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Kanni Dog Price In India (2023)

kanni dog

Kanni dogs are ‘The Greyhounds of South’ due to their striking similarity to a Greyhound. They have a lean frame, strong long legs, a deep chest, and a cute long whip-like tail. They were raised for hunting and can run up to the speed of 60kmph. 

A Kanni dog is highly active and inquisitive, so you will never feel bored around them. Their high energy levels will bring joy and activity to your household, along with endless affection and cuddles. To top it off, they are intelligent and wise, making them great protectors in times of need.

If we minus the tail and ears, we can say you own an Indian Doberman Pinscher. Before you get hyped up and excited about owning your own Indian Doberman Pinscher, we have collected all the nitty-gritty details and compiled them into an easy guide to help you understand the responsibilities and expenses attached to owning a day and help make a better decision.

How Much Does The Kanni Dog Cost in India

The price of a Kanni dog depends on various factors like quality, coat type, nature, health, location, and color. The average cost of buying a Kanni dog costs between INR 6,000 to INR 12,000 but can go up to 20,000 in areas of high diamond and low availability.

Is a Kanni dog the same as the Chippiparai dog?

No, both are different dogs belonging to other breeds. Although they look similar to the untainted eye, they differ based on color and size. Chippiparai dogs are silvery brown, whereas Kanni dogs are found in multiple shades. Kanni dogs are much larger than Chippiparai.

Factors that Influence the Buying Price of Kanni Dog in India

Kanni Age: Buying a puppy vs. an old dog 

Most owners prefer buying a puppy over an adult dog. You can quickly train and tame your puppy in their initial years and form an affectionate bond. Puppies are more expensive and require a lot of attention and care. They can be stubborn and shy, too, making their owners lose patience on various occasions but after training turn out to be excellent pets.

You can also train and form affectionate bonds with adult dogs like puppies. They don’t require much attention or training as they are already trained and settled in. Although, they can have deep-rooted bad habits that can be difficult to handle. Adult dogs are much cheaper than puppies.

Adopting a Kanni vs. Buying

Adopting a Kanni means providing a home to a rescue dog which feels great. Many people refrain from embracing, thinking they will get a deficient puppy which is not always the case—spending time researching and knowing more about your puppy’s health before adoption will help you find the perfect puppy.

If you don’t wish to adopt, you can buy your puppy from reputable breeders; However, they cost higher but come with the assurance of a healthy puppy and save your time and trouble.

Breeder Factor

The Kanni dog can have various health problems like bone cancer, pannus, and other skin problems. Buying from a trusted and licensed breeder ensures the quality of your pup. If you believe a dog is poorly bred, it can lead to serious health problems and malnutrition.

There are several options to find a healthy Kanni dog, some of which we’ve listed below.

Buying a Kanni from Puppy Mills 

(Please don’t go with this option)

Puppy mills are commercial breeding centers where many dogs are raised without adequate care, nutrition, and sanitation facilities. They are introduced to sell at profits to such an extent that puppy mill owners try to attract buyers by offering lower prices.

We recommend you to be cautious of such breeders by assessing their credibility first. It would help if you asked them for a breeder’s license, puppy and parent’s health certificates, and a chance to meet your future pup. They will make excuses not to provide any information or arrange a meeting to hide their lies.

Buying a Kanni from Pet Shops

You can buy from pet shops, but we don’t recommend buying your puppy before verifying its background and health. Not all pet shops are wrong; some buy their pets from trusted breeders. But there is always a risk of them coming from untrusted sellers or puppy mills.

It would be best if you asked to see the puppy’s mother and medical records, the breeder’s information, and contact info. Then, if the pet shop owner hesitates, take that as a sign and drop the idea of buying from that place.

Buying a Kanni from Middleman or Brokers

Suppose you are a first-time dog owner and don’t wish to get into the trouble of researching and finding a reputed breeder on your own. In that case, you can hire intermediaries like mediators and brokers. They help you contact your breeder directly, saving you time and trouble. But they charge a commission of 10% to 20% for their services which further increases the price of your puppy.

Buying a Kanni from Reputable breeders

We’ve talked about buying from registered breeders, but where will you find them? You can look for registered breeders with the help of certifications from reputed organizations like KCI (Kennel Club of India). You can also find trusted breeders on the internet, which takes proper research and patience. Buying from breeders is usually expensive but comes with a warranty where you can exchange or return your puppy if found unhealthy or injured.

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Questions to Ask A Breeder

We’ve listed a list of questions you should ask your breeder to verify your breeder’s credibility before making a deal.

  • How long have you been a breeder?
  • Can I see your license?
  • Are the puppy’s parents registered? If yes, can you show the same?
  • Can I meet the puppy along with its mother?
  • What can you tell me about the Kanni breed?
  • Can I see the medical records of the parents? Did they have major hereditary problems?
  • Is the puppy dewormed and vaccinated?
  • What should I feed my puppy after taking them home?
  • Can I contact you later for any queries related to the pup?


