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Kangal Dog Price in India (2023)

White Kangal dog

It’s mindblowing how these cute, fluffy balls of sunshine Kangal puppies grow up to be the most muscular dogs in the world. Kangals are the national dog of Turkey, where they are used for protecting and herding livestock.

Kangals are intelligent, agile, quick, and have a tremendous biting force, which makes owning them nothing less than owning a lion. Despite their immense size and intimidating stature, when you look into their big brown eyes, you’ll see what Kangals are. They are gentle, loving giants with undying love and loyalty for their families.

Now that you are excited and happy to get the Anatolian Lion for your house, let’s discuss all the expenses and responsibilities of owning that breed. We have compiled all the valuable information into this guide to give you an idea of what it would be like to hold a Kangal.

How Much Does the Kangal Dog Cost in India

Kangal dog’s prices can vary depending on the area, breeder, gender, age, and bloodline. They generally cost between INR 50,000 to 80,000.

We’ve mentioned the price of Kangal in major Indian cities. You can check out the price of a Kangal dog in your town from the table below.

Are Kangal and Anatolian Shepherd the same breed?

Kangal and Anatolian shepherds are two different breeds. Kangals come from the Kangal district of Sivas, whereas Anatolian shepherd hails from the Anatolian plateau of Turkey. Kangals have shorter coats compared to Anatolian’s thick and long coats. Kangals are used to herd and protect sheep, whereas Anatolians are more of a watchdog.

Is the Kangal dog dangerous?

We understand that Kangal’s big size makes them intimidating. However, they are gentle, intelligent, and protective of the family they see as their flock. Kangals have a bitting power of 743 psi, but they are not aggressive dogs; they don’t attack or bite until there is a possibility of threat.

Can the Kangal dog survive in India?

Yes, Kangals can survive in India’s hot weather, but they will need proper care and periodic grooming to make staying in India more comfortable and more accessible for them,

We don’t recommend buying Kangal dogs for people who live in apartments as they need vast space, especially if you are out of the house for long hours; leaving them alone in an apartment can make them depressed or aggressive.

Factors that Influence the Buying Price of Kangal Dog in India

Kangal Age: Buying a puppy vs. an old dog 

If you buy a Kangal puppy, they will demand attention, training, love, care, and socialization to raise them as the dog of your dreams. Puppies tend to be awkward and obstinate, which makes it time-consuming to teach them, as they require constant effort and patience from the owner.

Buying an adult means you will get a well-trained, behaved, and already socialized dog, saving your time and energy. But they have deep-rooted habits and problems as they age, which can be tough to handle.

Puppies cost more than adults as they have a longer lifespan, can be trained according to the owner’s liking, and don’t come with health issues like adult dogs.

Adopting a Kangal vs. Buying

We all have seen advertisements of puppies being rescued by shelter homes and looking for a loving family. Your family could become a safe space for a Kangal dog. But most puppies have a history of harsh treatments; they will take more time settling into your house at their own pace. Adopting also means researching and looking for the availability of a Kangal puppy, which can be time-consuming but worth the wait if you get a healthy, well-bred puppy.

If you wish to buy your Kangal, there are several sources of pet shops, brokers, or researching the breeder yourself. You will need to certify your breeder’s documents and puppy’s health to ensure you bring a healthy puppy home. Buying a Kangal dog will cost more than adopting one from shelter homes.

Breeder Factor

With so many breeders, pet shops, and puppy owners claiming they have a healthy Kangal dog waiting to come into your lovely home, it can be challenging to decide which source is the best. You must ensure you buy a healthy and vaccinated puppy from a licensed professional breeder. To help you know more about these sources, we have discussed some of the available, viable options.

Buying a Kangal from Puppy Mills (Please don’t go with this option)

Suppose you ever come across sellers that are selling puppies at cheap rates. In that case, they are owners of mills mass raising dogs just trying to hide their activities in plain sight, but after you read this section, you will outwit them. Puppy mill owners sell poorly bred puppies at low prices, trying to make a profit by tricking gullible first-time dog owners,

You can catch them in the act by asking for their license, the puppy and its parent’s medical records, vaccination slips from the vet, and a meeting to be arranged between the puppy and its mother with you before signing off on the deal. They will try to justify their credibility and convince you by offering a lower price, and you will know it’s a scam.

