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Samoyed Dog Price in India (2023)

Samoyed Wearing Kimono Costume on Park

A native of Siberia, Sammys are revered for their upturned faces, which give them the appearance of a perpetually smiling dog. This is an accurate representation of their friendly and personable temperament. Many people refer to this breed as the “Smiling Sammy.” 

By the looks of them, they seem to be related to Huskies and Wolves. However, their genetics doesn’t have much in common with these animals. These dogs belong to the Samoyede tribe in Siberia. Sammys were sled pullers during the day, and their fluffy coats served as blankets for their beloved tribespeople at night. 

With the pristine white coat and a joy-to-be-around temperament, having a Samoyed at your home will fill your life with love, laughter, and blessings. However, before you rush to bring them home, let’s look at the various demands and cost factors owning a Samoyed entails. 

Can a Samoyed survive in India?

It is a common sight in the evenings of urban India to spot exotic breeds out on the street, their owners sporting the dogs as more of an accessory than a pet. The debate on the survival of non-native breeds is fiery and likely to continue. However, the debate has less tangible consequences, and it comes down to the owner and their preferences.

The facts are Samoyeds are designed for Siberia and love living at -60 degrees celsius. Their thick coats make them adept at living in winters by regulating their body temperature. This ability also provides some relief in the summers. This is a piece of good news for prospective Sammy owners in India. However, unless the owner lives in the northern regions of India, where the climate is considerably cold, bringing a dog in the 45 degrees scorching summer heat would be cruel. Moreover, even if you can afford to keep the dog in AC 24/7, as Sammys need a lot of activity, they won’t do well in a confined space. To save Samoyeds from countless health troubles, it is better not to force them to live in a climate like India’s. 

How Much Does The Samoyed Cost in India?

White Long Coat Dog on Snow Covered Ground

The perpetual smiling Samoyed is the epitome of a happy dog. In recent times they have gained popularity all over the globe. However, due to the low adaptability of these dogs in India, Samoyeds are relatively rare. The rare nature and the low adaptability together make the purchase price high. You can expect to spend INR 50,000-2,00,000 for a purebred healthy Sammy. 

Factors that Influence the Buying Price of Samoyed in India

Samoyed Age: Buying a Puppy vs. an Old Dog

Puppies aged 8-12 weeks are expensive in terms of finances and physical efforts. When you first bring the pup home, it should have gotten some exposure to humans and the world. At this age, they’re beginning to gain confidence in themselves, which means they act out and are hyper—a responsible owner, snubbing their confidence with harshness damages the dog’s growth. Being gentle and patient is key to raising a well-rounded Sammy. Training and socialization should also start at this age. Since Sammys are quick learners making sure they are not getting bored is essential. Remember, your impact on Sammy at this age will forever last with him. 

An old, well-settled Sammy is suitable for owners who can’t tolerate the hyperactivity of their puppyhood. Even an old Sammy is relatively more active than other dog breeds. A passive owner is not suited for this dog. The asking price decreases with the dog’s age, so getting an older Sammy is cheaper. 

Adopting a Samoyed vs. Buying

Re-homing a shelter dog is a fantastic feeling. However, this feeling alone should not drive the decision. The dogs found in shelters often come from abusive backgrounds, requiring immense patience and love to adapt to a new environment. The potential adopter should be up to face any challenges a dog may present. 

Additionally, exotic breeds’ availability may be described as rampant and rare. It’s a paradox at a glance, but we can explain it! India’s high fascination with exotic breeds has dire consequences for poor pups. Owners rush to buy the flavor of the season dogs without adequately understanding the breed’s requirements and adaptability to the Indian environment. Unfortunately, for most dogs, when the owner’s fancy resigns, they find themselves in shelters—leading to an increase in the availability of middle-aged exotic breeds. Although, when it comes to a Samoyed, the average popularity of this breed makes the fluff ball hard to find in a shelter. 

Buying is a quick way of getting the Samoyed of your wishes home-delivered. It is suitable for those who are specifically looking for a puppy. However, purchasing a pup is more expensive than getting them from a shelter. It is also crucial to only deal with reputable breeders for the best ownership experience of a Sammy. 