Both males and females will make excellent pets for your family, but males tend to be sold at higher prices than females due to their large sizes. We recommend you take your time deciding which gender will work the best for your and your family.


Males stand at 65-70cm weighing between 27 to 30 kg. Females are smaller than males; they stand at 60 to 65 cm, weighing between 22 to 25 kg. If you find a Kanni dog shorter than this, they might have health complications or mixed breed. Do not buy a Kanni dog without checking its height and weight to avoid the risk of an unhealthy pup.

Mix Breed or Purebred

The difference between purebreds and mixed breeds is the breed’s ancestry, which leads to fewer genetic defects in purebreds. A purebred Kanni dog carries their ancestry and ancestral traits, making them much more expensive than mixed breed dogs.


Bloodline influences your dog’s price. A lineage represents your dog’s ancestry, which means they carry their ancestor’s characteristics like good behavior, intelligence, lack of health issues, and longer lifespan. 

Coat Colours and Markings

Kanni dogs are found in shades like brown with black, red, fawn, cream, or white. Each coloration has a unique name associated with it. They are usually found in black and tan colors. A Kanni with an off-white coat is called Paala Kaani, and when a Kanni has brown spots, it is called Pottu Kanni. If you go for rare colors, your dog’s price will increase compared to commonly found coat colors in Kanni dogs.


Kanni’s are found in Tamil Nadu, which makes their availability in the region higher, leading to less demand and lower prices. Their prices in other parts of India depend on availability and order. Areas like Delhi or Mumbai have a greater need, leading to higher costs.

Certification and Warranties

Your breeder’s license and certification are essential requirements. You shouldn’t just trust the certificates, as some breeders tend to present false certificates to support their claims. You should check if your breeder is registered with The State Animal Welfare Board or the Kennel Club of India. Ask for medical records, so you can contact a vet and verify the medical records they gave you and the dog’s registration details with the official bodies. 

The difference is that if an unlicensed breeder raises a dog, they won’t have all these certificates or even proper nutrition or veterinary care due to a lack of skills of the breeder compared to an adequately bred dog by a professional. The dog’s price will be high when coming from reputable breeders and low when coming from unlicensed breeders trying to hide their scam.

Yearly Maintenance Cost of owning a Kanni

After buying/adopting your dog, your expenses will start as you will need dog food, frequent vet visits, accessories, vaccinations, preventive medications, and much more throughout their lifespan to keep them healthy.

We’ve curated a complete guide that includes all the expenses you will incur from one time to recurring while owning a Kanni dog to give you an idea of future maintenance costs.

Dog Food Factor

Kanni dogs need a lot of exercises, which requires a balanced diet full of proteins and nutrients to keep your dog healthy. They will need high-energy food to match their active lifestyle. The food cost of your dog will be an essential expense recurring throughout their life. 

We’ve discussed some food-related concerns that you might stumble upon below.

Home Food vs. Purchased Food

You can feed your dog commercial and homemade food to create adequate nutrition and protein in their diets. Though some dogs can thrive on only homemade food, that doesn’t mean your pet will. A proper diet should be created with balanced water levels, homemade food, commercial food, and occasional treats. Some first-time owners make the mistake of overfeeding their pet which can affect your dog’s health and give rise to issues like obesity.

Your monthly food expenses depend on how much and how many types of commercial treats and foods you are buying for your dog. Generally, it costs between INR 3,000 to INR 6,000.

Portion Size and Frequency

The older a puppy gets, the faster its body changes along with its nutritional needs. You need to understand how much and how many meals your pet needs through their growing years so you can provide them with a balanced diet. 

We’ve created a feeding chart for your Kanni dog.

AgeMeals per DayQuantity of Cups
per meal
1-2 months4 times1/4 – 1/3 cup
2-8 months3 times1/4 – 1/3 cup
8-12 months2 times1/2 cup
12-18 months3 times1/2 – 1 cup
18 months and older3 times1 cup

Fun Facts of Owning a Kanni

  • In Tamil, the name Kanni means maiden; they were gifted to the groom by the bride’s father as a wedding ritual.
  • They are also called Maiden’s Beastmaster in South India.
  • Kanni also means pure, and it was named so because of its loyalty- purity of heart.

Vet Factor

Just like humans, dogs are prone to several diseases and infections in their lifetime. They need veterinary care to avoid such ailments. Puppies require more vet visits as their developing immune system can easily catch illnesses compared to adult dogs. 

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This section will discuss vet requirements and the accessories you will need to keep your dog healthy and fit. 

Vaccination Cost

We recommend checking in with your breeder to see if your puppy is vaccinated. If not, do not bring them home, as bites from unvaccinated puppies can lead to transmission of diseases and infections. 

