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Rajapalayam Dog Price in India

Rajapalayam dog

Believed to be one of the oldest Indian dog breeds, the history of a Rajapalayam is all things royal and much more. In the Nayakar Dynasty, these royal hounds were companions for the kings and accompanied aristocrats and noblemen. 

The Rajapalayam belong to the sighthound group and are renowned for their excellent hunting ability. Moreover, these dogs served in wars and are believed to have fought for independent India during British rule. Getting its name from the town of Rajapalayam in Tamil Nadu, this breed ruled over the hearts of the Indians for a long time. However, despite their glorious past and excellent skillset, the modern-day Rajapalayam is endangered. 

Today, the dog is at risk of extinction due to the widespread popularity of exotic breeds in India. Therefore, bringing this dog home is not just a financial and emotional decision but also a social one. Getting a Rajapalayam helps prevent this dog from becoming an anecdote for future generations. To help make this decision more accessible, we have compiled a detailed guide covering all financial factors related to the ownership of this sighthound of India. 

How Much Does The Rajapalayam Cost in India?

In recent times, the people’s collective consciousness has awakened towards their diverse heritage of Indian dogs. As a consequence, this nearly extinct Rajapalayam is slowly but steadily making a comeback. Native breeders pledged to save this muscular and athletic breed and are selling the purebred Rajapalayam pups for INR 6,000-20,000, despite the rarity. 

Factors that Influence the Buying Price of Rajapalayam in India

Rajapalayam Age: Buying a Puppy vs an Old Dog

Raising a puppy is the same as raising a toddler. Immense patience is required during the initial months of training your Rajapalayam. This breed is famous for being mouthy, and they love to chew toys. As puppies, you can expect your Rajapalayam to be the culprit behind various mishaps around the house. Only patience and gentle firmness in times like these will help the dog understand the environment and grow into a well-behaved adult. Sneaker lovers running low on patience have been warned!

In contrast, adult dogs have had basic training and are well-settled. Getting an older dog is best for people who can’t cope with a puppy’s challenges. Provided you source your Rajapalayam from reputable breeders, an adult dog will be healthy with a balanced temperament. Rajapalayam, aged 8-12 weeks, sells for more due to the cuteness of puppyhood. Generally, this price goes down with the age of the dog. 

Adopting a Rajapalayam Vs. Buying

Lately, adoption rates of the Rajapalayam have risen due to increasing awareness about the plight of Indian breeds. More people are looking to adopt native breeds, helping the Indian breeds survive. However, there is still a long way to go. Adopting your Rajapalayam is cheaper and gives you a chance to save a dog’s life. That said, getting a puppy may be difficult as most shelter dogs are grown up and abandoned by their owners. 

Buying a Rajapalayam is suitable for people who want a puppy and want it quickly. Sourcing your Rajapalayam from ethical breeders guarantees a healthy dog with a balanced temperament. In the case of a Rajapalayam, buying from breeders is an excellent way to help save the dog from becoming extinct. 

Fun Fact: The Rajapalayam can take on tigers to save their owners. 
rajapalayam dog photo
Source: Pinterest

Breeder Factor

Indian breeders must register with their respective states’ State Animal Welfare Board. A KCI registration is also mandatory. We advise our readers to verify these documents thoroughly, as falsification of credentials is not out of the ordinary. There are several places to purchase your Rajapalayam in India. Below we have discussed the popular choices in detail. 

Buying a Rajapalayam from Puppy Mills (Please don’t go with this option)

Puppy mill owners target dogs with high demand to breed and sell them for profit. These mills are solely concerned with monetary gains and neglect the dog’s basic requirements. However, due to the low popularity and rarity of Rajapalayam, they are not a popular choice of the mill owners, fortunately. 

A puppy mill dog is riddled with health problems and hard-to-fix behaviours. Therefore, for a good ownership experience, prospective buyers must do their homework. A mill merchant sells the dogs at unreasonably low prices and engages in negotiating. They are also reticent about showing the breeding facility. These are one of the many signs of an unethical breeder. We advise you to stay alert and take everything a breeder claims with a grain of salt.   

Buying a Rajapalayam from Pet Shops

Most pet shops groom their dogs to look picture-perfect. This is a carefully crafted image to make the prospective buyers forget about the birthplace of the dogs since most pet shops source their dogs from puppy mills and often charge a premium for ethically sourcing their dogs. We advise our readers against window shopping for dogs. Buying from any place is a gamble unless prospective dog owners can verify the documents and see the breeding facility firsthand. It is also crucial to see the puppy with its mother. Remember not to choose an overly shy dog as they may grow up to be aggressive. 