Breeder Factor

Samoyed’s aren’t as popular in India as other exotic breeds; therefore, finding an ethical breeder can be challenging. Checking their documentation and breeding license is essential to ensure you deal with the right breeder. 

In India, breeders are required to register with the State Animal Welfare Board and the KCI to sell dogs. Despite the laws protecting animal rights, unethical breeding practices aren’t uncommon. Easy fudging of documents in India makes being prudent indispensable. There are several places to buy a Sammy; we’ve discussed the popular choices below.

Buying a Samoyed from Puppy Mills (Please don’t go with this option)

We’re hopeful of a future that makes online purchasing and two-day delivery of dogs safe and ethical, but for now, this practice only leads to abuse. The online adverts selling adorable puppies at the lowest price on the market seem too much of a bargain to let go of. We’re here to suggest why you should consider overlooking these deals. 

The breeding farms known as puppy mills have pledged to make the breeding business lucrative. To do so, a haircut on all essential requirements of the dog is implemented. They breed dogs in a chock-a-block fashion and produce illegal amounts of litter. Despite the rosy promises of a mill merchant, you can expect your dog to be genetically weak with unreliable behavior patterns. We need you to remember buying from a mill merchant is not the same as rescuing a dog. Good intentions with a lack of knowledge are a recipe for disaster. We encourage our readers to stay informed. 

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Buying a Samoyed from Pet Shops

Pet stores carefully curate an impeccable image of dogs in cages to prevent buyers from finding out about the source of these puppies. They inspire a lavish and loving feeling in the potential buyers. They are ultimately aiding in the maintenance of puppy mills. We recommend against buying your Sammy from a pet store. Some shops also charge a premium for ethically sourcing their puppies; we advise our leaders to take nothing at face value. As responsible dog lovers, we must educate ourselves and make informed decisions. 

Buying a Samoyed from Middleman or Brokers

If you’re looking for a specific Samoyed and want them home quickly, getting it from a broker may be your best option. Dog brokers can provide you with a variety to choose from. Additionally, they can look after the paperwork and inspection for you. A good middleman gets you in touch with breeders and allows you to visit the breeding facility in person. The setback of this option is the high-end expense. A dog broker usually charges a 20-30% commission on the sale. 

Buying a Samoyed from Reputable breeders

Locating a responsible breeder is not as easy as an internet search; it requires patience and thorough research. Due to the rare nature of this breed, it may be a while before a reputable breeder crosses your path. However, when they do, you can be sure of getting a purebred healthy Sammy at home. 

A good breeder knows their breeds and can help you understand the breed’s requirements. They are interested in finding a permanent home for their pups and will ask you several questions to determine whether you are the right person for their puppy. Purchasing from a breeder is the most expensive way of getting your Sammy home. However, the guarantee of a well-behaved, healthy pup is hard to overlook. You can expect to spend a fortune if the breeder imports the dog. 

Questions to ask from a Breeder

It’s essential to determine the breeder you’re dealing with, and to help you with that; we have prepared an array of questions to ask:

  • Are you practicing with a license? 
  • Is the breed right for me? 
  • What is the pup feeding on?
  • What’s the best environment for Sammy at home?
  • What are the signs of overheating in a Samoyed?
  • Is the breed hypoallergenic?
  • May I meet the pup’s parents and littermates?
  • What vaccinations have been given to the puppy?
  • Can I return the Sammy if I change my mind?
  • How can I contact you after picking up the dog?


Samoyed is an active dog breed, and gender may play a determining role when deciding which Samoyed to bring home. A male Samoyed is dependent and clingy, and they can never have enough of their humans. They are also more outgoing in comparison to females. A female Samoyed matures quicker making her easier to train.