Buying a Kangal from Pet Shops

Pet shops put puppies in cages to look cute to owners who think window shopping for a dog is okay without knowing the possible risks. Some pet shops buy from unlawful breeders separating puppies from their mothers, which is unsuitable for their health and can lead to aggressive tendencies or trauma.

We recommend asking the breeder who sold the puppy you have an eye on, getting in contact with them, and asking for their license and all the necessary medical records of the puppy and its parents before finalizing a deal.

Buying a Kangal from Middleman or Brokers

With the help of brokers, you can contact reputable breeders without the hassle of researching for them. But it doesn’t mean brokers are a shortcut to finding a good breeder, as you will still need to verify the legitimacy of the breeder before trusting them. Your pet’s price will be increased due to the 10% to 20% brokerage charged by intermediaries.

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Buying a Kangal from Reputable breeders

In India, official bodies like KCI handle the certification and set of standards of a breed all over the country. Your breeder should be licensed, and the puppies registered, vetted, vaccinated, and dewormed to ensure a healthy lifestyle for your pup in the future. We recommend buying from reputable breeders as it is one of the safest and best places to find a puppy by clearing all your doubts.

Reputable breeders put well being of their puppies above profits. They will ask you questions to ensure you know how to care for a Kangal pup. They won’t make the sale until they are fully satisfied and will even remain in contact after the sale to help you out in the process. If they find you cannot raise the puppy well, they can even take them back because raising a dog is a big responsibility.

white and brown Kangal dog

Questions to Ask A Breeder

You must ask your breeder several questions to verify their credibility and whether they are safe to buy from or not.

  • What can you tell me about the Kangal breed?
  • Are the parents KCI registered or not?
  • Has the puppy been vaccinated and taken for regular vet checkups?
  • Are you a licensed breeder? 
  • Does the puppy or its parent have any health issues?
  • Can I contact you after taking the puppy home?
  • Can you suggest what to feed my puppy?
  • Why did you choose this profession? How long have you been practicing?

A reputable breeder will answer all these questions and even provide a warranty so you can return the puppy if you face any issues after you take them home.


There is no answer to which gender is better, as both genders are extraordinary. Both genders are enormous, but comparatively, females are slightly shorter than males. A male Kangal can cost more as they are significant. It is up to you to decide which gender works best for you, regardless of size.


If you don’t know a Kangal pup’s ideal weight and height, you can get tricked by sellers and bring home an unhealthy, undernourished pet home. Kangal males at three months weigh between 19.8 to 21.5 kg, whereas females weigh between 14.3 to 18.5 kg. The average weight of Kangal adults for males is 65kg, with a size that can go up to 34 inches, whereas females weigh up to 55 kg with a height of up to 29 inches.

Don’t buy a pup until it confirms these weights and heights, as they can be unhealthy. A healthy Kangal pup with the appropriate size will cost more than a skeletal one.

Mix Breed or Purebred

Puppies with both parents who are Kangals are purebred compared to dogs with only one Kangal as a parent cross-bred with a different breed are mixed breeds. Purebred Kangals strictly in fawn sable, dun, and light golden colors. Suppose a Kangal has brindle or white colorings. It’s a sign of cross-breeding. Purebred dogs are sold at higher prices as compared to mixed breeds.


Looking up a dog’s lineage or pedigree before buying it is essential. A Kangal dog with a family will confirm its breeding standards as it has descended from a specific line of Kangal dogs, ensuring fewer health problems and characteristics of its ancestors. They are sold at higher prices as compared to dogs who don’t have a lineage or pedigree.

Coat Colors and Markings

Kangal’s color is a notable characteristic of the breed. They come in fawn sable, light golden, or their standard dun color. Their ears are glossy black, and their face is covered with a black mask covering their muzzle entirely.

If you buy the standard color like dun, the price will be higher than non-standard colors like brindle, meaning a Kangal is cross-bred and sold at a lower price.


Since Kangals originate from Turkey, they must be shipped to India, increasing their price due to all the transportation charges. If you want a purebred Kangal dog hailing from Turkey, it will cost you more than a locally bred dog. Several factors, like the availability and demand of Kangals in your region, can affect their price.

