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Newfoundland Dog Price in India (2023)

newfoundland walking on the grass field

Newfoundland, as the name suggests, originates from Newfoundland, Canada. Despite their immense stature, they are the equivalent of a teddy bear that loves being around humans and has nothing but love to offer. Their coat is so oversized that your children could get lost in this furry friend. They are gentle around children and have gained a reputation for being the perfect nanny dog.

Also called Newfies are great working dogs and swimmers with a history of heroic tales of helping people. They are excellent watchdogs and have a babysitter instinct making them the perfect pet for families. Before you get ready to bring this big ball of fur home, we’ve compiled extensive research into this easy, comprehensive guide to help you first understand the breed and its buying and maintenance costs. You should realize first if it’s the right dog for you except for the cuteness that it offers.

How Much Does the Newfoundland Dog Cost in India?

Newfoundland is not readily available in India due to less demand; you can expect this exotic breed starts from INR 65,000 and can go up to INR 2,00,000, making them more expensive than other breeds. They are found in three different price categories.

  • Basic Newfoundland puppy price- INR 65,000 to 90,000
  • KCI registered Newfoundland puppy price- INR 90,000 to 1,25,000
  • Show Quality Newfoundland puppy price- INR 1,25,000 to 1,70,000

Can the Newfoundland dog survive in India?

Yes, Newfoundlands can survive in India, but India’s climate differs from where the native breed is bred. The main problem Newfoundlands face in India is their low tolerance to heat and high temperature; they need fully air-conditioned rooms to survive in the hotter regions of India, which is something you should consider before going for this dog.

Is the Newfoundland dog dangerous/aggressive?

No, Newfoundlands is a gentle breed with a history of saving people from drowning and serving with soldiers. However, they are notorious for growling and nipping, which can be easily fixed with the help of proper socialization and training.

What is the difference between Newfoundland and Leonberger?

We don’t blame you for getting confused between the two breeds, as they are highly similar. However, they are two different breeds with enough differences to tell the two apart. 

  • Newfoundland is often black, black, and white, while Neonbergers are found in reddish brown or red colors. 
  • Both dogs are enormous, but Newfoundlands are bigger than Leonbergers in height and weight, with a slight difference.
  • They both are excellent swimmers with webbed feet, but Newfoundland has a “down and out” swimming motion. In contrast, Leonbergers make a “doggy paddle” motion. 
  • Newfoundlands originate from Newfoundland, Canada, whereas Leonbergers originate from Germany and are crossbred of Newfoundlands, Saint Bernard, and Pyrenean mountain dogs. 

Factors that Influence the Buying Price of Newfoundland Dogs in India

The cost of buying a Newfoundland dog depends on availability, age, gender, breeder, and much more factors. Discuss each element in detail to understand how it affects Newfie’s price. 

Newfoundland Age: Buying a puppy vs. an old dog

We all get stuck on this question of deciding if it’s better to buy an adult or a puppy. Don’t worry; let’s discuss both options to help you finally make this decision. 

Newfoundland puppies must be brought when they are above eight weeks of age and vaccinated. Puppies cost more than adults as they can be easily trained into the dog of your dreams. But puppies require more food, care, attention, and vet visits than adults. Adults are already prepared, and housebreak reduces your responsibilities. But they have strongly developed bad habits and a weak immune system leading to severe health diseases.

We recommend you consider all the good and bad traits of the puppy and an adult and take your time to make an informed decision. 

Adopting a Newfoundland vs. Buying

Adopting a rescued dog from shelter homes saves a dog’s life, and the fee helps run the organization to save more lives. But many people refrain from adopting, thinking they will find an unhealthy puppy that is not valid. You can adopt a properly bred healthy puppy through these shelter homes with patience and research. But these puppies come from a traumatized background and will take their time adjusting to your new home.

Buying from a reputable breeder is more straightforward but costly than adoption. You need to research a licensed breeder and verify its legitimacy through documents before finalizing a deal. 