However, both dogs are playful and love giving and receiving attention. Males usually have a little more energy to expend than the females of this breed. While females love to exercise more than playtime, so they’re better suited for owners who are outdoors often. We advise getting a dog better suited to your lifestyle. Typically, you can expect a male to sell for more than a female. However, there’s only a slight difference between their costs


Samoyed is a medium-sized breed belonging to the herding group. The males of this dog breed have a slightly larger frame and more muscle mass than females. They stand at 21-23 inches tall when fully grown, weighing 20-29 kg. At a glance, the female Samoyed appears plumper due to relatively less muscle mass. They grow 19-21 inches tall and weigh 15-18 kg in adulthood. The size of a Samoyed doesn’t significantly affect the asking price of the dog. 

Samoyeds in the Woods

Mix Breed or Purebred

Due to the poor adaptability, the Samoyed fever is yet to reach its peak in India. This breed is rare, and usually, a purebred Samoyed has to be imported, which makes the buying price sky-high for this dog. 

However, if you want a Samoyed that is more adaptable to the Indian environment, a mixed-breed Samoyed may be a good choice for you. A mixed breed also comes in fun colors. They are generally cheaper than the purebred Samoyeds. 


The dog’s lineage plays an essential role in the purchase price of a dog. Typically, a dog with prizewinner ancestors sells for much more than a dog with a standard background. Unless you plan to show your Samoyed, a pup with an average ancestry will make a good pet. 

Coat Colors and Markings

Samoyeds were herding dogs and sled pullers in the harsh regions of Siberia. Their coats are thick and double-layered to help them survive temperatures as low as -60 Celsius. The undercoat is thicker to help insulate the dog, while the outer jacket is longer and straighter to protect the dog’s body from being wet. 

The white coat of a Samoyed is charming and adds an angelic angle to the dog’s appearance. As cloudy as these dogs look in their enchanting white coats, there are other variations in the shades worth swooning over. These include biscuit, cream, and a combination of biscuit and cream. It is important to note all these colors are relatively rare and hence highly priced. Some breeders also sell black Samoyeds. However, such a purebred Samoyed is not black; we advise our readers not to fall for such ploys. 


Usually, the location you’re buying your dog from heavily influences the asking price. However, with the low availability of Samoyeds in India, most likely, you’d have to import these dogs. You can expect to shell out a fortune to bring these pups home.

Certification and Warranties

Due to the rising popularity of the breed, the scams are likely increasing too. To make sure you are getting a healthy dog with a gentle temperament, verifying the document presented by the breeders is a must. When dealing with a Samoyed breeder in India, the KCI papers and vaccination records must be thoroughly inspected. 

Fun Fact: Queen Alexandra popularized the Samoyed in the UK when she took a liking to the breed.

Yearly Maintenance Cost of Owning a Samoyed

The Samoyed is considered a high-maintenance breed both financially and effort-wise. Their cloudy coats are a sight for sore eyes, and to keep it that way, they need proper maintenance and care. The annual cost for the upkeep of a Samoyed in India is INR 4,50,000. This section explores the costs you’re likely to incur after purchasing your Sammy. 

Dog Food Factor

Feeding an exotic dog can be unnerving. Deciding meal times, amount of food, the kind of diet, and avoiding allergic food is likened to walking on a thin rope. Talking to a veterinarian about the requirements of this breed and getting a diet plan is the most efficient and stress-free way of keeping your Sammy healthy. So, we’ve prepared a quick rundown of food-related aspects for Sammy. 

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Home Food vs. Purchased food

There are too many options available in the market, from puppy and adult dog food to grain-free and vegan dog food. Often, these seem to be a ploy to gain more money from the dog’s parents. In truth, most of these tailored dog food with no additives prove to be more beneficial for your dog. These have just the proper nutrients to tend to a Sammy’s needs. Although, feeding top-quality commercial food may be expensive. 

In contrast, a homemade food diet is only good if the owner has extensive knowledge about the specific nutrition requirements for a Samoyed. We recommend providing a diet that contains both breed typical market food and homemade food. Providing a nourishing diet may cost INR 2,000-3,000 for a dog of this size. 

