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Pomeranian Dog Price In India

Pomeranian dog

Pomeranian dogs are small, furry dogs. They come in different colors, which include white, red, black, orange, and cream. Their small heads make their mouths appear pointed.

“Poms,” as they are fondly called, are friendly, intelligent, and easy to train. They are observant and respond quickly to changes in their environment, usually by barking. Unfortunately, they can also be aggressive and territorial, especially around other dogs.

Pomeranian dogs can be a good companion to you and your children and an excellent addition to your family. But what is the financial implication of owning a Pomeranian dog?

How Much Does the Pomeranian Dog Cost in India?

The initial purchase of a dog is the first financial commitment followed by a lot more if you want your dog to live a long, fruitful life. For most people, the cost of buying a dog will be the bulkiest amount of money they’ll spend on their dog. Hence, the initial purchase cost will determine whether pet ownership is a realistic aspiration.

If a Pomeranian is on your wishlist, then you should plan for an average cost of INR 17,000. However, India is a large country, and you can pay much more or much less for the purchase, as will be explained shortly.

Among other factors, the cost of a Pomeranian dog in India depends on the location you wish to buy it from. This is because of differences in household incomes and the cost of living in the different parts of India. Below is a list of price ranges you should expect depending on your location (which doesn’t include travel, logistics, or shipping costs).

With some market knowledge, you can get the best price for a Pomeranian anywhere in India.

LocationCost (INR)
Mumbai11,000 – 20,000
Delhi14,000 – 24,000
Kolkata13,000 – 25,000
Pune13,000 – 28,000
Jaipur15,000 – 25,000
Kerala11,000 – 25,000
Ahmedabad15,000 – 30,000
Hyderabad13,000 – 24,000
Maharashtra12,000 – 24,000
Tamilnadu15,000 – 26,500
Rajasthan13,000 – 30,000
Himachal Pradesh7000 – 24,000
Madhyapradesh16,000 – 25,000
Karnataka11,000 – 21,000
Chennai15,000 – 26,000
Bangalore9,500 – 21,500
Hyderabad9,500 – 21,500
Ahmedabad9,500 – 21,000
Surat7,500 – 16,000
Lucknow7,500 – 15,500
Kanpur7,500 – 15,500
Nagpur7,500 – 15,500
Indore7,500 – 15,500
Thane7,500 – 15,500
Bhopal7,500 – 15,500
Visakhapatnam9,500 – 20,500
Patna7,500 – 15,500
Vadodara7,500 – 15,500
Ghaziabad7,500 – 15,500
Ludhiana7,500 – 15,500
Agra7,500 – 15,500
Nashik7,500 – 15,500
Srinagar7,500 – 15,500
Allahabad7,500 – 15,500
Howrah7,500 – 15,500
Ranchi7,500 – 15,500
Coimbatore7,500 – 20,500
Vijayawada7,500 – 15,500
Chandigarh7,500 – 15,500
Mysore9,500 – 20,500
Gurgaon7,500 -;15,500
Bhubaneswar7,500 – 15,500
Noida9,500 – 20,500
Kochi9,500 – 20,500

Factors That Influence the Buying Price of Pomeranian in India

As mentioned earlier, location is only one factor that influences a Pomeranian’s buying price in India. Many other factors influence the price of your dog. Let’s go through them one by one.

Pomeranian Age: Buying a Puppy vs. An Old Dog

When buying a pet, age is not just a number. It is an important factor determining whether a pet lover will buy a pet and the price they will find acceptable.

For most people, buying a puppy is preferable to buying an old dog. A Pomeranian has a life span of 12 – 16 years. They begin to grow old at around seven years. But here, ‘old’ means from 10 months to 1 year old.

At this age, most of their habits have set in. At this time, it becomes more difficult for them to adapt to new owners or training. Ordinarily, they are intelligent dogs that are easy to train. But most people will like to avoid the extra work.