Breeder Factor

The place you decide to buy your Newfoundland dog from will affect its price significantly. Buying from a puppy mill is much lower than buying from a reputable breeder. To understand which option is safe and how to verify your breeder’s credibility, let’s discuss each choice and its price thoroughly. 

Buying a Newfoundland from Puppy Mills (Please don’t go with this option)

We can all confess to hastily buying things at low prices as a weakness. Puppy mill owners take advantage of this weakness and sell unhealthy pups at attractive prices to fool owners.

A puppy mill is equivalent to a living hell for dogs due to its mass breeding, unsanitary conditions, and lack of vet care and nutrition, leading to unhealthy and aggressive pups. We recommend not opting for a puppy mill in any case! Buying a Newfoundland at a low price might seem like a good bargain now, but you will pay the cost later when you bring home an aggressive and unhealthy dog. 

Buying a Newfoundland from Pet Shops

We all love window shopping, don’t we? It’s a guilty pleasure to go from store to store looking at the variety until you make up your mind. But buying a Newfoundland during window shopping at pet shops can be a massive mistake unless buying from legitimate breeders. The puppy mill owners make a comeback by selling pups to pet stores at lower prices which are then sold to you throw the charms of windows shopping. 

We are not stating that all pet shops are wrong. However, you need to get in touch with the breeders from which your puppy was sourced, the medical records of the pup and its parents, and verify everything before going all in. 

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Buying a Newfoundland from Middleman or Brokers

The Newfoundland is an exotic breed that is difficult to be found in India, and this is where intermediaries come in. They can help you find a legitimate source and avoid the hassle of searching for options by contacting the breeder who is breeding Newfoundlands or can import one for you. 

But to avoid the hassle, you have to pay 20% to 30% commission fees for the brokers, increasing your already high expense of buying an exotic breed like a Newfoundland dog. 

Buying a Newfoundland from Reputable breeders

By researching for a reputable breeder, we don’t mean trusting the first pop-up you see on the internet and going for that choice. Its time consuming but not impossible to find a good breeder. We’ve divided the process into three steps for you. 

Step 1: You need to research a legitimate breeder online selling Newfoundland puppies or adults. You can verify their credibility by checking reviews online and if anyone has bought pets from them in the past.

Step 2: Once you find a breeder, ask for a meeting in person. Ask for medical records, a breeder’s license, and an appointment with your future pup and parents. Ask as many questions as you want until you are satisfied. 

Step 3: After finding the perfect pup, ask if it has been vaccinated yet or not. If not, ask the breeder to vaccinate the puppy or do it yourself before bringing them home. 

Questions to Ask A Breeder

The first step is finding the right breeder, but how do you verify their credibility? Simply, you need to ask them the questions we’ve listed before to confirm whether they are legitimate or not. 

  • Can I look at your breeder’s license?
  • Can I look at the medical records of the pup and its parents?
  • According to you, is Newfoundland the right breed for me?
  • Can you suggest any diet chart for the dog? 
  • Will you take the pup back if I come across any issues?
  • Does the puppy have any temperament issues like anger or stubbornness?
  • At what age do you recommend I start training him?
  • Can you tell me more about this breed?


We believe both genders will make excellent pets. However, it is essential to understand the critical difference between the two and which one is suitable according to your family’s needs. We’ve listed some differences between the two genders to help you make an informed decision.

  • Males are more protective of their family members than females.
  • Males tend to bond better with the entire family, whereas females develop a strong bond with one family member.
  • Males are more aggressive than females.
  • It can be challenging to train females compared to males, that are easier to train.

Male Newfoundlands are sold at higher prices due to their bigger size and more territorial instinct to act as better watchdogs than females.

newfoundland close up


Newfoundland dogs are majestically giant. Males are 28 inches tall and weigh between 59 to 68 kg, and females are slightly smaller than 26 inches weighing 45 to 54 kg. You can expect Newfoundlands to cost higher due to their size and stature, making them look less than a lion. The weight of a Newfoundland puppy at four months is 24-34 kg for males and 20-30 kg for females, with a height of 20-23 inches for both.