Portion Size and Daily Frequency

An adult Samoyed can go through 2-3 cups of high-quality dry kibble daily. This should be provided in two smaller meals to help sustain your dog throughout the day. Nevertheless, this is only an average estimate; the food intake varies based on a dog’s size, age, and activity levels. We recommend talking to a vet who can draw up a customized diet plan for your Samoyed.

Vet Factor

The Samoyed is usually a very healthy dog breed. They enjoy a life span of 12-14 years. Due to the non-native origins of this breed, the owner has to tend to some special requirements to keep a Samoyed healthy. Some common ailments suffered by this breed include Glaucoma, Hip Dysplasia, Samoyed Hereditary Glomerulopathy, Patellar Luxation, Hypothyroidism, Diabetes Mellitus (DM), and Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). Being aware of the signs of these diseases, as well as regular vet visits, is essential for Sammy’s health. The yearly medical expenses of a Samoyed may be INR 6,000-12,000.

Vaccination Cost

Several vaccines have been developed to let dogs do what they do best: love their humans safely and in good health. These include Canine Distemper, Leptospirosis, Rabies, Canine Parvovirus, and Hepatitis. Some of these can e administered as early as six weeks. Therefore your dog’s health needs to stay on top of the vaccination schedule issued by the vet. In India, the vaccines can cost INR 1,700-2,500 for each shot.  Below is a general vaccination schedule for your reference.

Puppy AgeCore VaccinesNon-Core VaccinesWorms
6-8 WeeksDistemperBordetella, Parainfluenza, Measles
10-12 WeeksDistemper, Hepatitis,
Coronavirus, Parainfluenza,
Leptospirosis, Bordetella, Lyme disease
Begin Heartworm prevention medication monthly or bi-monthly
14-16 WeeksDistemper, Hepatitis,
Rabies (required by law)
Parainfluenza, Coronavirus, Lyme disease, LeptospirosisBegin/continue Heartworm prevention medication monthly or bi-monthly
Adult (renewed every 1-3 years)Distemper, Hepatitis,
Parvovirus, Rabies
Parainfluenza, Coronavirus, Leptotspirosis, Bordetella, Lyme diseaseContinue Heartworm prevention medication monthly or bi-monthly

Neutering or Spaying Surgery Cost

Neutering/Spaying veterinarians recommend a dog all over the globe. It helps to control aggression in both male and female Samoyeds. Additionally, dog breeding by non-specialists is dangerous and requires extensive knowledge about dog behavior to perform successfully. 

Therefore, a neutering/spaying procedure is ideal for most dog owners. This is a surgical procedure, and only experts should be allowed to perform the surgery. In metro cities, this procedure may cost INR 6,000-12,000. 

Deworming Cost

This active dog breed is at risk of contracting worms while playing outdoors. The treatment of these worms can be expensive. However, prevention is possible through deworming regularly. Vets draw up deworming schedules as it is based on the weight and age of a dog. It is a reasonably inexpensive procedure as most deworming tablets cost INR 100. 

Preventive Medications Cost

The gorgeous fur of a Samoyed can be a home for fleas and ticks. We recommend stocking up on fleas and ticks powder to protect your Sammy from infestations. A Sammy’s first aid kit should also have antiseptic sprays, cotton, band-aids, and ear drops. All these essentials are likely to cost INR 500-1,000.

A White Dog Running on a Snow Covered Ground

Housing and Confinement Cost

Crate training your Sammy is essential to build up obedience and patience in your dog. The 42-inch crate is the recommended size for a Samoyed. There are several types of crates available in the market. The essential things to consider when shopping for a crate are ease of use and security to prevent escape attempts. A crate should be a comfortable place for Sammy; therefore, placing a snuggly bed is vital. A crate is a one-time expenditure of INR 1,500-2,000.

Accessories Cost

A Samoyed needs his daily walks. Therefore, some accessories are indispensable to make walking more accessible and more manageable. There are several accessories to choose from, which makes the decision confusing. Let’s help you choose the right one. 

Collar Vs. Harness

A collar may be unsuitable and safe as pulling the leash puts pressure on the dog’s throat leading to a tracheal collapse in some cases. Therefore, a harness is the better option. Choosing a harness that supports the dog and gives you reasonable control is recommended. Such a harness may cost INR 600-1,000. 

