Can Dogs See Pictures on Phone?

Have you ever tried to FaceTime, your dog when you are away? But did the dog recognize it was you? Let's see what experts have to say.

Dogs can recognize your face in real life and in still photographs, but when the image starts to move, they have a hard time.

Flicker sensitivity, meaning the pace at which dogs pick up visual information, is higher in dogs, so motions on a screen are just jerky images for them.

However, that's not all. Studies show that screen size matters! When dogs view images on a big screen, they're better able to comprehend and engage with them.

So is a Skype date with your dog worth it? Dogs may not be able to recognize the face on a screen, but they will instantly recognize your voice!

Lastly, if you want your dog not to miss you as much, leave your scent behind! As we know, dogs have a strong sense of smell that trumps eyesight!

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