without precautions due to the high possibility of attack or threat. It is not advised to buy them if you have children in your house.
  • Stubborn- They have a reputation for being stubborn due to their intelligence and independent traits. Training them is essential to keep their behaviour in check, but their stubbornness makes training them hard.
  • Flight risk and digging- Due to their hunting heritage, these dogs are prone to digging in a garden or elsewhere to follow a scent, leading to chasing when left unsupervised.

Benefits of Bringing a Jack Russell Terrier Puppy To Home

  • Longer lifespan- Despite their small size, these dogs generally live for 12 to 15 years. They can even live till 16 years if properly cared for and raised in a healthy lifestyle.
  • Intelligent- Jack Russell Terrier is extremely smart and intelligent, making them quick learners, obedient and learning tricks.
  • Loyal- They are dedicated and form unbeatable bonds with their family members. They are very protective of their family members and end up being their shadows around the house.
  • Apartment Friendly- Their small sizes make them apartment friendly as they don’t require much space to move around. They also need less nutrition than large breeds, which makes owning them far more reasonable.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jack Russell Terrier

How to calm a Jack Russell Terrier?

You can calm them by giving a gentle massage, belly runs, or massaging their muzzle. You should keep them away from other animals and children and distract them with treats.

Is the Jack Russell Terrier hypoallergenic?

They are not hypoallergenic; they shed and produce dander which might make breathing difficult for people suffering from allergies.

Can I train out the hunting instinct of Jack Russell Terriers?

No, you can’t train out the hunting instinct, but with strict training and discipline, you can reduce the hunting instinct to keep them in control.

Why do some Jack terriers have ears flopped forward while others have pricked-up ears?

Initially, a Jack Russell Terrier’s ears should fold forward, but ear carriage isn’t essential in making them the Jack Russell terrier; they can have both pricked up and forward flopped ears.

Summing it Up

Jack Russell Terriers are smart, intelligent, quick learners who become great pets when trained and correctly socialised. However, they are not the ideal pet for first-time owners or families due to their aggressive tendencies. We hope you understand them a lot better than you did before reading this article.

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