You should vaccinate your puppy before bringing them home and keep a schedule card to follow up on vaccinations. Vaccination costs between INR 700 to INR 2,000; prices vary for one-time or regular vaccinations.

Neutering or Spaying Surgery Cost

It is up to you whether you want your pet to undertake neutering or spaying surgeries that prevent further reproduction and unwanted litter in your homes.

Many people believe such surgeries can risk your dog’s health and life. However, it is the complete opposite as they have several health benefits. Neutering/ spaying surgeries can cost between INR 5,000 to INR 12,000. 

Deworming Cost

Deworming is the procedure of removing worms from your pet’s body. It should be done at regular intervals as they can catch worms and parasites from playing outside or indoors, affecting their health. 

Taking your pet for deworming every time can be a little expensive. We recommend deworming your pet yourself after consulting with the vet. You can buy deworming medicine (tablets or syrup), whatever suits your ease, and can cost between INR 200 to INR 500. 

Preventive Medications Cost

Your dog will get minor injuries that do not require taking them to the vet and can be treated at home with the proper medication. We have listed some preventive medications you will need below. 

  • Antiseptic spray, cotton, and bandages to treat minor wounds and reduce bleeding. It costs up to INR 500.
  • Ticks and flea powder to reduce future skin infections in your pet. You can buy spray or powder, which will cost up to INR 700.
  • Ear drops to reduce inflammation and redness in your dog’s ears. If not treated, it can lead to ear infections. It costs between INR 200 to INR 400. 

Housing and Confinement Cost

A Kanni puppy will need a crate to sleep or play in in their younger years which can also be used as a travel carrier. Many owners feel that boxes are restrictive and cruel. However, it also helps give them a personal pace and regulate their bowel movements. It costs between INR 2,000 to INR 3,000.

An adult Kanni will need a spacious and comfortable dog bed that can cost up to INR 3,000.

Accessories Cost

Handling your dog is a big responsibility; buying accessories will help you manage your pet more quickly and conveniently. You should buy accessories keeping your dog’s comfort in mind.

 Now which accessory to choose? For your ease, we’ve listed some accessories to help raise your dog better.

Collar and Leash

Walking your dog will become an inseparable part of your routine. You will need a collar and leash to handle your dog’s movements and sudden jumps to keep them in control. The leash should be long enough, so it doesn’t drag your dog or exert pressure on its neck. You can also buy an extended leash for your ease.

A collar and leash can be bought together as a set instead of individually as it is cheaper. It costs between INR 1,500 to 2,000.

Training Harness

A training harness is used for training your dog during walks, reducing pulling and stress on your dog’s neck. It would be best if you always considered your dog’s comfort before buying such accessories. It costs up to INR 2,000.

Toys Cost

While you might think toys are only for playing or pampering your pet. Different toys are available that help modifies your dog’s behavior while enjoying them. Plush toys, chew toys, and interactive toys are some of them; we suggest you choose the one that best suits your pup. Toys can cost anywhere between INR 500-1,000.

Grooming Cost

Thanks to Kanni’s short hair, you will not find dog hair everywhere in your house as they are low shedders and need little grooming. Unlike other pets, they don’t require special coat care and only require minimum brushing. 

You should not bathe your Kanni more than twice a month as it can remove the natural oil secreted by their skin which can further lead to flaky and dry skin. They might also lose their coat’s natural shine.

You can apply coconut oil to their skin monthly to ensure a healthy coat.

Walker Cost

Kanni dogs need daily exercise to keep them healthy and active, along with walks. Kanni also gets aggressive when left idle and bored; exercises help keep them calm. If you can’t devote time to your daily routine, we recommend you take Kanni for frequent walks, which will be good for their health and yours. Walking can also establish a close bond with your pet.

Walking your dog can be time-consuming and impossible if you work long office hours. You can find walker services in your region, costing between INR 3,000 to INR 6,000 monthly and INR 100-500 daily.

Training and Socializing Class Cost

Kanni dogs are intelligent and eager to please their owner. They need daily exercise to keep them healthy and active. They can be stubborn, which can be resolved with time and patience. We recommend you train them at short, frequent intervals to tackle their low attention span. You can use whistles and clicks while preparing them to keep things interesting.

If you don’t have the time or wish to train your pet yourself, you can hire professionals to train and socialize them, costing you between INR 1,000 to INR 2,000 per session.

Treat Cost 

Treats add extra nutrients to your dog’s diet, can be used during training, altering negative behavior into positive ones and long-lasting treats help fight boredom and destructive behavior. You can also feed them treats to show love but do not overfeed them.

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You can feed your Kanni dog homemade or commercial streets or a mixture of both. Homemade treats can be boiled eggs, meat, cheese, and veggies. We suggest you consult your vet before feeding them any treats. Commercial treats tend to cost more, ranging between INR 200 and INR 500 per box.