Fun Fact: In 2021, Akika, a Samoyed, wandered off from a Russian village. Only to be found a week later in the Artic! The owners have no idea how Akika reached the Arctic today. 

Toys Cost

Samoyeds have a lot of energy to expend. Therefore they need to stay engaged at all times. Toys can be a great way to keep your Sammy cheerful and busy. A Samoyed will need different toys throughout his life, and determining which toy to get for your pup will require some exploration. Some dogs love to chew toys, while balls and frisbee are ideal for others. Depending on how much you want to spend, your monthly toy cost will be INR 250-500. 

Grooming Cost

The long luscious hair of a Samoyed needs proper care, without which their coat tends to get matted and dirty. To avoid this, daily brushing is essential. However, as any Sammy owner will tell you, grooming can quickly become a chore. This is where grooming tools come in. The right tools can make this laborious process enjoyable and easy. 

For brushing and removing tangles, a slicker or pin brush is the best option for a Samoyed. Other than that, nail clippers, shampoo, and conditioner are also essential supplies to stock. These essentials may cost INR 500-1,000. 

Professional grooming services are also famous for fur babies. To glam up your Sammy, a session may cost you INR 500-2,000. 

Walker Cost

Samoyeds are not just active; they’re smart. This means mental and physical stimulation are both vital for a Sammy. A daily walk is an excellent way to provide both. Walking also allows bonding with your Sammy. An ideal owner should take time for these walks; however, hiring a dog walker can take care of Sammy’s demands if it seems a bit of a stretch. A walking service may cost INR 2,500-5,000 monthly. 

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Training and Socialising Class Cost

Sammys have a friendly disposition and are eager to please. They were working dogs and hence very intelligent this can either make the training easy for an experienced owner or disastrous for a novice. The reason is that, though these dogs may learn quickly, who teaches them matters much more. A Sammy owner needs to be the alpha of the pack and earn the respect of a Sammy before they do anything for you. Patience and persistence are crucial to training Sammy.

Though Sammys are not known to be problem dogs for other pets in the house, a socialization class is a must for every dog to adjust to your lifestyle. A professional training and socialization cost may be a monthly cost of INR 5,000-7,000.

Treat Cost

Rewarding a Samoyed for good behavior will make their day joyous. This makes treats an excellent way of enforcing good behavior. Remember everything your Sammy ingests should be high quality and nutritional. Veggies, meat, and some dairy products may be a good option for your Sammy. It is also cheaper than buying commercial treats. The monthly cost of treatment may rack up to INR 500. 

Insurance Cost

Pet insurance can be a lifesaver in times of stress. For this exotic breed, we recommend getting insurance that covers the common health issues of this breed. Additionally, it is wise to choose a plan that includes third-party liability. The annual cost of such insurance may be INR 6,000-12,000.

Travel Cost

Having a dog may be daunting for frequent travelers riddled with the wanderlust bug. However, it doesn’t have to be. Besides taking your Sammy on road trips, traveling on Indian railways is an option worth considering. The railways have a separate coach for pets, which is relatively inexpensive. 

Traveling by air is best suited for international travel. The dog can travel in a cabin or cargo; various airlines have different rulings. The ticket fare depends on your dog’s weight, travel distance, and choice of airline. On average, you can expect to spend INR 2-3 lakhs. Domestic air travel may cost up to INR 20,000. 

Daycare Cost

While some dogs love nothing better than to be left unbothered and alone in the home, for a Samoyed, this is nightmarish. Leaving a Samoyed alone for more than four hours damages the dog and destroys your flawless furniture. To prevent this, a Sammy should always be in a human presence. If this feels like an impossible feat to carry out daily, a daycare is non-negotiable. Daycare facilities provide food, boarding, and other services requested by the owner. Typically, the daily charge of daycare may be INR 500-2,000. 

