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Pitbull Dog Breed: All You Need To Know

pitbull dog

Pit Bulls, also called ‘Pitties,’ can be intimidating and look aggressive; however, they are perhaps the most adorable, affectionate, and playful dogs you will ever meet. Pit bulls are highly intelligent, loyal, and love to please their owners, which makes training them easy. They are widely misunderstood due to their fighting past but make excellent family dogs with their gentle, protective, and affectionate behavior around children and adults alike.

We’ve listed everything from characteristics to facts and myths about Pit Bulls to help you gain more insight into this adorable breed. This article will help you make an informed decision if you wish to bring these 35 kgs of happiness into your lovely home.

Pitbull Breed At Glance

GroupTerrier Group
OriginUnited Kingdom
Lifespan8-14 years
HeightMale- 45-53 cm
Female- 43-46 cm
WeightMale- 16-30 kg
Female- 14-28 kg
TemperamentPlayful, Affectionate, Clever, Strong-willed,
Active and Loyal
Coat ColorsBlack, Red, Blue, Tan, Fawn, Seal,
Litter Size10-14 puppies
Puppy PriceAverage- INR 30,000
Yearly Maintenance CostINR 50,000-60,000

Who Is The Best Human For Pitbull?

  • Pit bulls are strong-willed; they need a firm owner who can take control; otherwise, they can become stubborn if raised without rules.
  • Pit Bulls thrive on human companionship; they need lots of attention, care, and love from their humans.
  • A pit bull needs a strict exercise regimen to maintain its excessive energy levels and keep it healthy, which its owners should follow consistently.
  • Pit bulls have aggressive tendencies; the owner should train and socialize their pup from the early years to raise a playful and friendly dog.
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Pitbull Breed Characteristics

Adaptability3 Out of 5
Apartments & Small Homes Friendly3/5
Good for first-time Pet Parents2/5
Can leave alone1/5
Suitable for Indian Weather3/5
Friendliness4 Out of 5
Good with Kids5/5
Good with Cats1/5
Good with Other Dogs1/5
Good with Strangers4/5
Grooming Needs4 Out of 5
Easiness to Groom5/5
Drooling Potential1/5
Amount of Shedding4/5
Health and Physical Needs4 Out of 5
General Health4/5
Potential to Weight Gain4/5
Energy Level4/5
Exercise Needs4/5
Training Needs4 Out of 5
Easy to Train 4/5
Intelligence 4/5
Prey Drive3/5
Barking Tendencies3/5
Biting Tendencies3/5

Types Of Pitbull

Many people are under the impression that pit bull is a single breed. However, there are four different types of Pitbulls that might look similar at first glance but are unique in size, appearance, and origins.

American Bully

They were crossbred from American Pit Bull and Bulldog, which developed a solid and hefty dog. They have thick bodies and stubby legs and come in various colors, like white, Black, blue, grey, and much more. Their extroverted personality makes them great family dogs, and they get along with everyone, from strangers to children.

American Pit Bull Terrier

They originated in the 19th century in the United Kingdom. They became the best choice for dogfighting due to their extreme strength and agility. Their past brings in aggressive tendencies, but they make excellent pets with proper socialization. They come in various colors, but their red and blue noses stand out.

American Staffordshire Terrier

They are different from other pit bulls as they were bred to be working farm dogs, giving them a mellow and focused personality. They share similarities with American Pit Bulls, but their large square heads make them unique. Their prey drive gives them high aggressive tendencies, but they make affectionate, loyal, and energetic pets.

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Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Also called Staffies, these dogs are famous for their seal-like appearances and noises. Despite being bred for dog fighting during the nineteenth century in England, they are the opposite of aggressive nowadays. Instead, they are goofy, playful, loyal, and thrive in human companionship.

Myths vs. Facts About Pitbull

  • Myth- Pit Bulls have locking jaws

Pit Bulls do not have a locking jaw or the most powerful bite, the fact that when a pit bull bites, they willingly don’t let go, not because they can’t. Many breeds surpass pit bulls in stronger biting, like rottweilers and Dobermans.

  • Fact- Pit Bull are the American Heroes

A Pit Bull named Stubby was made Sergeant after his contribution alongside US soldiers during Worl War 1 in France. 

  • Myth- Pit Bulls are aggressive toward humans and other animals.

Pit Bulls can be aggressive towards other animals due to their dog fighting past, which can be handled with proper socialization and training. As for humans, these dogs are gentle, friendly, and affectionate towards humans.

  • Fact- Pit Bulls are musically inclined too!

Two Pit Bull Terriers, Budgie and Basil, were proud members of a grindcore band called ‘Caninus’; they barked their lyrics and charmed everyone on the stage with their adorable smiles.


The name ‘Pit Bull’ justifies the history of these dogs; they were used to harness bulls for entertainment, rat baiting, and dog fighting back in the 1800s in the United Kingdom. It is surprising to know that they are not an original breed but a result of crossbreeding several breeds (Staffordshire Terriers, American Bullies, American Pit Bull Terriers, American Stafford Terriers).

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Apart from fighting, their high intelligence and friendliness were used for farming, protecting the family, and looking after the children. That’s why when bloodsports were outlawed, people remained attached to their Pitbulls and saw them as faithful companions. Today, pit bulls have proved their fighting past wrong by showing loyalty, playfulness, and attachment to their family members.

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