Buying a Pomeranian puppy allows the owner to train it as desired right from the start. This makes the work more accessible and more effective. Unfortunately, this preference makes a puppy more expensive than an old dog.

Adopting a Pomeranian vs. Buying

At a certain age, puppies become harder to sell. So most of them end up in shelters where adoption becomes the best chance of finding new homes.

Adoption is a good option for someone who loves pets but can’t afford the cost of buying a puppy outright. It is also an option for someone who wishes to take a dog away from less than ideal conditions. You could also adopt a puppy from your neighbor or family member.

If you intend to adopt from an animal shelter, it could cost you from almost nothing to INR 5000, excluding other expenses.

Breeding Factor

The breeding factor is an important detail that determines the price of a Pomeranian in India. Breeders have standards they should maintain according to government policies and good old human ethics. Breeders who cut corners may be willing to sell at lower prices.

Pet lovers like to talk about their pets and their breeders. Even if they may not be completely honest about their pets, they’ll tell you the truth about their breeders. You can get your dog from one of the options listed below.

Buying a Pomeranian From a Puppy Mill

(Please Don’t Go With This Option):

You certainly won’t go to a child trafficking ring to adopt a child. Similarly, you wouldn’t go to a puppy mill to buy your Pomeranian.

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A puppy mill is where dogs are raised in large quantities, with the priority being making as much profit as possible. They are usually unscrupulous and do not care about the living conditions of the puppies.

As a human who loves dogs, you should not contribute to keeping such places in business. Even if there is no law against them or good enforcement in your locality, animal cruelty affects the puppy’s psyche for a long time.

Animals raised under such conditions are likely to miss essential services such as vaccinations, deworming, and good old care. This can later affect the living standard of the pet you buy from them though you may buy them at an unbelievably low price.

Buying a Pomeranian From Pet Shops

Pet shops are businesses that sell pets, mainly as a retail businesses. They also sell pet accessories and offer primary animal care. They usually do not breed pets.

They buy from breeders and sell to consumers. If a pet store buys from a puppy mill, they can maintain low prices. Of course, this doesn’t mean that a pet shop can’t buy from a puppy mill and still keep prices ridiculously high. This is why knowing where the pet shop gets its supply is important.

Buying a Pomeranian From Middlemen or Brokers

A pet broker knows the business and uses that knowledge to make money. They are the middlemen between you and the source of your pet.

You can tell your pet broker the specifications you want for your Pomeranian, and it will be their duty to find and buy it for you. Brokers usually charge a commission that ranges from 10 – 15%. Unfortunately, unscrupulous ones may buy low-quality breeds for you or inflate the price of the pet.

If you have less money and some bit of time, you should take the time to know more about Pomeranian dogs before purchasing one.

Buying a Pomeranian From a Reputable Breeder

Buying your Pomeranian from a reputable breeder is your best decision while buying pet. This is because reputable dog breeders know the value of following the approved breeding guidelines.

Most reputable breeders are not in the business just for the money. Their main motivation is their love for dogs. Hence, the dogs under their care will get the best possible care. This includes the quality of their living spaces, healthcare, feeding, and exercises.

All these cost money and will affect the price you’ll have to pay when you fall in love with one of their puppies.

Some breeders also provide you the option of certain pre-order characteristics like desired bloodline, traits, and physical attributes. These will cost you a lot more.

Questions To Ask a Breeder

When you’ve ascertained the breed and age of the puppy you wish to buy from the breeder, there are other questions you should ask. This is to ensure you’re buying what you think you’re buying.

Some of those questions include:

1. Where Are the Parents?:

This is important for several reasons. First, it allows you to tell if the puppy is of pure breed or a mixed breed. You’ll have a little history of the puppies’ bloodline by meeting the parents.

Another insight you’ll get from the parents is their behavior. A dog’s behavior, just as in humans, may be hereditary.

2. Is There a Health Record for the Parents?

According to PDSA, diseases found in Pomeranians include luxating patella, tracheal collapse, cataracts, and hypothyroidism. Poms are otherwise healthy dogs, but care or hereditary issues can affect their health.