Buying a Rajapalayam from Middleman or Brokers

Dog brokers are headhunters and serve their client’s needs satisfactorily. Prospective dog owners who do not have enough time to research thoroughly and are unaware of the ins and outs of the dog breeding business may approach a responsible broker. Such a broker will do the legwork for you and may successfully get you an ethically sourced Rajapalayam. We recommend our readers stay alert as these brokers often deal with unscrupulous breeders. 

A good broker will get you in touch with an ethical breeder and encourage you to look at the breeding facility. They can also educate you about standard breeding practices. Typically, the brokers charge a 10-20% commission for these services on each sale.

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Buying a Rajapalayam from Reputable breeders

Ethical breeders of India are trying to revive this endangered breed. Therefore, as dog lovers, it becomes our responsibility to help the breeders survive by buying from them. An ethical breeder tests the genetic stock of the dog for any diseases. Moreover, these breeders are invested in the well-being of their dogs. They will likely ask you several questions to determine whether the dog would suit your lifestyle. When dealing with an ethical breeder, you can be sure of getting the healthiest and most well-socialized dog. 

Due to the top-quality litter, reputable breeders often charge more for their dogs. However, these prices aren’t unreasonable. Buying from a good breeder is your best bet at getting a well-bred Rajapalayam. 

Questions to ask from a Breeder

To determine whether you’re dealing with an ethical breeder inquiring about the kennel and the breeder’s experience is essential. We’ve compiled some questions you can ask the breeder:

  • Do you have a breeding license?
  • How long have you been breeding the Rajapalayam?
  • What other breeds do you specialize in?
  • How old is the puppy?
  • Can I see the mother and littermates of the pup?
  • Is the breed right for me?
  • Is there any special requirement that I should take care of?
  • What is the diet of the puppies?
  • Can I return the puppy if I change my mind?
  • How can I contact you after picking up the puppy? 


Typically a male Rajapalayam is more expensive than their female counterpart. However, deciding which dog to bring home should be based on your expectations and lifestyle. Apart from females being slightly smaller than the male Rajapalayam, there are no apparent temperamental differences between the two. If you decide to bring a male of the breed home, we recommend adjusting your budget accordingly. 


Rajapalayam is a medium-sized muscular dog breed. Males of the breed have a slightly larger frame than their female counterparts. The adult male Rajapalayam weighs 25-30 kg and stands at 60-65 cm tall. A female of the breed weighs 20-25 kg and stands at 55-60 cm. The size of a Rajapalayam doesn’t significantly affect its price. Make sure that the sire and dam fit these criteria.

Mix Breed or Purebred

The purebred Rajapalayam is an endangered species on the brink of extinction. Therefore, you can expect a purebred dog of the breed to be relatively more expensive than a mixed-breed dog. However, because this breed belongs to India, you can expect to pay somewhat less than a purebred exotic dog.


Dogs that come from champion bloodlines and show winner lineage are more expensive than average dogs. This is due to their potential to win show rings or sire excellent generations. However, we must remind ourselves that pet-quality dogs aren’t flawed and make fantastic family pets. Only dog owners wishing to show their dogs should buy show-quality dogs. A dog with a rich ancestry will likely cost several thousand more than an average dog. 

Coat Colours and Markings

This breed is well-suited to live in the hot climate of India due to its single short coat. Rajapalayam occurs in a milky white jacket, with a distinct pink nose and a pair of golden eyes. There are no black, piebald, or spotted Rajapalayams; these are some market ploys used by breeders to charge a premium for a mixed-breed dog. Since there’s only one colour of the breed, the coat price of the Rajapalayam doesn’t affect its purchase price.


In Rajapalayam, Tamil Nadu, the native breeders sell the dog for as low as INR 10,000. While in the metro cities and some other suburbs of India, the Rajapalayam can cost INR 15,000-20,000.

Rajapalayam sitting
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Certification and Warranties

Dogs registered with the Kennel Club of India are on the high-end of the spectrum. However, the prices aren’t unreasonably high. It is essential to verify the breeder’s credentials before purchasing from them, as fudging documents is not out of the ordinary in India.

Fun Fact: In 2005, the Indian government issued a postal stamp with the image of the Rajapalayam. 

Yearly Maintenance Cost of Owning a Rajapalayam in India

After purchasing your Rajapalayam puppy, you are likely to incur INR 50,000-70,000 annually on the maintenance and upkeep of your royal hound. This estimate includes food, medical, and grooming expenses for the dog. This section discusses all the financial factors related to the ownership of the royal Indian sighthound.

