The Six Different Types of Yorkie Breeds

Meet the different personalities that this pint-sized breed comes in!

23rd November, 2022

Yorkies are small but feisty creatures that liven up every household they're in with their fun-loving personality. And here are its six types!

Parti or Particolored Yorkies are a tri-colored variant of this pint-sized breed. Staying true to their name, the tri-colored Yorkies are the life of the party due to their coats.

1. Parti Yorkies

While Yorkies are already a toy breed, the teacup Yorkies take the cuteness to the next level. Weighing no more than seven pounds on maturity this pup can easily fit in your pocket!

2. Teacup Yorkies

Designer or hybrid dog breeds are becoming increasingly popular, with one of the most famous featuring the Yorkie breed being the Chorkie, a mix of Chihuahua and Yorkie.

3. Designer Yorkies

Another eye-catching variant of the breed is the all-black Yorkie, which is consistently the talk of the town due to being incredibly rare and beautiful.

4. Black Yorkies

Besides black & gold, blue & tan, black & tan, and black & gold, other markings on Yorkies are considered mismarked colors. These dogs are just as fun as their counterparts.

5. Mismarked Yorkies

Biewer Terriers are a toy breed that can be traced back to their Yorkie ancestors. This is a particolored variant now recognized as a purebred in purely scientific terms.

6. Biewer Terriers