If the Pomeranian puppy’s parents have a disease that may be hereditary, it is your right to know.

3. What is the Health Status of the Puppy?

It’s normal, and we hope no puppy should be ill, but they can get sick. Sometimes, this illness can be congenital or chronic. This is a lifelong burden you won’t want to take on inadvertently.

If the puppy is chronically ill, it becomes your prerogative to decide whether you want it or not. Some breeders also screen their puppies for diseases that may appear in the future. But, again, this is something you should ask your breeder.

You should also find out if they’ve been vaccinated and dewormed. This will help you to know the medical care you should give them when you take them home.

4. Can I see Where They Sleep and Eat?

This is important because unhygienic conditions could have long-term adverse effects on the dogs.

5. How Do You Socialize Your Puppies?

Puppies must learn social skills while they’re still young. This will enable them to adapt quickly to their new homes.

6. Do You Offer a Health Guarantee?

This agreement covers a situation where the dog is found to have a severe illness. The breeder may offer to bear the cost of the medical expenses or take back the dog.

7. Do You Offer a Contract?

This agreement is to take the Pomeranian back if you can no longer take care of it.

8. How Long Have You Been Breeding?

Dog breeding is a delicate activity that requires attention and experience. You don’t want to leave it to a rookie.

9. When Can I Take the Dogs Home?

Dogs are weaned at 6 – 8 weeks old. If the puppy is younger, you’ll have to wait. There may also be some delays for paperwork and vaccinations to be completed.

10. Have They Been Vaccinated or Dewormed?

Pomeranian puppies need to be vaccinated against several preventable diseases such as canine distemper, canine hepatitis, coronavirus, etc. They also should be dewormed according to the recommended schedule.

white Pomeranian dog running in green field


There are some notable differences between a male and female Pomeranian. This will make a buyer willing to pay more for one over the other. While some breeders will price their male Pomeranians more than females, most will price the females more than the males.

This is because the females can produce more litter.


Pomeranians are small dogs. People who decide to buy them are not doing so because of any possible intimidating size. Instead, people love them because they are small and cute.

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So (surprise!), the smaller the Pomeranian, the costlier it gets.

Mixed Breed or Pure Breed

Will you have to pay more for a pure breed than a mixed breed? There’s no straightforward answer.

Most people will prefer a pure breed dog. This is because they believe they are more robust and healthier.  You also know what to expect from their puppies as there isn’t much variation in their genetic traits.

You should expect pure breed Pomeranians to go at higher prices than mixed breeds.


Some bloodlines are seen to have more quality than others. The higher the perceived quality of the bloodline of a Pomeranian, the higher the price. Getting pictures, behavior, and health records of the Pomeranian puppy you wish to buy is one way to determine if it’s worth the quoted price.

Coat Colour and Markings

These can affect a Pomeranian’s price by a wide margin. Colors that are considered rare attract a higher fee. Solid colors of white or blue, or black mixed with tan are among the most sought-after colors.

Dark markings on poms suggest a high-quality bloodline more than a lighter one and will command a higher price.

Certification and Warranties

The Kennel Club of India (KCI) is responsible for registering dogs in India. KCI records can show the past generations of a dog. For example, it can certify that a Pomeranian is of pure breed. With such evidence, you should be less hesitant to pay more for your new pom.

Warranties are protections the breeder gives the pet buyer in writing if the pet isn’t what was promised in terms of quality or health. This is a financial risk to the breeder and increases the puppy’s buying cost.

Yearly Maintenance Cost of Owning a Pomeranian

Pomeranians are small dogs who neither require large spaces nor eat much food. Their vet visits are also not bank draining. However, keeping them does not come cheap.

dog lying on chair

Dog Food Factor

Your Pom is a living thing and needs to eat. How does your choice of feeding your pet affect cost?

Home Food vs. Purchased Food

There is no doubt that there are good, healthy canine foods you can buy for your Pom, but cooking keeps you certain of the content of your pet’s food. It also costs you a lot less.