You need to keep their measurements in mind while buying a Newfoundland to prevent purchasing a puppy less than the required height and weight which means they are unhealthy, malnourished, or crossbred. A perfectly healthy puppy/adult that confirms its ideal size is sold at a high price compared to other puppies that might be unhealthy or malnourished.

Mix Breed or Purebred

Finding a purebred Newfoundland can be difficult; Newfies already have low availability in India; if you wish to buy a purebred one, it will be more expensive and difficult to find. We recommend being open to mix-bred Newfoundland dogs unless you want to pay a heavy amount to get your hands on a purebred Newfie. Mixbreds do pose a risk of health issues, but it doesn’t mean mix bred are unhealthy or deficient dogs. If you find a reputable breeder, your mixed breed will be no less than a purebred Newfoundland in terms of lifespan, healthy, and adaptability.


Bloodline can raise your dog’s price; a KCI-recognized dog has all the genetics of its ancestors passed down for generations. Buying a Newfie with a pedigree bloodline means they will be more trainable, healthy, and easy to breed because of their ancestral attributes. 

Suppose you wish to raise a Newfie to win future dog competitions. In that case, a show quality or champion bloodline will be the best option. A Newfoundland with a champion bloodline means they are descendants of dogs who won the ‘champion’ at dog competitions and carried their traits.

Coat Colours and Markings

The Newfoundland comes in various colors like solid black, brown, gray, Landseer, and a white coat with black markings, making it difficult to choose one.

Prices can vary depending on the color you choose. Rare colors cost the most due to less availability and demand than readily available standard colors. 


Newfoundland is a rare breed in India with low availability. They can be found in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, but finding a good breeder in rural areas can be difficult due to less demand for this exotic breed. Their lack of accessibility increases the price of buying a Newfoundland dog in India.

Certification and Warranties

We all know how easy it is to make false documents. That’s why KCI, medical records, breeder’s license, and vaccination slips provided by your vet should be thoroughly checked and verified before trusting them. These certificates ensure your pup’s health and the breeder’s credibility. 

Yearly Maintenance Cost of owning a Newfoundland

The Newfoundlands are expensive to maintain as they are a non-native breed adapting to India’s new environment and climate. They will need nutritious food, veterinary care, and other accessories to raise. We’ve discussed some additional expenses of maintaining Newfoundland. 

Dog Food Factor

Newfoundlands are big dogs that will need a good amount of nutritious food for their growth and energy levels. Proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water are the six building blocks you will need to create a balanced diet that fulfills your pup’s needs.

Newfoundlands are prone to obesity and piling up pounds; they need a diet with adequate proteins, healthy fats, ground bones, and vegetables full of vitamins and minerals to accelerate growth and development. Male adults need 2,165 calories daily, and females need 1719 calories compared to a 10-pound puppy that needs 990 calories daily.

Home Food vs. Purchased Food

Newfoundlands can survive on both foods as long as it fulfills their nutritional needs and accelerates growth. Homemade food can include fruits, veggies, paneer, milk, bread, raw meat, and bones. In contrast, commercial food varies according to its varieties and brands. However, we recommend consulting with the vet before feeding your Newfie to prevent facing any allergies or health problems. Commercial food can cost between INR 500 to INR 2,000 per box. Your monthly food expenses will depend on how often you run out of dog food compared to a 10-pound puppy that needs 990 calories daily.

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Portion Size and Daily Frequency

It is crucial to understand how often you need to feed your dog to avoid problems like obesity and overfeeding. We have listed the daily servings based on your dog’s age below. However, we recommend checking in with your vet before lying about this information. 

