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Top 10 Friendly Dog Breeds

Girl and Dog Sleeping on Gray Pavement

Even though dogs are known as man’s greatest friend, you could be deterred from getting one if you encountered your neighbor’s distant Rottweiler or met with that ankle-biting Chihuahua. But if you allow us to tell you two facts, one of which you may already know while the other maybe not, we may be able to change your mind about getting a dog!

To begin with, each person is distinctive and memorable in some manner (hope you knew this one). But you might be surprised to learn that each dog has a unique personality too! Even among the same breed, canine behavior varies. So even while you might not find your neighbor’s Rottweiler to be as sociable as you’d prefer, other dog breeds make excellent companions. Let’s introduce you to the top ten friendliest canines in the dog world. 

1. Labrador Retriever

Adult Chocolate Labrador Retriever Lying on Brown and White Striped Textile

Labrador Retriever was created to be sociable working dogs. This breed is excellent at swimming since they historically assisted fishermen in hauling nets and retrieving in the sea. The popularity of the Lab breed has been rising each year, and they currently rule the canine world. The Labs are a popular pet choice for individuals worldwide because of their extraordinary level of adaptation. They are low-maintenance dogs and appealing to busy bee owners owing to their short coats. Additionally, they have gained international fame because of their unwavering dedication and affection toward their owners. 

2. Golden Retriever

Adult Golden Retriever

Scottish regions are the native place of Golden Retrievers. They were developed as gundogs to assist hunters. As a multipurpose working breed, Goldies serve as search and rescue dogs in addition to their roles in hunting, field labor, and guiding the blind. The attitude of the Goldies is remarkably similar to that of Labrador Retrievers, albeit they tend to be more focused and work-oriented than Labs. Retrievers’ beautiful coats shed considerably and require frequent grooming to stay healthy and glossy.

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3. Goldador

Goldador on green grass

The hybrid breed known as a “Goldador” combines the most remarkable qualities of the Labrador and Golden Retriever breeds. Goldadors are precisely what was intended when the dog was developed: a dog with the calm, friendly DNA of Labs and the always-ready-to-work temperament of Golden Retrievers. They are highly trainable and remain loyal to their humans. Generally speaking, they are energetic dogs that are willing to work long hours beside their beloved owners.

4. Boxer

Side view of curious fawn Boxer dog in collar walking in shallow water of rippling sea and looking away

Boxers were initially developed to be medium-sized guard dogs. They have square jaws and are robust. The Boxers still have a reputation as a working dog, although they are more frequently seen laughing with their beloved people at home. As the clowns of the canine world, boxers are guaranteed to make you smile any time you need it. Boxers are cheery, wise, and brave despite their jollity. Although they are very devoted, they may be stubborn regarding training. For this reason, positive reinforcement techniques are the most effective for Boxers.

5. Irish Setter

long-coated Irish Setter dog

The Irish Setter shares the same friendly disposition as a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They were developed in Ireland as gundogs, as their name implies, but their elegance, energy, and stunning appearance quickly gained them worldwide fame. The setters like taking lengthy strolls and exploring new areas; their most cherished pastime is retrieving game birds for their masters. The Setters need at least an hour of exercise daily due to their active nature. Owners-to-be should consider this because failing to discharge the pent-up energy may lead to negative behaviors. The breed is also devoted to its family members and proves to be a wonderful pet dog. 

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6. Bulldog

Short-coat Brown Bulldog Dog Standing on Pavement

Bulldogs have a bloody, brutal past that dates back a long way. This breed was developed specifically to participate in Bullbaiting, a well-known sport in the 1800s. The Bulldogs faced off against the bulls to beat them in the game. The modern Bulldog is a peaceful animal, despite its terrible heritage. They are strong, bold, and fearless, yet they never start a fight. Bulldog enthusiasts and owners remark that these dogs are amiable but possessive of their people. A Bulldog typically doesn’t require much activity, but everyday movement is crucial because they tend to be lethargic.

7. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Corgi Sitting Beside Christmas Presents

The tiniest breed in the herding family is this native of Wales. They are renowned for their amiable personalities and social nature. Because of their intellect, Corgis tend to be obstinate, which makes training challenging. They are also famous for barking at virtually anything. However, it is possible to train them from an early age to not bark. Because they are a loving breed, Corgis demand loads of attention and adoration from their favorite individuals.

8. Greyhound

White Greyhound

Greyhounds were developed to hunt foxes, hares, and other types of wildlife. Their physical characteristics were enhanced to aid in their hunts. The Greyhound, which can reach 45 mph in brief bursts, is now recognized as the world’s fastest dog. Greyhounds have enchanted painters, poets, and rulers throughout history with their good looks. They are calm and gentle in their demeanor, regardless of their commanding presence. Owners of Greyhounds claim that their pets’ preferred daily activities include napping and lounging in a cozy spot.

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9. Beagle

A Beagle Standing on a Brick Pavement

The Beagles are hunting canines that were developed to function as a pack. They are loyal and laid-back, which makes them great additions to the family. Due to their powerful noses, Beagles are also used in various sectors. The Beagle is a witty, friendly, and affectionate dog that cherishes human companionship. Their large, brown-hazel eyes have a peculiar, beseeching look and are their most cherished feature.

10. Border Collie

Black and White Border Collie Puppy Lying on Green Grass Field

A Collie’s place in the list of friendliest dog breeds is attested to by numerous stories about the camaraderie between a Collie and its owner. The Scottish and English borders are where the Border Collie originates. They were initially developed in Scotland’s rocky valleys as herding dogs. Border Collies must live in families aware of the breed’s high energy needs since they are workaholics. Collies are ideal family pets since they get along well with children and adults.

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