Dog Food Factor

The muscular Rajapalayam needs nutritious and healthy food to maintain an athletic and lean shape. A male Rajapalayam dog requires 1650 calories daily, while a female dog requires 1400 daily. This amount should be taken care of as the dog is prone to being overweight. Let’s discuss the dies options and eating routine of this ripped canine.

Home Food vs Purchased food

In the native place of the dog, a meal of boiled chicken mixed with rice and curd is fed to the dog to keep it healthy and happy. The dog can eat a variety of homemade human foods as well. That said, it is vital to maintain a good balance of nutrients and vitamins. A protein-heavy one works best for the royal hound. 

Commercial dog foods are also available in abundance and may provide your dog with the correct quantity of nutrients. However, this option is relatively expensive. A growing pup typically feeds on a mixed diet of homemade and commercial dog food to reach its potential. The monthly expense of feeding a medium-sized breed such as the Rajapalayam may cost up to INR 1,000-3,000. Getting a customized diet plan drawn up by a vet may go a long way in maintaining the good health of your hound. 

Portion Size and Daily Frequency

From puppyhood to adulthood, the dog’s food intake and nutrition requirements change considerably. It depends on various factors, including the size of the dog, activity levels, and even the climate the dog inhabits. It is essential to get a vet to customize the diet plan for your Rajapalayam. Below we’re providing a few feeding guidelines based on your dog’s age. 

2-3 Months175 g3-4
4-6 Months240 g3-4
6-9 Months325 g2-3
9-12 Months375 g2-3
1-2 Years300 g2

Vet Factor

The Rajapalayam is extremely disease resistant and fit to survive in the climate of India. This breed enjoys a long lifespan of 9-13 years. However, as all purebred dog breeds suffer from common ailments, the royal hound is also susceptible to various diseases. These include deafness, Parvo, and Mange. The breed also suffers from dental issues rendering a foul breath to your dog. This makes regular checkups and vet visits crucial for the dog. You can expect your yearly vet cost to be around INR 10,000-12,000. Below is a quick rundown of all the important medical expenses you’re likely to incur as a pet parent. 

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Vaccination Cost

Vets recommend getting your Rajapalayam puppies vaccinated as early as 6-8 weeks. Some vaccinations are also required by the law in India. These include Leptospirosis, Hepatitis, Canine Distemper, Canine Parvovirus, and Rabies. A veterinarian issues a vaccination card containing the dosage information and the follow-up dates. It is essential to keep your dog updated with the next shot of vaccines as it plays a vital role in the healthy functioning of your Rajapalayam. Each shot of vaccine may cost INR 1,700-2,000. Below we are providing you with a vaccination schedule to give a general idea. 

Puppy AgeCore VaccinesNon-Core VaccinesWorms
6-8 WeeksDistemperBordetella, Parainfluenza, Measles
10-12 WeeksDistemper, Hepatitis,
Coronavirus, Parainfluenza,
Leptospirosis, Bordetella, Lyme disease
Begin Heartworm prevention medication monthly or bi-monthly
14-16 WeeksDistemper, Hepatitis,
Rabies (required by law)
Parainfluenza, Coronavirus, Lyme disease, LeptospirosisBegin/continue Heartworm prevention medication monthly or bi-monthly
Adult (renewed every 1-3 years)Distemper, Hepatitis,
Parvovirus, Rabies
Parainfluenza, Coronavirus, Leptotspirosis, Bordetella, Lyme diseaseContinue Heartworm prevention medication monthly or bi-monthly

Neutering or Spaying Surgery Cost

It is advised by the vets and breeders to get the male Rajapalayam neutered and the female Rajapalayam spayed by six months of age. This surgery boosts your dog’s health and saves you the trouble of dealing with hyperactive adolescent dogs. 

Neutering/Spaying is a surgical procedure and should be performed under the care and supervision of expert vets. In suburbs and rural areas, this surgery is expected to cost INR 4,000-6,000. In metro cities, the surgery cost can go up to INR 6,000-12,000.

Deworming Cost

Intestinal worms and heartworms are parasitic and stand to damage the dog permanently. Heartworms are particularly dangerous as they prove to be fatal in many cases. Therefore, regularly deworming your dog is essential. Speaking to the vet about the various treatments available and selecting the one that best suits your puppy is vital. Though the deworming tablets are inexpensive, costing only INR 100 per tablet, we do not recommend administering the dose without your vet’s knowledge. A vet draws up a proper dosage and treatment plan by keeping in mind the weight and size of the dog. 