AgeWeightActivity LevelDry KibbleWater
1 month1-10 lbsAverage

Highly Active
1/2 cup

3/4 cup
3/4 cup

1 ¼ cups
2 months11-20 lbsAverage

Highly Active
3/4 cup

1 ¼ cups
1 ¼ cups

2 cups
3 months21-40 lbsAverage

Highly Active
1 ¼ cups

2 cups
2 cups

3 cups
4-5 months41-60 lbsAverage

Highly Active
2 cups

3 cups
3 cups

4 ½ cups
5-6 months61-80 lbsAverage

Highly Active
2 ½ cups

3 ¾ cups
3 ¾ cups

5 ¾ cups
7-8 months81-100 lbsAverage

Highly Active
3 cups

4 ½ cups
4 ½ cups

6 ¾ cups

Fun Facts of Owning a Newfoundland

  • J.M. Barrie, the author of Peter Pan, was inspired by his Newfoundland dog, Luath, to create the Darling family’s nurse dog named Nana in the book.
  • In 1995, a Newfoundland named ‘Boo’ saved a mute and deaf man from drowning and was awarded a medal of honor for his heroic act.
  • During the 1800s, Newfoundland became the most famous dog for entertainment in The United Kingdom; he was called ‘Napoleon the Wonder dog’ and ‘Napoleon the Wizard dog.’
  • The Newfoundland registered with the American Kennel Club for 143 years, first registered in 1883.
  • Canis Lupus is the scientific name for Newfoundland dogs. 

Vet Factor

Addison’s Disease, Cataracts, Cherry eye, and epilepsy are some common diseases found in the Newfoundland dog that you need to keep in mind. Newfounds are healthy pets that enjoy up to 10 years. However, they will need proper veterinary care to grow up healthy.

The vet factor will be a significant expense, but don’t worry; we have included everything from vaccinations to preventive medications for you to understand Newfoundland’s vet needs in a better way.

Vaccination Cost

Your puppy must be vaccinated between seven and eight weeks while carrying its mother’s immunity to prevent developing severe diseases. Most breeders get vaccinated, but if they haven’t, we recommend vaccinating your pup before taking them home. 

Some vaccinations you will need include canine parvovirus, canine distemper (hard pad), kennel rough, leptospirosis, and canine hepatitis. The price of vaccinations can vary depending on one-time or recurring costs and how many doses you need. However, generally, they cost between INR 500 to INR 2,000. 

Neutering or Spaying Surgery Cost

Neutering or spaying surgery is removing the reproductive organs from your pet. In males, testicles are removed; in females, ovaries and uterus are removed. These surgeries don’t only prevent unwanted litter but also eliminate the risk of cancers in your dog. 

These surgeries should be performed only by professionals and not tried at home—neutering/ spaying surgery costs between INR 5,000 to INR 12,000.

Deworming Cost

Worms pose a threat to the dog, and certain types of worms, like roundworms, are easily transferable from dogs to family members. To prevent such risks, we recommend deworming your pup every two weeks until they are twelve weeks old. After that, specific treatments are required to avoid and eliminate parasites once a month until they are six months of age. After six months, the vet will collect a stool sample and prescribe further sessions if needed. 

Preventive Medications Cost

Preventive medications are not only essential to prevent the development of some diseases but also for treating injuries and parasites in your pup. Bandages, cotton, and antiseptic spray are the most needed and frequently used for aiding your pet during injuries. However, we suggest taking them to the vet in case of significant injuries. 

Other things like ticks, flea powder, and ear drops prevent possible skin and ear infections. All these medications can add up to INR 2,000 to your expenses but are worth it in case of emergencies. 

Housing and Confinement Cost

Newfoundlands are enormous dogs; we don’t recommend a crate as they need ample space for their growth and development. Buying a crate for Newfie puppies might seem convenient at the moment, but they will outgrow the bed in later years. Instead, we recommend purchasing a spacious and comfortable bed for your Newfoundland, which can cost up to INR 2,000 to 4,000; they need big-sized beds, which will cost more. 