Registration Cost

Getting your dog registered with the INKC is encouraged to maintain the dog’s pedigree. The registration procedure is quite simple and inexpensive. The registration of a dog has three categories based on the information available about the dog’s parents. Usually, the registration charge is within the range of INR 400-1,000. Microchipping your dog is an additional expense of INR 1,000. 


Food storage containers, food and water dish, pee cleaner, poop bag, and other miscellaneous items may cost INR 2,500-4,000. 

Samoyeds are best for people with extra time on their hands. Assertive owners efficiently train these dogs. They are excellent with pets and children alike. All these traits make them a hard pass for any dog lover. However, these qualities don’t seem so alluring when the dog’s physical and emotional demands present themselves. 

A Samoyed needs at least two hours of exercise every day. Keeping their fur healthy requires serious efforts. Raining a Samoyed puppy is sure to tire you, and training them needs immense patience. Therefore, even if a potential owner can afford the Sammy financially, a thorough inspection of your physical and emotional limits is advised before bringing this ball of fur home. 

Purebred Samoyed dog lying on grass

Things to Consider Before Buying A Samoyed 

With their pristine heavenly looks and gentle, friendly demeanor, a Sammy has so much going for them. Here are some facts about the breed you should consider before buying a Samoyed. 

  • Sammy’s exercise requirements are heavy. They need at least two hours of physical activity daily to expend the energy they harbor. 
  • Grooming can be time taking and laborious for this breed. The white fur quickly gathers dirt; brushing daily is a must. 
  • Samoyed tends to bark, making them unsuitable for apartment living. 
  • Sammys can be clingy and need constant attention. Leaving them alone is not ideal. 
  • This breed is a year-round shedder, and they shed more during shedding seasons. You can expect the furniture and clothes to be laced in dog fur. 
  • They’re not well-suited to apartment life, as they need plenty of room to explore and play.

Benefits of Bringing A Samoyed Puppy At Home

This teddy bear of a dog has many more perks than just being cuddly. Let’s look at the benefits of owning a Sammy. 

  • Samoyeds want nothing more than to be around humans. They are affectionate and cuddly dogs.
  • They make excellent family pets. Sammys are very lovable towards children. 
  • Sammys are incredibly social. Be aware they may end up making more friends than you. 
  • Training Samoyed tricks is easy as they are brilliant dogs.
  • Sammys do great with other dogs and pets.  


What to do if your Samoyed has overheated? 

Keeping a rectal thermometer handy as a Sammy owner is crucial. If Samoyed’s temperature exceeds 39 degrees Celsius, he’s overheated. Usually, giving your Sammy fresh and cool drinking water and placing wet towels around the neck, under the armpit, and between hind legs should do the trick. However, if this doesn’t help, the owner must immediately take the dog to the vet. 

Are Samoyeds aggressive?

The general temperament of a Sammy is friendly and outgoing. They do not tend to be aggressive. However, training and socialization are essential for every dog to be a well-rounded pet.

Are Samoyeds smelly? 

No! Sammy doesn’t have the doggy odor. 

Should Sammys be shaved? 

Absolutely not. A Samoyed’s unique coat allows it to adapt to winter and summer. Shaving the fur may lead to excessive overheating of the dog. 

Does a Samoyed bark a lot?

Samoyeds do tend to bark, howl, and growl. They are vocal dogs; however, unnecessary barking can be discouraged during training. 

How long can Samoyed be left alone?

Sammys’ don’t do well alone and shouldn’t be left for more than four hours. It can prove to be disastrous.

Summing it Up

The cloud-like fur and heavenly beauty of a Samoyed rule over the hearts of dog lovers worldwide. However, as we now know, there’s more to a Sammy than their looks. These high-energy dogs love to work, and a passive owner is not well-suited. 

Getting a Samoyed in India has many aspects, apart from the previously discussed ones. The moral debate of whether a Siberian dog should be kept in the Indian environment is extensive. We recommend thoroughly examining your capacity and limits before making this decision. A Sammy deserves to live his best life, and only a responsible dog lover who is cent percent sure about providing the best loving and caring environment should take up this responsibility. 

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