Preventive Medications Cost

During the springtime, the moist coat of a dog can house fleas and ticks. These infestations are harmful to the dog’s skin. The owner should comb through the coat regularly to detect infections early on. Ticks and fleas powder may be a good way of prevention. Ear drops to prevent ear infections are also available and can come in handy. Stocking up on both these essentials may cost INR 500.

The first aid kit for your dog should also have a supply of antiseptic spray, band-aids, and cotton. We also recommend getting a shampoo and conditioner to keep your Rajapalayam’s coat smooth and clean. All these essentials are at an additional cost of INR 500.  

Housing and Confinement Cost

A dog crate should be home within the home for your Rajapalayam. Choosing the right-sized crate may be critical as the dog should have just enough space to wiggle around comfortably. Too big of a crate defeats the purpose of crate training the dog. A crate with 107 X 69.5 X 76.5 cm dimensions may do the trick. We recommend measuring your dog before deciding on the crate. Equipping the crate with a bed is essential to ensure your dog gets a good night’s sleep. Typically, this is a one-time expenditure of INR 1,500-2,000. 

Accessories Cost

Pet parents today invest in various accessories to glam up their dogs. However, for a new owner, the endless choices may be confusing. Let us tell you that dog accessories serve more than one purpose. When using the right accessories, you can expect the management and handling of the dog to be more accessible. We’ve prepared the argument below in line with this. 

Collar Vs. Harness

Because this dog loves fast-paced walks, a collar may put undue pressure on the dog’s throat while walking. Continued pressure over a long time can permanently damage the trachea and risk spinal injuries. A sturdy harness that provides adequate dog support is a good accessory choice for this breed. Such a harness may be a one-time expense of INR 600-1,000. 

Toys Cost

Being a mouthy breed, durable chew toys that can withstand the bite force of the Rajapalayam make excellent toys for the dog. However, as your puppy grows, you may want to invest in various toys to help your dog explore and discover which toy works best for him. The monthly toy cost may vary depending on how much you want to spoil your dog. That said, a general 

price of INR 250-500 is an excellent monthly estimate. 

Grooming Cost

The single short coat of the breed is relatively easy to maintain. Brushing once a week is enough to reduce the amount of shedding. That said, ticks and fleas should be taken care of, as the dog is prone to contracting skin infections. Bathing can be done once a month. Cleaning their ear is essential to avoid the build-up of ear wax and prevent ear infections. 

A grooming kit consisting of a brush, nail clippers, shampoo, and conditioner should cost INR 500-1,000. Although professional grooming services aren’t famous for the breed, a single grooming session may cost up to INR 500.

Walker Cost

Rajapalayam is an active and athletic breed, with extensive exercise requirements, including daily running sessions. Typically, a dog owner should spare time for these sessions as it is a great way to bond with your hound. However, one may also hire a dog walker in case of time constraints. Usually, a dog walker charges INR 2,500-5,000 per month. 

Fun Fact: In the 18th century, native Indian dog breeds were traded worldwide. Egypt was the first to import the Rajapalayam from India. Rajapalayams also reached the shores of Babylon and Rome. 

Training and Socializing Class Cost

The Rajapalayam requires consistent and firm training from puppyhood. This dog breed is wary of strangers and may be aggressive toward other pets. Additionally, the dog’s hunting instincts kick in at the sight of small animals. For all these reasons, your royal hound needs to be trained and socialized from an early age, starting as early as six weeks, to instil desired traits in them. Professional training services cost INR 5,000-7,000 monthly. 

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Treat Cost

The Rajapalayam may be stubborn to train, making treats a great strategy to get your royal hound to obey. The treats can be anything from homemade or store-bought, as long as it is nutritious and healthy for the dog. Remember to keep the protein content high. The monthly expense of treats may be INR 250-500. 

Insurance Cost

The Rajapalayam is a native dog and, therefore, highly tolerant and disease resistant. Despite this, they may suffer from several health concerns. Thus, an insurance plan that covers health concerns faced by the breed is important. 

Additionally, the dog has a bite force of 90-100 kg, enough to crush bones. Considering this, a third-party liability insurance plan is a wise step. In case of accidental injuries, this plan can save the day and help you stay on top of your finances. You can expect to pay INR 3,000-10,000 annually to cover insurance costs. 

Travel Cost

For Frequent travellers who wish to enjoy the vacation with their dogs, the best option is to take your dog along in a car. Indian railways also have a separate pet coach. It is an inexpensive and pretty comfortable way of travelling. 