Accessories Cost

Accessories are vital for raising your dog efficiently and quickly. Accessories are cute and help Newfoundlands move and control during walks and training more accessible. We’ve discussed some accessories below to help you raise a Newfie better. 

Collar and Leash vs. Training Harness

Newfies are large dogs, and handling them during walks can be difficult. Now you can use a collar, leash, or training harness, as there is no competition between the two. You need to choose the one that works more according to your dog’s size and strength. The material of either of them should be durable and comfortable for your pet to prevent injuries or skin diseases. 

A collar and leash set costs between INR 500 to 1,500, whereas a collar and leash set can cost up to INR 2,000. 

Toys Cost

Newfoundlands need toys that can play with nature, engage and provide exercise and entertainment during boredom or idle time. Fetch toys, tug toys, tinker toys, and super chewy toys are the best choices for your Newfie. You must be strategic while buying them and go for the ones that best suit your dog. A single toy can cost between INR 500 to 1,000.

newfoundland sitting under the tree

Grooming Cost

If you can’t wait to play ad braid with Newfie’s long and smooth hair, you should understand the expenses of keeping them healthy and soft throughout their life. Newfoundland has a flat and water-resistant double coat, and they shed all year long but more in seasons like spring. They will need daily grooming and brushing to remove the dirt and loose hair from their coats. They should be bathed sometimes as if done too much; it can cause skin problems and dry their fur. We recommend using hypoallergenic shampoo for bathing, nail clippers, high-quality brush, shampoo, conditioner, and towels for your dog for in-house grooming sessions.

You can also take your Newfie to professional groomers but remember you will still need to do the grooming yourself as taking them to a professional groomer doesn’t brush off your responsibilities. A professional grooming session can cost up to INR 2,000 to 2,500.

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Walker Cost

Newfoundlands need daily exercise, and walks are a great way to stimulate their physical and mental abilities. We recommend not overwalking your Newfoundland as it can damage their musculoskeletal system; two walks a day are sufficient for them.

You can either walk them or hire a walker service in your area. Walker services can cost between INR 3,000 to 5,000 per month.

Training and Socialising Class Cost

Newfoundland is active dogs that need around 60 minutes of exercise daily to maintain their health and energy levels. To not over-exercise them, we recommend taking them for two walks or training sessions (an hour before or two hours after feeding). Newfoundlands are excellent swimmers; you can even give them swimming lessons to blow off some steam at a beach or lake. 

Since training your dog is essential, we recommend hiring a professional if you can’t do the training yourself. A training professional can charge up to INR 6,000 a month, but the expense depends on the number of sessions you take. 

Treat Cost 

Newfoundland works best with positive reinforcement for training or modifying behaviors. Treats are the best way to love and pamper your dog, providing extra nutrition to top all that love.

Treats can be homemade, like paneer or commercial. Commercial treats can cost between INR 500 to 1,500 per box. But you must read the ingredients carefully to avoid feeding your dog food that might trigger allergies.

Insurance Cost

Pet Insurance is the most helpful and reliable thing in case of unforeseen circumstances like injuries, theft, third-party liabilities, or loss of your pet. Pet Insurance covers the damages, which reduces your expenses and provides other services.

It is vital to read the terms and conditions of the policy thoroughly before signing and finding a suitable policy that is good for your dog and reasonable for your expenses at the same time. Pet insurance can cost you up to INR 10,000 to 15,000 yearly.

Travel Cost

Traveling with your pet is a fantastic experience as Newfoundland are great travel companion. We don’t recommend taking them everywhere with you as it can affect their health, and you have to take care of them on your trip without fail, which can consume time out of your limited days.

However, you can travel by car, railway, or airline. Indian Railways are cheaper than airlines, but you will need an air-conditioned coach for Newfoundland. During the season, even the railway can cost high, and challenging to find tickets. Airlines cost between INR 2,00,000 to 3,00,000 for International flights, which, if you are a frequent traveler, can be a significant expense, and up to INR 20,000 to 30,000 for domestic travel.

