Doberman Price in India (2022)

Short-coated Black and Brown Dog on Brown Grass Field

The Doberman pinscher is a very well-liked dog breed in India because of its disposition to guard and protect families. This dog breed is known for its energy, obedience, intelligence, loyalty, alertness, and self-assurance, among other qualities. However, any intruder would be terrified by its ferocious appearance and lightning-quick speed. If you want to buy … Read more

Top 10 Scary Looking Black Dogs

Short-coated Dog Near White House

Working dog breeds are frequently purchased as guards for the house, and they live up to this expectation. While many dogs have an intimidating presence, nothing inspires fear in the onlooker than a dog with a solid black coat and dark piercing eyes. So here is a list of the scariest-looking canines that come in … Read more

Beagle Price in India (2022)

Beagle standing on the road

Beagles have become extremely popular in the last few years, considering the size, length of their hair, etc. However, bringing any breed into your home is a huge decision, which is why it’s essential to be sure to do thorough research. A species like Beagle came from the family of hounds and was initially bred … Read more

Top 10 Dangerous Dogs in the World (2022)

Since all dogs descended from wolves and have spent generations living in the wild, none of them is utterly immune to their natural inclinations. Although, dogs have become man’s closest friends due to selective breeding and extensive domestication. However, the term “man’s best friend” raises doubts in the eyes of many when these ten breeds … Read more

German Shepherd Dog: Everything You Need to Know

Two German Shepherd Dogs Chasing Each Other

German Shepherds are among the popular breeds, and for good reasons- they are intelligent, witty, loyal, easy to train and willing to protect their loved ones. We can say that German Shepherds, with their built solid ears and majestic appearance, look nothing short of a wolf. However, they are more than just working dogs; they … Read more

Why Does My Dog Lick My Feet?

Long-coated Brown and Black Dog on Focus Photo

What are your thoughts on the fish spa? Do you think your drooling dog can give a tough competition to the fishes with its passionate (and frequently excessive) foot-licking habit? They are most likely eating away the dead cells more efficiently than the fish. However, why a spa specifically for dog pedicures doesn’t exist remains … Read more

Husky Dog Price in India (2022)

Brown and White Wolf Sitting on Snow

Those beautiful blue eyes will capture your heart, and then there’s no going back!! Siberian Huskies are the most beloved dog breed, and people fall in love with their quirky and friendly nature. Siberian Huskies began in Northeast Asia, where the Chukchi nation of Siberia rears them for pulling sleds and as companions in rough … Read more

Pug Dog Price in India (2022)

Pug sitting on green grass during daytime

Known as the ‘Hutch Dog’, this breed is iconic and needs no introduction. Pugs are most commonly described by the Latin phrase ‘multum in parvo’, translating to a lot in a little.’ Their small build cannot justify the amount of love they can share with the family. Pugs are a breed that would be perfect … Read more

Top 10 Friendly Dog Breeds

Girl and Dog Sleeping on Gray Pavement

Even though dogs are known as man’s greatest friend, you could be deterred from getting one if you encountered your neighbor’s distant Rottweiler or met with that ankle-biting Chihuahua. But if you allow us to tell you two facts, one of which you may already know while the other maybe not, we may be able … Read more

Golden Retriever: All You Need to Know

golden retriever on gray rock during daytime

Have you also fallen in love with the majestic beauty, friendliness, and just loads of cuteness of a golden retriever and can’t wait to bring one home? Golden retrievers are intelligent and loyal and make ideal family companions with their gentle nature, shiny coats, and charming smiles. Golden Retrievers are more than their majestic appearance; … Read more

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