Certification and Warranties

If your dog is KCI registered, it has been adequately bred, vaccinated, and healthy, which ups its lineage up to two to three generations. A KCI-registered puppy will cost more than a non-registered one.

brown and black Kangal dog on snow covered ground

Yearly Maintenance Cost of owning a Kangal

After buying a dog, you will have to assess the expenses of taking care of and feeding your dog, along with other necessary accessories for its growth. It’s essential to understand how much it costs to maintain a Kangal dog before you decide to buy one.

To help you out, we have discussed all the expected costs that will occur in a year in the table below.

Dog Food Factor

Expenses on dog food will be recurring throughout the year. Kangals are large dogs who need a balanced diet that includes protein for strength, calcium for rigid joints and bones, and other necessary nutrients for a healthy lifestyle. They require large amounts of food compared to smaller breeds which can be either homemade or commercial. They also need water at various times in the day to keep them hydrated in harsh summers and occasionally in winters. 

Home Food vs. Purchased Food

You can give them homemade or commercial food as long as their daily nourishment is fulfilled. A Kangal puppy needs 3,000 to 4,800 calories a day, and as they grow old, calories can be brought down to 2,100 to 3,500 a day. 

Homemade food is cheaper than commercial food, costing up to INR 500 to 1,000 per box. Your total food expenses will vary according to the number of packs you buy and from which brand. It would be better to discuss this with your vet before feeding them anything to prevent future problems like allergies. Your total food expenses can range between INR 4,000 to 6,000 a month.

Fun Facts of Owning a Kangal

  • Kangals surpass humans and other dogs by generating a force of 700 psi ( pound-force per square inch), much stronger than a rottweiler’s 328 psi and even a human’s 150 psi.
  • They date back to the 12th century when Kangals were used to protect sheep from wolves and bears by Turkish shepherds.
  • Kangals have many names like Anatolian Lion, Kangal Shepherd, Kurdish Kangal, Turkish Kangal, and Kangal Çöban Köpeği.
  • In Nambia, 300 Kangal dogs were given to farmers by The Cheetah Conservation Fund to help protect livestock from cheetahs.
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Vet Factor

Like humans, Kangals get predisposed to diseases like hip dysplasia, cancer, aortic stenosis, and much more in their early years. They need regular vet checkups, including vaccinations, deworming, medications, and surgeries to keep them physically and mentally fit. We’ve discussed various health expenses you incur while taking care of them.

Vaccination Cost

Vaccinations are essential for your dog’s well-being and your family’s because bringing unvaccinated pets increases the risk of transmission of several harmful diseases. Vaccines help to maintain health, increase lifespan, fight against infections, and make your dog more active, increasing its productivity.

Vaccines in India can cost up to INR 2,000. However, prices can vary according to the vaccine, recurring or once. Parvo, distemper, leptospirosis, adenovirus, and rabies are some essential vaccines your Kangal will need in his initial years.

Neutering or Spaying Surgery Cost

Some people don’t support spaying or neutering procedures as they believe it harms their pet’s health which is the opposite of what these surgeries do. A neutering/spaying surgery removes reproductive organs from your pet. It has several health benefits, like eliminating prostate cancers in males and ovarian cancer in females. 

If you don’t want your dog to reproduce or wish to deal with females’ heat cycles, you can get your pet neutered/spayed by professionals. A neutering/spaying surgery generally costs around INR 5,000 to 12,000, depending on your location.

Deworming Cost

You can eliminate worms from your pet through deworming. We recommend deworming them every two weeks until they reach three months of age. Deworming them is essential as these can be transmitted to your family, putting your dog’s health and theirs at risk. Deworming can be done quickly at home using either tablets or syrup, whichever you find convenient, which costs between INR 100 to 500

Preventive Medications Cost

You will need these medicines when the injuries are minor and addressable by yourself instead of going to the vet.

  • Antiseptic spray, bandage, and cotton to dress your pet’s wounds and stop bleeding. 
  • Ear drops to prevent ear infections in your dog. It helps in reducing any inflammation or redness in their ears.
  • Ticks and flea powder keep their coats healthy and free of the parasite.

They can cost anywhere between INR 1,000 to 1,500, depending on the amount you buy. We don’t recommend treating your pet yourself every time, as some injuries are significant and need an expert’s assistance.

