Does Your Dog Nip At You When Excited?

Here's how to stop your dog from biting you when they're excited.

22nd November, 2022 

Some dogs love grabbing legs, hair, and arms to express excitement. But, as adorable as it sounds, it can be pretty annoying sometimes!

Some puppies that playfully bite grow out of it, but some just don't, so here's what you can do to stop this behavior.

1. Leaving the room if your dog is nipping at you instantly deters a dog from stopping this behavior.

2. Stepping into your dog's space calmly and in a dignified manner may help your dog back down, further curbing this behavior.

3. Try tossing food or treats on the ground. This helps engage your dog which will eventually calm it down.

4. If you wave your arms or squeal like toys, a dog is more likely to nip at you. Avoid this behavior, and your dog may stop.