Portion Size and Daily Frequency

A Pomeranian puppy of around two months can eat 30g of high-quality kibble four times daily. At four months, they’ll eat 48g per meal as frequently. At ten months, they’ll eat 140g twice each day.

Healthy dog kibble can cost anywhere from INR 10 to INR 100 per 100g. So you expect to spend up from INR 15 to INR 300 daily on feeding.

Vet Factor

Visiting the vet is vital to your dog’s care. However, these visits add to the cost of maintaining your Pomeranian.

Vaccine Cost

Some of the vaccines your Pomenarian will need include: parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis, rabies, and a combination vaccine. The whole shot will cost around INR 5000.

Neutering or Spaying Surgery Cost

Neutering and spaying are surgical procedures on dogs to remove their reproductive organs, including the testicles, ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus.

This is usually done to prevent diseases that can occur in the reproductive organs or result from reproductive hormones. It also serves to eliminate undesirable behaviors that are associated with sterility. These include roaming and heightened aggression.

In government hospitals, spaying or neutering costs around INR 1000 – INR 1500. In private hospitals, it can cost upward of INR 5000 (including subsequent checkups). This will vary from place to place.

Deworming Cost

Worms in your puppy are better prevented than cured. They can cause weight loss and diarrhea and can become fatal. Puppy deworming costs from around INR 450 – INR 700.

Preventive Medication Costs

The medication costs of your dog will include the vaccinations against the various viruses they may be at risk of contracting. They will also need deworming, as mentioned earlier.

Other diseases that may take you to the vet include preventive care for obesity, joint discomfort, and diabetes.

brown pomeranian on the chair

Housing and Confinement Cost

Pomeranians are very active dogs, especially males. Sometimes, you’ll prefer them not running all over the house. A small cage will do. Depending on your desired quality, this will cost from INR 500 to INR 7000.

An outdoor dog hut will cost from INR 10,000 to INR 60,000. These huts or cages can last throughout their lifetime as they tend not to outgrow them.

Accessories Cost

These items make your relationship with your dog easier. They include the collar, training harness, leash, feeding bowl, etc.

Collar and Leash

A dog collar is commonly used with a leash, primarily for restraining the dog, identification, and fashion. The most common ones are leather and have buckles for fitting them around the dog’s neck. A dog collar and leash in India will cost upward of INR 500.

Training Harness

A training harness is like a collar but is designed to tighten around the dog’s neck and prevent it from pulling the handler. It doesn’t get as tight as collars and offers no dangers to dogs with respiratory problems. A training harness costs from INR 550 – INR 1700.

Toys Cost

Dog toys are an excellent way to help the mental development of your puppy. They help them to understand more about their environment and keep them busy while you get some work done. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get your dog to fall in love with any toy. The average cost of a dog toy in India is INR 100

Grooming Cost

Pomeranians are hairy creatures and require a lot of periodic grooming to keep them clean and cute. Grooming accessories can make the process much easier. From getting rid of dander and hairballs to cleaning up their teeth and nails, having the right tools can make all the difference in keeping your pup looking their best. Below are some accessories you can consider buying for your Pom-

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Top-quality brush – INR 200 – 500

Nail clippers– INR 200 – 500

Shampoo and Conditioner– INR 400

Towels- INR 300-700

You can groom your Pom yourself, but many people choose to have their Pom groomed by a professional. Necessary tasks like nail trimming are intimidating to first-time owners and could hurt the puppy if not performed correctly.

In that case, you can hire a professional grooming service. Based upon your dog’s age and breed, grooming in India can cost anywhere between INR 500 to 2,000.

short-coat beige puppy behind green leaves

Walker Cost

Dogs need lots of exercises to keep them healthy and strong. Walking them is one way to give a Pomeranian good exercise. It also helps to develop their mental and social skills.

In some Indian cities, a dog walker will charge at least INR 3,000 to 5,000 per month.

