Can I Use Neosporin on Dogs?

How to treat cuts and minor wounds on dogs? Stay tuned to find out!

22nd  November, 2022 

A minor cut or knee scrap can easily be treated by washing the wound, applying Neosporin, and putting a band-aid on. But can this method be used for dogs as well?

The short answer is yes; Neosporin, a triple antibiotic ointment, is usually just as safe for humans as it is for dogs.

Many authorities, like the Cornell College of Veterinary Science, encourage keeping a Neosporin tube in your dog's first aid kit.

It’s best to use this ointment only after consulting with your veterinarian. Although, most vets consider it safe for usage.

However, some pet parents are more comfortable with using a pet-specific ointment to treat a minor cut or wound.

In this case, you may opt for a triple antibiotic like MWI Triple Antibiotic Ointment, considered pet specific.