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Top 20 Ugliest Dogs 

pug covered with blanket on bedspread

People adore dogs for many reasons, including their loyalty, playfulness, and cuteness. However, man’s best friend is not always the most attractive animal. Many dogs lack the poofy fur and endearing faces found among the more dog breeds. Too much or too little hair, dental deformities, underbites, smooshed faces, excess skin, and an unusual face or body structure are all factors that can cause a dog to be labeled “ugly.”

The ugliest dogs in the world may not be the prettiest pups to look at, with squashed faces, hairless bodies, crossed eyes, and mismatched ears. Still, these warm and inviting canines remind us of the significance of celebrating the imperfections that end up making us special and unique. 

Let’s get to know some of the subjectively ugliest dog breeds without further ado.

1. Neapolitan Mastiffs

Brown and Black Short Coated Dog Sitting on Brown Wooden Floor

The Neapolitan Mastiff can be a majestic guardian dog for you and your family. Neapolitan Mastiffs have enormous heads covered in folds, permanently furrowed brows, and sad eyes. It even has wrinkles all over its front feet. These big close pals are incredibly loyal to their loved ones, but you’ll need to ensure that these pups learn their manners from a young age because their size can pose a liability if the dogs aren’t adequately trained.

2. Pug

shallow focus photography of fawn pug

Due to its squashed face, Pug looks like it is perpetually worried, even though the dog is affectionate, laid-back, obedient, and happy. Some may find it ugly, but others find it adorable. These adorable furry friends are widely recognized for their compassionate yet humorous nature, and their endless antics never fail to amuse their owners. Pugs are extremely adaptable and can live almost anywhere as long as they are close to their favorite humans. The Pug has a life expectancy of 15 years. Along with its delightful temperament, its life span more than enough compensates for its appearance.

3. Italian Greyhound

short-coated black dog lying on brown wooden surface

The Italian Greyhound is like a smaller version of a Greyhound. The small but sleek sighthounds are quick to react and eager to accompany you on hunting expeditions. These lanky pups were revered as a status symbol during the Roman Empire. However, their endurance is limited, and they are equally content snuggling up on the couch. Nevertheless, these bursts of energy are usually a huge contrast from their long history as an unappealing dog breed favored by royalty.

4. Chinese Crested

person holding white long coated small dog

Despite their unusual appearance, Chinese Crested puppies are affectionate tiny companions eternally dedicated to any human who gives them a chance. They are also known to make excellent therapy dogs. These partly hairless marvels have a distinct appearance that makes them easily identifiable. They’re also low-shedding dogs, making them relatively mess-free family companions who’ll turn heads as you walk down the street. Although Chinese Cresteds are athletic enough to climb unexpectedly tall fences and contend in agility, they have almost zero desire to go outside and run like regular dogs.

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5. Borzoi 

white and brown dog walking on dirt ground near trees during daytime

Borzoi is aristocratic, but they also have a court-jester side. They are good-natured, gentle, and calm and enjoy whatever entertainment they provide. Borzoi, true to their heritage, are voracious hunters who will pursue any small escaping animal. These noble dogs are distinguished by their excessively long snouts and naturally regal demeanor. Borzoi pups are affectionate and calm sighthounds who get along well with families. However, they might not be the best companions for very young children. Borzoi dogs are excellent running companions but usually require a fenced-in yard to release some pent-up energy regularly.

6. Xoloitzcuintli (Mexican Hairless Dog)

brown Mexican Hairless Dog

The Xoloitzcuintli, also known as the Mexican Hairless Dog, is a bald breed that can have a short coat or scarce patches of hair on the head. They are not hairy but tend to be tough, with an average lifespan of up to 18 yearsThey have smooth skin and tend to be calm and loving companions. These pups come in a variety of colors and thrive in warm climates. They are available in toy, miniature, and standard sizes and make excellent watchdogs.

7. Bergamasco Sheepdog

potuguese water dog

The Bergamasco Sheepdog is known for much more than just its show-stopping hairdo. It is generally affectionate towards kids and other animals. The Bergamasco Sheepdog will be ideal if you want a low-maintenance dog. These shaggy dogs are faithful and somewhat independent, though they are content with keeping guard for their families for long periods. The Bergamasco Sheepdog is incredibly smart and eager to please, which often makes training sessions effortless.

8. Bulldog

white and brown bulldog on green grass during daytime

The Bulldog is considered to be one of the ugliest breeds. Its squashed face and jaw make it challenging to breathe properly. Its eyesight is frequently poor, it cannot tolerate extreme heat, and it is also sensitive to cold. As a result, the Bulldog is primarily an indoor dog because temperatures can be managed indoors. Despite its appearance and the fact that it was bred to lure bulls, this dog is affectionate and gentle while retaining its original characteristics of bravery and perseverance. Its short coat is simple to maintain, but the wrinkles around its face must be kept clean. The Bulldog’s health issues limit its life span to about eight years.

9. Hairless Khala

hairless khala

Hairless Khala dogs have a distinct appearance and are mostly hairless, although they might have tiny hairy patches around their nose and tail. These pack dogs enjoy socializing with other house pets and adore their family and friends. However, Khala dogs are wary of strangers, so you’ll want to pay close attention to the socialization process.

10. Scottish Deerhound

grey scottish deerhound

Deerhounds are gentle and sensitive creatures who spend most of their time relaxing. On the other hand, their runner heritage necessitates vigorous exercise once a day. They, like all large dogs, require plenty of space and food. This large dog has a regal bearing and stands between 28 and 30 inches tall at the shoulder. Unfortunately, it is unattractive due to a disproportionately tiny and pointed head on a massive body and its scruffy coat and beard. This dog is a loving and devoted companion, but despite its size, it is too friendly to be a good watchdog. It also makes an excellent apartment pet because it prefers to relax indoors. The Deerhound is similar to the Irish Wolfhound; however, parts of the Wolfhound are balanced enough that an observer considers it homely rather than ugly.