Training and Socializing Training Cost

Pomeranians are lively dogs that can also get aggressive. Hence, they require a lot of training to relate effectively with the owners, other humans, and animals.

With their high intelligence, they can be trained to understand human instructions and cues. Therefore, hiring a trainer will get a lot done in less time. However, this will set you back at least INR 6000 each month.

Treat Cost

These are hard, dry snacks you give your dog to encourage good behavior. You can get treats as low as INR 50 or as high as INR 1200 per kilogram.

Insurance Cost

In general, Pomeranians are small dogs. Depending on the city, insurance could cost around INR 5,000 to 15,000 yearly.

Travel Cost

Domestic travel is usually within INR 20,000. However, many airlines charge INR 94 per kg on domestic routes, and rates vary based on destination, route, and size of the crate.

The fare for international travel can vary from INR 2 lakh to INR 3 lakh for a medium-sized dog.

Daycare Cost

Daycare is where your dog can be taken care of while you’re away. It is usually a kennel or similar setup. Your dog can be taught communication and socializing skills though that’s not the primary purpose.

In India, the cost of looking after your dog for one day starts from INR 300 and can reach INR 500 in some places.

Registration Cost

Dog registration is not compulsory. It is usually done to certify the pedigree or achievements of the dog. For example, if your dog has no show achievements or extraordinary bloodline, you do not need to register it.

Dog registration starts from INR 400 for locally bred dogs and can go as high as INR 1300 for imported breeds.


A food, water dish, poop bag, pee cleaner, food storage container, and pet cot are other miscellaneous items costing you around INR 2,500 – 4,000.

You may wish to go the extra mile for your Pomeranian. They like to dress up and love to play. If you want to make clothes and arrange recreational activities for them, the costs will depend on what you have in mind.

brown pomeranian puppy on blue textile

It’s essential to consider the amount of time and effort you will need to commit to pet your Pomeranian, especially when the puppy is very young (8-36 weeks old).

Spending time with your puppy is crucial for developing into a well-behaved and well-mannered dog. Early socialization is essential for several reasons.

Essential Things to Consider Before Buying a Pomeranian

Before you decide to own a Pomeranian, you must consider the following things:

Money: Obviously, you need money to buy one and take care of it.

Use: Pomeranians are great company for adults, children, and the disabled. They are helpful as guard dogs and are also cute show dogs.

Accommodation: You need to know that there is a good home for the puppy to live a fulfilled life. The other people living in the house with it should also accept and love it.

You: You must look deep down inside and be convinced that a Pomeranian is your chosen breed, and you can find a breeder who will give you a dog you will love and take the utmost care of.


Should I Go for a Pomeranian?

If you love a small, cute dog, then why not? They are loving and easy to train. You will undoubtedly have a great time with them.

What are the Advantages of a Pomeranian?

They are cute and fluffy. They are also intelligent and always alert. They show lots of affection to the people they love.

Are Pomeranians Guard Dogs?

It depends on how you train them. Pomeranians bark quite a lot if they’re not adequately trained. But they’re intelligent and observant. They protect their territory quite fiercely and will alert you to suspicious activity.

Should I go for a Pure Breed or Mixed Breed?

It depends. Some pure breeds are better than mixed breeds and vice-versa. People who play it safe go for a pure breed with known heritage, but if you want some extra excitement, you can mix things up a little bit.

Should I Buy or Adopt?

It depends on your preference and finance.

Should I buy a Puppy or An Old Pomeranian?

This also depends on your preference and finance. They both have advantages, but buying a puppy is usually preferable to an old Pomeranian.

Summing Up

In conclusion, Pomeranians are a great pet choice for a family. In this article, we’ve discussed all the required details you should know before you buy a Pomeranian.

If you can afford the costs mentioned earlier and are prepared to handle the responsibility of owning a Pomeranian, this may be the perfect pet for you. However, a different dog breed may be a better fit for your lifestyle if you’re on a tight budget or cannot commit the required time.

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