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Top 10 Scary Looking Black Dogs

Short-coated Dog Near White House

Working dog breeds are frequently purchased as guards for the house, and they live up to this expectation. While many dogs have an intimidating presence, nothing inspires fear in the onlooker than a dog with a solid black coat and dark piercing eyes. So here is a list of the scariest-looking canines that come in solid black coats and may make any invader reconsider their intentions.

But before we dive in, note that the following breeds come in many different colours, and the coat colour is not a determining factor in a dog’s strength and skill as a guard dog. So let’s get into it, then!

1. Rottweiler

Pedigree Rottweiler dog with tongue out lying on sandy ground near black enclosure in sunny day

The breed was created in the German town Rottweil, and there they were employed to herd livestock, defend farms and residences and draw hefty carts. Rottweilers are frightful because of their well-muscled appearance, vicious demeanor, and frequent appearance in news articles. However, Rottweilers make courageous protectors, police dogs, and military canines. As a result, they have established a reputation in every industry dogs are employed in. Typically, Rottweilers are placed in special training regimes to tame their aggressive characteristics and make them good service dogs. For a positive ownership experience, prospective purchasers should stress Rottweiler’s training from a young age. Rottweilers who have received regular training have calm dispositions and intense devotion.

2. Doberman Pinscher

adult rust Doberman pinscher

The most frequent inquiries regarding Dobermans concern their propensity for aggression, a reliable indicator of the breed’s general temperament. Dobermans’ intimidating appearance doesn’t help their reputation, and some of them also have a permanent squint on their forehead, which further enhances their media image. Enthusiasts of the breed can hardly hold back their awe when describing the Doberman’s dignity, sturdiness, and tranquillity. Unfortunately, there is a disconnect between dog owners and others who are frightened of the breed. Doberman Pinschers are reportedly the most popular security and police dogs. By their appearance, they can cause the invader to flee kilometers away. Like any canine, well-raised Pinschers are devoted to their human family.

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3. American Bully

Tan American Bully

American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, and the Olde English Bulldogge have all contributed to the development of the American Bully. The Bully carries in every breath the energies of all their ancestors, thanks to DNA derived from some of the most fearsome and brave canines. The Bully gains a lot of unfavorable media attention since it belongs to the Pit Bull breed of canines. On the other hand, breeders and owners assert that the Bully was formed after the dogfighting era and was honed to produce a dog with kind, obedient, quiet, and endearing characteristics. Today, they may be seen relaxing in houses as pet dogs, but they will quickly act to protect their human family if a threat arises. 

4. Great Dane

Monochrome Photograph of a Great Dane

Although Great Danes’ enormous size may terrify strangers and unwelcome guests, Great Dane lovers and owners view the dog breed as a true gentle giant. Surprisingly, Great Danes do not carry the same stigma as other breeds on this list despite their towering height and commanding appearance. Instead, they are renowned for their noble, composed, and relaxed temperament. However, a Great Dane’s aggression is terrible news for everybody nearby because of the breed’s weight, size, and strength. Great Danes can harm their victim irreparably since they have a propensity to have an unrelenting grip on them. However, purchasing this breed from a reliable source and getting them practical training virtually guarantees a positive experience with this breed. 

5. German Shepherd

Adult German Shepherd Lying on Ground

German Shepherds are the prototypical worker canines representing a workaholic’s mental and physical energies. Worldwide, people have chosen this breed as a companion in record numbers, with popularity rankings rising regularly. Dog enthusiasts adore German Shepherds and have developed a cult following for them. A well-raised German Shepherd dog is obedient, active, athletic, and deters undesirable visitors. They are great companions for humans and are lovable and affectionate because of their heritage as guard and herding dogs.

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6. Belgian Malinois

Adult Tan Belgian Malinois Biting Stick on Grass Field

The Belgian Malinois, a favorite of military troops, is quickly gaining popularity as a police and guard dog. The Belgian Malinois is renowned for its quickness and inquisitive gazes, a special combination sufficient to arouse onlookers’ terror. Additionally, Belgian Malinois tend to be aggressive, making early socialization essential for raising a loving companion.

7. Newfoundland

Newfoundland under a tree

A prime example of a noble giant is the enormous Newfoundland. They have distinctive appearances and a reputation as nanny dogs because of their affinity toward kids. They helped fishermen pull nets and carry wood from the forests since they were raised to be service dogs. The Newfie is one of the scariest canines because of its enormous size. Otherwise, the breed serves as a live, breathing example of the adage “appearances may be deceiving.” Because of their lovely, kind disposition and watchful demeanor, Newfie aficionados assert that Newfoundland is a born nanny.

8. Cane Corso

Cane Corso

The spectator is in awe of the Cane Corso due to its 2.25 feet height and weight, which tips the scales at over a hundred pounds. The working breed Corsos are alert security dogs, constantly scanning their surroundings for danger. They are famous for being violent, which their enormous build only serves to underline. However, the breed isn’t looking to start a fight and is kind and devoted to its humans unless neglected or poorly socialized.

9. Great Pyrenees

White Long Coated Great Pyreneesin Close Up Shot

There are very few black Great Pyrenees in existence. The appearance of a thick-furred, black-coated Pyrenees, though, is breathtaking. The Pyrenees were trained as herding dogs and were good at keeping wolves away from their owner’s sheep. The Pyrenees may be excellent estate guardians and devoted family companions because of their instinct for herding and large, densely covered physique.

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10. Tibetan Mastiff

black Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff, arguably the scariest-looking dog, outshines all other canines in terms of their fearsome appearance and bold actions. The breed was created to safeguard cattle against bears, wolves, and lions. Because of its heritage, the Mastiff is a representation of power. They can become vicious creatures, but when adequately trained, they are usually peaceful and loving around their family.

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