Mission Statement:

Don’t Throw Us Away is a nonprofit prison dog program which saves the lives of inmates and rescue dogs through training and education.  Don’t Throw Us Away pairs abandoned dogs rescued from high kill shelters with inmates who are looking to improve their lives.  Through this unlikely partnership, homeless dogs gain the love, training and rehabilitation that will make them adoptable and inmates become empathetic and gain a sense of responsibility and purpose, allowing them to re-enter society as productive citizens.  Don’t Throw Us Away seeks to reduce the high rate of recidivism by providing inmates with valuable job skills which increases their chances of gainful employment after release.  Don’t Throw Us Away seeks to reduce the high rate of euthanasia in shelters and increase the amount of adoptions by providing dogs with the training they’ll need to be good family members, resulting in permanent placements.

Main objectives:

  • Rescue dogs from high-kill shelters, with the goal of adopting each dog into a loving forever home.
  •  Spay and neuter these dogs to eliminate contributing to the pet overpopulation
  •  Rehabilitate these homeless dogs, and increase their adoptability by providing them with training and love
  •  Train each dog with the goal of passing the C.L.A.S.S. test- (Canine Life and Social Skills)- basic training and commands
  •  Rehabilitate the inmates by giving them responsibility, a sense of purpose
  •  Improve the overall atmosphere at the prison, create a more positive environment
  •  Help improve inmate relations, communication and interpersonal skills
  •  Provide inmates with job training in the animal care sector, increasing the chances for gainful employment after release
  • Reduce the risk of recidivism