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11. Affenpinscher

grey Affenpinscher standing on rocky terrian

These famously amusing pups pack a lot of personality into their tiny frames. Affenpinscher dogs are inquisitive canines who live on their definitions, but they can keep you entertained. The Affenpinscher is a Terrier dog with unkempt fur, pop eyes, a remarkable mustache, and a blunt snout. It looks like a monkey, which is why one of its names is “Monkey Terrier,” which is also what the name Affenpinscher means in German. Standing 10 inches high and weighing hardly 7 to 8 pounds, the Affenpinscher is very portable. Despite its small stature, it is a formidable guard dog.

12. Épagneul Pont-Audemer

brown Épagneul Pont-Audemer

The Épagneul Pont-Audemer is known to be a gun dog developed in seventeenth-century France. The unruly curls and fur of this dog’s coat make it stand out. This makes the coat weather-resistant but does not affect the dog’s overall appearance. Its deep-colored eyes are often surrounded with a lighter shade as if it has vitiligo. This, combined with a sloppy topknot, provides the Épagneul Pont-Audemer an odd appearance. It is also vulnerable to alopecia. Despite this, the dog is a joy to be around, responsive, and affectionate.

13. The Chinese Shar-Pei

short-coated tan puppy

These dogs are easily identified by their distinguishable rolls of flabby skin. These independent pooches are devoted to their families but remain reserved around strangers. The Shar-Pei originated in China’s Han Dynasty and is assumed to be around 2,000 years old, making it one of the oldest dog breeds. Shar-Pei dogs are generally calm, but they will jump into action to protect their family. These one-of-a-kind dogs require owners who recognize the breed’s unique training challenges.

14. Bedlington Terrier

grey Bedlington Terrier lying on the grass

The Bedlington Terrier, lean and lamb-like in looks, can surely rock a Mohawk. Additionally, these adorable canine companions have endearing and mischievous personalities. Like many other Terrier breeds, Bedlington Terriers are energetic family companions who make excellent watchdogs. As a bonus, these dogs don’t shed much, making them ideal pets for owners prone to allergies. They are lively and up for almost any adventure as long as you are with them.

15. Peruvian Inca Orchid

brown small dog leaping

When it comes to dog breeds, the Peruvian Inca Orchid is in a league of its own. It is a cheerful sighthound that will make an excellent family pet. These hairless puppies are known to be noble and affectionate towards those they love, but they are wary of strangers. Peruvian Inca Orchids are astonishingly elegant, though they will happily chase after a squirrel if the opportunity arises.

16. Pekingese

brown and white long haired small dog on brown soil during daytime

The Pekingese is a compact toy companion of regal bearing and a distinctive rolling gait. Regardless of the lion-like locks that their king-of-the-jungle counterparts have, the Pekingese is considered an inherently royal breed, having historically decorated the laps of Chinese emperors. But while their company has evolved, their adoring lapdog status has not. Pekingese are endearing and confident companions who bond closely with their humans. They can be as blissfully independent as the emperors who own them if they are reared to live in palaces. They make excellent watchdogs because they are always on the lookout. Pekes will tolerate children but will not tolerate excessive roughhousing.

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17. Bull Terrier

grayscale photo of white dog

Bull Terriers are affectionately known as “eggheads” because of their distinctive egg-shaped heads. These powerful pups are full of personality and keep their owners engaged for hours. However, their mischievous personalities also stand out, so give them plenty of opportunities to burn off energy. While you’ll have a great deal of fun with the Bull Terrier, you’ll need to put in a lot of training time to keep these pups from getting into too much trouble. 

18. Puli

grey puli standing on green grass during daytime

This straggly sweetheart is a swift, agile companion who can easily form strong bonds with family members. The Puli is a hard-working herding dog who is a family companion. Because of their distinctive coat, this mop-like breed from Hungary seems much bigger than they are. They are well-known for their curled locks and tightly packed bundles of water-resistant wool. These intelligent canine companions require homes where they can be kept busy with activities such as agility courses or puzzle toys.

19. Chihuahua

brown and white chihuahua puppy

The tiny Chihuahua is a bug-eyed pup with a sassy personality who will keep you amused. And don’t be fooled by their small size; despite their dainty apple-like heads and vigilant ears, Chihuahuas have a confident, big-dog attitude. They are not afraid to demonstrate to a stranger or a puppy who is boss, so it’s critical to socialize them with pets and individuals as early as possible to help control their sassy side. They thrive in homes where someone is usually present to keep them occupied.

20. Komondor

brown komondor dog running on a snow covered road

Komondor are Hungarian farm animals guarding dogs known for their distinctive mop-like hairdo. Although the Komondor’s appearance suggests that they were bred to mop floors, they have a long and noble history as flock-guarding dogs in their native country of Hungary. They still have a significant protective intuition and will risk their lives to protect their family and property.


Looks and preferences are subjective, and there is no one way to judge a dog’s cuteness. However, comparing the “ugliest” dog breeds, some characteristics seem to emerge more frequently than others. One thing is certain: all dogs are amazing creatures deserving of all the love and respect in the world. And every pup has its exclusive brand of canine cuteness, even though it belongs to an “ugly” breed.

To honor these homely puppies who deserve homes, June 20th is known as ‘Ugliest Dog Day’ and the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest, which takes place annually in California to honor these pups’ unique appearances. The characteristics that distinguish such “ugly dog breeds” also make them beautiful in the eyes of those fortunate enough to adore them unconditionally.

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