Insurance Cost

Just as we buy insurance to cover our medical expenses in sudden accidents, pet insurance policies are available for your Kanni dog. Some procedures not only cover health damages but also situations like loss or theft of your pet.

There are several companies in India offering pet insurance like Bajaj Allianz. We recommend you read the terms and conditions of the policies thoroughly to assess which one suits you best. Remember that not having pet insurance can take a significant leap on your expenses later.

Travel Cost

Traveling with your pet, apart from being expensive, requires specific regulations to be followed, like pet carriage and vaccination records of your pup. You will need to find dog-friendly hotels for your stay and take time to feed and take your dog on walks while traveling. Different airlines have different rules and regulations for traveling with your pet.

It can cost you up to 20,000 for domestic flights and INR 2,00,000 to INR 3,00,000 for International ones. The price can vary based on your chosen airline, travel distance, and dog weight. We recommend considering all these factors before taking your pet along with you.

Daycare Cost

If you need someone to look after your puppy while you are busy at work or traveling away for a few days, you can leave your pup at daycares. Professionals with competent skills run daycares to take care of your puppy. They also socialize with other dogs and have a wonderful time while you are away.

Daycares can cost between INR 500 to INR 2,000 per day; prices can vary depending on the days/hours you want your pet to stay there.

Registration Cost

All dogs must be registered with the KCI ( Kennel Club of India). This organization sets the breeding standards for dogs in India. You can get your dog registered online or by paying a visit to local offices.

  • If your dog has registered KCI parents, it costs INR 400 for members and INR 500 for non-members.
  • If you have no idea about the parents of your pet, it will cost INR 800 for members and INR 1,000 for non-members.
  • If one of the parents is KCI registered, it costs INR 400 for members and INR 500 for non-members.

They will also ask for a vaccination slip and other documents related to your pet for registration.


Poop cleaner, peeing pads, food bowls for your dog, and food storage containers are some things you will need while taking care of your dog. It can cost between INR 2,500-4,000. The cost can be recurring or one-time, depending on how frequently you need these essentials.

If you’ve made it this far, you have already understood the expenses of raising a Kanni dog. However, there are some other essential expenses you need to consider.

Kanni dogs can get aggressive if they are left isolated for more extended periods or even when they are bored. If you are someone who has long working hours or is frequently traveling, you must keep this in mind. Exercise can help keep your dog in control and reduce aggressive tendencies.

Buying a dog is a huge responsibility; they need a proper amount of love and affection for their growth and well-being, along with a strict routine and exercise. We hope you fulfill all your pet’s needs and become proud owners of a Kanni dog.

Essential Things to Consider Before Buying a Kanni

Aggressive- Kanni can be bold and destructive when bored or left isolated around other objects. Therefore, they require care and training to learn patience and reduce anger. 

Training: They have an independent will which makes training them tough as they can be wilful and can’t concentrate for long periods. 

Hunting Instinct: Raising Kanni with other pets or small animals is not recommended because of their hunting instinct. You might find injured or, worse, dead pets around them.

Crates: We don’t recommend keeping your Kanni dogs in boxes for long periods as they are claustrophobic and can lead to temperament and mental issues. They work best with positive reinforcement. 

Benefits of Bringing a Kanni Puppy At Home

Guard dogs: Kanni dogs are courageous and intelligent; they can make wise choices without their owner. They are excellent guard dogs and can protect the owners when needed. 

Low Shedders- Due to their short coat, they shed a very minimal amount of fur and require occasional brushing bringing down the grooming cost. 

Apartment Friendly: They are pretty apartment friendly and adaptable to the indoor lifestyle of their owner as long as their exercise needs are met. 

Runners- They can run up to the speed of 60kmph and can be trained to go up to 65kmph, which means you can prepare your Kanni for further competition.


Do Kanni dogs need early socialization? 

Yes, early socialization is necessary as they are timid and indifferent to strangers, leading to aggressive behavior.

Can a Kanni dog survive in hot climates?

Kanni’s can quickly adapt to hot and humid climates. Their short coat reduces discomfort in summers but requires warm clothes to be kept indoors in winter.

What is the top speed of a Kanni dog?

Kanni’s are one of the fastest dogs in the world. They can run 60 km/h and, with proper training, can go up to 65 km/h.

Are Kanni good family dogs?

Kanni’s are incredibly loyal and protective dogs; they are shy initially, but once they settle into your family, they are full of love and affection.

Summing it Up

Today, a Kanni is considered an endangered species due to neglect from the people shifting to buy other exotic breeds and ignoring their own; Kanni is a fantastic dog that is active, playful, wise, and full of love. We hope you understand the good and the bad parts of what it is to own a Kanni and will be able to make an informed decision now that you know everything from expenses to the nature of this lovely breed.

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