Although travelling to international destinations may be tricky. However, a few airlines allow pets in cabins or cargo. The ticket fare usually depends on the final destination, weight and size of the dog, and the choice of airlines. Travelling by air also requires several documents of the dog, including a rabies certificate and other valid health records. You can expect to pay INR 5,000-20,000 for domestic air travel. At the same time, international tickets may cost up to INR 2-3 lakh. 

Daycare Cost

Despite the not-so-cuddly nature of the breed, leaving the dog alone for more than eight hours every day is not a wise idea. When bored, these dogs turn destructive. Therefore if you are someone who can’t be there with the dog for much of the day, a daycare is a fitting option. A daycare facility provides boarding and food to the dog, along with some extra services that the owner can request. The daily charge of a daycare largely varies based on location. However, a general estimate of INR 500-2,000 is fitting.  

Registration Cost

All pet parents are encouraged to get their dogs registered with the INKC. This organization maintains the pedigree of dogs; therefore, taking this step is crucial. The registration charges are based on two factors: First, whether the dog owner is a member of the INKC. Second, the information available about the dog’s parents. Based on this, you can expect the registration cost to be INR 400-1,000.

Additionally, microchipping your dog is a precautionary measure when your dog gets stolen or lost. It is a fairly quick and straightforward procedure requiring only seconds. The microchip essentially contains the dog’s credentials. You can expect to pay INR 1,000 to get this procedure done. 


Some other essential items that most pet owners fail to account for include food storage containers, food, a water dish, a poop bag, a pee cleaner, etc. These can cost around INR 2,500-4,000.  

The Rajapalayam is a sighthound with a high prey drive. Its athletic and active nature requires an equally agile owner who can match the dog’s energy. Training from an early age is indispensable. Ownership of a Rajapalayam entails patience and perseverance. It can be rewarding once a deep bond is developed. However, initial struggles with the dog may not be everyone’s cup of tea. This dog is loyal and affectionate only when you have earned their respect. We recommend inspecting your needs and expectations before bringing a Rajapalayam home. 

rajapalayam dog
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Important Things to Consider Before Buying A Rajapalayam in India 

The noblemen of the 17th century wanted a white dog and got it in the form of a Rajapalayam. Their distinct build and brawny shape have since caught dog lovers’ fancy, but what are some hard-to-stomach facts about the breed? Let’s discover through a brief list.

  • Being an active breed, the Rajapalayam needs at least 60 minutes of rigorous exercise. They need daily running sessions and fast-paced walks to keep them healthy and happy. 
  • The Rajapalayam was bred to be a hunter and took upon heavy wild boars easily. Their hunting instincts linger even today, making their prey drive high. Unless they are trained, they can be a danger to small animals. 
  • Rajapalyams are overly social and wary of strangers and other dogs. Unless trained and socialized well, this can become a problem for a house pet. 
  • These dogs require a large area to play in and do not make well apartment dogs. 

Benefits of Bringing A Rajapalayam Puppy At Home

This breed was a heartthrob for a long time. Let’s look at some reasons to understand why they are now regaining that status in the heart of the Indians. 

  • The alert and suspicious nature of the breed makes them an excellent guard dog for your house. 
  • The breed is fiercely loyal to its owners. 
  • The Rajapalayam has minimal grooming requirements and is generally healthy. 
  • Due to their native nature, they are tolerant of the temperature in India. 


Is the Rajapalayam dog aggressive?

This breed doesn’t warm up to strangers quickly and is wary of other dogs. This may result in aggression. However, this can be managed with training. 

Does Rajapalayam make good guard dogs?

Their horse-like gait and intimidating presence make them excellent estate guardians.

Is Rajapalayam intelligent? 

Rajapalayams are considered to be intelligent and eager to please their master. However, with intelligence comes a sense of independence. This dog lacks focus while training, making training a difficult task. 

Can Rajapalayam survive in cold weather? 

No, this breed has a short coat which makes them excellent for Indian summers, but winters can be harsh on them. 

Is Rajapalayam deaf?

Rajapalyam dogs who are born with silver eyes tend to be deaf. 

Summing It Up

The Royal Indian hounds require minimal grooming and are generally healthy. However, these dogs aren’t good for first-time owners due to the stubborn nature of the breed. You should introduce this breed into your house only when you’ve analyzed all the parameters of owning a Rajapalayam and are confident in dealing with any challenges this puppy may present. A Rajapalayam’s loyalty and glory have been chronicled throughout the pre-independence era of India, and even today, this breed will not let you down. 

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