Golden Retriever: All You Need to Know

golden retriever on gray rock during daytime

Have you also fallen in love with the majestic beauty, friendliness, and just loads of cuteness of a golden retriever and can’t wait to bring one home? Golden retrievers are intelligent and loyal and make ideal family companions with their gentle nature, shiny coats, and charming smiles. Golden Retrievers are more than their majestic appearance; … Read more

Do Dogs Understand Death?

Brown Puppy with Sad Eyes

We are already aware that humans experience a broad spectrum of feelings not shared by any other species. Those can include stress over deadlines, shackling ourselves with worries about tomorrow, enthusiasm for birthdays (which no animal awaits or celebrates), and joy over accomplishments. We feel deeply and intensely like no other being. The ability to … Read more

Teacup Dogs: What’s the Controversy About?

Teacup dog sitting in a pink teacup

Choosing which dog to share your home with is a perfect example of our love for extremes. People are fawning over the mammoth Mastiff one minute and lap dog Shih Tzu the next. The lapdog’s ever-smaller cousins have recently become popular. This novel concept of teacup dogs seems adorable, so what’s the big controversy? Stay … Read more

Rajapalayam Dog Price in India (2022)

Rajapalayam dog

Believed to be one of the oldest Indian dog breeds, the history of a Rajapalayam is all things royal and much more. In the Nayakar Dynasty, these royal hounds were companions for the kings and accompanied aristocrats and noblemen.  The Rajapalayam belong to the sighthound group and are renowned for their excellent hunting ability. Moreover, … Read more

Top 10 Expensive Dogs Only Rich People Can Afford

brown dog wearing sunglasses on blue textile

It’s not easy to own a dog, either monetarily or otherwise. Even a common breed like a Golden Retriever can eventually cost a bundle throughout the ownership. From the dog’s initial purchase to ongoing upkeep expenses, it can get a lot quickly! However, suppose you had one of these canine breeds mentioned in this list? … Read more

American Eskimo Dog Price in India (2022)

American Eskimo dog sitting on a bridge

The origin of American Eskimos is clouded in mystery. Despite the name, the American Eskimo does not belong to America. This breed is believed to have developed in Germany and brought to the States later. With its ancestry in the spitz-type dogs, the Eskimo is known for its fox-like face and erect triangular ears. Their … Read more

Samoyed Dog Price in India (2022)

Samoyed Wearing Kimono Costume on Park

A native of Siberia, Sammys are revered for their upturned faces, which give them the appearance of a perpetually smiling dog. This is an accurate representation of their friendly and personable temperament. Many people refer to this breed as the “Smiling Sammy.”  By the looks of them, they seem to be related to Huskies and … Read more

Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much?

Adult Short-coated Tan and White Dog Sleeping on Gray Textile at Daytime

While a soft, gentle alarm gently nudges us to turn off the screen and get into bed, we ignore our body’s warning. But just as you press the snooze button on your alarm, your furry friend is taking its fifth nap of the day, inches away. Can you believe their bravado and their potential? How … Read more

Fruits and Vegetables your Dog Can Eat

Black and White Dalmatian Dog Eating Fruits

Have you watched the popular video of a dog puckering up after tasting lime? For a brief moment, those scowling looks can be amusing. However, allowing your dog to consume lime and other human foods can have far-reaching health consequences, ranging from vomiting and nausea to death in drastic cases. As a result, learning about … Read more

Chow Chow Dog Price in India (2022)

Brown Chow Chow on Brown Grass Field Under Blue Sky

The hallmark of a Chow Chow is the puffy lion face and the unmistakable blue-black tongue. Chow Chows are ancient dogs, and legend has it that they got this distinct shade after licking the sky’ blue hue. Chow Chows are famous for their cat-like independence and aloofness. They have a dignified demeanor and a stubborn … Read more

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