Housing and Confinement Cost

Despite what people think of crates as inhume and restrictive, they help provide a safe space for your pet to rest and sleep. Crates are a good choice for puppies as they help regulate their bowel movements and can be carried as a carrier while traveling. Crates can cost between INR 1,500 to 3,000. Adult dogs are more comfortable in dog beds that are roomy and cozy according to their size; Kangals are huge and will need a big bed that can cost anywhere between INR 2,000 TO INR 3,500.

Accessories Cost

Collar and Leash vs. Training Harness

Both are great accessories that can make walking and training your dog more accessible and more efficient—a collar and leash help keep control over your dog and prevent sudden movement during walks. But leashes, when pulled, harm their neck by applying pressure, affecting them adversely. Training harness reduces your dog’s neck stress and helps control their movements during walks or training sessions.

There has been much debate on which one is best, but we believe it depends on how comfortable your pet is and if it suits them or not. A collar and leash set can cost up to INR 1,500, whereas a training harness costs up to INR 2,000

Toys Cost

Today you can buy toys that are not only used for playing but stimulate your pet’s mental and physical abilities, modify their behavior, provide comfort when nervous, and help fight boredom. Before buying a toy, you must ensure it is comfortable and safe. How many toys you want your pup to have is up to you. A toy can cost anywhere between INR 500 to INR 1,500.

Grooming Cost

Kangals have shorter coats, which means less need for grooming but their thick coat will be shed twice a year during spring and winter, be ready to brush their hair off various places in your house. They will need daily brushing in these two seasons, but in other seasons, you can brush their coat only twice a week. They don’t require frequent baths, as once a month is enough to keep their skin healthy and clean. You will also need to brush your dog’s teeth at least twice daily to keep them clean and healthy.

You will need a top-quality brush, shampoo, conditioner, nail clippers, and toothbrush for in-house grooming sessions, which can cost between INR 500 to 1,500. If you don’t wish to groom them yourself, you can take them for professional grooming sessions, which costs up to INR 2,000 per session, but the price can vary depending on your location and the services you choose.

Kangal Dog Closeup

Walker Cost

Some owners find walking their pets time-consuming. But we believe walking, apart from being an essential activity for your dog, provides exercise to both of you and gives the owner space to get away from mobile phones and get close to nature while bonding with their pet.

For people who can’t find the time to walk their pet, your best alternative is to discover dog walking services in your area, which can cost between INR 100 to 500 per hour or 3,000 to 5,000 per month; prices will vary depending on the fees in your area and the number of hours they take your dog out for a walk.

Training and Socialising Class Cost

Kangals are solid and robust dogs with a biting force of 743 psi which makes it essential to train and socialize them. They need a responsible owner who can use their abilities and power in a good way. They are independent and free-spirited and can act of their own will. 

It would be best if you trained your Kangal from early years, familiarised them with their surroundings, and taught them to remain calm in unfamiliar situations. Reward them when they act calmly, and acts of aggression should be discouraged through proper training. They don’t attack strangers when adequately socialized and bark or roar at them.

You can train your Kangal, which will take a reasonable amount of time from your schedule, or you can contact a professional to teach them. A professional will charge INR 1,000 to 2,000 per session or INR 5,000 to 6,000 per month, but this can vary according to the hours and the professional you hire.

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Treat Cost 

They are the best way to pamper and show affection to your dog. You can use them while training your pet or teaching them tricks for positive behavior reinforcement. Other than that, chewy treats fight boredom and help engage your pet.

Treats can be either commercial or homemade, but make sure your pet isn’t allergic to any and check in with your pet before giving them. While homemade treats are cheaper and easily made at home, commercial treats can cost between INR 500 to INR 1,000 per box; total treat expenses can vary depending on how many boxes you buy in a month.

Insurance Cost

Dogs can also encounter unexpected injuries and accidents, leading to substantial medical expenses if they don’t have pet insurance. Pet insurance offers to cover damages to your dog in accidents, theft, loss, and third-party liabilities.

Various companies in India provide pet insurance policies like Baja Allianz. It generally costs between INR 7,000 to 15,000, but prices can vary depending on the company, policies, and damages covered.

Travel Cost

If you travel frequently, you don’t need to worry as you’ve got the perfect travel companion in Kangals. Traveling with a dog requires certain things to be done prior, like vaccination documents for your dog, policies of airlines, carriers for your dog, and finding dog-friendly hotels along with appropriate feeding and walking time for your pet on the trip.