Daycare Cost

The best option is when you can’t be with your Newfoundland dog, they get destructive and depressed, which can be prevented with the help of daycares. Some owners are worried that daycares are incompetent for caring for their pets, but it’s the opposite; they are run by professionals with competent services and skills to handle your pet.

Daycares don’t just feed your dog and take them for a walk; now, daycares offer grooming, fun activities, toys, and a kennel area. You can even include other services on request, which will be fulfilled. Daycares charge between INR 500 to 2,000 per day, but your area’s prices vary.

Registration Cost

Getting your registration is mandatory, either online or offline; you will need to carry all the required documents, read the information given on the KCI website regarding registration, and pay an amount of up to INR 1,200 as a registration fee to get your dog registered. We recommend getting them registered as soon as possible. Otherwise, you can even be penalized for the same.


Poop cleaner, measuring cups, winter clothes, name tags, food storage containers, and food bowls are some other things that will help you raise Newfoundland efficiently. This will add up to INR 2,500 to your total maintenance expenses.

Hidden and Related Costs of Newfoundland Puppy Ownership

Newfoundland is an exotic breed that will take time, care, and expense to survive in India. Now that you have read about the costs, let’s discuss the other needs you will need to fulfill to own this dog. Newfoundland can develop separation anxiety; they can’t be left alone. We don’t recommend buying a Newfoundland if you live alone and can’t accompany them or for apartment wonders as they need much space.

There is a difference between reading about the responsibilities and fulfilling them; we hope you understand the costs of buying this exotic breed and taking good care of it.

newfoundland puppy sitting on a snow field

Essential Things to Consider Before Buying a Newfoundland

  • Grooming- Newfoundlands are heavy shedders and require daily brushing, vet visits, and maintenance to keep their coats healthy and clean.
  • Vast space- Newfies are not apartment-friendly dogs which can be a massive problem as they need a spacious house and daily exercise.
  • Stubborn- They are calm and gentle but have stubborn steaks, making it difficult to train and handle them at times.
  • Expensive- Newfies, whether the initial price, vet care or dog food, are expensive. It is a high-maintenance breed that will take a heavy toll on your money to raise.

Benefits of Bringing a Newfoundland Puppy To Home

  • Family Dog- Newfoundlands are great with kids and have a babysitter instinct to protect their family members. They are the perfect nanny dog for your kids.
  • Gentle Giant- Newfies are calm, sweet-tempered, patient, and great companions for you and your family. Despite their intimidating sizes, they are just little balls of fur.
  • Intelligent- Newfoundlands are witty and clever; training and socializing them are much easier due to their ready-to-please attitude and quick learning.


Is Newfoundland apartment friendly? 

They need a vast space owing to their size and stature and will feel constricted in a small apartment. However, they can live in an apartment if it is spacious and gives them space to run freely. 

What is the lifespan of a Newfoundland dog?

They generally live up to 10 years, but with proper care and nutrition, they might also live up to 15 years. Of course, it all depends on their health.

Do Newfoundlands drool?

They drool, mainly after finishing their meals, exercising, and drinking water. We recommend cleaning their mouth with a clean cloth to avoid mouth infections. 

Is Newfoundland friendly around children?

Newfoundlands are gentle, friendly, kind, and careful among small children. They have a decent protective instinct around them and will happily indulge in many games. 

Can Newfoundlands be left alone for long periods?

No, they are highly people-oriented. If left alone for extended periods, they can get depressed and destructive by chewing things around the house. 

Summing it Up

Newfoundlands might be big and seem intimidating. However, on the inside, they are giant balls of fur filled with love and affection for their family members. But they are not perfect; they will need patience and your time to become the ideal addition to your family.

We hope this article has helped you know more about Newfies and if you are ready for them or not because owning a dog is not a responsibility but a privilege.

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