Domestic airlines cost up to INR 20,000, and international flights can cost between INR 2,00,000 to 3,00,000 depending on how much your dog weighs, the airline, and the distance traveled.

Daycare Cost

Your pet needs meals and walks throughout the day, which can be missed if you are someone who has long office hours or frequently travels, which can affect your pet’s health adversely. Daycares are the best resolution for such problems, where professionals with capabilities handle your pet with extreme care and patience. They will feed your pet, take them on walks, and engage them in activities with other pets, which also helps them socialize.

Daycares charge between INR 500 to INR 2,000 per day. The prices can change according to different daycares, hours per day or days your dog stays there, and the services they provide.

Registration Cost

Registering your dog with the official bodies that set the breeding standards of your breed, like the Kennel Club of India (KCI), is mandatory. Apart from being compulsory, there are several other benefits of registering your dog, as it ensures your dog is safe and helps find them in case your pup goes missing or gets lost. The registration fee is less than the fine.

You can either register them online or physically go to the local bodies with the required documents to get them done. Registration costs are generally between INR 400 to 600 but also vary on other facts like KCI registration.


A poop bag, poop cleaner, pee pads, towels for your pet, clothes for your pet in winter, dog food storage containers, name tags, and bowls for food and water are some other accessories that will help you take care of your pup better. They can cost anywhere between INR 3,000 to 4,000.

It’s essential to discuss the other related costs involved while raising a Kangal puppy. Raising a puppy apart from money demands investments of time, effort, and lots of love. You will need to put up with many problems while raising your puppy and handle each with time and patience so you can train and mold them into the perfect dog. Understanding the bad and good things about owning a Kangal will help you make an informed decision.

Brown Kangal Dog against a dark background

Essential Things to Consider Before Buying a Kangal

If you’ve come this far and feel you are ready to take the responsibility of owning a Kangal puppy who makes excellent pets, we’ve created a list of several things you should consider before finalizing Kangal as your pet.

Space: Kangals can’t live in confined spaces as they get bored, and it could lead to unwanted chewing, digging, and aggressive behavior. 

Tough to train- Kangals can be challenging to train due to their independent and free-thinking spirit, which makes them act of their own will. 

Protective: They are highly protective of their owners, which means they can attack when they sense danger. They have the most incredible bite power of 743 psi, making it risky to handle them. They need proper training to avoid such situations. 

Benefits of Bringing a Kangal Puppy To Home

  • Calm– Kangals are calm and composed despite their power and big sizes. They are gentle and kind. 
  • Loyal- Kangals are dedicated to the extent that they become your companion. They are always ready for activity and alert to protect their owners. 
  • Security dog- Kangals are alert, fast, intelligent, and protective of their family members, which makes them fantastic guard dogs. 
  • Family dog- Kangals are great family dogs; they are gentle, sweet, patient, and kind, making them friendly dogs for your children.


Is Kangal good for first-time owners?

Kangals are not recommended for first-time dog owners due to their large size, temperament, and need for space. We recommend buying them only if you think you can fluff all their needs as it is not an apartment-friendly breed.

Is Kangal the world’s most vigorous dog?

Yes, Kangals, with a cutting power of 743 psi (pound-force per square inch), are the world’s most muscular dogs with the crown of best knots.

What is the life expectancy of a Kangal dog?

Kangal dogs live up to 12 to 15 years in their lifespan. But their age also depends on their lifestyle, and a healthy lifestyle ensures a reasonable lifespan for your pet.

Is Kangal a loyal dog?

Kangals are loyal and follow all the orders of their master as they are entirely devoted to them. Their loyalty means protecting their loved ones from any threat or danger.

Do Kangals drool?

Yes, they tend to drool, so you need to look out for their dental hygiene by brushing their teeth at least twice a week to keep them healthy and white as pearls.

Is Kangal lazy?

You will see that Kangals are full of energy and active, always ready for a surprise jump at any threat, as they are alert and agile too.

Summing it Up

Kangals are wise, protective, gentle, loyal to their family members, and patient and calm around children. Aren’t they the perfect four-legged addition to your family? We hope you understand that they are not apartment-friendly dogs and can be tough to train because of their independence. However, they will become the dog of your dreams with just a little patience and love.

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